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  1. out of bounds: small non-command room top floor in the alien base had a broken wall that allowed the MARS to drive out of the map. in some sort of black void alien activity during player turn. crashed UFO missions Secton engineer moved during the players turn, triggered on reveal by a soldier occurance is rare, no idea how to reproduce. happened only once so far, but I have seen this bug in video's of the experimental build crashed UFO missions Sectons ignore the suppressed condition, performing overwatch fire while the suppressed icon is above its head. happened while the soldier was moving after a knife attack command on the bridge of a abductor. also occured in the engine room of a destroyer while ging a shotgunner a attack command and he had to turn 180 degrees occurance is rare, no idea how to reproduce
  2. Every time I start the demo, it crashes after a few seconds in the game. Is there any way to fix this? (Win10, High-End PC)
  3. I recently downloaded a few mods, those being "Increased Maxed Accuracy" and "Lore+". After doing so i found that i would unlock parts of Lore+ over and over again such as the analysis of the aliens that i had killed. i did not think too much of it until recently (about 2 days ago) when the game started crashing and gave me this error(see picture). i have tried verifying the game's cache and deleting and reinstalling the mods but nothing has worked. Can someone please advise me on how to solve this problem?
  4. so, not a big bug and you probably know about it, but like the title say alt+12 to report bugs didn't work for me so... if you are crouched, and give a move order that involves turning before moving, the TU remaining estimation does not count the TU of turning, so you usually end up 1 or 2 TUs short of what the estimate said. doesn't really seem to happen unless you are crouching though
  5. In combat there is a freeze while the bgm is ending and next track is cueing up. Game freezes and cursor turns to beach ball, really breaks immersion. freeze typically lasts 4-8 seconds. Loving this game, hello and great job! Mac OSX el cap 10.11.1 mid2010 mbp 8gb ram w/ssd
  6. Playing 'vanilla' version with mods: map packs, dynamic UFO spawns 1. Major one - game consistently crashes to desktop when attempting to rearrange troops on dropship. Happening on Charlie - when I go into troop placement screen most of them do not appear inside the dropship, though as I mouseover different empty looking tiles, there are tooltips showing up. Left clicking on these 'invisible' soldiers results in CTD. Result of bug is that it is extremely chance to use tanks, as said tank is by default positioning toward rear of the dropship, where it can't get out until all the soldiers.. 2. Really annoying due to immersion breaking - empty weapons keep reloading if placed in backpack. On next turn weapon will usually be loaded. Making use of this seems like cheating, trying to work around it 'fairly' makes me waste a lot of time unloading and dropping these 'phantom' clips and rockets. 3. Several cases of aliens shooting through walls. One time had an alien shoot a plasm cannon round through the front cabin of the Charlie dropship, which passed through 2 walls and killed almost everyone inside. 4. One time had a mission on which all heavy gun ammo that was in backpacks started at 66%. 5. There is no way to configure the game to go to lowest speed on geo-view when a grey event happens. It's just strange that Xenonaut command understand that when a UFO is picked up on radar, one might want to start dealing with it and gives a choice to go to slowest speed, but when a UFO shoots down an airliner just outside radar range, that only merits a note in the log. 6. Strength does not grow according to description of manual/config. After a certain point ~mid 70s, loading soldiers to full encumbrance no longer trains them, and only overloaded soldiers are able to rise in strength.
  7. Please post Mac specific bugs here. Include the version of xenonauts you are running, which version of OSX you have and what Mac you have. Steps to reproduce are very helpful. Known issues: Invisible civilians Glitch with TU on ground Right click brings up context menu - engine bug To hire, or assign requires holding down mouse button - engine bug No fullscreen - coming later
  8. I have got the bug twice now were if i blow up a buliding (iam useing the laser launcher on the hunter car) and then try to drive over it. it crash's me out of the game with out giveing me an error code or any warning if this is a know issuse can u just make it so that it blocks me from driveing over the bit like how it wont allow you to drive over some areas
  9. I'm new to the forum. I have version 1.09. Loaded XCE 0.27 (and xcesettings and Skitsos map pak 2000 v1.1) by overwriting all files when extracting into the /assets subdir. I start a new game but when it asks me to make the first base, before I can try, it says I don't have enough funds. My funds say 1 million. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help. Long time X-COM player, love the game so far! Also, any way to preserve my saved games; can I use them with XCE 0.27 mod? Right now, after loading XCE 0.27, my soldiers don't show up on the "Manage Soldiers" panel, and sometimes it crashes to the desktop when I click on the empty "Manage Soldiers" panel. Is this a saved game incompatibility? -steves
  10. I have several games on my laptop and they all work seamless "except" this one. I have played the game almost to the end twice now and each and every time it robs you of progressing further by crashing and corrupting the save game files. The game reduces the number of save files as you play and save in a given scenario. I gather this is to make the game more challenging? What is does instead is reduce fault tolerance so you are left with one save file. The game then crashes, corrupts the save file and refuses to let you reload that file so you are back to the start of the game. Biggest problem is, I suspect, poor support for different sound drivers as it almost always locks on a machine gun sound and then crashes. I have a pretty garden house but high end HP Envy laptop, nothing exotic. All in all I GIVE UP. For a game to be this buggy this late in its production is pretty poor. I have better things to do with my time.
  11. On all Landing ships crashed/landed missions the main bridge is always visible when your outside and or inside the craft. Attacked many Landing ships in all terrains and it seems to affect all. In the pic you can see my guys outside the bridge doors and everything is visible inside. Hope this helps.
  12. Hello Guys\Girls, There are some annoying problems, that blocks you in progressing the game, but maybe there is a workaround for it until the next patch, but you just don't know about it. Here you can share your findings with the community. This thread is not instead of reporting bugs and posting workarounds, this thread is to help each other to progress in the game further. Workaround for the camera panning on farmlands: Issue: You cannot pan camera to the north on farmlands Solution: Pan it to two directions at the same time. (Press Up and a Side button \ Hover your cursor to a top corner) Workaround for the Machine Gunners cannot jump over fences: Issue: Machine gunners cannot jump over fences. Workaround: Crouch before the fence, then give a move command trough it. (You will see your machine gunner slide over it) Returning to base with low fuel crash: Issue: Sometimes when you keep fighting with low fuel the game crashes. Workaround: Whenever the return to base dialog pops up, accept it and flee! Please share your findings, and thank you for the good job guys .
  13. A new bug; A alien base situated in Greenland was revealed to me. I dispatched a team in a chinook to deal with it. Upon arrival, I accepted the mission. Loading screen. You know the one, the black screen with white writing. Then after some time, the game crashed. Some further points: - Not a unusual team loadout. Riot shield, couple of laser weapons, c4, and wolf armour. - Mission briefing did not appear. - Upon crash, I saw the battle scape for a moment. - Playing on latest build. - Further attempts revealed same result. This makes my current play through slightly unplayable. A workaround would be appreciated so I don't have to start from scratch Thanks,
  14. For some reason after the 3rd month I can't seem to detect a single UFO, I get tons of sightings and abudctions within my radar's range in both bases, fast forwarded through the whole month and I couldn't see a single UFO =/ Any ideas on what's up? Oh and I can't get a target nor see aliens bombarding cities either, terror missions can be seen after they start but no UFO either.
  15. Is this a known issue? Or am I the only one who cannot initiate research in the new UI? I've started a new game, and it finished the first mandatory research (alien invasion). Then I wanted to choose one of the given research topics, but there was no way to choose them and assign scientists. I restarted a game and found out it happens after I hired 5 scientists. Didn't check if it happens after 1-4, but it worked after restarting and then was bad again after I hired scientists. I hope it will be fixed soon
  16. I am currently fighting a tough fight against the alien invaders to defend my base. First Time that i meet the Terminator Aliens (I am sure you know who i mean). They are happily storming the control center and die in dozens. My Problem is: Every now and then either an Alien or one of my guys hits the controls of the door, which makes them close and i can't get them to open again. Anyone know what i can do against that?
  17. So the Landing Ship (my first one!) seems to have a few holes in the hull. Observe: Save Game: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4tDkFVBMisFUkRfQVRzaVJyTUE/edit?usp=sharing
  18. http://i.imgur.com/umFF3qi.jpg I find that I can stack medkits on top of one another when I placed them on the lower-left corner of the medkit.
  19. Bonjour, Je ne suis capable d'écrire en anglais les bugs que j'ai vu et les idées pour améliorer le jeu, donc j'espère que quelqu'un pourra traduire. On pourra aussi parler du jeu entre francophone. - Les avions ne sont pas réparés dans le temps indiqué et le plein de fuel ne se fait pas, après plusieurs heures passé le temps de réparation augmente ce qui n'est pas logique. - Impossible d'ouvrir les onglets (geoscape, base management, research, ...) après avoir consulté l'aide xenopedia ou après une mission, ... - Je ne recrute que des rifleman, on ne peut pas recruter de sniper, assault et heavy weapons. - Le jeu plante lorsque l'on change trop souvent d'onglet (geoscape, base management, research, ...) - Vérifier la carte du monde, la ville de Paris n'est pas placée au bonne endroit, là elle est au Luxembourg. - Une marre de sang est la représentation d'un soldat PNJ mort et un extraterrestre mort ressemble à un soldat. - Le site de crash d'un vaisseau extraterrestre ne disparait pas après la mission et le jeu plante si on relance une mission d'intervention sur ce site. - Lorsque les extraterrestre attaque la base, des extraterrestres sont bloqués dans une zone d'accès à la base qui ne donne sur aucun local, impossible de finir la mission. D'ailleurs les extraterrestres n'avance pas vers le centre de commande de la base pour le capturer mais restent planqués dans les locaux de la base. - Il manque l'icone du jeu lorsque l'on crée un raccourci sur le bureau. - Les soldats ne peuvent pas s'allonger au sol, on ne peut que s'accroupir. - Je n'ai pas trouvé d'endroit où faire monter un soldat (toit, tour, ...) - Les murs résistent au 1er tire de roquette et les rochés ne sont pas détruis par les tires de roquettes. - Dans soldier equipement les textes sont trop petit en dessous de la description des objets (damage, range, clipsize,...) - Dans base management il manque des textes de description des locaux. - Les vaisseaux écrasés ont toujours les même dégâts, ce serait bien de variés que l'on puisse voir l'intérieur du vaisseau et que les extraterrestres ne soit pas toujours planqués dedans.
  20. You can throw grenades into the alien crafts from outside without throwing it through the door. This is candidate 19.
  21. Finally, the thread you've all been waiting for. We would like to release a new stable version of the game to Steam in the next few weeks (i.e. a version that everybody who has Xenonauts will get, not just those on the experimental branch). It is obviously critically important that this be as stable and bug free as possible. So, although we do track all the bugs reported through our own internal system, we wanted to ask you guys again which bugs in the game do you currently find most infuriating? What really makes you want to fill the beta forum with these: . This can be any bug, great or small, even if it has been overlooked for a long time, but it should be something that is either common or serious or both (i.e. not house sprite #6005 is misaligned). All moaning will be gratefully received. Grumbling is acceptable. You are also permitted to kvetch.
  22. Looks like this guy started stuck in this wall, he's just standing there: Save Game: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4tDkFVBMisFcnExM3ItUnVfeW8/edit?usp=sharing
  23. Bug one: Stun grenades cause CTD sometimes. So far I've only seen this with when using them on lizards. Bug two: There is an issue where your main weapon is removed whenever you try to assign a new role to a soldier. It's driving me bonkers. Of you can manual put the main weapon on the guy, but yeesh... Bug three: For some reason I simply cannot use the med kit when a soldier is right by a door way in a base. It just won't allow to "aim" for the soldier. I have more him out into the open to heal him. Also, the med kits are doing weird stuff from time to time where I can only heal a few points no matter how much TU I dial in.
  24. Aliens in the pic below just shot through the corner of the Chinook, as shown here, I have a zero percent chance to make this shot. Save: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4tDkFVBMisFVzBiT0NJaGNpOWM/edit?usp=sharing It should be the second shot in here (responding to me trying to shoot the nearest andron with my sniper, which missed. Debug Info: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4tDkFVBMisFRjBwSlV6MWhsS1E/edit?usp=sharing
  25. This guy literally just shot at me with a plasma shotgun: But I cannot find him in the game engine. This is really annoying. Save Game: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4tDkFVBMisFS1FYUnFRdjBRbWs/edit?usp=sharing Alien Shooting: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4tDkFVBMisFdmVPYlRWN0VTaXc/edit?usp=sharing
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