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  1. Indeed they do! Especially sugar and fat free foods, in my experience. For example, Nabisco graham crackers contain of 5.08mg of salt per gram of graham. The reduced fat variety, 6.29mg. Really, unless you want to subsist solely on Mrs. Dash seasoning washed down with food dye, the only acceptable choice is option #1. But, come on, wasn't it really a no-brainer anyway?
  2. There are two equally valid lessons to learn from this. 1) Don't do manual labor 2) Don't eat real food (i.e., stick to salt-free, processed, wholly artificial foods from a lab).
  3. That would be interesting, no? Rather than an option in the plot track to choose evil and rule supreme, instead a classic single plot line where you slowly find that your destiny is actually to become part of an evil cabal. I imagine it's been done before, but I've never run into such a game. At least, not one where it wasn't obvious from the outset that you'd be playing on the side of evil.
  4. From what I saw, your character advances by gaining new abilities and equipment rather than specific levels. I understand that The Secret World works like that too and is praised for it. As for story, I didn't see much either besides that you play a Luke Skywalker-type character in a feudal world wherein evil mages are gaining inordinate political power. Presumably your goal is to stop them.
  5. George Lucas was the sole owner of the whole shebang? So, with a single signature he made $4.05 billion? That's mind-boggling. Edit: And half in cash. He just made $2 BILLION cash in a single transaction. If I was told right now that I'd just won the lottery, I think I would be slightly disappointed with whatever amount was on the check.
  6. I was an adult by the time the show went off the air and I also enjoyed it. It was frustrating (in a bad way), though, that the over-arching plot never went anywhere...or maybe that it went all over the place but never arrived. Still, I've thought about going through and watching the series from the beginning; our broadcast TV antenna couldn't pick up FOX when the series started so I'm certain there are lots of episodes I've never seen. I'm a Blockbuster subscriber so I could get the DVDs sent to my mailbox as I want them, but I'm doubtful I ever will simply because there are SO MANY. My wife and I went through Star Trek (TOS) and Babylon 5 and enjoyed them. Stargate SG-1 became a slog and there's only one more season of it than X-Files. I don't know that I could or would want to do the same for a series that I know has an unsatisfying ending. I've been seriously thinking of adding Millenium to my queue, though. I never watched more than a few episodes when it was on. Sadly, I'm pretty sure it was canceled before it finished its story...
  7. Golly, I bet that was appreciated. You know, I just can't see myself playing any game on a smartphone (don't own one) or even a tablet (own one; also prefer Android due to its non-iPad-ness). Well, maybe a mindless and very simply arcade-type game, but certainly not a game requiring thought. Does anybody here play Ascendancy on their iPhone (or would you if you owned one)?
  8. That is awesome, ThreeJumps. It makes me uncomfortable, though. The hero getting gutted (obviously a hero -- look at the jawline!) looks a little too much like Bruce Campbell imo. It makes me feel like my reality just lurched sideways.
  9. Here I got all excited because I misread the e-mail and went to the site looking for preview videos of Ascendancy II. Of course, there aren't any. I also couldn't figure out where the actual link for the music clip was. Looking via Google for it, I came across this article which says How very sad. I don't own any Apple products and don't plan to (unless I win one or am given one).
  10. Adventures of Han Solo? Like Privateer? Tell me that's what you mean! I LOVED Privateer! Well, once I got to play it, that is. Thanks to Origin's propensity to code for bleeding-edge hardware, it sat on my shelf for something like a year -- until I'd bought a next-gen processor (a 386? 486? God, it so long ago) to play it in anything other than slide-show format.
  11. That's how I understand it, yes. I think Chris has stated in several places (each of the v16.x threads?) that he has only been repackaging the assets and that the version number won't be updated until he recompiles the executable. That last part won't happen until the farm map bug is squashed and he repackages the patch for non-forumites.
  12. Can you (or somebody) please link to this workaround? <snip>Go to the "Xenonauts Bug Reports" forum (wherein all bug reports should properly be; not sure why that's changed recently), then to the thread entitled "16.1 - Crash on Farm Map", and skip to the last page.
  13. THIS is a major complaint of mine for the vast majority of games these days. It's especially bad on consoles. When I finally picked up a PS2 I tried a couple of RPGs and the puerility of the dialogue banished me from that particular gamer realm despite the fact that some of the game mechanics were fun. Sadly, so many games (such as XCOM) these days have to be made for or at least friendly to the console market. I've tried games that were specifically described as for adults, but, as far as I can tell, that means only that some combination of profanity, nudity, drug use, and gore has been tossed into an otherwise childish game. In XCOM's case, it seems to have been gore. IMO it's a blessing that the other three weren't included, but it's still sad situation. If only the "mature" label on a game box bore some vague relation to "maturity" nowadays...
  14. I also endorse this. July should be artwork something like Gorlom's or JDirtyMoney's since thin is in and since the only thing thinner than a stickman is a stickwoman. I'm not sure how to get a bikini on one, though. Aw, heck. Just leave her/them nude; it's not like anyone could tell We should save the hazmat "girl" for December -- being all white already, she's only a Santa hat away from being festive.
  15. I used Desura to install v16 this morning and your patch/update dealie worked fine. Thank you.