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  1. Reinforcements' mod adds up to 8 more slots to The Chinook. Total of 16 Xenonuats can now ride in The Chinook. Reinforcements.zip Reinforcements.zip
  2. Hey folks. The staff of GM-ship (GM-ery?) in my D&D group has rolled around to me once again, and the folks I play with have asked me to run a game in a modern setting (I'm likely going to be using Green Ronin's True 20 system), and I thought a game inspired by/blatantly ripping off/making homage to Xenonauts would be neat, since about half of my group have played the game, at my insistence, and the rest have at least played XCOM EU. In digging through Xenonauts' install directory, I found some fonts that I'd like to use, but they're both .mvec files. If it's OK with Goldhawk, is there any way to access them as a .ttf or other usable font file? Thanks very much for any help you can give. EDIT: I'm pretty sure it's clear from the rest of my post, but just to make sure, this isn't for any kind of commercial endeavour; should I gain access to the Xenonauts typefaces somehow, the number of people who see anything I produce with them will be in the region of six.
  3. Hello, i just took the "ClanDLAN translation" and packed it. For me its working, i just try it on vanilla. Its not my job, all of credits are for ClanDLAN staff. (A spanish web which have a bunch of translations) Tell me if its works! (I use the "old style" just replace) This one is zipped for install. I just copy other mod.xml and edit seems it works... Spanish-Translate.zip Spanish-Translate.zip
  4. Reinforcements' mod adds up to 8 more slots to The Chinook. Total of 16 Xenonuats can now ride in The Chinook. Reinforcements.zip Reinforcements.zip
  5. I'm starting my second Let's Play of Xenonauts and I need your names for my Soldiers. Please Post the Name you want a Soldier to named with a prefered gender, class and/or weapon. Be sure to subscribe so you can follow the let's play when it comes out and follow your soldier in the extraterrestrial invasion. Here is an video from my latest Let's Play [video=youtube;K6-6Nx3vyC8] Channel Link Here I'd also like to know what you guys think and please tell me If I'm doing something wrong
  6. What does this mod do? This mod adds a weapon to the game, the Pulse-Fire Rifle. About the weapon: Harnessing new technologies, the rifle fires erratic pulse charges of plasma that causes substantial stun and EMP damage, but lacks any killing-power. This weapon will prove useful against both biological and mechanical beings in any ranged encounter. Though the Pulse-Fire Rifle has a large range and combat effectiveness, the weapon is extremely heavy and its power cells are large. It also takes considerable TUs to fire and reload, as well as dealing abysmal physical damage. Recently added 4 new weapons that are unlockable through their own research tree (researches are currently available after Laser Weaponry). The weapons are: Nerve Blaster, Nerve Rifle, EMP Blaster, and EMP Rifle. The 'Nerve' portion is effective at stunning organics and the 'EMP' portion is effective against robotic units. Blasters are short ranged, rifles are long ranged. If used in conjunction with certain stun equipment, these weapons will prove invaluable to capture new alien test subjects! Click to download: Click here: [ATTACH]5443[/ATTACH] Just download the file, save it to your mods folder, and load it via the in-launch menu. The mod should then be loaded into your game! Future plans for this mod: -Further balancing of components and researches -Blaster images/refining of other images -Better/more defining lore I hope to be updating this mod regularly as it becomes more balanced and as I add more content! Any comments or feedback would be appreciated! Pulse-Fire_Rifle;XenonautMod.zip Pulse-Fire_Rifle;XenonautMod.zip
  7. I wanted my soldier to exit the house then head towards his teammate, but there was a civilian blocking the way. I figure there were two options: 1) Wait one turn for the civvie to run out of the way. 2) Run around him through the other exit. But then, I got an idea; what if I stun this guy? Smack him in the face with the stun baton, then march through over him, saving an entire turn worth of movement. Also, since its a stunning weapon, the game shouldn't consider this a civvie death. Absolutely genius. What could possibly go wrong? [ATTACH=CONFIG]4860[/ATTACH] "That's ridiculous, I'm not gonna run like that" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4861[/ATTACH] "Out of my way civvie" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4862[/ATTACH] "Sleep well" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4863[/ATTACH] "Ah, much better!" [ATTACH=CONFIG]4864[/ATTACH] "Lets check if the civvie is okay..." [ATTACH=CONFIG]4865[/ATTACH] "...whoops"
  8. Hi everybody! I am Tasku and I play Xenonauts! Everything don't always go as planned in my games. The citizens of Christchurch in New Zealand would have a thing or two to say about my xenonauts project.. ..Wait they got nuked, so nevermind they won't say anything. (Sorry, I tried my best!) I decided to post some of my late gameplay on youtube and I would like some feedback. Especially I would like to know what kind of video content would you like to see next. In my next video I plan to go blow up alien large base, the fast way. Here is link to my youtube playlist where you can find all my videos: And here is video to my latest episode: [video=youtube;MuSkhMRzl_c] My current videos show my lategame base setups, aircrafts, ufo takedowns and squad tactics. I think soon I will change to v20 (current gameplay of v19 stable) In my videos I have some sweet tunes too. They were created by "John Ruok" and I bet you will like the music part too. Here is link to his game dev site along with his music. sweeppah.net You can find him from twitter @Sweeppah and me @Tascruel Seeya!
  9. Boys & Girls! Let's take, play, throw Xenonauts with Chaotic Parasite. Relax and enjoy a noobish review of the game. I hope some people will see this video and will fall in love with the game. I am open to any suggestions you might have. While also if you will like me to make a let's play of this please let me know Hope you like the vid. Alex aka ChaoticParasite
  10. Chris posted this on the old forum and it covers a lot of points that come up... repeatedly. (to put it mildly) As we've been around for a while now, a lot of questions keep poppoing up. In this thread, we've compiled a list of the most popular questions and our answers to them. Please check it before you post! Features from X-Com: Will there be blaster bombs in the game? Will there be Chryssalids in the game? Will there be psionic powers in the game? Will I still be able to sell manufactured items at a profit? Will there be night missions? Will there be underwater missions? Soldiers: Will I still be able to rename soldiers? Why are there no female soldiers in the game? Will soldiers equipment loadout be stored from mission to mission? Can I customise the position of the soldiers in the dropship? How do soldiers increase their attributes? How do soldiers increase their ranks? Does the player start with a team of well-trained soldiers? Vehicles & Aircraft: Will vehicles gain battlefield experience? Will vehicles be customizable? Will interceptor pilots gain experience or have stats? Weapons: Your choice of gun for (insert gun type here) is wrong! This is unrealistic! Will there be different variants on the starting weapons (eg. will there be a choice between AK47s and M16s for the assault rifle)? Will there be unique special weapons dropped by the aliens? Will there be melee weapons and melee attacks? Game Mechanics: What’s the thinking behind the different tiers of weapons? How does the cover system work? Will you tell me about armour and the health system? Morale. What’s the point? Will the player be able to call in off-map fire support (artillery, gunships etc)? Will there be weapon emplacements/defences in the base-defence missions? Can bases collaborate with research and manufacturing? Misc. Questions: Will you sell via digital distribution (ie. Steam)? How did you decide on the price of $29.99? Can you play as the aliens? Will there be multiplayer? Can the map be rotated? Will you have a beta test? Will there be a demo? How can I help out Xenonauts? ________________________________________ Features from X-Com: Q. I really liked Blaster Bombs in the original X-Com! They were so cool! Will they be in Xenonauts? A. No, we consider them to unbalanced a weapon to include. Being able to fire without LOS allows the player to hide his units away from danger, which enormously reduces the tension and fear in the game. They are also very frustrating to play against, as there is no real defence against blaster bombs and having to rely on luck in a mission is not good game design. Q. I really liked Chryssalids in the original X-Com! They were so cool! Will they be in Xenonauts? A. Something very much like them will appear in the game, except even worse. You’ll have to wait till you actually play the game to find out how though! Q. Will psionic powers be making a return? A. For the alien side, yes. For the human side, no. Psionics inspire tension and terror that conventional weapons do not, and for that reason it would be foolish of us to leave them out. However, they will not be available for the human side as they don't really fit with the style of game we're going for. Additionally, we feel powers like Mind Control vastly unbalanced the original X-Com. Q. Will we still be able to sell manufactured items for a profit? A. No, the player will be able to sell them but only at a loss. You will be reliant on monthly funding tried to your performance, or from selling captured items. Q. Will there be day and night missions? A. Yes, there will be. Similarly we intend to implement flares etc in a manner similar to the original. Q. Will there be underwater missions? A. No, but with a a showerhead and a little indoor plumbing, you should be able to enjoy the desired game experience. ________________________________________ Soldiers: Q. Will I still be able to rename soldiers? A. Yes, you can. Q. Will there be female soldiers in the game? A. No, I’m afraid not. This is not because of deep-seated prejudices amongst women, but because we’re using sprites. We already have to render every armour type with every weapon from 8 different directions, which is in the region of 100,000 frames of animation. If we had female soldiers, we’d have to double that. There will however be female civilians. This is the same reason why all the soldiers on the battlefield are white – there are ethnic soldiers in the art, but adding non-white soldiers would also double the number of animation frames required. *Update* Female soldiers are now present in the game! The developers decided that the differences between male and female soldiers in most armour types was negligible so the same sprites could be used on the ground. Different images are used where the differences would be noticeable, for example the basic armour and in the base screens. Q. Will soldiers' equipment loadout be stored from mission to mission? A. Yes. You won't have to re-equip them every mission. Q. Will we be able to arrange soldiers in the dropship in any order we want? A. Yes. If you want your toughest (or perhaps most expendable) guy to be the closest to the exit ramp, you can set him to start there. Q. How do soldiers improve their attributes? A. Soldiers learn and improve their skills by using them. A soldier who fires his weapon enough times on the battlefield will gain bonuses to Accuracy, while a soldier who has taken sufficient numbers of morale checks will earn a bonus to their Bravery (and so on for the other stats). These are running totals; the shots or morale checks could be earned across multiple missions. However, there is a cap on how many points can be earned on any one mission so ‘training’ your skills is not possible. One thing is for certain though – soldiers who get left behind in the dropship every mission won’t be gaining any experience! Q. How do soldiers increase in rank, and what attributes does it offer? A. Soldiers are promoted once they have earned a set number of attribute increases on the battlefield (in any statistic), with later ranks requiring more attribute increases to attain promotion. Rank is not tied to the number of soldiers the player has – you can have a team entirely comprised of Commanders if you are skilful enough! Increased rank provides a bonus to the morale of the rest of the team (and therefore psionic defence). This also works in reverse, so bringing newly recruited Rookies along to the fight actually provides a morale penalty to the team, at least until they have earned their stripes in battle and been promoted to Corporals. Q. Does the player start with a team of experienced soldiers? A. The Xenonauts have existed as an organisation for over twenty years before the alien invasion fleet arrived, so the player takes control of a team of twelve highly-trained soldiers. These soldiers, consisting of eleven Corporals and one Sergeant, have significantly higher statistics than new recruits and therefore will provide the core of the player’s strike team in the early stages of the game. They are not expendable - try not to get them killed! ________________________________________ Vehicles & Aircraft: Q. Will vehicles gain experience and improved stats on the battlefield? A. Nope. Only soldiers will gain experience on the battlefield. Though vehicles technically have drivers and gunners etc, the player does not need to manage these staff or even provide them living quarters. This is to streamline the game and avoid feature bloat, and to encourage players to use their soldiers rather than relying on vehicles. Q. Will I be able to customise my vehicles? A. Yes. The player will be able to choose what weapons to equip their vehicles with (though there are some limitations on what chassis types can carry what weapon types). You will therefore be able to upgrade your vehicles, and equip them for specific missions, without having to research a whole new vehicle. Q. Will interceptor pilots gain experience and have stats? A. No. Air combat is meant to be streamlined and quick, as you'll be doing it countless times during the course of a game and it should not feel like a chore. Therefore we don't want to overcomplicate the process, and we think adding pilots would do that. ________________________________________ Weapons: Q. Your choice of gun for (insert gun type here) is wrong! This is unrealistic! A. This is technically not a question, but it crops up a lot. The starting weapons have been chosen to fill specific battlefield roles, and are based on stereotypes in gaming culture. In reality a shotgun may not be of much use against body armour, but anyone who plays games regularly intuitively knows that shotguns are excellent close-quarter weapons. The weapons chosen to fill these roles are reasonably historically accurate, but if there are elements of unrealism in their stats/battlefield role then it has been done for the sake of game balance, which we consider far more important. Q. I notice most of the starting weaponry is NATO weaponry - will there be Soviet weaponry like the AK47 in the game too? Also, why is there only one type of assault rifle etc - why can't we have 3 or 4 different types to allow greater customisation? A. There will not be other ballistic weaponry available beyond the basic starting gear. The reason for this is that there are already large numbers of weapons in the game at various tech levels, and we don't see the need to pad out the starting weapon selection unnecessarily. Additionally, all the starting weapons have a set battlefield 'role' that is in keeping with the perception of that weapon (the shotgun is a superb close-range weapon, for instance). It could confuse new players if they had to choose between several slightly different variants of an assault rifle with only cosmetic differences between them. Players will be free to mod in their own weapon choices/artwork after release, but we do not see it as worth development time. *update* Goldhawk have released some additional weapon images for use by modders and have added a second assault rifle using the AK47 artwork for use by Soviet military NPC's. This is currently only obtainable from the ground missions. Q. Will there be unique, one off, items in the game like special weapon drops? A. No. The game isn't about 'loot' so we don't think it's fitting with the spirit of X-Com. Q. Will there be melee weapons and melee attacks? A. Yes, the starting stun baton will be melee only and will be used for subduing aliens in the same way as the stun rod in X-Com. There will also be a default melee attack using whatever weapon the soldier has equipped, the damage done based on the strength of the soldier (and possibly modified by the weight of the weapon equipped). There will not be any specialist melee weapons or attachments beyond this, however, as melee weapons don't make sense to the dev team in an environment where there are extremely powerful projectile weapons around - melee should definitely be a last resort only! ________________________________________ Game Mechanics: Q. What’s the thinking behind the different tiers of weapons? A. The starting weapons allow a player to equip his troops for whatever role he wants to use them in. Rifles are general purpose weapons and pistols are good for scouts, while shotguns excel up close and the precision rifle is a superb sniping weapon. Higher ‘tiers’ of weapons (ie, laser and plasma weapons in the original X-Com) will also have different variants for different roles, although the details of the ‘tiers’ have not yet been released. This is to stop ‘Give every soldier a Heavy Plasma’ syndrome that rather afflicted the original X-Com. In general, each weapon will be superior to its equivalent in the tier below, but be heavier, harder to aim and more costly to build and maintain. There are also a number of specialist items and heavy weapons that exist outside the general model listed above, for example the flamethrower and rocket launcher in the starting weapons. Q. How does the cover system work? A. Xenonauts uses a directional cover system. In an isometric grid, each unit has eight surrounding tiles. Each of the eight tiles provides a cover value to that soldier, and provides a measure of protection against damage coming from that direction (if a shot comes from between two tiles, a hybrid value is used). Thus a soldier hiding behind a stone wall will receive good protection from immediately in front of him, but if a soldier flanks him and shoots him from the side (or lobs a grenade over the wall so it lands behind him), he will receive no protection. Q. Will you tell me about armour and the health system? A. Each soldier has a HP value, and being injured reduces both the soldier’s current HP and maximum HP. The former can be healed on the battlefield using medipacks, but the latter can only be healed with recuperation time on the Geoscape after the battle is over. Soldiers can be sent into battle injured (up to a point), but suffer AP penalties for doing so. A soldier is considered ‘dead’ for the purposes of the mission if they reach 0HP, but they are not necessarily dead in game terms. A soldier has a chance of surviving the mission with a long injury lay-off, but this chance is reduced the more damage they have taken below 0HP, and after a certain amount of damage this falls to zero. Armour works by mitigating the damage received by a soldier, reducing the damage taken by a set amount. However, weapons also have armour mitigation values, which reduce the armour mitigation by a corresponding amount. An assault rifle and a precision rifle would do fairly similar damage against unarmoured targets, but the precision rifle would do substantially more against an armoured target due to its superior armour mitigation value. Q. Morale. What’s the point? A. Morale provides a measure of how likely a soldier is to panic and lose all his APs for the turn, or panic and start running away or firing his weapons in random directions. Morale also provides a soldier’s defence against alien psionic attack, as a frightened soldier is more likely to succumb to mental attacks. Morale is initially derived from a combination of their Bravery statistic and the ranks of the soldiers in the team. Once the battle begins it is affected positively by killing aliens and proximity to fellow soldiers, and affected negatively by injury and the loss of civilians and teammates (with a higher penalty for the loss of more experienced soldiers). Q. Will the player be able to call in off-map fire support (artillery, gunships etc)? A. No, for the same reason why the blaster bombs have been removed. Any weapons that don’t require line-of-sight (excepting a couple of alien psionic powers) remove a lot of the tension from the game because they reduce the danger that the player is exposing his men to, so we’re avoiding them. Q. Will there be weapon emplacements/defences in the base-defence missions? A. No. We want the focus to be on infantry combat, and besides it would be a lot of additional coding to implement. But mostly we don’t want to overcomplicate things. Q. Can bases collaborate with research and manufacturing? A. They can collaborate between bases on research, but not manufacturing. We found this is the best blend of convenience and realism. ________________________________________ Misc. Questions: Q. Will the game be sold over Steam or any other method of digital distribution? A. Yes, we intend to get the game on Steam if at all humanly possible. If not, then we'll look at alternative methods of digital distribution, such as Impulse from Stardock etc. Assuming the Steam contract is non-exclusive, we will also have non-Steam digital distribution alternatives for those of you who hate Valve for whatever reason. Q. How did you decide on the price of $29.99? A. We believe that Xenonauts is a large project comparable to many AAA titles in scope, and hopefully also in quality. Given that many AAA games are released at prices closer to $50 than $30 nowadays, we believe $29.99 is a fair price for the game. Also, much as we’d like to operate as a charity, members of the team have taken on significant amounts of financial risk to produce the game, so it would be wrong to operate the company as anything other than a business. We believe $29.99 represents a reasonable return on our investment without being so expensive it would price people out of buying it. Q. Can you play as the aliens? A. No, we’ve only got enough time to create one game. Plus it'd be far too easy. Q. Will there be multiplayer functionality? A. No. We’d have liked to, but unfortunately we don’t have the time or budget to make it a reality. Q. I have a new idea for an alien monster, why don't you put it in your game? A. Because all of the aliens have been concepted and are in the process of being modelled and animated, so it’s a bit late in the day to add new aliens to the game (no matter how exciting they may be). You could always mod them in after release though! Q. Can the map be rotated? A. No, all tiles are pre-rendered and touched up for that retro "painted" look. Q. Will you have a beta test? A. Yes, everyone who pre-orders the game will be eligible for beta testing. See the pre-order page for details. Q. Will there be a demo? A. Yes, we will make a demo available after the game is released. It will be the same content-limited (ie, it won’t feature the full tech tree) version of the game that had previously been used for the beta testing, but of course you won’t have a chance to influence the direction and balancing of the game with your opinions. Q. How can I help out Xenonauts and the dev team? A. The two most helpful things you can do are to participate in the community on our forums, and to pre-order the game when we make it available. We’d hugely appreciate both of those. If you want to join the team, see what roles we have available on our Vacancies page.
  11. So take a look on how i can handle the things in the new patch 3 Episodes are up here is the first: Also check my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/snowiifrog Hope you will like it, i do
  12. I was looking for some information for another post, and I tripped across this board game. It's called Target Earth, and it came out back in 2010. It is derived from the EU1994 game. Interestingly, it promotes it more as an all out alien invasion. There are bases to build, complete with facilities. There are rules for detection, interception and ground combat. Following those there is research across a number of tech trees for Interceptors, Tanks, Soldiers and Alien science. There are also a variety of alien races, UFO types and alien missions. It can be played by up to 4 players. It's a co-operative game, but there are additional rules for players having secondary objectives (which really increases the appeal for me) I've ordered a copy and if it arrives by the weekend, will get to give it a play through then. For lots more information there's the usual great boardgamegeek link. What gave me a Xenonaut vibe (as if the above wasn't more than enough) were the expressions of the leaders on the player mat cards. Glum enough to be in Xenonauts. There's an interesting diplomacy angle, reminiscent of other tactical games, to influence countries to renounce their alien pacts. Something that strikes me as a good way of handling the mechanics of it.
  13. Remember the original X-com? It had so many maps that I would never see the same one twice. I tried playing Xenonauts but the maps got boring to me. Are you guys going to use the same structure as the original game to have randomly generated maps, or are you going to have default maps that can be played over and over?
  14. (First of all i'm sorry for my english) I'm playing Xenonauts on Steam and, apparently randomly when I try to load a previous save it crash to windows. no matter if the save is on battleground, geoscape, a quicksave or a manual save, on something like 50% of them the game crash (I still have the savefile if necessary) as I said, sorry for my english I hope that you could understand Thanks
  15. The mapping information should be available in the wiki. I have put together a page explaining the basics of how to create and modify battlefield maps in Xenonauts here: http://xenowiki.goldhawkinteractive.com/index.php?title=Mapping:_Creating_new_in-game_battlefields
  16. I'm bored, let's do a Xenonauts what-if thread: If Xenonauts did well enough to get a film version made, who would you want to star in and/or direct it? Here are my picks: Director: Peter Jackson Scriptwirter: James Cameron Producer: Stephen Spielberg Special Effects: Industrial Light & Magic Musical score: Howard Shore Lead: Channing Tatum or Keanu Reeves, cause they have about as much personality as a typical video game character Lead's Sidekick: Dane Cook, he would be the comic relief character who makes the occasional wisecrack in a stressful situation. Probably my favorite stand-up comic, who needed better films to establish an acting career on than he got imo. The Rookie: I'll throw in Angelina Jolie to put an actress in there. Main character's love interest: Natalie Portman or Anne Hathaway Cameo role: Michael Cera or Christopher Mintz-Plasse cause they play awesome nerds. I think a funny scene would be them freaking out in the middle of a terror mission and getting saved just in time by the main characters. Other character types: The Grizzled Commander Guy/Woman: Edward James Olmos (for his role as Adama in the new BSG series) or Sigourney Weaver The war weary veteran: Ron Perlman The computer/tech guy: Justin Bartha, cause I think he's funny and needs to be in more stuff. The bad guy: (maybe a corrupt xenonaut/politician, evil alien leader voice or in costume?) Johnny Depp, because you can pretty much put him in any role and he can play it.
  17. Could anyone tell me how to alter the weapons for the Xenonauts that appear in the Quickbattle, please? I had though initcharacters - but the default there doesn't look like anything I get at present. I didn't see anything else on the wiki either. Perhaps ti's something that can be added to the levelsetup_quickbattle?
  18. Just came across the following Xenonaut image. It looks pretty familiar. But what happened to all the soldiers in the background? I see they were edited out in the next article I viewed. Was there any other early game art that has been modified/ or has vanished since the early days?
  19. With Xenonaut roles within the game, I was thinking about what the soldiers were essentially used for. I’m keen to see the final part of the game still contain a number of viable roles for the soldiers. An issue with similar games is that there is an optimal set of equipment. Fortunately this is something the devs said that they are keen to avoid too. Of course, soldiers may move between roles as the game/ squad requirements progress. Here’s a breakdown of what I came up with. Primary Roles [TABLE=class: grid, width: 640, align: left] [TR] [td][/td] [TD]Assault/ Rifleman[/TD] [TD]All purpose role, providing mission flexibility. Interchanging between assault rifles and shotguns as required.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td][/td] [TD]Breach Specialist/ Shock Troop[/TD] [TD]Penetrating UFOs/buildings to establish bridgeheads. Breach shield and pistol standard.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td] [/td] [TD]LMG Support Gunner /Pigman[/TD] [TD]Increased, portable, firepower over short to medium range providing suppression/ cover fire.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td] [/td] [TD]Heavy Weapons/ Rocketeer/ Anti-Tank[/TD] [TD]Long range destructive/ anti armour capability.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td] [/td] [TD]Incendiary/ Flame Unit[/TD] [TD]Close to medium range controlled burning and incendiary penetration.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td] [/td] [TD]Recon/ Scout[/TD] [TD]Exploring ahead of main force, providing intel & targeting. Use of maximum APs through lighter equipment preferred.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td] [/td] [TD]Sniper/ Marksman[/TD] [TD]Long range precision shooting.[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  20. I love it. I remember the eerie, spacey soundtrack to the original game and while it is definitely a different style it built suspense. The Firaxis XCOM is a game that I love but it's music is totally cheesy, campy, action film music. The music in Xenonauts is suspenseful like the original but much more traditional at the same time. I love it. It's not as spacey but it reminds me of a horror movie. I remember watching the WTF is Xenonauts video a long time ago and they mentioned it is the guy behind the Amnesia soundtrack as well. Great choice getting that guy. I love the game and the music really goes great with the artwork and sound effects. Extremely suspenseful and very awesome.
  21. Found some concept art on CGHUB, and I thought you might like a looksey. Sorry if this is already posted elsewhere... If you don't want to see some future tech ideas then don't click the link http://cghub.com/images/view/351541/ Scroll through the image tabs through the top of the page for more
  22. In the very end of the review, The reviewer said xcom: eu is nice but if you want a real remake play xenonauts. Cant link it on my cappy phone till my iphone 5 gets here. Jist figure I'd share that little nugget of awesomenss
  23. Hey there, like most of you guys know the Xcom EU demo is available since yesterday. I was wondering what you guys think about it? It's pretty short but it still gives a tiny view of the game. Personally I'm still going to wait for the reviews before making my mind. In my humble opinion, after playing the demo and watching a bunch of gameplay vids it looks like the pros are: -the base view and animations, which is a nice change, makes it look alive (I still kinda prefer top view though) -Combat/movement actions that are clear and very smooth -The background/story telling the biggest cons in my opinion being that -you only are allowed to have 1 base -the squad number fully upgraded won't go higher than 6 members. -Heavily simplified AP system. -From what I could see not much will happen on the world map in terms of gameplay, doesn't really feel like it's a real interface now but more like an eye candy convenient link between events -the cartoonish design which lacks finesse, but art direction is just personal taste -the Camera work, they did a good job I'd say, but it's just too action oriented for me There's still a bunch of good ideas that Xenonauts could really use like the on-the-go cover information or the way the game deals with doors and windows for example but all in all that's a big step away from micro management to focus more on action, i.e the combat missions. It's a shame cause as much as i like the ground combat, to me like I'm used to say, it's just a tool to protect the planet through careful management and tactical choices. I'm disappointed with it and too many sacrifices had to be made in order to simplify the game to a point that I know it just won't satisfy my need for a good Xcom-like. Xenonauts, I figured it would be like that but it's now official, all my hopes fall back on you.
  24. So, if they were to make a mash-up of X-com EU and Xenonauts, which would you prefer more. As to the mashing them up, I mean like for X-Nauts, take the Xenonauts (humans) and their stuff in the mechanics of X-con EU and pit them up against the aliens and vis versa. I'd have to say, I think X-Nauts would be the easiest to win and I also think It'd be the easiest. What do you think?
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