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  1. A question for the developers. When I played Xenonaft 1, I worried about the fate of every soldier. If a soldier is on his feet, then he is ready for battle. If a soldier falls, it does not mean that he is dead. He may need emergency help. Is it possible in the second part of the concept of "unconscious"? The degree of this condition will be determined by the injuries received: the number of strokes before resuscitation, the complexity of resuscitation and further disability? I would take many seriously wounded guys from the battlefield and send them home on their well-deserved retirement. I emphasize that I do not support a simple and guaranteed system of stabilizing a soldier in 3 moves, as in Firaxis games. I want a variable chance
  2. In xenonauts 1 there was a small chance that the killed soldier would be reanimated after the battle. I would like to influence the chance of resuscitation more, for example, to introduce a resuscitation kit. Recruiting will not save all killed soldiers, as in XCOM, this is unrealistic: wounds can be incompatible with life. But there are cases when a soldier has lost consciousness, he has a cardiac arrest or he is bleeding and it would be possible to stabilize him before evacuation to the base. Also, the idea of modular damage can come from the idea of modular armor. It may make sense to introduce disability when a soldier survives, but his injury does not allow him to continue to participate in battles. After that, it can be retired or left until the opening in prosthetics research.
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