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  1. Chris, Does 1.08 have the auto-resolve air combat fix for Mac/Linux in it?
  2. I have sent a new steam build to Chris built on WINE 1.2.3 to see if that fixes font issues in low resolutions.
  3. With 1.07 the auto-resolve always results in a crash. This has now been fixed, and the next release should have auto-resolve re-enabled.
  4. I don't think that is mac specific, you may want to try posting in a new thread.
  5. 1.07 uploading now with the industrial tile set fix.
  6. I just played 2 industrial maps without the graphical glitch, so I may upload the latest version I have and see if Chris can have some others test it.
  7. Autoresolve air combat should be disabled on Mac and Linux.
  8. 1600x900 on Mac with latest 1.06.
  9. I am sorry to hear you are having issues, the game should not be unplayable. Try reloading, or restarting if you experience a graphical glitch. So far out of 15 hours of play, I have only had the graphical glitch twice. We are continuing to work on fixing the glitch that appears in the industrial map.
  10. I think the wobble is a separate issue.
  11. I'd prefer to not have to keep removing features every time we find an issue with one. We have already had to remove auto-resolve air combat on Mac and Linux due to crashes.
  12. It seems to be the industrial map that causes the glitches. I will try narrowing down the problem, but it may take some time to find the right combination that stops it.
  13. Try 1.06 and see if that helps. I am concerned your graphics card may be an issue, the engine used has very poor graphics performance and Xenonauts is very image heavy which caused issues on my mac mini with 320M graphics card.
  14. Which version? 1.05HF is known to have glitches on some maps.
  15. The file must have been overwritten accidentally, there should be no auto resolve combat as it will crash. I will upload a fixed version.