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    Suppression Question

    I have a different question about suppression might as well throw it in here: Are there different levels of suppression? Is there a way to make an enemy lose more than half its TUs?
  2. I tried using smoke grenades, but it seems that even if I throw it right in front of the door (before opening the UFO doors that is) it won't spread inside the UFO, so the guys who opens the door is still vulnerable. What do you guys do? Shields seem to work decently against the Caesans but not against the Sebilians.
  3. This was a neat feature in Silent Storm I thought. I'd like to see it implemented in Xenonauts as well if possible, it's just one more thing that adds depth. The way I think it would is basically the longer a soldier/alien has moved the higher the miss chance for anyone targeting that soldier/alien is.
  4. I've had this happen twice in a row on the first ground combat mission. I'm not sure what triggers it though. Only their primary weapon does not show up though, their backpack still has stuff in it.
  5. The only way I can find is to put someone in reserve and then put them back in in the order you want. The reason I want to change them is just so I can always have assault units as 1, 2, sniper as 8, and so on.
  6. Thinking of going ahead and buying on steam, but I wanted to know the answer to this first please . In the alpha there were only a few IIRC. Also, I tried the alpha a while back when it was on kickstarter, and found the dogfight portions extremely repetitive, are they more varied now? thanks
  7. NoxNoctum

    Mission Types and Secondary Objectives

    This is a ridiculously good idea.
  8. NoxNoctum

    Auto-resolve air combat option

    Wait a sec is there a way to tell if they're a scout/corvette as opposed to a fighter BEFORE sending out a group to intercept? And are scout/corvettes more likely to result in a crash landing as opposed to a fighter? (which is what I'm interested in after all )
  9. NoxNoctum

    Auto-resolve air combat option

    Was thinking about this some more today and I really hope there's a way to seriously minimize this aspect of the game or change it completely. Maybe it'll change a lot before release, but I doubt Goldenhawk is able to add a whole lot more depth to that aspect of the game, nor should they really, since the ground combat is undoubtedly the focus and I'd rather see more resource poured into there. That said it really started to kill my enjoyment after a few hours. Honestly it *felt* like grinding in an MMO, because again, once you play a few dogfights, you've played them all. I did literally the exact same thing over and over. I'm not sure what the solution is, and I feel a bit bad saying this stuff because I can appreciate how sleek and polished it looks, and I know it's a step up from the original X-com (or so I've heard, never played it myself), but frankly I'd much rather just have it all automated and spend my time in the game managing the research, base construction, allocation of resources, and of course the turn based ground combat. I enjoy having to make decisions about fuel, trying to decide whether to send an escort with my chinook, etc., the strategic element is fine, it's just the combat itself I'd rather skip entirely. Sure adding a time compression feature would help, but if I'm just fast forwarding every dogfight should I really have to play them at all? I don't know if development is too far along already to change this aspect of the game much, but I would much prefer something simplistic. I.E. naval combat in Rome: Total War. You could keep an incentive to research jet/missile tech by just having it improve the results of autocombat. If Goldenhawk had the resources to make air combat a truly in-depth side of the game then ya, go for it, but I don't think they do and again, I'd rather see them add features to the ground combat since that's doubtless the core of the game.
  10. I played the demo for a few hours and enjoyed it a lot but one thing that bugged me was how often the air combat kept coming up. It got really, really repetitive fighting the same 3-on-1 skirmish over and over and over (and later 3-on-3), especially when all I wanted to do was play the (really enjoyable) turn based combat. I was probably fighting ~20-30 air battles in a row before I got to play out a ground combat. And most of those were identical to each other. Split my 3 jets up, drag-n-bag, rinse and repeat. Maybe some sort of auto resolve option would be good. Of course, jets are so expensive I'm not sure anyone would risk leaving the results of a dogfight to some % chance. But ya... some way around this would be nice. Either that or just change up the dogfights more somehow and add variety. Anyways that's my 2c.
  11. NoxNoctum

    Soldier wounded?

    What happens when a soldier gets wounded? It told me that he was out for 12 days, but I see I'm still able to re-assign him to a chinook.
  12. Ah yes I see it now thanks. I hope prone can be implemented as well though and perhaps the ability to move while prone or crouched. (maybe lessen the chance of getting spotted)? And different speeds of running as well would be cool. I really liked how in Silent Storm if a character ended the turn in a sprint he was less likely to get hit.
  13. Is there any way to crouch/prone, and change movement speed? If not, I hope this can be added if the kickstarter goes really well (and it looks like it will) It really adds another layer of depth that I enjoyed in JA2/Silent Storm.
  14. NoxNoctum

    Music is great

    Playing the kickstarter demo now. Everything is impressive but I especially enjoy the music. Really great stuff
  15. NoxNoctum

    Kickstarter Goes Live!

    I'm really glad you guys were able to get on Kickstarter. Just out of curiosity though, how did you? I thought you couldn't without US citizenship.