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  1. Gulskjegg

    [V11.3] Can not build at second base

    I started a new game and the bug went away.
  2. Gulskjegg

    Changing soldier stats

    It was possible to edit the stats of newly recruited troops in X1, I have found no way to do so in X2. I was able to edit weapon TU cost, but nothing else.
  3. I set up my primary base in North America, then built a second base in South America. I am unable to build any facilities at the South American base, in spite of having plenty of funds to do so. I do get a red box but when I click on the base overhead I get a warning of existing structure and no power.
  4. So...the release date on GOG is somewhat less than accurate?
  5. I reference a Steam forum post that references a GOG post. https://steamcommunity.com/app/538030 The GOG page shows the March 14th, 2020 release date. https://www.gog.com/game/xenonauts_2
  6. I opened Steam this morning and saw a 3GB+/- patch downloading for Xenonauts 2. Is this the final patch before the scheduled March 14th (?) release date?
  7. I received my unlock code, and upon playing the game, it seems to be similar to the XSolla version. When might we see a Gold or RTM release?
  8. I got the game installed on Steam with no problems. While I would like to see GOG get some of the profits, I doubt it would be worth the aggravation for them to sort my issue out. They have bigger fish to fry. I am content to fiddle with the game and hope a Gold release comes out this year.
  9. I would have actually preferred a GOG code, but mine did not work on GOG.
  10. Thank you for the reply. I will try to redeem the code on GOG. Edit: I was able to use the unlock code on Steam.
  11. I opened my XSolla - Goldhawk launcher and it began a 3.3GB update. I may be wrong, but I think I ordered the game delivery via GOG, but I do not see the early access option on the GOG page. Same goes with Steam. I guess we wait for the Gold release before we see it on GOG or Steam? Oh, and congrats on the release candidate!
  12. Gulskjegg

    Xenonauts 2, Xsolla & release date?

    Well, it looks like a 2020 release is likely. When you announce the actual release date, be ready for sweeny to come slithering around.
  13. The Xsolla pre-purchase page shows 23 days remaining as of August 7th. Is this 23 days left before Xsolla pulls the pre-order option, or 23 days before release? If it is release, at what point will a delay be announced? Thanks!
  14. Gulskjegg

    Radar and Base Building?

    Thanks for the answers!