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  1. Gulskjegg

    Changing soldier stats

    It was possible to edit the stats of newly recruited troops in X1, I have found no way to do so in X2. I was able to edit weapon TU cost, but nothing else.
  2. I set up my primary base in North America, then built a second base in South America. I am unable to build any facilities at the South American base, in spite of having plenty of funds to do so. I do get a red box but when I click on the base overhead I get a warning of existing structure and no power.
  3. So...the release date on GOG is somewhat less than accurate?
  4. I reference a Steam forum post that references a GOG post. https://steamcommunity.com/app/538030 The GOG page shows the March 14th, 2020 release date. https://www.gog.com/game/xenonauts_2
  5. I opened Steam this morning and saw a 3GB+/- patch downloading for Xenonauts 2. Is this the final patch before the scheduled March 14th (?) release date?
  6. I received my unlock code, and upon playing the game, it seems to be similar to the XSolla version. When might we see a Gold or RTM release?
  7. I got the game installed on Steam with no problems. While I would like to see GOG get some of the profits, I doubt it would be worth the aggravation for them to sort my issue out. They have bigger fish to fry. I am content to fiddle with the game and hope a Gold release comes out this year.
  8. I would have actually preferred a GOG code, but mine did not work on GOG.
  9. Thank you for the reply. I will try to redeem the code on GOG. Edit: I was able to use the unlock code on Steam.
  10. I opened my XSolla - Goldhawk launcher and it began a 3.3GB update. I may be wrong, but I think I ordered the game delivery via GOG, but I do not see the early access option on the GOG page. Same goes with Steam. I guess we wait for the Gold release before we see it on GOG or Steam? Oh, and congrats on the release candidate!
  11. Gulskjegg

    Xenonauts 2, Xsolla & release date?

    Well, it looks like a 2020 release is likely. When you announce the actual release date, be ready for sweeny to come slithering around.
  12. The Xsolla pre-purchase page shows 23 days remaining as of August 7th. Is this 23 days left before Xsolla pulls the pre-order option, or 23 days before release? If it is release, at what point will a delay be announced? Thanks!
  13. Gulskjegg

    Radar and Base Building?

    Thanks for the answers!
  14. Searched the forum and did not see an answer to these two questions. 1.) How to activate radar stations 2.) How to construct new facilities at bases other than the main base Thanks!