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  1. In vanilla the ticker runs at a fixed rate and is not influenced by anything you do. Back in beta you could slow it down, but that was changed because it made the game easier for people already doing well and harder for ones that were doing poorly. I know references to mission related ticker values existed in the xml, so there may be mods that do something with it.
  2. Honestly Chris, I don't feel it does a great job of that. The sounds/screams happen regardless of the HM screen being there or not, it's just jarring/annoying watching it flash back and forth during the alien turns. I'm fine with just leaving the camera setting and some text denoting "Alien Turn" or such.
  3. How about a KS reward to get a digital copy of the game's soundtrack?
  4. The in game text also states that it would not be reproducable under battlefield conditions.
  5. @jeffQC1 More cosmetic options are always nice, but they also cost money to develop. Manual crouching was a thing in Xenonauts and it was almost always the correct choice, I felt like it added the illusion of depth more than actual depth. About the only times not to crouch were when you didn't have the TUs, or were not firing a weapon AND were confident they were in a position no alien could shoot at them.
  6. I've had two crashes in my first ten minutes with this build. First time I accidentally murdered a friendly with a LMG, second time I hit an alien with a rifle shot while also suppressing a friendly.
  7. It definitely was not showing up there on that page the other day, but it is now.
  8. Why is a Youtube video I posted two years ago in my sig, and how can I get rid of it?
  9. Valve normally takes around 30% according to the internets.
  10. Drages, I think you are underestimating the amount of work required to add new art assets to the game. You are overlooking balance issues. Yes Goldhawk could easily add things to the game, but balancing/polishing them in a game that was balanced without them also requires additional resources. Modders can put out free content that breaks the game's balance with few repercussions, but a developer is held to higher expectations and can potentially lose sales over putting out shoddy DLC.
  11. Shotguns do allow for some silly tactics in CE though, like standing outside a UFO and reverse breaching (stand outside door, reaction fire things to death when they open it).
  12. Nah, it's a single player game so do whatever makes the game fun for you. I played around a bit with doing all shotguns, don't know if I would do a full run like that.
  13. In the Firaxis XCOM games aliens use the same ammo system as the player, so they have unlimited ammo but need to reload eventually. It rarely comes up, because fights are generally short. This is one of those decisions that conceptually it would make sense for them to have limited ammo, but in practice it would so rarely make a difference in actual gameplay that it wouldn't be worth the time it would take to develop and balance it.
  14. Plenty of us played ironman, both before and after release. If the aliens got limited ammo, they would also probably get a couple reloads, so it would still end up with them having functionally unlimited ammo. This was discussed a couple times during the testing stage, but ultimately the devs decided it would be developing a system that would have minimal impact on gameplay.
  15. There's a button labeled "Game Manual" on the launcher. You should probably skim through it, it'll answer a lot of these questions. Yes. Yes, although cover is not the only thing they care about and it is given different priority by different aliens. As in killing with reaction fire? Yes, that is definitely possible. Generally the player is the aggressor, and thus the one initiating contact, which is a huge advantage even with the threat of reaction fire.