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  1. from what movie is your avatar??? haha
  2. Damn, I'm at december right now, and the difficulty just went sky high!! I thought I was safe, but now there's at least half dozen medium sized UFOs flying around, with scorts, even with a squadron of two corsairs and a foxtrot, the autoresolve chance was 21%!!!! help!
  3. I just noticed that the mission/kill counts of the charlie is always 0, is that normal? I know it can't kill, but at least the missions should count, right? Cheers
  4. Hey guys! Today I decided to play xenonaus after several months since last time and I've gotta say: it's looking awesome!! I had given up cause of the bugs, but now it's very smooth and polished! I just love the artwork that has been done in the Xenopedia entries, the autopsies drawings are very good. Only thing I think it's weird is that the autopsies and items seems to teletranport to base after the combat, the charlie barely left the crash site and all the items and bodies recovered are at base, not to mention if you open the soldier screen, they are all there!!! Even though they are inside the chopper returning to base. Another thing I noticed is that the shield is kind of buggy, it doesn't appear on the soldier's sprite (looks like it doesn't load properly), and some times it appears out nowhere. Still, awesome progress! Cheers
  5. I can't believe this thread is still going lol, had to log in just to post this peace and nuke everything form orbit
  6. For me definetely late 80´s early 90´s, I loved my NES and SNES era, best gaming times
  7. Sup thot?? Yes, that´s the idea behind it! I was thinking something like: Amphetamin Pill - Increased Strenght and AP for, let´s say, 5 turns. As a penalty, the original values for AP and Strenght are reduced by some ammount after effect wears off (let´s say a third) til the end of round. Morphine Shot - Soldier doesn´t loose HP when bleeding. Effect could last for some turns, and as a penalty, soldier would drop unconscious after effect wears off. Would need ally to pick him up and drag to Chinook. Serotonin- Dopamin Booster - Soldier becomes imune to panic attacks - morale goes up for 5 turns. As a penalty, well, I have to think about it haha Well, that´s what I was thinking about, simple stuff, nothing complicated
  8. Just wondering if it´s possible, at this stage of development, to add things like adrenalin shots, some pills, etc... that would make the character temporarily stronger, focused, fearless, etc... This would come in handy at the beginning of the game, where the characters are weak. Of course they would cause some kind of penalty after the effect wears off.
  9. Why won´t you just pretend that, when the UFO crashes, It creates an EMP that fries all electronics in 10km radius? heehee
  10. 7:00am and still drinking? This sounds like me!! lol Come on, give him a break! lol
  11. Wow, holy mother of F&^$! That terror mission was just insane, the game is still very unbalanced it seems
  12. Talking about retro games, I've finally bought, after 20 years, an original nintendo! I got a top loader for a great price and a bunch of games I used to play when was a kid, good nostalgia times ahead!! I always wanted an original nintendo, when I was a kid my parents gave me a clone system, it was ok, but my friends had the toaster and I was envy! haha
  13. Hahaha, back in the old days, sure!!! Nowadays, not so sure
  14. One lady I enjoy watching doing "man jobs" and bad ass characters is Julianne Moore