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  1. A new screen or a window on an existing screen. I think some have already suggested as individual enhancements to the existing relevant screens (e.g. StK suggested to have in transfer indicator on the roster screen), but I would like to see a simple summary of anything I have ordered that has a duration to deliver or build listed alongside time to completion.
  2. I think it would really help if hired personal that didn't reach the base yet would show up in their respective tabs with an "in transfer" remark. Because when I load up a saved game i find myself sometimes at a loss if i already hired replacement troops or additional personnal.
  3. Currently it appears in the center of screen, much lower than button that shows this menu. If menu would be closer to button it would be easier to notice it and would require less mouse movement to click on it. Also maybe add some sort of background to it and somehow denote that all other equipment controls are disabled?
  4. 1. Soldiers' assigned roles need to be visible - and ideally, also changeable - on the personnel management interface. It's the screen where you can best compare your soldiers' attributes, and thus their suitability to a given role. It would, if soldier roles were displayed, also be the more convenient screen for putting together strike teams for missions compared to the soldier loadout screen, where you can't compare soldiers' stats at a glance or sort them in any way, and must switch between the dropship soldier list and idle soldier list depending on whether you want to add or remove soldiers from your dropship loadout. I like to have a certain arrangement of roles in my squads, and right now I have to append role designations to soldiers' names in order to keep track of the roles everyone currently has, which is a bit of a pain in the ass (especially so the more soldiers you have). This change would make managing large numbers of soldiers much more convenient. 2. It would be convenient if you were able to sort potential recruits according to their attributes when hiring soldiers, like you can with soldiers that are already present at your base. 3. Less important than the above - more of a "nice to have" thing rather than a fix for a significant annoyance - but it would be useful if you were able to assign tints to your soldiers' uniforms according to role, to make it easier to identify everyone at a glance during tactical combat. 4. Up to 16 soldiers can fight in base defense missions. However, you don't have any choice regarding which 16 will fight - it's always the first 16 in order of recruitment (or possibly order of transfer to base, haven't tried that). It can be smart to have more than 16 in a base in order to ensure you have a full defense even if a squad is on mission or got wiped, so it should probably be changed - you should either be able to choose at the start of the mission, or there could be a "base defense" assignment given to idle soldiers by default until it has the full 16, with the option to remove and add soldiers manually as with other assignments.
  5. A HP bar or at least color-coding the name to fit the health status...but something.It irks to accidently put a wounded guy on the choper, because I have to go to the personell listing to see who's wounded and who's not.
  6. Would it be possible to add a column (area outlined in red) which stated the Role that the soldier is currently fulfilling, eg rifleman, medic etc. Currently I have to open each soldiers inventory/equip screen to see this information. It would be easier to manage who is assigned to each dropship from this screen without having to look at each soldier manually. Also please could you (it maybe something your already working on) change the role symbols currently CRASHX are pretty basic and also limited. I would prefer to see the role symbols a similar design to the ones at the top of the base page that depict the various departments (eg the tank for vehicles, plane for aircraft). Something like a crosshair for snipers, cross for medic, rifle for rifleman etc. Something else I noticed also, very minor but you may want to consider it is the abbreviations for the ranks used by the xenonauts. Major is abbreviated to Maj not Mjr as it currently is and Captain is Capt not Cpt. At least that's how we do it in the british army. With regards to Colonel and Commander its Col and Comd usually.
  7. I know I read it some place but for the life of me I can not find it and do not remember--- How do you rotate the 2 tile rooms to go up and down vrs left to right?
  8. It would be great to see a soldier's health on the soldiers' equipment screen, right now it's kind of hard figuring out who is wounded before launching a mission, you have to switch to the hiring screen for that... feels counter-intuitive.
  9. On soldier screen U can sort list by TUs, Accuracy, Strenght ect. I think ability to add/remove also armour and allocating to dropship will is a good idea too. For example I would like to take soldiers on mission with highest strenght. Its easy to sort them on soldier screen but its impossible to add them to dropship stright away.
  10. I have to ask this, because I didn't find out how I can flip the rectangle for facility building in 90 degrees - what's the hotkey? TIA.
  11. Not the best title, but: I was in the base layout. Alt-tabbed out and went back in. The little boxes that show the bases and the buildings within (i.e. little green boxes or space) are there for the base that I was in but for the other had disappeared. These are the ones that run across the top of the display. As someone else has mentioned a graphics problem with alt-tab, it might be that this is part of a larger problem as on its own it is pretty insignificant. Using Win 7 and graphics card is an NVidia GT555M with up to date drivers (did em a week or so ago) and has enough memory (I say that because I've just read a review that says it's good with high-ish end games and I still don't know how much memory it gives me unless it's the high number I ignored in dxdiag because I thought it would be about 256 - 512 mb). Processor's an I-7.
  12. Could we please have it so assigning new projects onto the "WIP" list can be made by double clicking it? Navigating to lower left corner is fine as a point of call for new players but isn't necessary for experts (and is annoying as hell using a track pad ).
  13. In the soldier equip screen, would it be possible to have the arrow keys auto cycle through all the soldiers in the current list. i.e. all the soldiers in the dropship. Secondly, could number keys be assigned to auto change and default load-out hot key assigned roles. Then the actual role selection option is more of way of editing roles or assigning them shortcuts for quick customization and involves less faffing about. Given that these asks are not too time consuming to implement I hope others can see the benefits of making life easier for us commanders. =)
  14. This is related to the fact that since beginning equipments come in infinite quantity so that we don't need to micro-management them anymore [too bad, I really like to do so]. However, I personally want a clean storage and inventory in my base - which means thing I don't need/like I will sell out all [or in this case throw out]. Is there possible to add a feature that allow player to hide/throw out unnecessery equipments ? Since after a while in the game they become pretty much useless and only a bother when I begin equipping my squad. I just don't want to see useless things lying around and having the options to hide/throw them out would greatly increase my enjoyment playing these type of games The same problem with the new Firaxis XCOM game, but worse. I can't even sell out my outdated armors and low-tech weapons for some really needed cash anymore. They sit there, useless and in large quantities [since if i don't I can't survive in Ironman Classic >.>] as a remind of how many precious money I have wasted on them and now they will be there forever, waiting to be put into some XCOM Museum after the war end <.< So please, I think the ability to manage your Storeroom and inventory will help a lots with players enjoyment of the game since this game is supposed to make players... um... immense ? I mean in such a deep game like this, I want everything to be perfect in my base according to my preference if possible *O* Something like that. P/S : another small thing that I'm sure lots of people should have raised already but since I'm a bit lazy to check old topic I will just say it here - Is the soldier stats right now only for testing and will be different after the game release ? Because they're almost alike with significant different between soldiers [all in about 55-60]. That is boring, like a clone army T_T EDITED : I'm terribly sorry I post this in the wrong forum. Newbie mistakes T_T Could some moderator be so kind as to move this to the suitable forum please ? Thanks a lot and sorry again.
  15. One annoying thing I find with xenonauts is that in the aircraft tab when I want to re-arrange my soldiers, I have no way of knowing who is who. It'd be nice that when you click on someones portrait, their token would highlight. That, or if you make it so their names appear on the token.
  16. Currently, we can click entries on the personnel screen, but it doesn't do anything. I generally go there hoping for a squad-level overview of their weapon loadout and I'll occasionally click a name hoping it will take me to his inventory screen. Of course, it doesn't and then I wonder why I expected it to work this time.
  17. I wrote a long explanation for this screen but the forums ate it so this post will be brief. Basically this screen replaces the existing Personnel screen, and is geared towards managing the soldiers. The hiring of personnel will now be conducted on the relevant page (labs, workshop, barracks) rather than all together on a single page as I think it makes more sense that way. The training functionality is more than likely to be canned. I've thought about it and I don't really see it being particularly useful, it's really just adding an extra layer of complexity for no real gain. People get confused by the fact it only works on Privates (so none of the starting troops) and the fact it has very limited functionality. Levelling troops up in battle shouldn't be difficult enough to make it that useful either. Anyway, onto the screen itself. The first screen is the soldier management screen (clipboard "paper" obvious still WIP): http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/barracks1.jpg There will be functionality to "look down" which would let you see more troops on the clipboard but that'll hide the navigation menu on the wall and the speech bubble menu. Quite how it'll be triggered, I'm not fully sure yet. I quite like the colour coding of the numbers too - it's just a question of not making the screen look like a kaleidoscope. EDIT - the colour coding is basically done at random in that image but essentially numbers will start backed in yellow at 50 and then will move up to the darker greens as the soldier gets closer to 100. For the chinook, the lighter green indicates a soldier not on full health who has still been assigned to a Chinook (details on his injury would be shown on mouseover). The second screen is the soldier hiring screen: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/Barracks2.jpg This basically incorporates the current soldier pool hiring system direct into the UI. We'll probably colour-code the stats there too.
  18. I believe there should be a button that empties the soldier of all equipment. This saves time from having to right click every item on them and the accidental oops I forgot to unequip [item name here] .
  19. I would like to be able to change the placement of a new building for free if, while I'm laying out a new base, I decide on a better placement. As it is, I have to pay to bulldoze a building for which a single board has not yet been laid.
  20. I was just playing and two things struck me. The tech screen would be easier if I could select the techs by double clicking them in the list on the right, in addition to the START key in the lower left. Secondly, it would also be handy if the newly started research would automatically take the maximum amount of researchers available. By taking the max researchers automatically, it saves with several seconds of holding the selector. A slider, or the ability to type the number in would help, but I think auto-maxing the researchers may be the most convenient on both ends. Also, I usually want the max amount of researchers anyway, and if I'm going to research two techs at once, or if I already have multiple ones going, the remaining amount of researchers is probably the amount I want anyway. Alternatively, the default amount of researchers given to a new project could max out at whatever it takes to give "Excellent" progress, and go down from there depending on what's available.
  21. Hi! In the soldier's screen, It would be much easier to see the soldier's attributes if they were measured by colored bars. It's ok to have the number on the far right, but instead of the dots ............... leading to them, colored bars makes it easy on the eye.
  22. I was just wondering if there were any plans to change the art for the base facilities before release, or if that's what it's going to look like in the final game?
  23. Maybe we could make the list not scroll to the top for everytime we click the train button? Because it is a pain to scroll down to click another soldier.
  24. Hey Xenonauts-Team, since this is my first post, I'd like to say you're doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work! But of course this praise is followed by complaints. Just a suggestion, actually. Looking through the "Soldier Information" screen I'm missing a visualization of their attributes. Especially when I want to compare soliders it's easier to have something like a bar in the background that is either short or long instead of only having the number. Because the layout of this screens seems pretty much finished this suggestion will be probably received as annoying. But maybe you figure something out that fits the current design and has more impact than numbers alone.
  25. WARNING * these are more nitpicks then big things, but games that tend to be the best have the fewest things to nitpick about. Showing what weapons soldiers are using in the personal tab. -I like to have a balance of weapons, but it’s hard to keep track of 50 guys, and the only way to see what weapons they have is to go through them one by one.... So i never know who has what. Showing aircraft weapon stats in the aircraft tab. -Reason is obvious. Make the shotgun a bit more accurate... It’s kind of useless right now. -Bluntly anything that is more than 5 square’s away will almost never get hit. I stopping using them entirely and just started spamming machine guns, because at close range they deal way more damage. Have the ability to choose when we sell alien weapons -So we can stockpile up some money, its simple psychology. If you see that you have 3 mill you will spend till you have just enough to make it through the month. But then after that you don’t have enough to build a new base or something else big. Also while some people find this useless micromanagement If some of the things bellow are done it that argument will become moot. Make the click sound in the store tab when moving or selling items only go off once when you click and hold.... -So annoying. (Nitpick) when entering soldiers tab, if there is only one transport it is automatically selected instead of unassigned. -Every time I click the soldiers tab to modify my transports soldiers I have to click that transport. I am finding that I almost never have to use the unassigned tab, so it seems like an unnecessary step.
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