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  1. heavy disruptor beam

    Hidden movement?

    Something tweakable like Open XCOM! Shame the final stretch goals of "Additional Community Edition and Modding Support" were not reached.
  2. heavy disruptor beam

    Questions about the direction the game has taken

    The move to an 'XCOM reboot' cross section style base suprised me, I didn't like that as much as the top down style of XCOM of old. Still, in Goldhawk we trust!
  3. heavy disruptor beam

    Xenonauts Kickstarter Combat Demo released!

    I bemoan the lack of OSX demo
  4. heavy disruptor beam

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    The original xcom had some pretty radical baddies back in the day, and I love this self aware slightly camp sci fi floating brain. I value the munitions having a sense of realism, the aliens not so much.
  5. heavy disruptor beam

    [v1.08] Skitso's Femonauts

    Thanks for the work of the mod But put it in the public domain and you invite critique. This is life. Thought is free, be it in favor of alien-invasion-big-boob-graphics-mods or against. I'll wait for the homo-erotic mod.