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  1. So, there's often a problem where players aren't "lucky" enough to get a certain UFO for months at a time due to the random number generator gods not being favorable. Basically, progressing through research is very hit and miss. So, we already have measures in place to give the player a Sebillian light scout and a Caesan light scout so they can get the alien biology research up, why not have other grounded UFOs scripted to pop up too? Don't make them pop up so early in the "timeline" as to make the research predictable, just make them show up late enough that they don't seem too "babying" but early enough that you don't get too far behind. We could make it an easy-only, or easy and normal only mode, maybe. Anyway, thoughts?
  2. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I am curious because I took out 3 Corvettes before a Scout happened along my path. Once I raided the Scout, Alenium became available as a research option, but not from any of the Corvettes. Was I unlucky in components from the Corvette being too damaged to trigger the research? Or does only a Scout trigger Alenium research? If the first, then I was unlucky in my collateral damage and that's fine (curse my overly effective aircraft!). If the second, then I was unlucky in my UFO spawns (which by itself is fine) but the research is oddly gated (which I don't like). Alenium is a very important research topic because it unlocks a lot of other stuff, and not being able to grab it from Corvettes really doesn't make much sense. Once again, if there is an item on the Corvette that could trigger it and I destroyed it, then I have no complaint. But if Corvettes CANNOT trigger the research then I think that's silly. 30 Scientists sat there doing crap all nothing because the Corvette offered nothing for them to research.
  3. I was always keen to see that each of the alien races would have something meaningful to contribute to the R&D of the game. This is partly to eliminate any superfluous research, but also to show that humanity was using the alien biology and culture. Looking at the autopies/ vivisections in assets (and please correct anything that now appears automatically out with researches, so this is a bit off the cuff) there' seem to be a few that don't really add that much. SPOILER SPACE FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE RACE NAMES/ RESEARCH TOPICS Caesian Their autopsy leads into Alien Biology and hence stun weapons. Their vivisection simply gives a bonus against them. So both counter measures.Having the Caesian Psion lead into some human psionics, if only defensive measures. Sebillian As per Caesian, they lead into Stun Weapons, but their vivisection will also provide you with the updated Medikit, so this is a good example of what would be nice to see elsewhere. Andron In 19.4 this doesn't seem to go anywhere? I would have thought it would lead into flexible armours (Wolf) or into Alien Electronics (which I see it did back in v18) Harridan A clear link into the Buzzard suit is there. I'd have thought that this would have been a prerequisite, rather than just an option along with any of the drones. Some sort of sniper rifle accuracy bonus may be a nice addition. Wraith - feeds back into the alien biology you'll probably already have by the time you meet them. I suppose a teleportation unit is out of the question. Ummmmm... some sort of 1 turn camouflage? A stasis grenade that blocks teleportation in it's range? Praetor - Something psionics related, if only defensively would seem to be in order. Reaper - In the spirit of invulnerable aircraft, research here could create greyed out zombie soldiers of your favourite Xenonauts. They would have a HP allocation much like an assault shield. Failing that, some sort of Medikit enhancement. Drones - Drones seem to lead into the buzzard. I'd have thought one at least (Medium or Heavy) into a hovertank. An Xenonaut drone was always on the wish list though. So a few thoughts, although the aliens , for me, should always have the edge.
  4. Msvknight


    Can someone help me with this?! How do you unlock all of the planes in Xenonauts? P.S. I am currently using the stable version P.S.S. you should probably use a spoiler thingy
  5. Hi guys! So, I'm tired of having incomplete information regarding various things (since I've actually played very little of the game, as far as going for a long time in a single save goes), so I've got a few questions to ask: So, what are all the armors in the game? There's the blue jumpsuit, Jackal, Wolf, Buzzard, Predator, and what else? And what all does predator armor do? What is the assault shield? Just a beefed up combat shield? When/how do we get that? Also, what are all the "different" non-standard names for weapons in later tiers? Like, the laser LMG is called the scatter-laser, right? (Personally, to me that sounds too much like a laser-shotgun (see scatter-gun), but whatever). If it's just called a MAG Pistol, then that's easy and I don't need to know that. What are all the weapons that the aliens use? And what kinds of aliens are there? Sebillians, Caesans, the disk-drone things, reapers, I've heard about wraiths but never seen them, androns sound like cybermen or something but I've never seen them either. What else? What kinds of human aircraft are there? Interceptors and dropships. What kind of ground vehicles are there? I've heard of hyperion tanks, are those the top tier ones? How does the dropship (shrike?) with the drop pods work? Are those effective? Can it carry vehicles? I think that's it for now. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Thanks All!
  6. I've just finished my second month and I am still using basic equipment for ground combat (with the exception of grenades). I was going to upgrade to lasers and wolf armour (I have wolf and jackal researched and am currently researching the jump armour). However, when I looked at the costs they were very expensive. So a few questions: Does anyone know the stats (damage, range, weight, clip size, etc) for laser weapons? Do the laser weapons have the same firing options and TU costs as the equivalent ballistic weapons? Just how much does armour protect you and how much does it weigh? If a soldier dies do you lose his or her equipment? I think the wiki is wrong. It says of the laser rifle "Compared to the Ballistic Rifle, it is more powerful and has a longer range, but has a smaller clip and is heavier." But states the range as 20 and the range of the Assault Rifle as 180. This is clearly not longer range. Lastly, I am confused by the Hunter Scout car. Three (I think) missions in a row it was destroyed, but a new 100% health one was there for the next mission. After that it was gone and I built a new one. Is this intended behaviour or a bug?
  7. I'm old, and I forget, but I think I saw something about this not long ago... Occasionally, I can research these after the first couple of months - most of the time it takes much longer for alien tech research projects to become available. Just curious if a bug or planned uncertainty...
  8. So my current run is getting towards the endgame, but apparently the final battle is "teh broken" right now (V18), and this was fixed in the more recent experimental (I guess?). Can anyone (Sathra has much experience here, I know), give me a quick rundown on what needs to be changed to get the last research available? I've got all other researches completed, including Battleship techs. I believe the vital, missing tech is Alien Leader Interrogation. A related question is how the availability of research is checked by the game -- If I were to mod leader interrogation to be based on an already-completed tech (such as officer interrogation, imitating the official fix), would that enable me to research leader interrogation in my savegame? Would I need to capture another alien leader to do so? I've already captured two or so.
  9. Sorry guys lf this is not the correct section for this question, but i'm playing and after i have finaly intercepted a battleship i was asking to myself lf i can now get the Fury, but i can't see the research for them. The Fury is available or still in development?
  10. I have heard of the soviet art bits in the files, all of which I would enjoy giving actual values in the game. I have personally snagged a community made submachinegun art-bit. I am aware that adding a weapon takes a significant amount of work, as well. How easy is it to make a research project? I have a fairly simple modplan that is supposed to give your researchers more to do in the early game (A few very quick researches that expand the basic free ballistic arsenal to have more variety (Obtaining contracts with civilian weapons manufacturers, and the soviets,) followed by a few moderate difficulty researches that expand them further....) Is multi-ammo support possible with the current game? (Making a stronger manufactured rifle ammo, for example.) All of these answers are pretty important to me, as.... How far I can mod the game is important to whether or not I end up buying it. Probably the biggest selling point to me being a resources folder without the game to play it with, simply so I can observe its structure, and see how difficult making a working modification will be.
  11. I've been out of the loop for a while but I've downloaded and played the latest (from Steam, I don't know what version, I just downloaded it a couple days ago) and I love it so far, but I was just wondering where the Jackal armour is? I've researched Alien Alloys, Alenium, Hunter Armoured Car, Stun Weapons and a few other things, so, where is it? Did it get taken out of the game? If it didn't how do you get it?
  12. If someone has researched Plasma Weaponry (the ones that gives you plasma guns), can you check if you can access it through the Xenopedia? I'm trying to figure out what unlocking Knowledge does, and Plasma Weaponry doesn't do that.
  13. Yo. What it is that I needs to research dems plasma explosives? I needs 'em for dealing with things that don't suck.
  14. I see everyone talking about different missles and wolf armor and even lasers but i havent been able to figure out how to get any of these? The only things i have been able to research are light, pistol, heavy plasma along with a couple of corpses and alien alloys. I end up getting a stun baton and a mig out of the whole deal... what am i missing?
  15. Im wondering how much of the tech tree is available in alpha? Last tech I researched was heavy lasers, I also have wolf amour. I've shot down and raided a corvette and cruiser and I got no new research options?
  16. Hey guys, Can someone tell me how far it is possible to go in the current build in terms of research and tech? currently i have been able to go as far as plasma theory, laser weapons, alienium craft weapons.
  17. I've recently played out UFO:ET to the point that i dream of chasers at night....Anyway it occured to me what's the biggest flaw in that game (besides the god awful graphics of the CAFs and aliens in tactical) - the tech tree. On one hand its wonderfully extensive, on the other hand its terribly repetetive. Now I can see you find new tech, research it and get the next gen of weapons, but what about if studying certain alien corpses, or certain parts in the ufo (or generally anything that you're not really sure what use it has) opens an unexpected side branch/topic of research. From nerve gas to bio-warfare (style x-com:apocalypse or the chem. research in UFO ET) or some kind of advanced optics/motion sensor. This could add a lot of tension and excitment to the actual process of research instead of "Oh new tech gen...here we go again..." which would lead to a research race to the higher levels of technology of the end game. Anyway, great to have the forums back
  18. Hi everyone, this topic came up in another thread so I thought I should give it a thread of its own in the right place. I'm hoping to add a research topic which basically represents making progress with thawing the Cold War tensions which grip the globe, even in the early stages of alien invasion. This will offer an alternative research tree, more focused on your financial stability and giving you other benefits, as opposed to straight up tech advantages. The first step of researching this diplomatic route would open up the Soviet Weapons pack, representing a trade deal with the Soviet Union, or something along those lines. From there, assuming I can get it to work I intend to add more research topics which play to the same geo-political theme. As I said above, they'd run alongside the current alien based stuff, so you'd have a choice between where you wanted your focus to be; a unified Earth, battling the invasion together or going straight for the alien tech route, as in the current game. Initial thoughts for the potential benefits/outcomes of pursuing these research subjects are (all dependent on what's possible of course) - access to weapon variants from arms deals (eg; the Soviet Weapons pack when a deal is struck with them) - Increased funding from various regions - Cheaper recruitment costs - Increased response times to alien threats, and maybe even a second chance at a terror site (delaying the current nuke strike via diplomatic means) - Ability to build radar stations in regions, outside of your bases, which have a chance to intercept the 'alien events' such as "Tanker strafed, no survivors found", reducing the negative impact these events have on your performance. - Higher number of friendly AI in regions with good relations - Increased chance of soldiers surviving chopper crashes in friendly nations. (maybe even the chance that some soldiers could be recovered from a failed ground combat by a friendly nation's own forces?) Obviously, they're all centered around how the different nations respond to you as an organisation, rather than how their relationships with each other change. If I can think of anyways to simulate nations putting aside their differences then I'd like to include that aspect too, but I think it may be that I just have to allude to that in the xenopedia outcomes of the research projects. It will probably be that the Cold War nations put aside their differences to back the Xenonauts as a common ally, rather than them working directly together. But I think that will still achieve what I'd like to aim for. I'd love to hear any thoughts people have, either on the idea in general (hopefully not "It's crap, Jim." ) or on specific research ideas, features or thoughts. Cheers all!
  19. Hi there, is it possible to make and release a tech tree map like this from civ? Not ingame. maybe a pdf you can released with the manual together? this would be great thank you
  20. Make a study researches the visual tree! I want to see what technology has turned out the laser pistol, now it is only in the forum can be read.
  21. After having an unsuccessful hour's worth of chasing stupidly nippy fighters and heavy fighters with my interceptors, I wondered about the possibility of adding a research for Alenium Engines, in order to keep the standard interceptors competitive until we can start building craft based on Alien design. Something that adds a 15 - 20% buff to their cruising speed would do the trick, I think. Alternatively, I guess increasing the range on the alenium missiles could fill the same role? Either way, I just feel like they need something, as they can't (in my experience) be directly replaced with Migs, when you have fighter squadrons cropping up all over the place.
  22. Iv researched everything i could and I can only make a laser pistol that does not work.
  23. What alien materials are used in construction of human equipment? How many of these do we need to keep? Is there a accessable research tree? What is a recommended base set up? (How many soldiers and fighters per base.) What is a recommended squad set up?
  24. I am not long on these forums, so i wanted to ask this. Do you know what the devs are planning about the combat maps? Now it's just two maps, that's fine, it's an alpha, but what are they planning to do? Are they planning to create some maps and it's random on which map you land, or are they really going to do it like ufo and make it that the maps generate themselves. In my opinion it would really hurt the athmosphere if it would always be the same maps, just in some random order. Also: Are they planning to add more research options? There are just so many kinds of research shown and yet there seems to be so dissappointingly few research options. Edit: oh and to not sound too negative her :-) The new air combat is a blast and the music of the air combat is just awesome!
  25. Is there any intent to have a techtree overview anywhere so that you can see what is needed to unlock which research option? I was just thinking that (unless you are going to include it already some other way) how about makeing it unlockable (after completeing the game once) you can from the new game screen open up an image that shows the complete techtree(with prequsits and everything). It allways bugged me on the old games that you could'nt really find a techtree overview or even sometimes figure out what was a prequisit for what or why some research didnt trigger. It probably shouldn't be available from the start but after one complete playthrough you have atleast researched 90%+ of the techtree once already...
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