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    JA2-style customization?

    In the case of rocket launchers, round per Clip/Mag is set by the ammunition itself, right? Shame accuracy/range isn't subject to the ammunition.
  2. Ouya and who knows what else may change that. Atm, there's already 'game controller' attachments for smartphones and tablets. Compare mobile phone gaming from 10ish years ago and you"ll see a big difference. This applies to all gaming, but consoles are essentially closed-environment PCs with a 'lifespan' of 5-6 years. I think this is why in the last generation, Microsoft was trying to reach different markets for their X360, and we have things like motion-control existing on all platforms.
  3. ElTee

    JA2-style customization?

    Incidentally, can combi-weapons exist? Say, "Ballistic Rifle with UBGL". It has two ammo-types, and there's an Action to use the grenade launcher, which uses up Grenade ammo?
  4. ElTee

    Unlocking Soviet weapons?

    How would you add it? I'm not sure if those mods will work on v17.
  5. ElTee

    Tighten up fire accuracy

    I make sure to take anything someone who uses "gun club shooting fanatic" and the implication that anyone in a 'gun club' (as if every country requires that, or as if the SUSAT is the benchmark all sights are measured against) isn't fit for the military. Or when they make other, uncited sweeping generalizations.
  6. Is there a way to make it so you start with the AK47 unlocked at the start of the game?
  7. ElTee

    JA2-style customization?

    Can multiple tabs be created? What about sub-tabs? I mean the weapon category tabs to clarify, like how we have "Ballistic, Laser, Plasma" etc. Manufacturing system? I've only seen things that are made as a single 'part' in the workshop, like aircraft.
  8. ElTee

    Why is development so slow?

    Not really. Game devs are under no obligation to 'refund' people, which is why you have to be smart if you ever want to fund a kickstarter project, since they can literally just run away with the money.
  9. ElTee

    Game starting at 1979...

    This. A lot of people here are talking out of ignorance.
  10. ElTee

    Game starting at 1979...

    Breaking News: Suspension of Disbelief is required to play any Xenonauts game since it isn't hard scifi!
  11. ElTee

    JA2-style customization?

    Just as you are entitled to your opinion, so am I. I'm just looking for ways to work with the current game since I doubt Chris is suddenly going to program functions he won't use for the game.
  12. ElTee

    Why is development so slow?

    Well, 154k + however much he's gotten since then is a lot of money. I suspect all or most of the kickstarter money is going to the game, outside of expenses, though. It's dumb to comment on the progress since it's not like we know Chris's business plan or his [ever-changing] circumstances. Outside of the fact he's definitely working on it, at least. Plus, Goldhawk has a very small team to work on this game, doesn't it?
  13. Seeing as how I doubt Chris will add such a thing, maybe we could do it? There's a few questions that need to be addressed, though: 1. Other weapons should be able to use different ammo-types, right? Not just rocket launchers? 2. Can more inventory slots actually be added into the game? That's the most vital thing to get a sort of attachment/accessory system working. -2A. Can items be 'connected' to the weapon? IE: If you switch out the scoped ballistic rifle, the scope also moves out with it? I know at least primary weapons take up both hands, don't know if that's note-worthy at all. -2B. Other than size, are there ways to make it so you can only attach certain items in an inventory slot? 3. Is it possible to make items that effect the stats of the weapon or soldier? If all of this is possible, then we really should be able to add JA2-style weapon customization, allowing you to attach scopes, weapon grips etc.
  14. ElTee

    Changing Ranks

    It's a bit late to change things, but not necessarily. In say, the Dark Heresy RPG, you have Characteristics (Stats), Skills and Talents. Talents/Skills could be something I can see them gaining in terms of fighting aliens.
  15. ElTee

    To much female power

    Huh? The saying is that exception is not the rule.