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  1. Over the years, various games have featured quite diverse recruitment mechanisms and I have no problem with coming up with more of my own as well. =) I'm mostly talking about soldiers here but the same applies to scientists and engineers, assuming they have an individual skill level at all. 1. Soldiers as wares This is the bare-bones minimalistic approach that was used in X-Com 1+2 and the Xenonauts alpha builds. You buy nondescript "Soldier, 7 pieces" for a constant price. The obvious advantage: it's easy to code and there is no real point in imposing a limit. It's not very exciting, though, and leads to the annoying "hire & fire" routine from X-Com where you would hire 20 soldiers and only keep the 2 whose stats didn't suck completely. So while basically the easiest system to operate for the player, it leads to a boring chore of weeding out the most useless candidates. No fun. 2. The recruitment pool That is how X-Com Apocalypse, Jagged Alliance, UFO-ET, and many other games handled it. The player is offered a selection of personnel and can see their stats before hiring them. 2a. The infinite pool The visible size of the pool is limited to maybe 10 soldiers. Whenever you recruit one, another soldier with random stats is added instantly. There is no advantage over 1. . The player would just hire / fire until he gets all "good" soldiers, making all the effort spent in creating a more advanced recruiting system pointless . 2b. The limited pool If the pool is only refilled / added to every day. (or whatever time frame) The player has to manage these limited (manpower) resources. Instead of buidling a small team with only the most excellent recruits, he might opt to use the training system and hire some of the clumsy recruits, too. That makes the game's training system more valuable and allows the player some leeway in his team-building strategy. Beats the drudgery of hire / fire any day.
  2. This thread is now redundant. You can now check out the released files here : http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11629-V1-08-Jsleezy-s-Real-Fighter-Portrait-Pack This mod was created to add a little realism and personality to the game. This is a replacer for all original portraits. Currently this is what it does: - Adds 114 unique male portraits. NO REPEATS. (There are 36 repeats in vanilla version) - Adds 32 unique female portraits. - Adds gloves to missing portraits and a few hand images which color I couldn't match Optional (Highly Recommended): - Adds more diversity to the soldier pool. Some nations can now pull from all soldiers portraits even the custom ones. 95% of the time vanilla only pulls the same 35 male portraits (out of a possible 114!!!) over and over - Slightly changes the distribution of nationalities in the soldier pool - Reduces the chances of getting a female soldier from 40% to 20% Here is what the portraits look like in ground combat Get it here: http://www.nexusmods.com/xenonauts/mods/2/?
  3. The purpose of this mod is to expand on the backgrounds of Xenonaut grunts, add more names, and to add some more nations. Parts of this mod have now been incorporated into the official game: *denotes nation that comes with the vanilla game The nations included in the mod are: NATO: United States* United Kingdom* Canada* West Germany* Greece* Spain* Italy* Portugal Norway* Netherlands* Denmark* France* Belgium Turkey Iceland Western Allies: Australia* Malaysia New Zealand* Japan* South Korea Warsaw Pact: Soviet Union* East Germany* Hungary* Bulgaria Czechoslovakia* Romania Poland Communist Bloc: Vietnam China Cuba North Korea Non-Aligned or Neutral Nations: Rhodesia South Africa Israel Egypt Sweden* Finland* Ireland Brazil Nigeria Kenya Morocco Philippines Indonesia Mexico Thailand Chile Argentina Austria Switzerland Yugoslavia I've also expanded most nations' available regiments and/or made them more "elite". This represents the nations giving the Xenonauts their best of the best. The combat experiences are all historical wars from the 60's and 70's that a soldier's nation was involved in but you will get the occasional non-historical result due to there being no relationship between a soldier's age and previous combat experience when they are generated. e.g you might get a 21 year old veteran of Vietnam. Here's the full list of nations with units and possible experiences: Special Thanks: ResFu for helping out with the Polish names and units. jamoecw for U.S. unit experience. llunak for correcting Czech names and adding Slovak names. steelgonads for correcting Portugese names I've included 2 extra files called regiments.xml and experience.xml which are the slices of strings.xml that this mod uses. What this enables you to do is copy and paste over the regiments and experiences that are in any version of strings.xml and let you use this mod with any other mod.It will also allow you to update the mod yourself if you wish This was developed for V22 but should work fine for the V21 stable. Download Link: Xtended Soldiers__22_5.zip
  4. I'm starting my second Let's Play of Xenonauts and I need your names for my Soldiers. Please Post the Name you want a Soldier to named with a prefered gender, class and/or weapon. Be sure to subscribe so you can follow the let's play when it comes out and follow your soldier in the extraterrestrial invasion. Here is an video from my latest Let's Play [video=youtube;K6-6Nx3vyC8] Channel Link Here I'd also like to know what you guys think and please tell me If I'm doing something wrong
  5. Hi, Just some alternate images to use in place of the bright red ones currently in the alpha. Just unzip and place the ones you want in the assets>uitextures>roles folder. The game defaults are Assault, Commando, Heavy, Rifleman, Sniper The attachment includes the following, A – Assault Rifleman AC- Aircav B – Breach Specialist/ Shock Troop C- Commando CQS- Close Quarters Specialist CW – Chemical Weapons D – Demolitions (Sapper) G – Gunner (Support Weapons) Gr - Grenadier H – Heavy Weapons (Rocketeer) I - Intelligence Med – Medic (Field) M – Mule (Ammo) P- Pistolier Psi – Psi R – Recon (Scout) S – Sniper (Marksman) SP - Spotter SW- Special Weapons Unfortunately, only the ones already in as defaults are replaced. The others can be selected through one of the unused icons. Clicking that, and naming the new squad role will then give you the list of images to select. http://rghost.net/41640190
  6. Wasn't there sudden male face changes? I clearly remember my heavy guy having neat beard. Now, when I started equipping him, I just noticed "WTF?" That totally wasn't him. No objection to current face, I don't mind much. Thought, it is quite sad, because I remember I chose my heavy "Oh, well, from 2 of candidates, you have neat beard. I chose you, Pokemon." But now, It's like it doesn't value at all. If there wasn't changes... then I think I know, where to look.
  7. Is such option in game, and I didn't spotted it yet, or I just imagined something over here, which, actually, may be isn't so hard to implement, and would be a 'bit ground breaking, but somehow fun and logical. I mean, if Australia have enough of Xenonauts project and leave them be, isn't it obvious ,that they want their soldiers back too? Or even more, soldiers themselves, even with high morale toward humanity, are still egoists and won't support organization, which won't help countries, they lost. Especially, in those times, when cold war make everyone nervous. If it's possible to create such random script, which removes soldiers from your disposal, if their respective country is lost?
  8. Adding a nation flag after soldier name in GC hud could be an easy way to personalize your troops more, which is a bit lacking at the moment. The units all seem pretty samey and I don't attach to them that much. BTW, are you still adding more portraits to have more variation? If you have any other easy methods to personalize the troops more, put them here.
  9. I had a soldier killed in my first mission. The chinook is returning to base. I select the replacement soldier for the one killed on at the base. I then go to a new crash site without returning to base, and my new recruit is part of the team.
  10. Is there no way to transfer personel between bases? Maybe I'm missing something obvious but for the life of me I can't find out how and it's really frustrating because I've trained up two teams for the dropship in the one base, now have a second ready for soldiers. If it's not currently in the game, is there a way to edit saves to move soldiers about?
  11. The only way I can find is to put someone in reserve and then put them back in in the order you want. The reason I want to change them is just so I can always have assault units as 1, 2, sniper as 8, and so on.
  12. Since I've gone beyond the character limit in the Mod List thread, I've decided to archive some of the older Mods here. If you feel they should still be on the main list, please let me know. Aircraft/ Interception [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Date [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Forum [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Kabill's Air Combat Balance Mod [/td] [td] Kabill [/td] [td] v0.19 [/td] [td] 21/08/2013 [/td] [td] Reduces Foxtrot air dominance - Redundant as of v19.1 [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Mod Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Aircraft Loadouts [/td] [td] Gazz [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 09/09/2012 [/td] [td] Alters missiles [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Adding more scouts and less fighter craft [/td] [td] Max_Caine [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 07/07/2012 [/td] [td] Reduces large numbers of fighter craft. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Details in forum post [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] More aggressive Fighter [/td] [td] Amiga4ever [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 04/04/2012 [/td] [td] Alters fighters so they use missiles from distance more often. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download - DOWN [/td] [/tr] [/table] Battlescape [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Date [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Forum [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Window Vaulting 0.2 [/td] [td] dJm [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 06/10/2012 [/td] [td] Allows vaulting through windows [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] More Realistic Gunpowder Weapons v 1.0 [/td] [td] StellarRat [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 22/08/2012 [/td] [td] modifies pistol, shotgun and assault rifle [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Details in forum post [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Fix for xenonauts using weapons [/td] [td] craftomega [/td] [td] 9.4 [/td] [td] 25/04/2012 [/td] [td] prevents the game crashing when using an alien weapon. Note: BUG NOW FIXED [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download -DOWN [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Cursors in 3D [/td] [td] Gauddlike [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 02/02/2012 [/td] [td] Alternative cursors for people and vehicles. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Details in forum post [/td] [/tr] [/table] Soldiers [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Date [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Forum [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Extended Female Names & Strings [/td] [td] eltharion [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 23/07/2012 [/td] [td] Increases number of female soldier names. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download - DOWN [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Face Mod [/td] [td] anotherdevil [/td] [td] All [/td] [td] 05/03/2012 [/td] [td] Breaks up NoIdidnt’s face into component parts (ouch) [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Israeli Soldiers [/td] [td] TheTuninator [/td] [td] 8.61 [/td] [td] 18/01/2012 [/td] [td] Adds Israeli names and backgrounds. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td]Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] ANZAC Soldiers [/td] [td] Pinetree [/td] [td] 8.5 [/td] [td] 30/12/2011 [/td] [td] Adds Anzacs into the game – Now part of the Extended Soldier Background Mod [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [/table] Vehicles [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Date [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Forum Post[/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Hunter with primary and secondary weapons (Rocket Launcher/ .50 Cal Machinegun) [/td] [td] XenoNut [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 22/04/2012 [/td] [td] Provides Hunter with both primary & secondary weapons to use. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [/table] Weapons & Equipment [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Date [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Forum Post[/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Weapon Balance Mod v1.0 [/td] [td] Belmakor [/td] [td] 8.5 [/td] [td] 28/12/2011 [/td] [td] Alters details of base Xenonaut weapons [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Details in forum post [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Modding the Machinegun's ClipSize for 5 Bursts [/td] [td] Quartermaster [/td] [td] 8.4 [/td] [td] 13/12/2011 [/td] [td] modifies machine gun to 5 round burst, instead of 3 [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Details in forum post [/td] [/tr] [/table]
  13. This requires editing some of the base game files. It is pretty straightforward but if you are the type that gets the blank look with anything technical, than don't... Also, I am sure most of you have already figured this out:) I prefer and use Notepad++ for all my text, html and xml editing needs. It also boosts your ego and makes you a better person. http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ Goto the folder: ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Xenonauts\assets or wherever you have the game installed. find "gameconfig.xml" Assuming you are using Notepad+, Hit CTRL+F This will bring out the find dialog. Search for "<soldierDevelopment>" without the quotes. This effects how and what attributes your walking alien bait's are going to progress. APProgress effects your TU's PointsToProgress is how much of that action causes a point to be gained. By reducing this to "1", you gain 1 extra TU for every TU you spend in/during the mission; limited to the maxpointsinsinglebattle value and capped by globalmaxprogress value Here is the one I have prepared earlier. Just copy and paste if you like. Enjoy.
  14. So ...title says it all.How do I recruit custom soldiers?I would really like to play with some of the people around the forum and put them in a shotgun suit
  15. Hey all I've been playing this game for a while now and I really like it. One thing that I'd love to have added into the game, even though the original X-COM doesn't have it, is the ability to modify soldiers through a genetic modifier apparatus. In nearly every xenopedia page about the aliens, it is noted that they have been genetically altered and improved and how this is a wonderful and scary thing. Wouldn't it be nice if the humans eventually gain the ability to research and perhaps even improve this science? I mean, we're learning how to harness plasma, create anti-gravity machinery and other craziness in the span of a few months, so it's not a stretch to imagine us learning how they modify different species to fight more efficient. What I'm thinking about, is having the team salvage a gene modification device from an alien base/ship (abductor?) and having to research it. Once researched, the humans can build a gene modification chamber. This will allow you to start altering soldiers. Using the gene modification chamber, the player could add certain traits to humans. Possibilities could include: - Leaper; This soldier has gained the ability to leap over objects .without any trouble. Basically the armor that allowed the wearer to jump on buildings and stuff, only now it's possible even without that armor. Note that the walking tank armors shouldn't allow the soldier to do this anymore. - Night Vision. This soldier gains the ability to see clearly even in pitch dark. - Super Strength. This soldier gains the ability to hold a two handed weapon in one hand and gains +x% to strength. While firing with one hand, the soldier does gain an accuracy penalty. - Regeneration. This soldier gains the ability to rapidly regenerate wounds, just like the Sebillians. - Psi Powers. This soldier gains the ability to use psi attacks during combat. Note: I haven't reached the point where I could research psi yet, but I'm guessing that only a few soldiers are capable of using psi once researched? - There are lots of other possibilities here, but for now, I've made my point with these examples. Once the player has selected a trait that he wants to give to the soldier, the soldier is out of the game for a certain time (20-30 days?) during which he is being altered and revalidating. An alternative to the set amount of days is having it depend on the trait given or maybe allocating scientists to the "Gene alteration of Pvt. Johnson" project." I really like this idea, because it allows you to change your favorite soldier into an even stronger combatant and further specialize into certain areas. Although it deviates from the previous X-COM games, I was wondering what everyone thinks of these ideas. Thanks for reading this
  16. So while playing I found out that soldier management is not well optimized. For now best memorize all your soldier names, roles, and health status. Hoped it will get improved with new GUI but I have just found it will actually get worse: > Now we can see what is soldier health status only on BarracksTab in % (no time to full health available). In new GUI we will not see even these info. > Now on AircraftEquipTab we can see carried weapon on the bottom of soldier portrait. In new GUI this feature is missing. Besides this love the looks of new GUI. So no to the point. Here is list of things I would really appreciate during soldier management. - Health info on both BarracksTab and SoldierTab, preferably additional info on time for soldier to get full health on BarracksTab. - Besides standard characteristics STR,APS etc., total sum would be nice to compare overall soldier performance (BarracsTab including hiring new recruits). Now I have to use calculator or strain my brain. - Soldier role/loadout should be marked on AircraftEquipTab as well as on SoldierTab. This one is to allow placing different sorts of soldiers in correct positions without remembering their names. Now carried weapon on the bottom of soldier portrait is a bit useful but in my opinion active soldier should be marked better on set of portraits. An ideal solution in this case for me would be if on each green circle marking soldier position icon marking its loadout was visible. - double clicking on unassigned soldier in BarracksTab should go to this soldier inventory, not to other soldier who is assigned to the aircraft. - changing armour in BarracksTab could be possible but this one is of much less importance than previous four. Sorry for grammar, hope everybody will understand. P.S. Lately saw aliens using strafe, why my soldiers cannot do that? When my soldier was up against the wall I couldn't heal him. Medkit always tried to heal the wall. I guess aiming at aliens may be impossible as well.
  17. This would a lot to the game, enabling you to make squads consisting of family members and friends, doing some roleplaying and similar. All of hte cosmetic details should be adjustable. not the attributues of course.
  18. If I want my sniper to be the number 4 guys in my squad, how do I do that?
  19. Two soldiers so are so close to each other, they share the same space. Think it may have been mentioned, but couldn't find the thread.
  20. As my original hand picked recruits form the pre generated Soldier List die painful, horrible and mostly embarrassing deaths, their places are taken up by unknowns from the pool. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to hire recruit from the pregenerated list. That way you would get the correct picture and background with the name. This could be something as basic as putting in the number and hoping for the best regarding the stats you end up with. There would have to be something to prevent you selecting the same soldier over and over again. Pvt: Sir, that's the tenth thothkins clone you've sent to certain death. Sgt: Teach him to sidetrack my thread.... get me another darn clone...
  21. Just to update that the blank soldier hiring pop up is still an issue (I didn't see it for 17.9).
  22. Just came across the following Xenonaut image. It looks pretty familiar. But what happened to all the soldiers in the background? I see they were edited out in the next article I viewed. Was there any other early game art that has been modified/ or has vanished since the early days?
  23. With Xenonaut roles within the game, I was thinking about what the soldiers were essentially used for. I’m keen to see the final part of the game still contain a number of viable roles for the soldiers. An issue with similar games is that there is an optimal set of equipment. Fortunately this is something the devs said that they are keen to avoid too. Of course, soldiers may move between roles as the game/ squad requirements progress. Here’s a breakdown of what I came up with. Primary Roles [TABLE=class: grid, width: 640, align: left] [TR] [td][/td] [TD]Assault/ Rifleman[/TD] [TD]All purpose role, providing mission flexibility. Interchanging between assault rifles and shotguns as required.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td][/td] [TD]Breach Specialist/ Shock Troop[/TD] [TD]Penetrating UFOs/buildings to establish bridgeheads. Breach shield and pistol standard.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td] [/td] [TD]LMG Support Gunner /Pigman[/TD] [TD]Increased, portable, firepower over short to medium range providing suppression/ cover fire.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td] [/td] [TD]Heavy Weapons/ Rocketeer/ Anti-Tank[/TD] [TD]Long range destructive/ anti armour capability.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td] [/td] [TD]Incendiary/ Flame Unit[/TD] [TD]Close to medium range controlled burning and incendiary penetration.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td] [/td] [TD]Recon/ Scout[/TD] [TD]Exploring ahead of main force, providing intel & targeting. Use of maximum APs through lighter equipment preferred.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [td] [/td] [TD]Sniper/ Marksman[/TD] [TD]Long range precision shooting.[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  24. One of the things that I noticed about X-Com and the X-Comish games that came after it are the stories. Tales of derring do, of close shaves, of cheap shots. The stories that most often got shared on the interwebs were the exploits of the best/most amazing squaddies that rose from the herd. The meatsacks who were never expected to last more than a mission, that went on to outlast ever other guy who came before or after. The guys who made the hardest, most difficult shots, but couldn't hit a barn door five feet in front of them. And I was wondering, would it be possible not just to share the stories about these squaddies, but to share the squaddies as well? Would it be possible to have some kind of an import/export function where we could export the squaddies who we were really proud of, so other people could import them into their own games? The value it would add to the game would to help foster a long-lasting sense of community among the players (I can just imagine people swapping and trading their best guys). There's an awful lot of attachment that people put on these bits of pixellated flesh (as evinced by repeated requests for things like memorials and full name changing ability). This would be the next logical step.
  25. Yes, just as the title says, this is a thread about recollecting the soldiers you had in X-COM or what have you that stuck out to you. It could be any number of them, just let your story go and tell us why. I'll start with saying Shigeru Noguchi. The name is apparently also the name of a famous go player, but he happens to be my first X-COM Commander. His rise to prominence included killing two sectoids in one mission with a single reaction burst, so I had a feeling he was eventually going to be someone special.
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