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  1. Every time I start the demo, it crashes after a few seconds in the game. Is there any way to fix this? (Win10, High-End PC)
  2. With the expanding emphasis on plot in X2, I decided that I'd voice an opinion about the returning Aliens: I, for one, would prefer to see a larger emphasis on new alien types. Whiles I do quite like the look of the Praetors and Androns, none of the other Aliens stood out for me. I'm not saying that the old Aliens should not return; I think that the Caesans and Sebillians should stay, as they are the more iconic of the Aliens. I think that, with the new emphasis on plot, there is an opportunity to make truly unique and distinct alien types. I would like like to finish this statement by saying that I do love the artwork made for the games and that I am not saying that I wouldn't buy the game over something so trivial, just that I would prefer different enemies.
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