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    Increase alien count on ground combat

    Hi. You should edit xml files in "ufocontents" folder. Or trying mod Crew diversity
  2. This mod revised the climatic zones on the global map, making the terrain (tileset) in tactical battles more appropriate to the geographic location. Overview of major changes: 1. Mod reduces the chance of tactical mission on industrial tileset for sparsely populated areas such as deserts, jungles, taiga (without mod chance of industrial map usually 50%). 2. In general, different climatic zones now have smooth borders. 3. North America. Added big forest areas in Canada. Partially spread arctic and tundra zones to the British Columbia (Canada). Extended the desert area to Nevada, Utah and Colorado, and removed it from Arkansas. Replaced swamps in Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida on farms and tropical. Partially replaced the tropical zone in the South Mexico on the desert. 4. South America. Added the Atacama Desert in Peru. Added tundra zone of the Andes (Chile) and southern Argentina. Added farms instead of tropics on North West coast and a little in the basins of Amazon and Orinoco. Changed location of tropics and swamps in the Central part of the continent. 5. Africa. In the Sahara Desert greatly reduced the likelihood of industrial and Middle East tilesets, fights will mostly take place in the desert (which is logical). Farms in the Kalahari Desert (?!) was replaced by a desert one. Added some swamps in the Congo area. The Nile delta now has a farm tileset :). 6. Australia and Oceania. Farm zone in Central Australia replaced by desert. A marshy area in New Zealand and East of Australia replaced by farms and tropics. Added tropical to the South East and North of Australia. Increased the chances of generating tropics and swamps in South East Asia. 7. Eurasia. Significantly increased the forest area in the Siberian taiga. The cold regions of Tibet and the Alps now have a tundra tileset. Increased the chances of industrial zone in Japan and Eastern India. In Saudi Arabia, there is a possibility of desert maps (in addition to Middle East). Expanded the Middle Eastern zone to India (instead of tropics and swamps), Uzbekistan, South of Spain, the Red Sea coast. Installation: 1. Download and install - Xenonauts: Community Edition (https://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/index.php?/forum/23-xce-release-announcements) - Tropical and Swamp Tileset (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773696345, also included in X:CE pack) - Khall's Tundra Tileset (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=338412029, also included in X:CE pack) 2. Download and install this mod. Place it on mod list higher than “Tropical and Swamp Tileset” and “Khall's Tundra Tileset”. Download link: Geographic revision 1.1.zip Changelog: 1.1. - Fixed minor color dismatch (this was the reason for choosing the wrong tileset) Note: The game stores information about climate zones in two maps at once, variant 1 and 2. When generating a tactical mission, tileset selected according to the color of the point on the map (variant of map selected randomly). This mod should be compatible almost with any other mods. Your comments are welcome. I also recommend mod "Geographic addition" (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=705553557) or
  3. [X:CE Any version] 120 degree view angle The angle of view most people is approximately equal to 120 degrees in the horizontal plane. And this is without turning your head! Ridiculous, when for a better overview, you must turn the whole body Following this, the angles of view in the game were changed. Basic 90 > 120 Jackal 90 > 120 Wolf 90 > 120 Buzzard 90 > 120 Predator 60 = 60 Sentinel 360 = 360 Also range of view was increased from 18 to 20 for all armor. And sentinel armor received night range bonus +3. 120 degree view angle.zip 120 degree view angle.zip
  4. Just unzip and copy ccontent to mod folder, for example C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Xenonauts\assets\mods
  5. Axiomatic

    Xenonauts configuration files

    Hello all. Can anyone comment on these parameters? Never faced such behavior, how exactly does it work? <ufoProtectionDistance comment="This is the maximum distance until the AI is protecting crashed UFOs." value="2000"/> <ufoProtectionChanceLimit comment="This is the limit of the protection mission launch." value="1000"/>
  6. Could you please give more information for this? AM_*.xml files exact the same as in 0.34.3 version. Where is the error?
  7. Axiomatic


    It is impossible. Only dismiss at one base (will be better to do it just before the end of month, to not pay the salary for the next month) and hire on another base (at start of the month).
  8. This simply mod adds a several cities to global map, mostly in sparse distant regions, and adjust type of cities (soviet or non-soviet). The names of the countries show (additional to the city names) only at maximum zoom global map. This is more convenient because labels less obstruct the map. Features: 1. Add soviet-style cities: Pyongyang (North Korea), Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Anadir, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy (Russia), Shanghai, Urumchi (China). 2. Add non-soviet style cities: Denver (United States), Manaus (Brazil), Samarinda (Indonesia), Addis Ababa (Ephiopia), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Punta Arenas (Chile). 3. Change style from soviet to non-soviet: Tokyo, Seoul, Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Copenhagen. New distant cities designed to do proper to cover more area. v1.1 The names of the countries show (additional to the city names) only at maximum zoom global map. Added cities: Addis Ababa (Ephiopia), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Punta Arenas (Chile). Geographic addition 1.1.zip Geographic addition.zip
  9. Axiomatic

    [X:CE] Geographic addition 1.1

    Yes, you're right. And it is a capital of EThiopia I'll fix it with next update
  10. Axiomatic

    [X:CE] Geographic addition 1.1

    I did not set the task to supplement the map of a large number of cities. I had 3 goals: 1. Fill in the blanks on the map that are sufficiently populated (for example, Denver, Manaus) 2. Add cities on the outskirts, for the need for greater coverage (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Punto-Arenas) 3. Add important details (Pyongyang near Seoul) To make a more or less realistic correspondence between the population of different countries, you need to add a significantly larger number of cities, maybe about a hundred. But it will take a lot of time. And I don’t think that it is so much important for gameplay. Rodmar18 has its own opinion on this issue and now engaged in improving the location of existing cities as well as adding new ones. Perhaps, his addition will more appropriate.
  11. Axiomatic

    [X:CE] Geographic revision 1.1

    Of course 1. Vietnam is a tropical country with average temperature 22-25 C. Because this, cold soviet tileset isn't suitable for it. 2. Agree, will do 3. Agree, only the most southern and mountain areas, will do 4. I think before about Cuba, but not done for the same reason as Vietnam. 5. Agree. Planned before to do it for Tibet. it makes sense to add also northern regions. I think, not necessary to strive for 50/50 balance. This is unattainable without a strong discrepancy between the climate and the political situation at that time. In addition, the relative rarity of the Soviet tileset, like to the use of spices, gives the game a new flavour.
  12. Axiomatic

    Invalid terrain maps for area

    I think so and did some tweaks: or https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1379877735
  13. Axiomatic

    Restored Community Map Pack

    Hello all xenomaps.xls (from Restored Community Pack) have a column "Accepted ?" with parameters "true" or "false". What does it mean? Is it affected on available maps in game?
  14. Axiomatic

    [1.07] Soft Click (v1.0)

    Download and install archive to c:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Xenonauts\assets\mods Or just overwrite file to any you want c:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Xenonauts\assets\mods\No click sound\sound\click.ogg
  15. Axiomatic

    [CE v0.34.1+] Advanced Medicine (V1)

    Download file and copy to path: c:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Xenonauts\assets\mods
  16. Axiomatic

    [1.07] Soft Click (v1.0)

    Very similar mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=561448390
  17. Axiomatic

    [X:CE 0.24] Soldier roles in minibars

    It's already included in X:CE version, no need separate mod
  18. Axiomatic

    [X:CE] Geographic revision 1.1

    Version 1.1. Fixed minor color dismatch (this was the reason for choosing the wrong tileset)
  19. Axiomatic

    Geographic Addition's expansion

    Hello all. Roadmar18, I'll be glad if my mod will be further developed.
  20. Hello all Is it possible to change in tactical game to debug mode with open map, all alien, its roles and behavior visible? Updated: Never mind, I found it
  21. Axiomatic

    Where to edit engineers work-worth?

    Open file buildings.xml in Excel and edit strings "Workshop" and "NanotechWorkshop" in columns "WorkshopSpace" and "SetManufactureEfficiency" as you want
  22. Axiomatic

    [X:CE 0.31+] Building and Salaries Overhaul

    If it be useful to anyone, I tweaked building.xml from this mod. I think, in this version mod is more balanced. buildings.xml
  23. Axiomatic

    [X:CE 0.31+] Building and Salaries Overhaul

    Building and Salaries Overhaul.zip
  24. Just for information, I managed to solve it in the following way. After the start of the game I first load the any save on the global map, and then load problem ground combat save. Additional note. After continue this way to global map, I can't push any button by mouse cursor. I saved game once more. Restart Xenonauts and loaded any good global map savegame. And after that - loaded last savegame.