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Found 51 results

  1. There are multiple role images to replace the current ones. See below. If anyone has an idea for a role they would like to see in this set either post below or PM me. Aufklarer's Soldier Role Images 2D Aufklarer's Soldier Role Images 3D 2D Image Pack 3D Image Pack Last Update 25/08/13 - 3D Laser weapons added. - 2D Ballistics redone, although the focus will remain on the 3D pack from this point onwards. - Added colour bar to Laser weapons for those that need colour in their life.
  2. SteelSoldier

    [UI] SteelSoldier Role Images

    The purpose of these icons are to replace the role images that are currently found in the game, I am currently doing several experiments to see what type of backgrounds I should use on the icons and what weapons and items I can use on them in order to identify each role of each character. The Icons of Steel NEW Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/56dq86bpbmgj1t3/Steel%20Icons.rar Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/31ni1gtpq8d12f7/Colored%20Icons.zip Extras(Shields etc) Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/7saixu8o5sqif9g/Extras.zip ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old Ones below Sharpened Icons here: These are the standard ones without any background. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejyihkdllutf79b/Sharp%20Icons.zip Normal Icons here Uploaded with ImageShack.us https://www.dropbox.com/s/2q341ilaeu51x9n/Icons%20Normal%2BWhite.zip These were just an experiment but you can download. The 25 Degree Icons https://www.dropbox.com/s/f395gc5i2mvjpn7/25%20Degree%20Icons.zip
  3. Weapon and Suppression Balance Mod - 1.05 The goal is to change Suppression to a game mechanic that is to be used intelligently, vs a mostly ignored given, and to give a bit of flavor to the various weapon tiers. Besides Suppression overall Weapon Balance is reworked with the idea each weapon has a purpose and advantage. Also Alien stats vary more as they increase in rank. They have flavor, but none of them are harmless. Sebillians for example have a minimum of 30 reflexes that increase to 45. (Default is 20, which means you can run your entire squad right past them and probably wont trigger any reaction shots, and by default ALL Sebillian have 20 reflexes) Changes (Vanilla 19.6): -Suppression is reworked on human weapons with a general rule of 10 Suppression per bullet, with the exception of burst fire. - Alien Bravery Stats Increased (Suppression Points = Bravery) - Alien Accuracy Changed (Higher than 19.5, lower than 19.6) - Human Weapons Accuracy Increased from 19.5, but generally less than 19.6 - Close Range Hit Bonus Increased (From +15 per tile within 5 tiles to +18 per tile) - Suppression Point Regeneration per turn Increased from 25% to 50% - Shotgun Range Increased from 10 to 12 tiles - Grenade Throwing Range Increased +1 Tile - Weapon Tiers now vary in stats besides increased damage (Weapon Damage Unchanged) -Ballistic Pistol, Rifle, Sniper Rifle Reduced Suppression decreased to 10, Radius decreased from 3 to 1 (With the exception of Burst Fire) -Shotgun Decreased to 25 Suppression, from 30 -Lasers are more Accurate than Ballistics, Plasma has Increased Suppression and Radius vs Ballistics but with equal accuracy, MAG Weapons have the Accuracy of Lasers, and the Suppression of Plasma. -Suppression on Grenades Reduced -Stun damage on Stun Grenades reduced from 40 to 30 -Stun Damage on Rockets Increased (Download and place in your Xenonauts/assets Folder, and overwrite existing files.) Version 1.05 (Experimental Beta 19.6 Compatible) https://www.dropbox.com/s/as6tkl22hcpi9lp/aiprops.xml https://www.dropbox.com/s/hvdp73i4tv322x1/config.xml https://www.dropbox.com/s/3q97e8x3nlsl14r/weapons_gc.xml Feedback and Suggestions are Appreciated!
  4. 1.1 is here, With your much requested... Silly little swords! Click on the girl to download! Uhh... Whoops, did that not work? Scroll down for the real download link. Changelog: -Added not crashing to ground combat! -Added Varmint Rifle, Knife, Scimitar, and a Slightly Sadomasochist to obtain Messer. (Upon request for weaker weapon types.) -Rebalanced grenades (Higher weight, lower TU cost.) -Increased ammo weight to balance strength growth, multi-long arm loadouts are HARD to pull off in this version (At least in the early ballistic stages in the game.) -- Part of this is to counteract the fact that the V19 magazine size nerfs are not going to happen in this mod, as such, the heavy-ness of ballistic weapons are my solution to the problem of "Ballistic weapons giving too many bullets." -New sound effects for battle rifles, and cheezy sword impacts! This version is a official apology for the buggy V1Full. I am sorry. Now, If you need to download it, it is here! Be sure to tell me what you think of this mod now that it works, and feel free to edit files/try to create a more balanced version for yourself. - Then tell me about it. Its a cool story! Many of the sound effects are going to be crude, as this is my second time mixing sounds, so give feedback on that as well. Thank you to A333+Max_Cain, and Aufklarer for the wonderful Alien Class mod, and the More soldier class icon mods respectively. Thank you to all the people who made sure I knew of my week old crash yesterday, this version is for you! Additionally, there are bound to be some grammar errors in my strings, if you are a grammar nazi, be sure to yell at me for it! Now, I am very tired, and would like to do some additional "Testing" of the Varmint Rifle. For those who have read all of this, Thank you for playing, and have a good day! Edit: I found that the battle rifle sounds were not used in the XML files I release, and released a patch for this issue.
  5. lightgemini

    "Wait no more" bullets.

    HI This is an extremely simple mod. Did you ever felt shots speed are way to slow? Did you ever played faster than your soldiers can shoot? Did you ever felt like waiting patiently for all the shots to stop "snail flying" and hit something so you can continue playing? If the answer to any of the above is Yes, then this is the mod for you! This increases the speed of all projectiles in the game except for the rocket launcher (it actually is col they way it is). Changes are: -Ballistic average 2000 speed -Laser average 2500 -Plasma (human) average 1600 -MAG average 2200 -Rockets average No change -Grenades No change -Plasma (Alien) average 1800 -Drones average 1800(light) - 1600(medium-heavy) Thats all, no damage/accuracy/weight edits, just speed. This will override any weapons_gc mod you may already have installed, reverting it to vanilla with more speed. If you have no weapons mods installed you are safe. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qqmag03mvlzyid0/weapons_gc.xml Make a copy of your weapons_gc.xml and copy the file to your assets folder and overwrite. Enjoy
  6. There are a few posts saying that the soldier CO ranks are unrealistic - although that said, when you're vaporizing psionic aliens with lazer beams realism is rather subjective and a matter of preference, as with all videogames. For my preference though I like the idea of having a combat rating system replace the military ranks. For my personal taste I thought about a combat rating system from 0 (Recruit) to 7 (Hero) 0 Recruit 1 Regular 2 Experienced 3 Professional 4 Veteran 5 Elite 6 Specialist 7 Hero This is pretty easy to implement with the strings.xml and hardly worth mentioning in the modding forum. What is worth mentioning however, is the rating insignia I'm designing, I'd like feedback. Like all the content I create for myself I'd like to also share it with you guys. Only problem is the current insignia I've made for my own personal use is a pretty blatant imitation of the mass effect Specter N7 ranks. Even though I've created the images from scratch I'm wondering is this sufficiently different? Comments please
  7. [EDIT] Here is the thread with the link and instructions: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/6454-True-Xenonaut-Rank-Names-and-Images [/EDIT] Hi all you talented people out there! So, in essence, I'm making a mod that changes the ranks from actual military ranks (private, corporal, etc) to Xenonaut-specific ranks. (Just the names and rank icons are changing, no balancing done, nothing. Just getting that made clear.) The ranks are: (lowest) Xenonaut-0 (X0) Xenonaut-1 (X1) Xenonaut-2 (X2) ... Xenonaut-7 (X7) (highest) In parenthesis are the short names, the abbreviations of the rank. To Artists So, I'm not an artist, and I'd love to have nice looking rank insignias for this mod I'm putting together. My request is that the rank insignias be made very simple (look up the Mass Effect N7 insignia for an example of simplicity). The image should just have the X# in white on a black background, and a semi-thick stripe of color (pick your own, whatever you think looks cool) on the left, behind the left two thirds, half (whatever) of the X. Alternately, make your own icons. Here's your change to shine! Alter-Alternately, if no one wants to make some, I can see what I can do, though it'll probably look kinda nasty. If anyone wants to read my background for the ranks, here it is. It's in the spoiler tag to keep the post from getting too long. Anyway, hope people like the idea!
  8. Lionheart2

    Arsenal Mod Thread

    This is the Alpha release of my mod, Arsenal. The full version will be released in a month or two. The final version will add many real weapons and change the existing ones to allow for more realistic armament options when equipping troops. Each weapon will have its own GUI and stock image, and if I can get assistance for modelling, larger weapons like the RPG will have their own ground images. There will also be balance changes to many different areas of the game. Alpha changes: Various balance changes in config xmls (full list in later versions) Three new weapons, the Glock 17, Colt M1911, and the S & W Centennial(placeholder image). More will be added in the final version, but this is just a sample of what I've done so far. Manufactures for the Glock and the M1911 More will be added later, of course, but right now I am trying to get support from the community and make sure that I have no bugs so far. Download Alpha (fixed July 5th) at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s9mwy3hy1d989ng/5PhIWhMWzE http://xeno-mods.com/mod/150/arsenal Coming soon is a list of weapons that will be in the final version along with their statistics. There will be a much greater selection for your soldiers (Excel format):
  9. It is over. Two hours of typing one word: Wolf, overwriting the word buzzard, in a specter file... It is done.... However, that means I can finally release something I may be the only one who has been waiting for.... Walrus Jones's Tactical Ballistic Expansion, V1! http://xeno-mods.com/mod/138/walrus-jones-s-tactical-ballistic-expansion (I could hide this as a word, but I find it difficult to see links on this site, so for the sake of making the link clear and obvious, I left it in link form.) Naturally, This mod greatly expands on ballistic weaponry, adding two new (Three to ballistic weapons, in a unique case,) weapon classes, and offering several new versions of both new and old weapon classes. Soviet weapons (Introducing the first ballistic carbine, and battle rifle.) These weapons are designed to deviate heavily from standard weaponry, allowing for a fresh game experience. Civilian weapons. For people who want to ward of the alien invasion in style (And with a great deal of challenge, let me tell you.) Cynical weapon descriptions. (Note, The Stat box in the upper right corner gives more accurate stats then the description. Sprites in this image are not necessarily up to date.) And much more. This mod will go quite a ways into the game, leading early ballistic weapons down three tiers that will allow them to compete with early lasers (And then doing the same to lasers and plasma, but then it wont be a ballistic expansion anymore.) A quick example of what this will look like: Tier 1: Conventional Submachinegun. Tier 2: Enhanced Submachinegun (Manufactured, not yet included.) Tier 3: Alloys Submachinegun (Manufactured, spends resources, very cool chalky aesthetic.) (Thank LaggyWolf for nearly all the weapon sprites. Some minor alterations by me may have broken some of the guns: Rule of thumb, if it looks as ramshackle as the ammo types, Walrus made it/Ruined it.) As for now, I think I am not forgetting much. Feel free to yell at me for things I have forgotten, but be polite, and avoid the flaming thumb.
  10. LaggyWolf

    AK-47 and MP5K Mini-Mod

    Hello, just a small modification than unlocks the AK47 for mass use as well as the MP5K (which replaces the Default Ballistic Pistol!) AK47 vs M16: 30 Rnd. Magazine vs 20 Rnd. Magazine AP/TU Fire Cost Single Shot: 15/30/50 vs 20/30/60) Burst Fire: 30 vs 40 Accuracy: Single Shot: 30/50/65 vs 30/60/80 Burst Fire: 15 vs 25 Damage Per Shot: 35 vs 30 MP5K: 30 Rnd. Magazine 5 Rnd. Burst Capability! (30 AP/TU) Same Damage and Range as Default Pistol Suppression Value 20 from Default 10 Download NO OTHER BALANCE CHANGES ARE INCLUDED IN THIS MOD
  11. Hi I present you the new Heavy Cannon for exclusive xenonauts use, based on the original XCOM Heavy Cannon. The Little mod comes with the following features: -New weapon image (placeholder actually till I get something better). -New shot sound. - 2 Ammos: HE and AP rounds. -Balanced to be middle ground between small arms and rocket launcher. -Full descriptions and text labels. -Unlimited from the start of game. - 100% awesome. It uses the particle beam set of animations since it resembles closely what a soldier with this weapon would look like. The ammo system may look weird but the other way around was to make different weapons for each diferent ammo. It Works like a rocket launcher with each ammo ítem being 1 single round but with a reload cost of 5TU, to represent it being clip fed, belt fed or whatever. Operating the weapon with a friendly xenonaut being close helps simulate it being reloaded by an assistant gunner. If said friendly xenonaut happens to be so cool to also carry extra rounds for the cannon then you have a nice crew served weapon simulation I plan on making this weapon resercheable after initial alien invasión research, manufacturable , and with unlimited ammo. UPDATE Animations were missing, this update fixes it and adds 2 more types of ammo. This will be last update, this mod has now evolved into am expanding pack of weapons.Any further development will be added to the new pack. https://www.dropbox.com/s/upl7rvgneeyceju/Heavy%20cannon.zip Hope you all enjoy it
  12. lightgemini

    [Mod] Special Weapons

    Hi fellow xenonauts commanders!. Here you have a new mini-pack of weapons I will be further expanding. I tried to keep balance and be xenonauts friendly. So the pack is a research project that unlocks the weapons all with descriptions and custom images. It includes: -Heavy Cannon- with 3 different kind of rounds. It is powerful but always low on ammo and rocket launchers still deliver way lot more firepower. All in all a good multipurpose weapon both effective against materials or tough aliens. -Wakizashi- Short versión of the Katana. Yes, there are things that never get old and your japanese xenonauts were really being mean about getting this. Here is the download link. The Backup folder contains vanilla files to help you uninstalling the mod. Updated for versión 18.51 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1clhc8oh7sij4jo/Special%20Weapons%2018.51.zip Changelog 18.51 - Updated and added missing files, should work as intended. 18.51 - Initial Release. Future of the mod: some ideas that I have in mind -More upgrades for heavy cannon ammo -Plasma Katana for epic justice. -Auto cannon (maaaaaaaay be, as it is capped due to game limits and machineguns being similar) -Extra heavy cannon/artillery for vehicles -Movile 40/60mm cannons and heavy machineguns (counting as a vehicle with low TUs) -Special Heavy weapons to be used with power armour exclusively. -Alien tank? -Some upgrades to aliens so they can absorb all the massive firepower above? -Hypervelocity shurikens? (wouldnt it be cool really?) Clarification of mod goals: Apart of filling some gaps like melee or "tool" weapons (smoke launchers, ILUM etc) main focus is to get back what I regard as one of the main features of old XCOM and specially TFTD: FIREPOWER I have fond memories in TFTD (was my first and most played xcom game) when suddenly aliens bumpd a new tier and you were not preapared, wich ended in terror missions being a losing battle were you deployed all the firepower you got, "nuking" buildings because assaulting was too risky, raining gas cannon round and alien grenades on bio-drones / lobstermen etc. wich resulted in half the map being a smoking ruin on fire. That felt brutal and awsome for me. As good as Xenonauts is now, it feels too much tactical pew pew for me. Theres too much nice looking houses asking to get blown up and barns to get consumed in fire. I miss raw firepower just for the sake of overkill pleasure, and the aliens will get some too.
  13. Lt_Parsons

    [Mod] More Shotguns

    More Shotguns! Don't you love to blast aliens with powerful high-caliber weapon up-close? Sadly, later on, with research of new tech, shotguns get replaced with carbines. Which are also good, but not the same - they look and feel more like SMG. So i made 3 new shotguns, one for each researchable weapons tier, to fix that: - Laser Shotgun - Plasma Shotgun - MAG Shotgun And here is zip with everything you need to have them in game: - (links for old versions are removed; i'm working on updating it for final right now) - (if someone still needs old archives or want to use these images in their own mods, please contact me via pm here on forum) - (also there is an alternative up-to-date mod with these weapon sprites - Khall's Carbines/Shotguns + Extras) As if now, i done just minimal changes to get them operational. They are using rifles animations and most of carbines stats (no auto, damage slightly higher; carbines itself changed to have less damage but 5-shot auto). You should be able to manufacture them together with other weapons of same tier. Now also adds ballistic carbine (shortened M16) and change laser weapons projectile to real beam. Pistols, carbines, ballistic shotgun and stunbaton changed to occupy less space in backpack. To install it just unpack archive in game folder and replace files where needed. Backups of existing xml files also would be good to do before that, if you want to remove this mod later. Have fun! =) Changelog:
  14. Basic, Jackal, Wolf, and Buzzard have all had their vision range increased by one. Basic and Buzzard are 17 (same as most aliens, +2 seb) Wolf is 16 (-1 most aliens, +1 seb) Jackal is 15 (-2 most aliens, same as seb) as of hotfix 1. Tanks are the new default 18 - better scouts but not zomg must have. No armor changes have been made aside from bumping predator from 70 to 80. You'll still hit reaction fire, but hopefully less repeatedly ramming yourself into it. This should help negate enemy accuracy / reaction fire / squadsight while still making your player feel like they're moving into entrenched positions. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hy4x5elgzn6lonq/erutan%20vision%20up.zip
  15. I found this on the Ufopaedia wikki, I might have a go at setting it up and sharing the save file as it does take same time to create. Does sound like fun though http://www.ufopaedia.org/index.php?title=Aliens_Own_Earth
  16. Hoss

    Mod Idea USCMC

    The title pretty much says it all. I thought of this earlier tonight while playing the alpha, and whilst having a particular good ground mission, the line from Aliens popped in my head, Hudson talking about his team of ultimate badasses. And this led to my thought, of a complete Colonial Marine Corps mod. It would be fairly involved (I assume, I know precisely zip about the process) as it would involve replacing at minimum all the soldier and weapon graphics. Other options could include dropship graphics, APC replacing the Hunter, etc. It was just an idea floating around that I figured I would throw out there if anyone has the inclination.
  17. Another, useless, testing, thing. Greatly(but I leave it still slightly noticeable) increase of laser weapon projectile speed(only laser and only speed) to be close to instant hit. For try how it will feel. http://rghost.ru/41765704 These who not play full game too much to take it through researchers, can(If you don't know) use(for testing purposes) Xenonauts _gc_editor.exe and U hotkey to give your soldiers what you want
  18. Is there a way to make it so you start with the AK47 unlocked at the start of the game?
  19. {I will periodically update this first post} Short Demonstration video UPDATE: download 0.2 Fixed alot of stupid errors on my part. the files uploaded were my test batch, so alot of them were kinda broken, I apologize for that. Problem: You can vault through windows as long as they're not broken. if you shoot a window before trying to vault through it, the window becomes impassable. I've went over the spectres many times and T&Eed just about everything I could, but to no avail. update:Strangely enough, you can vault through broken windows as long as it's from the inside#will need further testing#. notes: Back up your "assets\tiles\industrial and assets\tiles\Farm" folders. You'll have to start a new game for vaulting to work. The sprites included are more focused on graphic representation then detail. some windows will open in strange ways. Clipping issues are present Any help will be greatly appreciated, I do plan to finish this. Well, enjoy
  20. OK, here is the beta of the gunpowder weapons mod this includes the buckshot mod for shotguns and a some tweaks to the assault rifle and pistol. The biggest changes you'll notice are that the pistol is now a machine pistol and the shotgun is much more dangerous. The machine pistol can fire three round bursts. I modeled this after the H & K VP70. The weapon fires a standard 9mm pistol round. It was used in the 70's by anti-terrorist forces and special ops troops. It is about the same size as most semi-autos, but has an 18 round magazine and an incredible firing rate of 2200 rounds per minute. However, it is mechanically limited to three rounds per trigger pull by the manufacturer. Although I've reduced the damage it does per shot to be more realistic as compared to rifles, you will be able to fire multiple bursts and at close range you can do some damage. You also have a greater chance of suppressing the target. It's probably the best small one handed firearm available, but it is a weapon of last resort. I slightly increased the assault rifle damage from 25 up to 30. No other changes. I increased the firing rate of the M-60 to the proper level. It doesn't fire any more bullets per burst, it just fires them more quickly. Strictly a visual effect change. Finally, the shotgun now fires buckshot. I modeled it after the Mossberg 500 pump action 12 gauge. This weapon is a rugged combat shotgun widely used by the US Marines and Army in the 70's. The number of shells was dropped to 8 per magazine from 12. The action points required to fire were increased to match the assault rifle plus a couple points to work the slide (pump). Also, although slightly quicker to aim than a rifle the recoil requires more recovery time between shots. The reload time was GREATLY increased. Unlike most military weapons there is no removeable magazine or clip to just pop in. It will take most soldiers nearly a turn to reload this weapon as the shells have to be loaded one by one into the magazine. I would have made this even higher, but I was afraid some soldiers would never be able to reload the weapon since you can't take one than one turn to reload a weapon (at least as far as I know.) The biggest change was the damage was increased 50% from 40 to 60. Armor penetration was greatly reduced and is now slightly worse than a pistol. However, at close range this is one shot killer for most early aliens. This NOT the weapon to take if you expect to fight at long distance. Here are the file changes: 1. I would simply copy the bullet folder over with the new name "buckshot". So, copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Desura\Common\xenonauts\assets\projectiles\bullet to C:\Program Files (x86)\Desura\Common\xenonauts\assets\projectiles\buckshot 2. In new the buckshot folder replace bullet_e.png with the attached picture and rename it buckshot_e.png 3. Create or replace the contents of bullet_e.xml with this: <?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE sequence SYSTEM "sidewalkdtd"> <sequence name="C:\Documents and Settings\Chris\Desktop\blast-red\gunshot\bullet_e.xml" source="./bullet*.png"> <img regx="36" regy="0" name="buckshot_e" savedname="buckshot_e.png" w="0.000000" h="0.000000"/> <framelist> <frame regx="35" regy="-1" name="buckshot.png" w="55" h="13" x="0" y="0"/> </framelist> </sequence> And rename the file as buckshot_e.xml 4. Create or replace the contents of bullet_spectre.xml with this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <spectre id="rocket" version="1"> <state id="default" name="buckshot" pivotX="30" pivotY="20" sortPoint="0.49"> <anim src="projectiles/buckshot/buckshot_e" anim="main"/> </state> </spectre> and rename to buckshot_spectre.xml 5. Replace these entries in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Desura\Common\xenonauts\assets\weapons_gc.xml file with corresponding entries below: <Weapon name="weapon.pistol" bulletType="normal" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="6" hands="1" recoil="0" weight="1.5" isHeavy="0" clipSize="18" reloadAPCost="8" reloadSound="Weapon Pistol Reload" reactionModifier="1.8"/> <SingleShot sound="Weapon Pistol Single" delay="0.6" suppressionValue="20" suppressionRadius="1"> <Set1 ap="9" accuracy="65" /> <Set2 ap="11" accuracy="73" /> </SingleShot> <BurstFire ap="15" accuracy="45" sound="Weapon Assault Rifle Burst" delay="0.2" shotCount="3" suppressionValue="20" suppressionRadius="2" /> <GUIImage name="gui/weapons/pistol" /> <GroundImage name="grounditemimages/pistol.png"/> <Ammos> <Ammo name="ammo.ballistic.pistol" type="kinetic" damage="15" mitigation="5"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/bullet/bullet" speed="1200"/> <Impact spectre="particles/bulletplume/bulletplume"/> </Ammo> </Ammos> </Weapon> <Weapon name="weapon.rifle" bulletType="normal" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="18" hands="2" recoil="0" weight="5" isHeavy="0" clipSize="30" reloadAPCost="15" reloadSound="Weapon Assault Rifle Reload" reactionModifier="1.0"/> <SingleShot sound="Weapon Assault Rifle Single" delay="0.6" suppressionValue="20" suppressionRadius="1"> <Set1 ap="17" accuracy="75" /> <Set2 ap="20" accuracy="85" /> <Set3 ap="23" accuracy="100" /> </SingleShot> <BurstFire ap="35" accuracy="50" sound="Weapon Assault Rifle Burst" delay="0.6" shotCount="3" suppressionValue="32" suppressionRadius="2" /> <GUIImage name="gui/weapons/AssaultRifle.png"/> <GroundImage name="grounditemimages/assaultrifle.png"/> <Ammos> <Ammo name="ammo.ballistic.rifle" type="kinetic" damage="30" mitigation="10" isHypervelocity="0"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/bullet/bullet" speed="1200"/> <Impact spectre="particles/bulletplume/bulletplume"/> </Ammo> </Ammos> </Weapon> <Weapon name="weapon.shotgun" bulletType="normal" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="6" hands="2" recoil="0" weight="5" isHeavy="0" clipSize="8" reloadAPCost="45" reloadSound="Weapon Shotgun Reload" reactionModifier="1.4"/> <SingleShot sound="Weapon Shotgun Single" delay="0.6" suppressionValue="30" suppressionRadius="2"> <Set1 ap="19" accuracy="83" /> <Set2 ap="22" accuracy="90" /> </SingleShot> <BurstFire/> <GUIImage name="gui/weapons/Shotgun.png"/> <GroundImage name="grounditemimages/shotgun.png"/> <Ammos> <Ammo name="ammo.ballistic.shotgun" type="kinetic" damage="60" mitigation="4"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/buckshot/buckshot" speed="1200"/> <Impact spectre="particles/bulletplume/bulletplume"/> </Ammo> </Ammos> </Weapon> <Weapon name="weapon.machinegun" bulletType="normal" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="30" hands="2" recoil="65" weight="12.5" isHeavy="1" clipSize="50" reloadAPCost="25" reloadSound="Weapon Machinegun Reload" reactionModifier="0.6"/> <SingleShot /> <BurstFire ap="45" accuracy="35" sound="Weapon Machinegun Burst" delay="0.6" shotCount="5" suppressionValue="40" suppressionRadius="4" /> <GUIImage name="gui/weapons/machinegun.png"/> <GroundImage name="grounditemimages/machinegun.png"/> <Ammos> <Ammo name="ammo.ballistic.machinegun" type="kinetic" damage="40" mitigation="15"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/bullet/bullet" speed="1200"/> <Impact spectre="particles/bulletplume/bulletplume"/> </Ammo> </Ammos> </Weapon> 6. (optional only affects weapon description on soldier screen) Find and Replace pistol damage, shotgun damage, assault rifle damage and clip size numbers in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Desura\Common\xenonauts\assets\weapons.xml file with entries below: in the weapon.pistol section damage <Cell ss:StyleID="s66"><Data ss:Type="Number">15</Data><NamedCell clipsize <Cell ss:StyleID="s66"><Data ss:Type="Number">18</Data><NamedCell weapon.shotgun section damage <Cell ss:StyleID="s66"><Data ss:Type="Number">60</Data><NamedCell clipsize <Cell ss:StyleID="s66"><Data ss:Type="Number">8</Data><NamedCell weapon.rifle section damage <Cell ss:StyleID="s66"><Data ss:Type="Number">30</Data><NamedCell That's it. Let me know what you think!
  21. Quartermaster

    MP5 Images

    This may not be perfect, but here is an image of an MP5 I put together that I thought folks might want to use for modding purposes: And it's ammo:
  22. Hello everyone. Since we got Soviet weapons and alternative shortened M16 sprites, i thought - why not make some more and did AKS-74U carbine and ammo inventory sprites out of AK-47 that we already have and ammo sprite for AK-47 itself. Carbine sprite sized to fit 4x2 slots. According to Wiki, this shortened AK's started being produced in 1979 and were used in Afghanistan conflict, so if we have soldiers with such background, why not have weapons too. AKS-74U - https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0cKXPpo9NNxeVFTZ0hRdDh1TXM AK-74 ammo - https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0cKXPpo9NNxVnhvX25EUjVGZHM AK-47 ammo - https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0cKXPpo9NNxNnRtWjd3Z0JvME0 Zip is here - https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0cKXPpo9NNxRGpxRFMzanp1aGc If someone know where to get good sounds for this and maybe other weapons, please tell. Have fun =)
  23. oracle1990

    More weapons

    I am not going to make any weapon mod, but if someone is in need of any graphics, here is a collection:
  24. This is a repost of the mod that added the smoke grenades and flare launchers for use by vehicles. It lists the files and what information needs to be added to them. It also includes the section needed to add them to the Hunter as secondary weapon options. To add them both as options for the hunter: I have no idea how this will affect save games etc so always back up your current files before making any changes.
  25. Just something I was playing around with yesterday. The self-extracting RAR will automatically backup your files and install, just make sure to choose the right path for your Xenonauts 'assets' folder. You can select the alternate fire-mode in ground combat by pressing 'L' on the keyboard, assuming you have not reconfigured your keys. It does not seem to play nicely with an existing save, when I try to load one I get an immediate Crash to Desktop when clicking on the base Vehicles tab- so I recommend starting a new game to try it out. It is also fairly easy to remove when you are done playing around with it, just run the hunterRLMG_uninstall batch file in the assets folder. It will restore your files as they were before installing and will remove all files and directories created by the mod. Forum attachments do not seem to be working, so I had to upload the file to a 3rd-party file-sharing site (dropbox). Here's the link: http://db.tt/r3f8FLJy Click on the blue 'Download now' link. P.S. No Scatter Laser, just the RL/MG combo. I have not gotten far enough in the game to where the Scatter Laser is researchable and can be added as a vehicle weapon- not even sure if it is implemented in-game at this time. Have fun!