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  1. Here the saves: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=8D90589F9DF143EE!872&authkey=!ANnABg_MIRtcmSU&ithint=file%2c.zip The fight saves are 1 before killing the last aliens and one during a middle of the fight. The Cecece saves are on the geoscape, both after the mission was sucessfull, please somebody check them and please lf somebody wants and can, please fix them because it's boring to restart the game again thanks :3
  2. Soo, after a long time i decided to play again Xenonauts. After i bit i encounter the 2 normal bugs ( Missing Texture from Maps and crashing after a strange sound on terror ground missions ) but everything was fine, just reloading the save fix. But after a Alien Base Mission i manage to finish the mission and i was going back to base, but after a bit i always crash with the error "BEX" trying to reloading or restart the game doesnt' fix, i got 2 saves 5 min before the crash and one save just before finish the alien mission. Lf somebody can tell me a good side where i can upload my zip. i will upload the save soo somebody can see lf this is a crash just for me. Thanks and sorry for the bad english.
  3. This are the saves: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=8d90589f9df143ee&id=8D90589F9DF143EE!872&authkey=!ANnABg_MIRtcmSU
  4. Hello again guys! After some time i have reinstalled Xenonauts and i have started a new game. I have started the game and i have intercepted a grounded UFO and everything seems ok, but when i it any alien with my Heavy Machinegun the game crashes. Il give you the savegames ASAP ( When i'm fighting against the aliens and before the engagment ) Thanks and sorry for my bad english.
  5. I have tried with the community map pack 2 but saddly nothing, the crash still continue
  6. Hello there guys! I have saw a bug today. I have tried to intercept a battleship, failing i have order the retread of all my aircrafts. After they have managed to escape, they return to base and the battleship follow them, but when them are returned to the base, the battleship stop the follow movement and keep staying in the same position and start bombing and destroy Airlines, this is a bit lame because he will took a long time to disappear / escape to space. Did you guys need a save?
  7. Hello there guys. Today i have finaly build the D-54 Valkyre because of the fantastic range, speed and the max crew. I have taked him to one Terror mission and the mission load, but a bit first i can see the map the game will crash. This crash happens only lf i use the D-54 Valkyre not lf i use the Charlie, i don't have tried it with the other Dropship. Did you guys need the save? Lf yes i will upload the save when you are informed of the terror mission soo you can see.
  8. Hello there guys, today i got a strange but a good bug ( Finaly i took a battleship after some days ) and now i have found one grounded in searching of humans. I have sended a Charlie to intercept him, and i said "Time to give to guys the best weapons because this is the most strong battleship with the best alien crew" I have done the first turn, saved and ended the turn and......suddently no battleship in the map and no aliens!!!! I have took the battleship and everything withtout shotting at any single alien! I'm giving you guys the save of the first turn when you can move my soldiers and the autosave after the battle. The save of the first turn is name A1. https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=8d90589f9df143ee&id=8D90589F9DF143EE!812&authkey=!ANnABg_MIRtcmSU
  9. Sorry guys lf this is not the correct section for this question, but i'm playing and after i have finaly intercepted a battleship i was asking to myself lf i can now get the Fury, but i can't see the research for them. The Fury is available or still in development?
  10. Yes, the base defence mission cause this problem. I have reloaded a old save game a bit first the base defence commence, soo i have tried to play withtout doing the defence a now works perfectly. Hope this info can help you
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    Salve ragazzi, di recente guardo spesso il Thread e state facendo veramente un ottimo lavoro. Vi auguro un buon lavoro e spero di avere la traduzione il piĆ¹ presto possibile!
  12. Saddly this bug is random, soo it's hard to get a savegame exactly when the bug can happen, homewhere i get the bug when for example i put in the belt "Magazine, Magazine, Stun Grenade, Stun Grenade" lf you put away the grenade with a click withtout draggin them away and you try to move the other grenade in the other spot of the grenade you have removed you get a crash sometimes.
  13. Here you go Matthew, hope this can give you somenthing to fix the problem, because lf i try any soluction i always crash after this base defense, i will try to don't do the base defense mission and i will see lf this works, maybe the base defence missions will make this bug happening. Homewhere, there is some savegames: 1) [2013-06-08_14.58.04] This is the first, here you just need to kill the last alien in the base, after you finish i'm sending a Charlie to intercepd a grounded ufo. You can do the first 2-3 saves, but after that you will crash and you need to restart from the Base defense mission by killing the last alien, because all the savegames get corrupted ( Autosaves too ) and you are forced to do this, i have not tried to compleate the mission withtout saving and to see lf this works. 2 [2013-06-08_17.55.35] This is another savegame where i have stopped the charlie, and i'm waiting 2 day game to attack the alien base in America, lf you wait and you try to attack you will crash during the loading screen i don't know why, this is another bug i have discovered now. https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=8D90589F9DF143EE!808&authkey=!ANnABg_MIRtcmSU
  14. Apparently, i got this strange for no reason in the same gameplay. When i got him i was defending a base and after 1 game day i can't save anything, i need to load again the old Mission ( I was or a Terron mission or a Base Defense Mission ) and i need to deleted all the corrupted saved games and finish the mission, then i can save again. This is strange, because it's the first time i got this bug after several days of game, it's there somenthing can make this bug happen? Or it's totaly random? Thanks and sorry for my bad english. EDIT: Now after my mission is compleat, is happening to me always at the next mission lf is a rescure, a terror, a crashed ufo or a alien assault base, can someone please help? D:
  15. Hello again guys. Soo, today i was joining a terror mission and i was playing it normaly, i saved sometimes and everything goes fine. I have alt-tab for a moment to see a thing on the deskop and after i try to save i crash, i think it's was a normal problem and i have tried to save again but i crash instanely. I have tried to restart the PC and verifing the data's on Steam, in 5 days this is the first time. Now i cannot save anything, and lf i try to load a game on the geoscape map i crash too, what happen? Nobody have got this bug? Because i can't continue my normal operation or play anything, it's still crashing lf i try to make a new operation and make a new save game.