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  1. The world currently is fuckup sure but do not make this thread into political statements. For the discussion, It would be good to have weapons from different countries (especially European), but I wonder what difference would they have in game except the look. Also consider that the vanilla ballistic earth weapon would be phased out quickly after new types of weapons being researched midgame and you won't pick them up again, so it do not worth the time for much development.
  2. EurekaSeven

    Ideas that were missing from Xenonauts

    Yeah the no peeking is bad, it costs extra TU for stepping out-shooting-stepping in, and you have to step out in order to get a good sight. Also, it's kinda annoying that shooting enemies around corner is often a one shot thing, if you can't wack the alien in one shot and have to crawl back to cover, next turn the alien will happily walk around the corner and kill the operator in zero range, while the soldier has no TU to react to this as the TU are wasted for just stepping out and stepping in.
  3. I would say such cartoonish style is the successor of X1 art style (it's realistic enough for me, keep in mind that we're dealing with aliens and this is the most authentic art style we have comparing to range of games with similar plot). Also, it might be too late for the devs to change such art style while we're going for EA for less than a month. I would reckon your "realistic" style refers to a more blurry filter instead of the model itself. Otherwise, there is a similar game called RAM Pressure that have some realistic design like authentic gear or something, but it looks too Edgy becuase of its poor VA, cursed choice of soundtracks and lack a darker filter like this one.
  4. I will also suggest something opposite, that the panic multipliers can be reduced gradually after the commander throughly researched such "fearsome" alien (aka Autopsy & Interrogation), this would first make sence as the soldier would get more confident for certain alien (especially reapers) if they know its weakpoint and understandings, and secondly, this might make the Alien research options more useful comparing to just increasing damage against certain type of an Enemy. I would also suggest additional panic/stress factors including Being suppressed, especially under heavy fire (like not only being sprayed by a drone, but being shot by Both a drone and an Andrean) Being shot at from the war fog (making long ranged enemies and night missions more challenging) Crossing through hazardous environments e.g. fire and toxic smoke, without protection gear of course. Being flanked, this was a factor from the XCOM series if I remember right. Additional stress if the top-level officers are killed first Soldiers may also reduce panic if an alien was killed by explosives or rockets, blowing your enemy into pieces is always a "YEEE GET SOME" moment for military inviduals-- at least that was my impression.
  5. EurekaSeven

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Then I would say it's a part of the Strategy gamplay, as these gamers would take extra balancing on their input and output for extra infrastructures (the upkeep of 20+ soldiers each month would be fancy), and as you said, people can run teams of 4-6 to bypass this problem, but on the other hand, it make the ground missions more challenging as well as you have less personel each time and have to rely more on tactics. So how players reacts to the stress system would make the gameplay more variable, you either put less effort on ground missions and airstrikes them, or you need to build more base/infrastructure and scratch your head for balancing a huge number of upkeeps. There're no one exclusive type of players for X2 and everyone should have the right to take their own solutions for the stress issue, it's encouraged.
  6. EurekaSeven

    Night Vision

    I'm well aware of the feature and lore settings of both X1 and X2 so no lesson needed. However, the electronics things is something i did forgot. I would say if you keep the fry electronic things as an explanation for throwing flares, that's plausible, but it needs to be hinted in the related lore pages (like "Flares" or tutorials for night missions). Also, I'm still thinking that night mission scenarios worth the risk if all the odds are against human, but with little profit and gameplay additions to make it both fun and challenging.
  7. EurekaSeven

    Night Vision

    I know about the NV upgrade long time ago, I'm just saying that from a authentic prespective and considering what irl military do with NVGs, it seems a little bit out of place if an elite unit set in 2020 don't have a mandatory NVG in the first place and have to reverse the technology of aliens into advanced armour to do so, and even the MARS should be upgraded for NV capabilities instead of pre-intall a fancy thermal sight. It would be more plausible if the game was set in 1979 which NV technology were still primitive. Also, if I remember right, the Warden Night vision helmet is a once-grab feature, you don't have any sorts of NV capability before, and suddenly got a perfect NV ability with no retrctions after. While i was saying about imposing restrictions onto early-game NVGs (or aka real-life counterparts), I'm saying that the NV technology in game can be presented with a more progressive way. You first have no budget or support so you cannot afford NVG and have to rely on flares and searchlights, then you acquire normal military grade NVGs with restricted angles and range, afterwards you would get some advanced goggles with thermals and longer range, but still with much restrcitons (like really heavy), and finally the Warden Helmet give you the perfect solution with unrestricted range and angles. That would make the night missions more tricky as from early to middle game, your soldier with current human technology although can overcome darkness, but the aliens can still outrun them (in the lore the Seballians are borned with night vision and thermal abilities), so the odds are still against the human. Such advantage from aliens can only be overcome after you get more advanced Warden armour.
  8. EurekaSeven

    Night Vision

    I understand the aim to recreate the flare feature, but there can still be space to introduce a restricted NVG for authentic purpose as well. At least, even for modern binocular NVGs, the tunnel of sight (or whatever it is called) is still too narrow, the operator have to scan the surroundings routinely as their sight angle is restricted than naked eye. Some one would purpose the fancy DEVGRU GPNV-18 NVGs as it has bigger angle, but it's not only expensive, but heavy, it would be painful to swing your head around with this thing on the helmet. Also, both NVG and infrared are electronics, which also means they can be disrupted or jammed. Same restrictions can be imposed on present time infrared goggles. So well, before the Xenonauts can play with the night vision helmets, the present time technology is not perfect in night missions. It would be both authentic and logical if such feature is introduced. I'm also wondering, a dark missionmay be extra authentic if it has the greeny filter
  9. I would agree that it shouldn't be much input for additional AI friendlies, and it is hard to manage. Air Combat though did have concept of AI fighters to join the assault, and it was featured in early builds, not sure whether the feature is kept for now. I would say if to increase military/police presence for rather authentic aim (or not), the best circumstances to add them physically would be in a scripted mission: like Alienkiller said, VIP under attack with bodyguards, or as you (Kokon) suggested, a circumstance that military is already presence in engagement and needs help. I would also imagine a reversed case, that the Xenonauts being ambushed after arriving at some faked landing sites (or their urban safehouse/bases being leaked to pro-alien groups), and the military becomes the cavalry that help to penetrate the surrounding enemies from other side of the map and relieve the siege (or simply air strike them). However, the missions in Xenonaut can be hardly scripted so it requires more development time with little outcome. It could also become a temporary substitute for fallen xenonauts on the battlefield, similar to the droids in Chimera Squad. If a xenonaut is fallen, military PJs would arrive to take their body back(or try to revive him back to base), and also give you a friendly soldier with just average gear to fill up the fallen one. Otherwise, i would prefer the military involvement in an ambiental way, like adding ambient sounds to indicate player that there are additional fightings and air search in the background, or mention them in lore more often. It would be interesting if there are events that xenonauts and local military have different interest, and would have scuffle in a political way (in addition of the already teasered special missions). I really like the espionage event chain in X1 that someone in the xenonauts was cooperating with foreign militaries to smuggle Xeno-techs, it would be interesting if the greed towards advanced technology, or the need for national interest (i.e. arrogant President Trump want to take control of Xenonauts to deal with Soviet/China), would lead the local military to negatively affect xenonauts in a boarder picture (stolen items, blocking airspace, bomb the crash site before xenonauts can reach.etc)
  10. EurekaSeven

    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    Even in X1 neither the invasion nor Xenonauts are TOTALLY secrets. The aliens are not invisible especially when they bomb or terrorize a city just like the X1 missions,the UOO is just speeding up the pace of such invasion. Though I do think that Alien invasion should be a step by step thing (Radar Disruptions -Scouting-Small scale Kidnapping- shooting down Airplanes- Attacking military targets - Oribital Bombarment.etc, like the progressing mood in X1), but UOO make sense as the whole invasion or Xenonauts are not designed to be entirely secret in the first place.
  11. EurekaSeven

    Xenonauts 3 request...

    Wut, We don't have EA for X2 yet, and people are already suggesting X3?
  12. EurekaSeven

    selection sound

    I completely understand the obstacles of doing so and your decisions not to pursuit such feature, but still thanks a lot for explaining how exactly such feature can be so hard and complex to achieve in a technical perspective and also thanks for your effort put into X2, we all appreciate this.
  13. EurekaSeven

    selection sound

    He said that " it would take a lot of dev resources to do it properly and they weren't available", so I don't think these would be ever taken into consideration unless they had plenty of free time to work for them at the nearly end of development. So it's unfortunate, but understandable, let them work on the current sound design and maybe some of those ambience features can be modded afterwards.
  14. I like your idea, and it kind of remindes me about the Encyclopedia and Writing on the Wall feature in the Valkyria Chornicles series, that did put huge immersive effort into the game, especially while you're into an alternative or fictional world. About the soldier file, I would suggest to make random descriptions on such soldier's backstoires, kind of like how XCOM did, just couple of randomly generated phrases but can also be edited by the players themselves if they want to. Then it can be put into archive section if the barrack cannot contain it. Aside from mission reports, I would also say that a purchaseable (or not) newspaper section can be interesting, like combining the original Breaking news feature in X1 with the Writings on the Wall in Valkyria Chornicle, or the news report you'll get for previous missions in the old Rainbow Six Trilogy. It represent how the public were told about several cinematic incidents happened in game, and would be related to the decision that the commander makes.
  15. EurekaSeven

    Suggestion - Secret alien operations

    It would be a really good potential to further dig into the Cold War(or New Cold War) settings of Xenonauts, made me think about the insider-smuggler lore in the community mod. I guess one of the point you've mentioned that would be really helpful is to add espionage elements in game (and similar to what Phantom Doctrine refer to this). Complexity aside, I really like the idea that there would also be an intelligence war between the Aliens, the Xenonauts and even the regular intelligence agencies. It might be even more exciting if the main obstacles of your intelligence operations are not only the alien "generals", but even infiltrators into your base, not only an alien clone in your squad or research team, but even an undercover from the human intelligence agencies who has been spying on xenonauts from the very beginning, and you need to utilize differnt means to reveal those two. It would be more complicated for development, but really a good idea for concept.