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  1. Options are always good, what if you just want to auto-resolve the boring easy missions? What if the air game gets good enough to play on its own? What if you only want to play the lategame missions? That said I have no idea what a decent auto-resolve algorithm would be. Way too complex to simplify without making it very unbalanced. Even air auto-resolve is hard to balance.
  2. Bobit

    Idea: Conceal Mechanic

    If you take the mechanic as a more abstract representation of many types of stealth - active camo, looking like a civilian, quite movement, psionic stealth, or the far more engaging electronic warfare you see in hardcore naval/air games, it suddenly has a lot of thematically-inspired mechanical potential.
  3. Bobit

    Hidden Movement

    I'm really not sure why people thought hidden movement was a good idea even back in 1996.
  4. Bobit

    Idea: Conceal Mechanic

    You are aware that this already exists in OpenXCOM? Ctrl-F or scroll for camouflage. It also exists in Phoenix Point. As a mechanic it has a number of quirks: It messes with LoS so like the original smoke mechanic it tends to mess with AI. It's seemingly very "inconsistent" to the player as one unit can cause LoS and you have no idea what enemy LoS is. It's difficult to find the balance between totally broken and mostly irrelevant. It works best with other complex stealth features, like only camouflaging at certain points, noise, hacking. So it works pretty well in XCOM2:Spectrum and Cogmind. Not so well in OpenXCOM imo.
  5. Bobit

    Geoscape Strategic War

    Pretty "standard" stuff as I see it, but the concepts are better balanced. For example 1994 XCOM has research give "score", a bit like research proliferation, but score sucks in that game. Deploy Agent seems a little too simple to add depth to the game. You will just deploy when it's at 49%. I would probably prefer if it reduced panic after a delay, or maybe reduced panic from UFO air activity for the next month. But even your way it could add some depth if there were many non-automatic ways to get an agent. Non-lethal missions yay. Hopefully the "war events" have an actual pattern and are not just "random panic until you research x". Something like reducing panic in regions with an alien base would be a more interesting tech. Anyhow it's a good feature for modding as OpenXCOM has shown, and it can't take away from the game so long as there's a hotkey to close the event, unless it's just too much unfair RNG. Aerial Terror Sites make a lot of sense. Basically "base defense" for the air.
  6. Bobit

    New Damage / Armour System

    Locational damage seems very excessive, and like it would have bad side effects in a game where a good accuracy roll means an automatic hit. For example cover being not that great because you always get headshot, unrealistic as you would move around and not just stick your head out constantly. The weapon level system is cool, as it includes "pierce" strategies where weapons ignore armor, "shred" strategies where you aim for getting rid of armor, and suppression strategies, despite only having one stat. The only thing is, health can regenerate, so that means a high weapon level can be bad.
  7. Bobit

    Research mechanics

    Imo, randomized items has always proved superior to randomized skill/research trees. It's just more natural. Mostly items which unlock research in XCOM's case.
  8. Bobit

    Research mechanics

    Yeah, good points. I'm just used to roguelikes and OpenX mods which have more of a "tech web" where you need to fight hard monsters to get certain tech early. Research branches is a lot easier to implement than truly rare artifacts, so it's the way to go for vanilla games, I agree now. More significantly diminishing returns when applying scientists to the same project, or random tech discounts as in XCOM2 would held to make tech a bit more random in the short-run. But that's not as important as the long-run.
  9. Bobit

    Research mechanics

    The realism argument really shouldn't hold any sway imo. Science branches are mostly an incentive to focus on one type of research or spread it out. A balancing tool. But if scientists of a certain type are rewarded from certain mission types, your path of research will also change your mission choice, which is neat. However it's not as good as just making the necessary artifacts for research unique/rare as done in most OpenX mods. That leads to real diversity and storytelling. It occupies a similar role but actually works. Also it has the problem that unspoiled players will have researchers which do literally nothing when they run out of things to research in that field, and spoiled players will just pick a boring balanced mix. Kinda like the airgame. The XCOM genre in general needs to focus a little more on making every campaign different, not just being a scenario generator for squads with one or two of every class.
  10. Bobit

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    I mean you guys act like balancing is super hard but virtually all the modders did it right. Snapshot was just more concerned about other things, like massive gimmicks they apparently don't have the budget for. Modular armor sort-of exists in OpenXcom. As in, one armor item can be worn as a number of different armors. It gets very tedious scrolling through armor choices if the armor has more than 3 variants though. With a minor engine modification it's probably a simple matter to implement actual modular armor. You can already put items on the body and prohibit the players from removing them during combat, so it's just a matter of letting those items give an armor bonus.
  11. Bobit

    Prevent reaction fire

    You mean the backspace thing in 94COM? Spin around ten times.
  12. Bobit

    Training Mode

    OpenX's skirmish mode (randomized scenarios with pretty boring settings) would be nice, but I imagine it's a lot of work to balance.
  13. Bobit

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    @TrashMan, it's like capping resists in an ARPG. In isolation it is brainless. But then you realize that the difference between 90->100% and 10-20% is massive. Then you have to consider enemy aim, your dodge/defense (when the chance for those stats to apply actually interact with cover), and various status effects (do you want to cap/near-cap miss/resists all the time or just when smoked). Additive resists are awesome. Having played Phoenix Point though they're actually handling the realphysik system well enough for it to be very interesting. Everything else has terrible balance though. The only things I don't like about realphysiks atm is the way cover in between is always treated as just as important, there's no advantage to running, and lean problems. But the original XCOM's low-cover system is broken, surely you must see that. Skilled players recommend completely ignoring it except for hills... crouching barely exists. Your like of it is based on what it could be in theory, not what it has ever been in practice. Proning in particular doesn't work in a game where the player gets no punishment for stalling. XCOM2 actually has hunkerdown, because of how easy it was without realphysik.
  14. Bobit

    Maxim 56, please

    The main problem with artillery is that the main cost to using it or to simply hiding from it is time. There are no downsides to wasting time in classic XCOM-likes. If there were the game would need an all-around rework. I mean it could work if it was extremely expensive or required LoS. But expensive support would be better as flashy stuff like on-map attack helicopters from the OpenX 40k mod. And requiring LoS just makes it a rocket with an irrelevant fire delay. Obviously if the only viable tactic to countering it would be to run into the UFO it would be a bad mechanic, but if properly balanced (and not just based on "realism") with inaccuracy, high cost, and simply allowing the player to ambush aliens stupid enough to always run to UFO, it has potential. Trashman's totally right.