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    AI programming in general

    It's a good question because other games just don't have shared vision, or have vision only shared with the squad (pods in FiraxisCOM, spotter units giving sniper units LoS in OpenXCOM, to a lesser degree the cheaty intelligence stat which lets AI track any unit they spotted for a few turns). Because "good enough" really is okay when it comes to unspotted AI behavior, but there's definitely a lot of room for improvement. AI can see 60-90% of the map in this game, unlike the player, because there are so many of them, they all have extended LoS, and their starting positions are spread out. But if they did not have extended LoS, as in XCOMFiles where most foes are human, this would not be the case. Also they can only do this if they spread out, then they are easier to deal with perhaps. About the "ripple", something simple like a "shout" ability that alerts all nearby aliens (as aliens do not share vision by default) does great in Long War, Cogmind, especially if the player can visualize it. Perhaps the sound should be sourced from a random location within 3 squares, so that the AI does not know exactly where it comes from. I definitely like the idea of dynamically-formed response squads, but it would need to be simple, maybe just this: join the squad of whoever is close, sharing intel and moving together (i.e. both prefer to chase 1 recently-spotted but currently unspotted target rather than split up), and share the "sneakyAi" variable from OpenXCOM which basically means they heavily prioritize blocking enemy LoS at end of turn even if it means they don't get to fire (if one is not sneaking, none will sneak as all but one sneaking would just result in that one tanking all the fire) (of course Xenonauts has less LoS-blocking cover and more accuracy-reducing cover, so it's not quite so simple). I wouldn't expect the AI to know how long to "wait" before an "all-out assault", or to refuse to fire for fear it would reveal their position, even players often take the greedy approach so you can't expect the AI to know when not to be greedy.
  2. Bobit

    Ammot to cost money

    Or auto-fill, or have a small penalty for using weight even below encumbrance.
  3. Bobit

    Multiple players game

    Yeah things about MMO's is they're co-op so sending your level 80 character to powerlevel and teach a lvl 1 friend is pretty chill. However that friend also has to be commited to a monthly membership if they want a game worth playing. If you want a multiplayer close to XCOM/Xenonauts, maybe try Wargame Red Dragon, the RTS where you use a customizable deck of ~20 out of 1000 realistic units and fog of war is everywhere.
  4. Well a LOT are missing from Xpiratez/XCOMFiles including bipods, can confirm devs are 100% aware of what exists in those now though. #2 and 4 are more modern and cosmetic, Xenonauts prob won't have them.
  5. Bobit

    Question about armor

    @Alienkiller HoI2/DarkestHour is much more simple than HoI4. It just has a bit more micromanagement in land combat, and that's what makes the land combat great. Every other part of it is bad really. The only difference in TFTD in terms of armor systems is that the damage distribution is 0-200% instead of 50-150%. This is necessary for higher armor/damage values to not be completely impenetrable. That's why it's used in some large OpenXCOM mods, they have wildly different armor/damage values as well. However TFTD is definitely "too experimental", everyone seems to dislike the multi-part luxury cruise missions with opening locker after locker full of heavily armored crabs then relying on RNG to down them. But on the other hand, TFTD was very much a rushed game, basically same as the original but with swimming and new levels/enemies. If you remove the really weird levels/enemies then it would be considered basically just a reskin and would not sell very well at all.
  6. Oops, got confused, not sure what # I was referring to even. Yes extreme night-time missions are very fun. Although unfortunately in Xenonauts that would often mean you just wait until day. There's just not enough night-related mechanics that it should be emphasized.
  7. I think he means a cosmetic change for #4. Like most of his suggestions it would be prettier but less functional. But in terms of light cover (cover which does not totally obstruct vision), OpenXCOM has the worst cover system. AI doesn't acknowledge it exists at all because to do so they'd have to raycast 20+ times to every tile in range. Neither can it be indicated to the player for fairness sake. Rolled hits are extremely accurate so cover often just gives 10% defense with no option for the modders to change it. But some cover can unpredictbly give 80%+ for being an inch/10cm higher. I have advocated for it being removed/replaced by modder option on the OpenXCOM forums, which resulted in extremely negative feedback of course. OpenXCOM does have amazing terrain destruction, hills, collateral damage, and water/space/night levels. Also the best melee by far due to wounds causing stamina loss, CQB which causes adjacent rifle fire to be deflected if you have high melee, characters frequently going unconscious / berserk / bleeding, stims / food items, enemies worth capturing. So the lack of light cover doesn't hurt it as much as it would hurt other games.
  8. @Alienkiller He's not suggesting the devs should fix it. He's just asking so he knows whether there is any content left to test.
  9. The way the XCOMfiles evokes a secret war theme is to have mission-specific gear restrictions (can't carry a rifle on covert missions as it's not concealable), mission-specific soldier caps (pull up in a car with 2 agents), more terror-ish missions, enemies you would rather detain than kill (whether they be confused civilians or a rare Elder), some rare but very weird magical missions, and a slowly escalating war that can lead to 20+ endgame soldiers. I don't know if any of this is suitable to Xenonauts' "realistic" theme. Which is part of the reason making a Xenonauts secret war never seemed like a great idea to me.
  10. Yes but it flashes only for a fraction of a second so I can't help the devs fix it by reporting the error to them. I have had frequent red-texts and lag, so it seems like there is something important/significant/unusual to debug.
  11. Still quite laggy, might need a new PC lol. I still get brief red text much of the time I perform actions in combat or equip screen. How do I activate the debug console, since I suppose that's what the red text is.
  12. I'm curious what this game does does. Are you just talking about Scientists and Engineers? It is true that 1996 XCOM and some OpenXCOM mods have a lot more reliance on engineers for profit, though you still need soldiers in an engineer-heavy strategy to gather funds to buy engineers and stop the world from burning down before you make money.
  13. Bobit

    Interesting Documentation about real Extraterestials

    In this case I feel insulting him is for his own good. But yes the chances I do this again on this forum are very low.
  14. IRL point defenses exist against ICBMs but not more nimble missiles AFAIK. Anyhow hardcoded base archetypes are mostly a fallback position if you can't get full customization to result in variety. E.g. "well everyone just used their freedom to build the same base 5x over, so we might as well introduce base types instead."
  15. Bobit

    Interesting Documentation about real Extraterestials

    I saw oyur username, guess that makes you a liar