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    Xenonauts-2 October Update

    you could also take a page from the UFO series of trainings and stats, although i don't think you should do exactly that. though they didn't have scientists in combat, they had various skill stats(science, observation, long/short range shooting, melee etc) based on stats (strength, agility, intelligence etc) you increase every time soldiers lvl up. like i said, probably shouldn't do exactly that but that sounds to be the vague area you're aiming at
  2. shanadir

    Xenonauts-2 October Update

    you could maybe include knowledge about bullet drop and air/wind interference for certain weapons in the scientist stuff. so people with some sciency knowledge will be better at very long range or with grenade launchers and such. not that a lab rat would be better than a trained soldier, but sciency stuff could help a bit. or make it so that, as a shadowy organization, getting alien loot back, especially large loot like an alien body or navigation panel, is quite tricky. but if you bring a scientist you can get some data from studying it in the field. maybe you get more if you bring it to a proper lab, but you never know if you're going to come across something new. maybe scientists could be good at looking at new alien species and give you a guess at their strengths and weaknesses, though that would only be very useful for the first few runs until you the player know it already... just some ideas for useful field boffins
  3. shanadir

    Xenonauts-2 October Update

    "Yes, it would be theoretically possible to run out of soldiers if you're too careless, but I doubt it'll come up. If you're spending all your money on staff and then immediately getting them killed I doubt you'll get far enough into the campaign to exhaust the roster. " bit sad about that part. i've always, both in the original x-com and xenonauts, had the opinion that it's not a proper campaign if your casualties are not in, or at least approaching, triple digits. that was my main gripe with the remake that made it feel "not x-com". sad, but it's understandable. most people don't play that way and the remakes sold well with their idea of "10 guys versus entire race". at least if the aliens get limited in number it won't be as jarring as in the remake but x-commie or not, the remakes were good games and i'll be buying xenonauts 2 too on the basis that you'll probably make a good game (based on 1), however much you deviate from my personal ideal of what makes a game "x-com":) (couldn't get normal quote thing to work)
  4. so, not a big bug and you probably know about it, but like the title say alt+12 to report bugs didn't work for me so... if you are crouched, and give a move order that involves turning before moving, the TU remaining estimation does not count the TU of turning, so you usually end up 1 or 2 TUs short of what the estimate said. doesn't really seem to happen unless you are crouching though