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  1. Bobit

    Prevent reaction fire

    You mean the backspace thing in 94COM? Spin around ten times.
  2. Bobit

    Training Mode

    OpenX's skirmish mode (randomized scenarios with pretty boring settings) would be nice, but I imagine it's a lot of work to balance.
  3. Bobit

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    @TrashMan, it's like capping resists in an ARPG. In isolation it is brainless. But then you realize that the difference between 90->100% and 10-20% is massive. Then you have to consider enemy aim, your dodge/defense (when the chance for those stats to apply actually interact with cover), and various status effects (do you want to cap/near-cap miss/resists all the time or just when smoked). Additive resists are awesome. Having played Phoenix Point though they're actually handling the realphysik system well enough for it to be very interesting. Everything else has terrible balance though. The only things I don't like about realphysiks atm is the way cover in between is always treated as just as important, there's no advantage to running, and lean problems. But the original XCOM's low-cover system is broken, surely you must see that. Skilled players recommend completely ignoring it except for hills... crouching barely exists. Your like of it is based on what it could be in theory, not what it has ever been in practice. Proning in particular doesn't work in a game where the player gets no punishment for stalling. XCOM2 actually has hunkerdown, because of how easy it was without realphysik.
  4. Bobit

    Maxim 56, please

    The main problem with artillery is that the main cost to using it or to simply hiding from it is time. There are no downsides to wasting time in classic XCOM-likes. If there were the game would need an all-around rework. I mean it could work if it was extremely expensive or required LoS. But expensive support would be better as flashy stuff like on-map attack helicopters from the OpenX 40k mod. And requiring LoS just makes it a rocket with an irrelevant fire delay. Obviously if the only viable tactic to countering it would be to run into the UFO it would be a bad mechanic, but if properly balanced (and not just based on "realism") with inaccuracy, high cost, and simply allowing the player to ambush aliens stupid enough to always run to UFO, it has potential. Trashman's totally right.
  5. If there's no display I would prefer the "armour can only cause 90% damage reduction" idea and armor never goes down. I want X-Division to work for me but it's pretty hard. Not dying with soldiers is so important in Phase 1-2. You're completely immortal except to flame sebilians once you get decent armor, then there's a few crucial missions at the start of phase 2 where you die in one hit to everything but still have to research somehow. The "return to skyranger with loot or to resupply" gameplay looks absurdly grindy too.
  6. IIRC the damage to armor ratio is 1/6th and any damage whether it pierces or not reduces it. It's a very popular system even outside of this genre. Ablative HP and % dmg reduction are less counterable but make more sense to noobs.There are minor problems with X-division's style: Shotguns had the highest shred since it's directly based off of damage. Shred should be a separate stat. Different armor types tends to encourage spamming the same type of one weapon on an enemy. This is nice for tactics, but it meant that researching only one type of weapon often made sense. Weaknesses of that weapon type could be shored off with grenades. I never got past phase 2 though. It's completely invisible, even on the player's units. You can die to smallarms fire just because you didn't know you were shredded. Very binary. To prevent this (if it's something that should be prevented), either damage reduction should often be lower than damage, or there should be "hardiness" from ToME: armour can only reduce at most 75% of the damage. Or maybe as in TGGW, if reduction = dmg then it deals 20% damage, reduction=1.5xdmg it deals 10% damage, reduction = 2.0xdmg it deals 0% damage. This way armour still does something past dmg. Or just make shred bigger, but then I think there ought to be a way to repair armor.
  7. Bobit

    Phoenix Point - Gollop's new X-Com-like.

    The game is absurdly broken in the AI's favor if you don't use strong ability combos, and absurdly broken in yours if you do. Either way it's not even close to fair and makes 90% of stuff irrelevant. But I like the game. The real weapon aiming adds a lot of strategy, like complex cover, deciding whether lower chance to hit is worth a chance to disarm, dealing with your wounded soldiers. The geoscape has a bit too much loot and too little diplomacy, but I think it's the best one yet in an XCOM-like, there are lots of genuinely different base and diplomacy strategies even if they're not balanced. If hard-working modders get their hands on this game it will be incredible because all of the problems are balance/lack-of-content. It does fail to deliver on its promise of enemy diversity and adaptive AI, often each race has less variants than X-Division, and it frequently makes nonsense decisions with its free actions, although it understands cover well.
  8. Yes, but that's why I said "it has a bad hardcore mode". Nightmare mode is a tacked-on fixed instaloss timer. Like XCOM2's arbitrary-cutoff "you lose!" timer which is so much worse than LW2's gradual reinforcement timer, but applied to a 40 hour campaign where it's even less clear how long things will take. It also means various pieces of content like the side bosses are not viable to attempt. I mean to some degree I think DD just lost me because of extreme lack of content compared to the traditional roguelikes (Brogue, TGGW, Cogmind) I'm used to, and StS where your character has some 30 abilities at a time. And I'm a total sucker for tons of content. But I haven't played it enough to declare it an altogether low-content game. I have played it enough to know that I disagree with that style of permadeath.
  9. Bobit

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    And you don't think PP isn't having the same problems with leaning right now? You don't think that '95COM's light cover (as in, anything other than a totally obstructing wall or a hull-down hill) is almost completely useless like the majority of influential OpenX modders? NuCOM's system is very soulful. Hunkering down, improving dodge chance, and similar skills will let you hug cover better, or you can go for the highground with a more aggressive route. It's very powerful to get flanked, but you can also focus on stacking cover-negation like aiming, explosives. If anything it's *too* soulful, to the point that the mechanics start to feel like an impressionistic gimmick. It's "fake", yes, and ultimately realphysik will win out once people spend more time developing it. But every approach takes a lot of work, except for the hybrid one of Xenonauts 1 which was quite good by comparison.
  10. I don't know what he means but I think X-Division showed that Hidden Movement is unnecessary and annoying.
  11. Bobit

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    Trashman's #2 is nice if it's balanced right: cover is WYSIWYG, accuracy falloff makes sense. But let's all agree, in UFO defense it just meant cover was completely useless and kneeling sucked. Whereas in XCOM2, cover as a flat CTH reduction meant that hunkering in high cover was exceptionally effective, which was a nice touch. I don't think Goldhawk should bother with it, let PP spend their millions perfecting it. One thing I'm hoping for that probably won't happen (because it doesn't in any vanilla XCOM game) is getting a very different tech progression every time. Some games I want to go mostly shotguns, others rush plasma, others rush explosives. Fmpov XCOM games have always favored a more balanced/boring campaign game where you get a normal amount of everything, maybe giving each mission more room for tactical decisionmaking, but not making games very diverse.
  12. Darkest Dungeon has character permadeath but you physically cannot lose a campaign. It feels like being sent back to level 3 when you lose on level 5.
  13. @Coffee Potato I don't prefer random effects that are just straight bonuses. I also strongly dislike Darkest Dungeon because of its no-permadeath main mode and very poor hardcore mode.
  14. I too would prefer Steam but clicked GoG. Also, should I have a key by now?