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  1. MrAlex

    MARS Missing SMG?

    LMG and Rangefinder are not equipped with missiles as I recently noticed.
  2. MrAlex

    Laser Rifle Balance

    Guys, that's another matter. All thermal weapons except rifles do not differ in TU from the usual. But for rifles more TU is spent, not to mention that thermal ammunition is limited (5 shots against 20). So it turns out that thermal shotguns and sniper rifles are great, and rifles are waste. If the thermal rifles will have a corrected TU, then despite the small ammunition, they will still be relevant.
  3. I noticed a strange thing. All alien ships have the same speed. I think it is worth paying attention to this in future updates.
  4. MrAlex

    The last transport - Valkyrie

    Laugh is great. I had a lot of fun shooting the aliens with this army, but I understand that it is complete chaos and lack of balance.
  5. MrAlex

    Alien BattleShip

    On the map and in the air battle it was a formidable ship, I laughed for a long time when I saw it on a mission (see screenshot) P.S. I understand that I have gone too far and this part of the game is not ready yet, but put there at least a cruiser, if you do not have plans for a real battleship.
  6. Today I saw, if I understand correctly, the last available transport - Valkyrie. The description says that it cannot carry platforms, instead it has no restrictions at all. I successfully loaded 16 tanks there and successfully went into battle. In such conditions, the problem with stress completely disappears P.S. It is also worth at least a little change in the design of the aircraft, because it is no different from the Pegasus.
  7. MrAlex

    [Air Combat] Missile Range

    That's how it used to be. Missiles deal less damage than torpedoes and had higher speeds, but could instead be carried more. Thus, the maximum damage of the fighter was not reduced. Now the use of missiles reduces the maximum damage by 2 times.
  8. MrAlex

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    Today, for the first time, I went quite far in the game, to the new universal fighter Fury. I noticed that all available weapon improvements concerned only ground battles (soldiers and equipment). I have not seen any improvements for air cannons. And as I wrote here https://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21386-air-combat-missile-range/ you need to adjust the range for missiles. I also think it is worth removing the restrictions on ammunition slots. As it was in the original game (on screenshots). The player must decide for himself what he needs: Torpedoes, missiles or cannons. New types of aircraft will be better than previous ones (not that now, the phantom is almost useless because it can not carry torpedos). For better balance, you can reduce the damage of missiles and torpedoes and instead increase their maximum ammunt. Also you can add a load capacity for fighters. This will include armor, armor modules, weapon modules. For example, we could use cannons and strong plates for dogfight or light plates and torpedoes for long-range combat without sacrificing evasion. This will allow, it is more like reality.
  9. MrAlex

    Laser Rifle Balance

    The plasma rifle has the same problem with the TU.
  10. It doesn't even have to explode. It is enough to take damage. I fired a smoke rocket to protect civilians from alien fire. The machine took 1 damage and sent me to the desktop.
  11. Apparently there are no penalties for full storage. Items still arrive and there are no warnings that it is full. Rubber storage.
  12. I realized that was wrong. Damn rippers. They occupied more than half of the storage. And in this case it is correct to write: ALL storage capacity used