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  1. Well, it looked natural that a big mechanical creature did a big boom being destroyed. I can imagine it had some reactor on board. It wont look that cool with a small drone. Besides if it has less hp it can become to easy to abuse those explosions against aliens
  2. Mixing the game and reality this way - something is really wrong with you. Actually I keep my squad members and civilians alive but I like challenge and dangerous enemies
  3. Rusknight

    [V13.0] Aeriel Terror site

    Nope. I meant you should not build comand centers far from your base cause you have to defend them now: "Aerial Terror Missions: the basic form of the "aerial terror site" mission is in place now. The aliens will periodically attack your Geoscape command centers, forcing you to defend them if they are not to be permanently destroyed - but in these missions you'll have a squadron of friendly AI interceptors (their level affected by proliferation) backing you up. Again this mission hasn't properly been balanced so it may be way too easy or way too hard right now, but the important thing right now is that it's there and working. For the next update I might make this mission more organic, too - i.e. maybe normal ground attack UFOs will have a detection radius and will move to attack any command centers that they encounter, which I think would be a powerful disincentive to expand beyond the area you can protect with your aircraft."
  4. Rusknight

    [V13.0] Aeriel Terror site

    The crash is a bug 6 hours - is a design I guess. You shouldnt set uplinks far from your base or you will fail to defend them
  5. Balance - Androns no longer explode on death´╗┐. Why? It was so cool and fun feature! If they come close its a death for you so shoot at them with all guns you have but if you manage to shoot them down while they are inside ufo surounded by other aliens they become a death to all these aliens. I had so many fun situations with their explosions!
  6. Well, most of the soldiers in the game whom you can hire have bad stats. So if you want to get a really powerfull squad you have to select wisely and hire 2 or 3 from 10 each time so it takes time (around 3 months in game) to create a squad with only best soldiers. Wasting best soldiers is painful cause it will drop perfomance of the squad so yes I do care about my squad as I want to achieve maximum performance
  7. Rusknight

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    Anyway the problem with several generations of fighters will still exist while the next generation is better than the previous. Just make a look at it as a new player who knows nothing about the game yet and knows nothing about all these generations so he cannot plan his progress in the game in advance. He starts playing, finds that he needs fighters, invests money in them (a lot of money probably) and then... Get a new generation, boy! You invested money in the wrong thing! You are an idiot! Try again maybe? If it was one basic fighter with further upgrades - there wont be such a problem. At least the game should inform player in some way from the start that there will be new generations of fighters later. And maybe let players actually sell old fighters for 50% of their price instead of just removing them without compensation.
  8. Rusknight

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    Falcons become obsolete now by June with any weapon upgrades due to their low speed. So buying 6 falcons and then realizing you have to replace them all with other fighters is quite unpleasant surprise and bad experience for player. I wish there was only 1 type of the fighter in the whole game from the start to the end but which could be upgraded and modified in diffirent ways further. So you could always adjust it to your current situation
  9. Rusknight

    Xenonauts 2: Soldiers & Vehicles

    Stress / Fatigue´╗┐: I absolutly hate this idea. I put so much time and efforts into creating my ideal squad (its like building your character in any RPG game) and then you prevent me from playing with it - horrible
  10. Well, if Soviet Russia people thought "I think it's less realistic to expect a country to march every last citizen to their death before admitting defeat." then Hitler would won the war at east front in 1941 already but in fact that war continued till 1945 and ended with capture of Berlin instead of Moscow. I demand Soviet Russia fight alliens till the last citizen in game while others surrender. Just a joke. Or not...
  11. Rusknight

    My thoughts on the current build.

    2. Lack of money - nope, there are a lot of money! I played till july, built 3 bases with 15 advanced interseptors (phantoms and furries), gave everybody in my squad advanced gaus or plasma weapon, mind shield and exo armor. Just dont bomb UFOs! Assault them and sell the loot - 1 captured fussion rifle cost 100k or so and you can get many of them...
  12. Rusknight

    Mind war is overpowered

    Mind war is not a problem before May actually. Then it becomes really strong as the number of psi aliens increases and mission difficulty increases either in other ways. Before I gave mind shield to everybody I had a situation where on terror mission (a mission where you cannot waste time or civilians will be killed and mission failed) I got 2 soldiers in panic and 2 under alien control at once so I had to fight further with only 6 soldiers out of 10. Worth to mention that all my soldiers had bravery around 60 then.
  13. Rusknight

    Is it the end of beta content?

    OK, thanks, I see Long story short - my impressions from the beta v12.2: Good: I like ground combat. I had a lot of fun battles (low variety of maps and mission types in beta but it will be solved later I hope) Bad: I dislike air combat (it just lacks any tactical elements now) Good or bad: I dont see much difference between Xeno1 and Xeno2 - looks like the same game with better graphics
  14. Tried it several times. Stunning this flying brain creature in order to capture it always leads to game crash auto_groundcombat_turn_10_start-822.zip
  15. Rusknight

    Is it the end of beta content?

    So there is some final mission in the current beta. Ok, thanks, I will try to play more