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    The first rule of bum club, is you don't look for a job.
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  1. djlogue

    V20 Experimental Build 2 Available!

    I never really cared much for GDI or NOD. They both seemed a bit off key. Great game though. Never forget the old Unit ready, building, unit ready, building, unit ready, building, unit ready, building, unit ready, building, unit ready, building, unit ready, building, unit ready, building,
  2. djlogue

    Xenopedia text is very small.

    My eyes are burning. Is there any word on the text being made bigger.
  3. djlogue

    Xenonauts: Marine Edition

    Looks cool. Very well done.
  4. Still loving it. I like the LMG's and the hunter HMG's for ripping aprat those damn reptoids. Maybe David Icke was right, Reptilians are all around us!!! Seriously I just wanted to pop by and express my joy. Also I didn't know the ironman setting was working properly. Now this is fun heart thumping gameplay!! Cheers team!!
  5. I think all craft should look like this
  6. djlogue

    End of a mission need to be announced

    There should also be an announcement for when someone passes gas in the chinook
  7. djlogue

    Xenopedia text is very small.

    Ow cool, I haven't been keeping up to tabs with xenofudge recently so I don't know what's in the pipelines. I'm hoping maybe some faberge eggs.
  8. As I haven't been around that much I don't know if this issue has been raised. I am playing on 1366x768 resolution if it matters. But I find myself really struggling to read. I have 20/20 vision but I also take daily medication that makes it hard enough for me to read without getting double vision. Is there gonna be any way to change the font size or will you be making it a bit bigger in the future. Also can we have a faberge egg ship like this one.
  9. djlogue

    Throwing needs to be improved

    People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw....grenades??? Urm okay sorry I have too suffered from throwing nades but I thought it was down to my n00b squad to be fair.
  10. djlogue

    Xcom Geo win theme thelog (me) remix

    Gawd what was I smoking when I made this thread AND music?
  11. Things are heating up around here. I'm a bit scared to post my faberge eggs
  12. djlogue

    This is how i wanted my TFTD

  13. Never mind, I found it : D
  14. Where the linkage is for the standalone download.I need to mod in some faberge eggs to my xenonauts. : (
  15. djlogue

    Steam comments

    Meh pay no attention to that barbaric excuse of a forum. They like to try and rattle your cage and say things like "you need to be on the steam forum" What kind of ini company can spare a unit to sit and watch over that rancid place. We have our own forum, if they want to say something they can come to us. I will do my best to keep a look out on the steam forum for you though guys. But my music is currantly taking over my life but I will do my best.