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  1. I think you misunderstand. Armor has HP but it only absorbs maybe 50% of damage and the portion of that damage which actually reduces the armor rather than being wasted is like 30%, which is the same system as X1. The level mechanic has a dumb name, but that doesn't mean it's some "horrible MMORPG" thing, nor is it as simple as you think. It's a new system, a way of merging the stats "penetration" and "shred". IIRC with +1 level differential (e.g. lvl 4 weapon and lvl 3 armor) you get most of your penetration, but you need to reach +3 level to get most of your shred. So very high-caliber rounds will shred armor altogether allowing any weapon to deal more damage to the target, while moderate-caliber will pierce which is effective only for that one shot. As opposed to the odd behavior you see in most games (X1 included) where miniguns and shotguns are the best shredders due entirely to high rate of fire and low damage. Or the gamey behavior you see in XCOM2 and Phoenix Point where shred is a fixed value regardless of whether you're shredding wood or titanium. Positional damage is a little odd if it uses realspace rather than rolling randomly regardless of your firing angle, because the game doesn't give you any info about realspace trajectories. But otherwise it's a really good system. Certainly more complex, but it aims to fix problems in the genre, and it has the appearance of being simple which is nice for some players (not me).
  2. Key thing is to make the stun weapons different. Stun gas is really cool because no lethal weapon works similarly (even the chemical grenade in X-division has a more limited role). If they add riot snipers I will riot. XCOMFiles has flashbangs that seriously enhance the stun game. They halve TUs, but they also halve melee dodge. You can also bleed out opponents or scare them into surrendering, both of which encourage a mix of lethal and nonlethal. It's probably not "stealth" missions, because that just doesn't work as a mission unless you go Invisible Inc and add tons of mechanics.
  3. All weapons can damage everything but they have to shredarmor first which takes a very long amount of time. Don't remember exactly how armor works, but the gist is that all damage is reduced by 1 for each point of armor, and every 6 points of damage (blocked by armor or no) shreds 1 point of armor permanently, so machine guns / shotguns will be the only things able to shred armor reasonably. Actually incendiary is one of the best damage types against tanks IIRC. But that mostly means grenades and high explosives are good, not flamethrowers.
  4. Bobit

    Locking Thread

    I think what he's talking about (and what I've heard) is that Warthunder has advanced controls designed for joystick, but you have the option to fly with the "simple control mode" which is much more powerful. And joystick is much better for flying. But only for flying. Mouse is much better than thumbsticks. But keyboard is much worse than gamepad-buttons, unless you have so many buttons that they won't fit on the pad, which is very rare when considering things like L2+A. Numpad is nice for some games.
  5. Does it really matter? The game is already purchaseable. Development has never slowed, except recently due to publisher search and coronavirus. What would realeasing it entail? Finishing the flavor text and limiting all future updates to bugfixes and modding? Then by all means, I hope they take as long as possible!
  6. Bobit

    Resuscitation kit

    This is in OpenXCOM and it works very well, but if it's done it needs to be done right: sometimes soldiers just take more stun than they do hp damage, and will bleed out unless stabilized.
  7. Codexes are cool and fun to fight. Archons are stupid, so ornate with an artillery strike that can be dodged by everyone. Faceless are too, but they would be cool if they were actual shapeshifters and not just bad chyrssalids (melees which can burrow until enemy is in range or you use a scanner). I can see why Trashman would dislike Codexes, since they are pure teleportation. But they are a digital enemy, a way to give a face to a power that doesn't actually have one, just like the Matrix. So it makes sense that they don't follow physical laws.
  8. In OpenXCOM they have your soldiers act as pilots, which seems super cool to me. Xenonauts has the most fleshed-out airgame so I'd totally support it.
  9. Bobit

    XCOM-Chimera Squad

    I'm increasingly agreeing with you... the game is awesome at first because you see all the abilities, then you replay and repeat the strategy layer grind while the combat doesn't get any better and nothing about the game really changes. The abilities stay cool, but at times it feels that's all that's left.
  10. Bobit

    Weapon Asymetry

    Trashman, what I meant is if the new tier weapons are different, but also objectively better, then the lategame is different from the early game. Same goes for enemies. You can see this in X-Division's phases for example. Phase 2 players very differently because its weapons are very differently. But you only pick phase 2 weapons because they're objectively better. Preventing players from picking exactly what they want is sometimes important. Making certain things OP is one way of doing that, then you force the players to use mainly that thing, without removing other content. CCGs do this a lot. The better way to do it is making things actually balanced, or sufficiently randomized, so that you have diversity and every thing plays out well. But in some environments, like CCGs, that's not possible, so yeah settle for a more controlled experience. I don't think that's actually the reason for weapon tiers though. They're not trying to guide the player, just make things different on different phases.
  11. Bobit

    Weapon Asymetry

    The only good part of making weapons completely obsolete is that the lategame will play very differently from the early. Restricting player choice is actually pretty important, otherwise players will choose to play the same way every time, because that's how you win. In XCOM usually this means putting one of every class / weapon on the battlefield, very boring. There's a balance to be had between making all strategies viable and forcing the player to pick a strategy actually results in small-scale tactical diversity. Imo all XCOM-likes have leaned too far towards forcing the player, but it is possible to lean too far the other way.
  12. Bobit

    XCOM-Chimera Squad

    It has every large gameplay element of XCOM2 in it. Research, Manufacture, Doom meter, SPARKs. Lack of character permadeath is a requirement for their "1 of each class" idea. Lack of campaign permadeath is not, and I will be upset if they don't support ironman, but it should be moddable.
  13. The gameplay in Xenonauts is very different from the gameplay in the original XCOM. It's way more cover and breach-based, and enemies can smell you before you can react. Which is great. Xenonauts doesn't really have a unique art style for its aliens though, it's just bland/"realistic", compared to freaky UFO Defense, comicbook Enemy Unknown, neon XCOM 2. Some of the armors are cool. I'm one of the guys who doesn't like the blue jumpsuit, but I see the counterargument that it's UN colors, and I don't like the UFO defense spandex jumpsuit or the plastic power armor of XCOM2.
  14. Ah, well I'm glad you think I can still contribute to society despite disagreeing with your video game opinion.
  15. You really think mechanics can't be creative? You think Football/Soccer is the same as Basketball but with different aesthetics? Why are video games any different? What does "aesthetics" mean to you? Xenonauts 1 imo has the worst style of any in the genre. Everything is dull. Still have 300+ hours in it, because it's classic X-COM with fixed cover, skill, and air mechanics. Well okay, I'll exclude Apocalypse (the running is horrible, the suits every player unit wears is horrible) and the minor 2000s knockoffs like Aftermath.