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  1. I completely agree. I have already written something like this, but for some reason it is not taken into account.
  2. MrAlex

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    At the moment, the aliens are poorly balanced. Small and vulnerable psions often do not survive even a single hit. When the Sebilians are a very tenacious race (from 3 to 5+ hits), which also regenerates its HP. If it doesn't die in the current round, it is likely that it will survive the first shot in the next. And if the player's soldiers also miss, it becomes even more difficult to kill Sebilian. Their survivability should be offset by low accuracy, but this is not the case. In the last game against the Sebilians, one of them killed my soldier by hitting from a very long distance twice in a row (it used a rifle with a single shot 2 times). I thought it was just lucky, but the same thing happened in 4 cases with 5 attempts (when I loaded my saved game). It seems that the Sebilians are not inferior to the Psions in terms of accuracy, while their survivability is many times higher. In my opinion, they are the strongest race in ground battles at the moment.
  3. MrAlex

    Ammot to cost money

    This has been partially discussed here:
  4. MrAlex

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Speaking of changes in the accuracy system, it would be great to add an evasion parameter. Thus, small and fragile aliens (such as psions without heavy armor) as well as soldiers of the player who do not have heavy armor will be less likely to take damage from a great distance. Thus, they will be more effective for long-distance combat. And large and tenacious aliens (such as androns and sebilians) as well as soldiers with heavy armor and the player's vehicles will have poor evasion and will more often receive damage from long distances, so they will be more effective for combat at close range. I think it will improve the balance of tactical battles and make them even more interesting and similar to real ones.
  5. MrAlex

    Tactical UI

    I do not like the idea of new games of the genre: move-> shot. This is a strategy, and what if I want to make 2 moves, or 3, or maybe 5. What if I want one soldier to make 3 shots at different targets? The classic system with TU is more complex, but also more interesting. It creates more space for tactical action. Phoenix Point simply copied the combat system from the new X-Com.
  6. MrAlex

    Base Building v2

    Before version 18, the game had 4 different buildings (which appeared in this order): - Basic radar (low grade) 1x1; - Inference Radar (mid grade) 2x2 - Quantum decoder 1x1 (decoding center which shows data on detected points of interests) - Quantum Array (top drade radar) 2x2 The several radars of the same type in Xenonauts 2 do not give any benefit. And the new radar always made the old radar unnecessary. Building Inference Radar, the player destroyed Basic radar. Building Quantum Array, the player destroyed Inference Radar (simply because they are no longer needed). If you do it on all bases, then a huge amount of money is wasted.
  7. MrAlex

    Base Building v2

    It occupies a 1x1 space, and improved radars - 2x2. So I don't think improvement is possible. Although, mid grade radar (Inference Radar) we do not need (in my opinion). It's research comes too early, making the build basic radar completely unnecessary.We have an additional building - a quantum decoder. Which can additional improve the range of starting radar and give the same benefits. And the final radar would be 2x2 emphasizing its coolness.
  8. I agree with you. We can only offer an idea. The final decision is always up to the developers.
  9. MrAlex

    Base Building v2

    Yes, but in any case, the starting radar becomes unnecessary when exploring a new one. I always feel sad when something that has been spent a lot of time and money is simply thrown away. I think old buildings should not be demolished without compensation. They must be sold, returning a significant part of the money spent on them.
  10. MrAlex

    Base Building v2

    Prior to version 18, there were no upgrades to the old radars. You can only explore new ones. When building a new radar, the player did not need the old one. Therefore, to build the final 2x2 radar, it was necessary to destroy the 2x2 middle-ranking radar. Since version 18 I haven't had time to go far to see the changes.
  11. This may be the same limitation. A certain number of offices for each region. As you said: There will simply be no restriction on where to build them within the region (the player will choose himself)
  12. They will have too small a radius operating radar to replace a full base radar, but this will be a minor alternative at the start of the game as long as the player has little money. In any case, the player will need at least on four bases. Basic(mixed), research, production, training (for soldiers who did not get to the main due to poor basic parameters). With two hangars and a radar on each.
  13. MrAlex

    Base Building v2

    Here is one of my screenshots. As you can see, there is simply nowhere else to place another 2x2 radar. I had to remove the current radar and do without the radar for a whole month. For people who have been playing for a long time and know what technologies they will be able to research and where they will build - this is not a problem, you can just not build an intermediate version of the radar on the main base and save money. But for beginners this is a big problem. If you imagine that the hangars will also be 2x2, then except for the hangars and radar on the base, nothing else will fit. At least three hangars must be located on the main base.
  14. MrAlex

    Base Building v2

    2x2 size is acceptable for the final radar. But to make an intermediate version of 2x2 size is not reasonable. The player is simply unable to build two large radars on the main base. If the hangars will take up 2x2 space, then even one large radar will be difficult to place.
  15. I also think we need to abandon the fixed locations for offices on the map. You just can add a separate button in the interface menu for building an office instead. The player will choose where to build it (as in the case of building a base) It also seems to me that every office should have a small radar (something like fighter radar). The idea is to allow the player to send fighters to where UFOs have been spotted and intercept them in places where there are no bases with large radars. But to do this, the fighters need to increase the fuel supply (or create an additional module that can do it. For example, double the fuel supply, without the possibility of using evasion, if the fighter did not use additional fuel from the module). Although the range of the office radar will be small and will not provide the player with sufficient visibility, but it will allow to understand in which direction the UFO is moving so that the player can try to guess the place where he can catch it with his fighter. I think it will make the gameplay much more interesting, especially in the early stages of the game. @Alienkiller@ChrisWhat do you think about this idea?