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    Replay mode?

    This is always nice. But could be especially difficult when you consider that bullets are simulated. Most games don't do it because it's more trouble than it's worth, and for this game it's extra trouble.
  2. Did I sacrifice my steam key by buying from Xsolla? That seems fair, but will that mean I can't use workshop for easy mod management?
  3. The main difference between turn-based and pauseable real time is that in realtime people often fail to pause soon enough.
  4. The strengths of Xenonauts were definitely not air combat or multiple bases. Air combat generally followed a single algorithm for each UFO type, and one that has to be micromanaged carefully or you'll mess up the timing and lose a fighter (unless of course the fight is too easy). Multiple living quarters bases were not really a thing. The strengths (compared to OpenXCOM mods) were very hard and intense terror/base missions, and the suppression + cover systems. As well as polish, I guess.
  5. Bobit

    Tactics and stuff

    1) It tends to look dumb and just function as a super-crouch aliens can't use properly. 2) ? 3) That would be an interesting in a old-style XCOM-like. The new XCOM has this sort of feature. In Xenonauts I feel that the maneuverability bonus from height is already a significant advantage. But it could still be interesting, and of course an incentive for flying. Hmmm... 4) Yep. Can't you already? Or maybe you have a bad arc? 5) UFO doors were more flexible in Xenonauts 1. But I like this lean mechanic in general. Seems like it would require slightly less restrictive FOV?
  6. Bobit

    X2pedia aka Archive

    X2pedia will have more articles after they finalize what's in the game. It's close to the back of the to-do list.
  7. Bobit

    I can't wait any more :'(

    Couple of months to Steam early access, probably 8 or so until official release? But mod support should happen during early access. FYI it's already publicly released on Xsolla, they just don't want to get negative reviews on Steam because it's clearly not in a very enjoyable state yet. If you're bored, play mods. X-division, Long War, Xcom-Files, all very good.
  8. True, although: 1) With a moderately high reflex soldier you can very often perform an action after opening the door before the enemy shoots you. 2) Sometimes you need multiple flashbangs anyways 3) That's just not a very realistic option in general. Usually your opponent would be able to react slightly to you throwing a flashbang, especially if you have to aim it as is the case in this game. 4) It's kinda OP, basically zero risk.
  9. Definitely play X-division and bomb the hell out of UFOs.
  10. Bobit

    Alien Rescue Missions

    The cap for aircraft allowed in a single combat is what really makes escorts a risky strategy. Dropships shouldn't count towards that cap imo. Unless I guess that cap is infinite. Then dropships shouldn't count towards hangar fighter cap, maybe? Or, just leave it be because escorts are already occasionally viable which is good enough.
  11. Xenonauts (and specifically X-division) already has more detailed breaching mechanics than any game in the genre by far imo, including Door Kickers. You can suppress through walls, blow them up, flashbang, etc. as well as take cover, go for a capture, balance speed vs reaction. Only thing is the enemy automatically senses you through walls in a certain radius, which is a very core mechanic for this game (and existed in original XCOM in a lesser form). Breaching charges with a smaller radius could be nice I guess. I don't know what sync shots and stuff would do. Melee already exists in X-divison, and it's pretty fun, but the design space is limited without original XCOM / xPiratez energy mechanic. Hence why they only have 2 melee types (per phase? IDK, didn't get very far). It's not too different from shotguns, but different enough.
  12. Aiming at enemies = tight cone, aiming at ground = large cone makes sense, fair point.
  13. @Chris I like that solution, but I see two downsides. Save file bloat You have to load twice when loading the geoscape save and then landing. Takes a few more seconds. Also, I would like to say that X2 lags for me while X1 does not at all except for fire. I'm not sure whether that's expected at this stage in development.
  14. I don't like this. A smaller cone of fire can be a significant downside in this game if you want to suppress. That's why the original has all hits guaranteed to hit and the other shots in a variable cone based on distance (which can still hit the target). Also I don't really know how the engine is now "more 3D" than the last game.
  15. Bobit

    Alien Rescue Missions

    It caps at 2 fighters. You often can't beat 3 alien fighters with that, or don't have them available. Also the predictable wave spawns means the chance you'll be killed by fighters you can't see is really low, and if you can see them you probably should just send a 3-fighter fleet. Though yeah escorting still happens occasionally.