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  1. akmatov

    How do I change squad order?

    Thx Operations - I'm not sure I understand, but I'm going to poke at it and see what I can come up with. I like to assign teams of two to four troops with specific weapons as units and like to just use the keypad number keys to cycle through them. Until I can set up the order it is a mess. Off to experiment with what you wrote.
  2. One thing I keep grumbling about is that the hot spots for the mouse cursor are really really small. Even when there is a box defining the location of the hot spot, you have to click around repeatedly in a small box to find the tiny, tiny good spot. I have several time happened upon tool tips that I had no idea were there because I just happened to hit a hot spot in an odd place. Even loading a saved game is an exercise in shotgun clicking in the area you know hides the hot spot. Hopefully easy to fix, but it really should be fixed.
  3. I seem to remember reading a tweak to give yourself money somewhere in the forums.
  4. * I notice that I can destroy a wall (the gray cement things) nicely and walk right through the gap. However, while I can also destroy a hedge and shoot through the gap, I can not walk through it. Surely this is an opps. I would like to walk through destroyed gaps in hedges in a later version. * Should I get taking fire, but totally unable to see the shooter? I can see this argued several ways, just wondering if it was intentional. * Back at Base, I should be able to see the Health of my unassigned troops in the Squad Screen. As it is, I have to go to the Personnel Screen and back. I mention this although I later realized I can assign troops in or out of the active squad in the Personnel Screen. * Three out of five ground actions were on the same, or very similar map, but the location of the aliens were not the same. Early days, of course. Just thought I'd mention it. * I just finished a clinic in my base. Should I see something about this in my troops healing? I would think that moving them to a proper clinic from wherever they have been stuffed on their own with self-administered morphine and bandages should result in faster healing. BTB, I had one troop evac at 1% Health! Is slowly healing and even got medal. * I did not see any of the previously reported alien shooting through blank wall when my troops were right beside the wall. In one mission there was a very clear situation where I could see an alien on one side and my troops directly on the other side right by the wall and taking no fire. So I guess you guys fixed that one. * When installing via Steam, the desktop link lacks an icon. * The weights for items needs to be relooked, a pistol or rifle magazine does not weight a kilo. Adding a realistic number of mags gets heavy much too quickly. * The 'Belt' has far too few slots. I can carry a pistol and two mags. In reality, a pistol, four mags and two grenades would be kind of minimal. * The number of troop slots located at the bottom of the screen Base/AC Equipment/Dropships should be 12 instead of 6. There is plenty of space available, why not avoid unnecessary scrolling? * Really minor point, but it looks like the three guys in the first screen are all corporals, ie low ranking enlisted troops as opposed to the high ranking officers one would assume would be in charge of defending Earth. Looks weird or probably modeled on an army whose uniforms I'm not familiar. But then all the weapons that all the bases start out with are US issue weapons - which is also odd, somehow I don't see the Chinese using M16s. Maybe in later versions there will be regional weapons for the various regions? +++ Really like the fact that the game includes such an easy to use gameconfig.xml for making player tweaks. The idea that 40% of the combat soldiers available in any military in 1979 were female is beyond ludicrous. ??? In game the rank between Major and Colonel is Commander. Lieutenant Colonel is the rank I would have expected with a Commander being the naval equivalent of an army Lieutenant Colonel. Perhaps I'm being US-centric. Very early days at this saving of an ungrateful humanity. Seem to be having a lot of troops getting chewed up. Have had to take some missions with a Squad of only four troops, everyone else was back at base shooting morphine and applying their own bandages waiting for the union shop guys to get around to finishing the clinic. Having fun with this one.
  5. akmatov

    How do I change squad order?

    First, having played out five ground actions I am more sure that I want to be able to assign #s to my troop than before. As it is it is a bit of a mess. As the squad changes from mission to mission, the program assigns the order so there is no control over where the different weapon systems are from mission to mission. Second, I did try both CTL + # and got nowhere, though I'm not sure I had any idea how this might be used. I also tried via the load order on the Dropship, but at that point each troop already has a personal number assigned and all you can do is adjust the load order in the Dropship. Please tweak this Developer Gods!
  6. akmatov

    How do I change squad order?

    Not sure if I did it correctly, but Ctl + # in the Squad Screen doesn't seem to do anything. Experiments continue
  7. akmatov

    How do I change squad order?

    I would point out that most professional militaries would do it a certain way. For example, your point man would not be your most valuable troop and your machine gunner would tend to be to the rear to be called up when needed. In the middle of a firefight no one, certainly not me, want to be pushing buttons mumbling "Sniper, where is my sniper located today in the random deployment?" Knowing that button 1 is my point/recon sacrifice and that button 8 is my heavy weapons guy from mission to mission would be both helpful and realistic (the real guys do it for a reason).
  8. akmatov

    How do I change squad order?

    What I want to do is change the order of the soldiers in the squad, so 1 = squad leader, 3 = sniper, 5 = machine gunner. Or if I have a very inexperienced troop, I want them to be #8. That way I can use the number keys without checking each time to see who has what weapon every mission.
  9. akmatov

    Is the Timeline confused?

    I like that. I do tend to be a bit too literal. OK, makes sense and the Iceland Incident story in the game can be fixed by changing 1959 to whatever works better. You are, of course, correct. I think the major visual difference is the shape of the trigger guard. Was the Beretta 92 a commonly issued NATO weapon? Although I actually have one, I don't know who carried it prior to Beretta winning the US contract in 1980/84, with issue date being 1985, I think. Prior to the US contract, I 'think' the only user of the Beretta 92 was the Italians. I know I'm being picky, but at this stage I'd think it really easy to smooth such little things out. Off to go read Crimson Dagger.
  10. akmatov

    What A Mess

    Steam states right up front in capital letters: Early Access Game I've never gotten involved in a beta before, but I do know that a beta game is by definition, not completed. Duh! Actually, I'm rather pleased to be a part of this in the hopes of nudging the developers to tweak thinks more to my liking.
  11. Obviously just arrived, but I'm a bit confused by the dates. Crimson Dagger refers to 1958. The in-game story about first contact in Iceland is dated 1959. The date in the main interface is 1979. And the weapons and aircraft are late 1970's (F16 1978) and the early 1980's (M9 9mm pistol 1983). Unless I'm missing something, this needs to be tighten up for ppl like me who find it a confusing distraction. Perhaps a minor tweak, but worth doing.
  12. akmatov

    Plans for Newbies?

    For now I'd suggest just an expansion of the four page 'manual'. For example, I had to ask here how to use the Medkits. Just a shortish list of hot to do things would be nice for now. And if things change, change the list. Easy and would require minimal maintenance, would also gradually develop into a to-do list for the eventual real manual.
  13. If I want my sniper to be the number 4 guys in my squad, how do I do that?
  14. akmatov

    Medkits Functional?

    Thx a lot guys
  15. Brand new player - part of the Steam flood of new players (well, I hope it is a flood ) I see medkits and I see wounded soldiers, how do I use the first on the latter? Great game, definitely enjoying.