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  1. I made a post a while ago asking if Xenonauts 2 would be coming out in 2023. The answer is obvious, but I feel like asking again.
  2. I will upload some screenshots next time I play.
  3. When using the rifle in combat mode. Fire select option has the typo.
  4. I was going to complain that you are ugly and your mother dresses you funny but that wouldn't help the game become more immersive.
  5. Would it be possible to add an homage to the original game by including an End Game scenario where the enemy sets up a base or bases on Ceres and/or 3753 Cruithne. There was something special about setting up the perfect team, then dispatching them to Mars.
  6. About 70%+ of my new recruits are female. More than a bit immersion breaking. Unless this is some sort of ESG shill, maybe it should be set to a more realistic 10% to 20% female rate of the original Xenonauts.
  7. A typo where selecting BURST FIRE is spelled as "BIRST FIRE"
  8. Out of respect for the original game, which I loved, and the fact that I paid into the Kickstarter for X2, I will refrain from expressing too much disappointment.
  9. Been waiting literal years since the crowdfunding effort. I see lots of betas, but have no idea if any of them are actually playable, so I don't want to invest my time. Is the game expected to be FULLY released this year?
  10. I have the original game in my Steam library, and just added UFO2 to my wishlist. While I greatly prefer the more "realistic" approach of Xenonauts, UFO2 will be a nice distraction for now.
  11. Well, I guess I will focus my attention on the Rome Total War remaster coming out next month and then Starfield for the holiday season. Hopefully. If and when X2 does have an actual release, I'll try it again.
  12. I support you guys, and paid for X1 and X2, but currently, the X2 Beta is unplayable. I really enjoy X2, but it is a bug-ridden nightmare that CTDon a regular basis, but Baldur's Gate 3 Beta has nowhere near as many issues. . It has been quite a while, so can we get any kind of roadmap or release date within 3+/- months?
  13. I started a new game and the bug went away.
  14. It was possible to edit the stats of newly recruited troops in X1, I have found no way to do so in X2. I was able to edit weapon TU cost, but nothing else.
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