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  1. Out of curiosity, I googled sci-fi movies released in 1979 (the year Xenonauts takes place) and here's what I came up with: Meteor (1979) Time after Time (1979) La Mort en Direct (Death Watch) (1979) Alien (1979) Moonraker (1979) Battlestar Galactica (1979) Stalker (1979) Quintet (1979) Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) Mad Max (1979) The Black Hole (1979) Got to love that Alien came out then, I wonder if the creators knew that? How funny would it be if you were watching Alien when the aliens invade? Talk about coincidence.
  2. The reason Xenonauts recruited more women into the ranks is easy, gender discrimination lawsuits
  3. Can we please not have small squad sizes like in Firaxis's X-Com remake? I'd like to have at least as many guys as you could fit into a transport from the original X-Com game. I like the human wave tactic, overwhelm them with numbers and replace the losses later
  4. Haven't played Xenonauts for awhile, and now that it's closer to beta, there's one thing I'm wondering. If you've played the latest version, have you had any tense or frightening game moments? One of the best parts of X-Com was the feeling of not knowing what was around the corner. Few games kept me on edge like X-Com, and I'm hoping Xenonauts captures that feeling. Some specific examples: Do you worry the first Xenonaut to leave the chopper will get immediately sniped? Do you fear for the xenonaut that you send into a dark corner, or a downed UFO? And maybe the most important question: Do you actually get mad or upset when one of your best guys die even though you know they're not real, but it seems like it? Oh yeah, and does the music lend to the tension too? Cause that was another thing that added a lot to X-Com.
  5. How about every mission has a slight chance of encountering Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still
  6. The fact that no aliens have attempted to contact us is proof of intelligent life in the universe.
  7. I'm looking for some new cool online games, specifically RPGs or strategies. An interesting community to play with or active guilds also helps. If you're looking for one too, I recommend Banner Saga, especially if you need a tactics game while we wait for Xenonauts.
  8. Hypothetically speaking, if one did not want to get Xenonauts through Desura or Steam, would there be an option to download a standalone copy of it? Not using Steam and Desura as much as I used to, but I will keep one of them around for Xenonauts sake if there's no third option
  9. So does that mean your Xenonauts would willingly ignore a terror site if it was occurring at night time?
  10. Wish I could help out, used to go to school for multimedia production but that was a long time ago Good luck though, if you can pull it off that will be awesome promotional material for the game.
  11. I like dubstep, nightcore, J-Pop, Miku Hatsune, alt. rock, punk and metal
  12. I think we know if a film adaptation of Starship Troopers had been true to the novel, it would be too slow and boring for most audiences Liked the book and what it had to say, but I could imagine the glazed over looks of the audience expecting to see something explode or get shot at less than five minutes (or seconds?) into the film.
  13. Obama's re-election means the Xenonauts will continue. If Romney won, he would have cancelled its funding as an austerity measure
  14. I could see how an orchestral score like the one from LotR films might be a bad fit, couldn't think of anyone else
  15. I'm bored, let's do a Xenonauts what-if thread: If Xenonauts did well enough to get a film version made, who would you want to star in and/or direct it? Here are my picks: Director: Peter Jackson Scriptwirter: James Cameron Producer: Stephen Spielberg Special Effects: Industrial Light & Magic Musical score: Howard Shore Lead: Channing Tatum or Keanu Reeves, cause they have about as much personality as a typical video game character Lead's Sidekick: Dane Cook, he would be the comic relief character who makes the occasional wisecrack in a stressful situation. Probably my favorite stand-up comic, who needed better films to establish an acting career on than he got imo. The Rookie: I'll throw in Angelina Jolie to put an actress in there. Main character's love interest: Natalie Portman or Anne Hathaway Cameo role: Michael Cera or Christopher Mintz-Plasse cause they play awesome nerds. I think a funny scene would be them freaking out in the middle of a terror mission and getting saved just in time by the main characters. Other character types: The Grizzled Commander Guy/Woman: Edward James Olmos (for his role as Adama in the new BSG series) or Sigourney Weaver The war weary veteran: Ron Perlman The computer/tech guy: Justin Bartha, cause I think he's funny and needs to be in more stuff. The bad guy: (maybe a corrupt xenonaut/politician, evil alien leader voice or in costume?) Johnny Depp, because you can pretty much put him in any role and he can play it.
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