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  1. Oh, sorry, thought everything related to beta builds went here, omw there.
  2. For some reason after the 3rd month I can't seem to detect a single UFO, I get tons of sightings and abudctions within my radar's range in both bases, fast forwarded through the whole month and I couldn't see a single UFO =/ Any ideas on what's up? Oh and I can't get a target nor see aliens bombarding cities either, terror missions can be seen after they start but no UFO either.
  3. Researched the tech for Quantum Cryptology Center but I can't build, haven't seen anything about alien UFO missions either. The aircraft laser weapons seem to be gone as well, is this a bug or were they intentionally removed? Edit: Nvm found the Quantum Cryptology Center and it seems like the energy weapons are free now, doh
  4. Speaking of manufacturing for money, can't we adopt the XCOM Apocalypse system? Brand new technology is worth a lot but as you flood the market with it it becomes less and less profitable, I liked it.
  5. Just to let you know, this happens in the stable steam version as well, wasn't nice fighting 6 androns in a "toe-to-toe battle" without cover
  6. I see, any workaround? Like a "kill all aliens" button or something? Losing quite a few UFOs because of this =/
  7. So it doesn't really matter if they are colonels or rookies? just throw bombs everywhere? What if the aliens are too far and there's a buttload of obstacles in the way?
  8. I used to think heavy plasmas were the most overpowered thing the world of gaming has ever seen melting any armor like butter but now that I'm using the experimental build.... *Opens the door* *Grenades the 2 sebilian guys in front of me, smoke, charge, end turn* *1 sebilian uses a grenade, 90 damage, instant kill my shield dude, another one comes from the side and shoots with a plasma cannon which used to do no damage at all, 200+(!) damage, half the squad is bleeding*... I'm fairly sure this is a lost playthrough now.
  9. I dunno, they might care if you can recover intact alien technology that humans might not ever be able to put it back together again if they explode everything, specially considering most of it is sold (probably to the nation you were defending) so that they could start their own research and defense programs as well.
  10. 2nd time this happens and I'm only at the 2nd month of the game, explored every single tile in a desert map, not even a big one, had pretty much the entire map visible at once and there's no last alien to be found anywhere, nothing like this happened in the stable version, think both times it happened vs a light scout.
  11. Ohwell, thanks anyway, guess I'll just moan my way to victory, slowly.
  12. It's getting pretty annoying to move in smoke halting every second as my soldiers moan over and over again.
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