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    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    Trashman's #2 is nice if it's balanced right: cover is WYSIWYG, accuracy falloff makes sense. But let's all agree, in UFO defense it just meant cover was completely useless and kneeling sucked. Whereas in XCOM2, cover as a flat CTH reduction meant that hunkering in high cover was exceptionally effective, which was a nice touch. I don't think Goldhawk should bother with it, let PP spend their millions perfecting it. One thing I'm hoping for that probably won't happen (because it doesn't in any vanilla XCOM game) is getting a very different tech progression every time. Some games I want to go mostly shotguns, others rush plasma, others rush explosives. Fmpov XCOM games have always favored a more balanced/boring campaign game where you get a normal amount of everything, maybe giving each mission more room for tactical decisionmaking, but not making games very diverse.
  2. Darkest Dungeon has character permadeath but you physically cannot lose a campaign. It feels like being sent back to level 3 when you lose on level 5.
  3. @Coffee Potato I don't prefer random effects that are just straight bonuses. I also strongly dislike Darkest Dungeon because of its no-permadeath main mode and very poor hardcore mode.
  4. I too would prefer Steam but clicked GoG. Also, should I have a key by now?
  5. Bobit

    Shields, A Thought

    "Chance to be oneshot even in armor" is not too fun. Unstoppable bleed is. The damage isn't totally stopped until you make it to the ER. Permanent wounds / bravery loss are pretty cool too. Also, I'm always surprised how much a single anti-armor weapon makes it unviable to scout with armor. You simply can't manually open the front UFO door in X-division; what if they have a flamer who oneshots your shield guy? But confirming that the area is clear of anti-armor troops, and then sending your armored troops in, always feels fun and dynamic. I think Chris has a lower view of tanks (and armored units) in these games than most of us, because the vanilla implementation was not too great. But X-Div and FMP prove that they can indeed have an interesting role, though they are more difficult to balance. Ultimately whatever Chris decides is probably what he will be able to balance the best. And modders can always decide something different.
  6. @Coffee Potato In The Last Hundred Yards (WW2 token wargame), instead of Berserk, they have the Heroic status effect, where the squad gets a large defensive boost, then charges straight towards the enemy. In cover-based games that's a little more awkward, but in that game it's just brilliant at creating sudden massive surges in the fighting line.
  7. Bobit


    Honestly most of this (running, strafing, dogs, training, mutants) exists in OpenXCOM/FMP, and some other things (hard science abilities + attachments) in UFO:AL. I quite like dogs in XFiles. They are fast, deal lots of damage, highly expendable, good day vision, and the best part - can "bark" at enemies as a reaction that lowers their TUs, preventing them from acting. Hold the alien down while the squad closes in!
  8. Bobit

    AI "cheats"

    @Chris Keep in mind the player cheats too! The respective equivalents are: 1) Once players spot an enemy, they will send their 100% TUs allies to attack them, making for a much more rapid response. They are also capable of guessing where the enemy is. 2) Players fight 8v4 due to shared vision (they can pick off enemies) 3) Players can (in most games) fire from squadsight, and in all games share vision @Coffee Potato This is a very popular feature in OpenXCOM. Essentially a soldier can either be seen by the enemy or cannot. However all units do get halved accuracy when firing past LoS. Hit and run can be done but you have to hide all of your units.
  9. Oooh there are multiple alien types now? This was just my second mission, it lags too much for me to play much. Can't remember much, but I got an error after almost every move.
  10. @Trashman I'm talking about fighter radar range being a geoscape-level attribute. It exists in UFO defense where air combat is autoresolved. That's my point. It's true I cherrypicked the parts you emphasized that were geoscape level, but I don't consider weapon range to be much more interesting in manual resolution than automatic. It's an interesting attribute in UFO defense too. That's my point. Also... programming a game is not very difficult unless it's very simulation-based. In any case PhDs are barely relevant to game design (or many things really).
  11. Game had already given me a lot of errors every time after I move a soldier. http://www.mediafire.com/file/iu86tr1xmo6x7sh/2019-06-28_100320.rar/file
  12. There are three ways that OpenX and Xenonauts 1 allow the AI to not be picked off one by one 1) Vision through walls - psi / scent 2) More vision than humans 3) Firing on things not in their LoS Which of these do you think are currently implemented? I think none. Which do you think ought to be implemented? I think all.
  13. @TrashMan If ground combat only rotated between ten different map+ alien combinations, would you play it? It would become tedious with an optimal solution for all the ten setups. The game would be solved sufficiently in hours. Ground combat has inherent variability to it because the setups are different. In air combat, they are not. In your following point you emphasize detection and range. Those are geoscape-level air combat attributes. Making the actual fight between aircraft more or less automatic as it is in UFO defense does not remove those, in fact it emphasizes them. From my point of view, the geoscape part of air combat is the actually interesting part, the actual combat itself becomes quickly solvable. As to your snobby sentence everyone is referencing: in general, thinking of a game design system is not so hard. Implementing it is not nearly as hard as it seems so long as you're willing to completely cut graphics and other such things required to make it marketable. Making it work well with every other system is damn near impossible and the reason both of us haven't made a game. Unless of course you just copy an old game. So you're not entirely wrong. But mostly.
  14. Alien goods are worth a hell of a lot more than some experimental engineer making guns... in xPiratez the "sell for profit" makes quite a bit of sense, but not in any other game.
  15. You would do it because you get paid for saving the world. This exists in the original UFO defense game. Modders in OpenX disagree on whether it is a good mechanic. It allows for "interest" and "investments" which is interesting, but does tend to reduce diversity because rushing a significant profit-maker is just so much better than other tech. Imo if we have selling for profit at all, why bother forcing people to check the price of everything when you can just manufacture a $ item?