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  1. Hey, Been quietly watching the progress this time around, but I felt I should voice my cents in this topic. On Single-base setup Single-base setup is simple and works beautifully. Has problems, like said base defence. Some ideas: - Leave base defence out completely: Instead focus on aliens' terror affecting your funding etc. and choices and consequences between having to choose between simultaneously placed missions' adverse effects. Like what Xcom2 TNG did. Some brutal civilian defence missions etc. - Add in base security as a factor: Deploy security forces in various place of your base, maybe have some security buildings etc, automated defences etc. Then handle it more like tower defence in Realtime 2D, with a more statistical approach. This could btw be very good for both Single- and Multi-base... - Ground level Base Defence only: If players engage base defence, make the defence mission only on ground level. This way you could have a map with large outdoor sections and some inside sections. The layout need not exactly match the side-view, you can add whatever to make it more interesting. You could randomize the base defence once per game - or just stick with the one premade. could be good, for more tactical and better thought-out invasions... - Rare, but meaningful Invasions: With a single base, alien invasions should be very rare, because losing one base means losing the game, while with multi-base setup, it might not... Rare invasions would support hand-made and more carefully considered levels, as opposed to randomly generated. Sure the coolness aspect of seeing your own layout in action is lost, but that feature really only works if the other features of multi-base management work really well. - Support Staff and random events: Now this would be something new in this genre: events that occur within your base that you have to resolve via a simple narrative choice-driven interface. I'm thinking events in games like Stellaris, which are drawn from pools of events. Different events require different solutions, e.g. a reactor is breaking down so you need to assign some engineers, and then you find an alien infestation lurking in there and need to assign some security to take care of them, maybe losing some staff in the process. Or a conflict between your chief engineer and one of your soldiers forces you to sack one of them etc. Maybe even add some new support staff to maintain the base. With proper pacing of events it could make things more interesting. Anyway, anything to make you care more for the people in your base is better. Could also work well with arbitrary RPG stats and traits on the random staff, maybe one guy is especially good at killing bugs, so you want him to be your exterminator, while another excels and boosting morale and resolving social conflicts. On Multi-Base Setup I think that If you're going to do multi-base, make sure you get a fresh spin on it, instead of just re-iterating with some - albeit welcome - simplifications. - Make base locations unique: I love the nuclear missile silo in the side-view. Why not have access to nukes?! Why not make each base location unique in the sense that they each provide something extra for you. And make number of base locations also limited. There would be many options to consider between randomized and static base locations, but most importantly this can give you important game design leverage to give players meaningful decisions - that's what made X-COM TNG such a successful franchise IMO. You could even have unique story sections related to each base, maybe some sort of small quest in order to get the special facility operational 100% - Make basic base grid unity much smaller: Allow building corridors, to manufacture really unique layouts; choke points, security checkups, otherwise just beautiful layouts etc. In addition with the unique base effect concept, you can add rubble and junk that needs to be cleared, or just unbuildable areas. Special Effects could be static base tiles that can't be removed, influencing how certain places could be built. With Power as a requirement, you could even go as far as add Power Nodes that need to be placed manually, to improve distribution of power between Power Plants and facilities. - upgradeable facilities: Facilities could use some upgrading mechanics. Especially with base invasion, I could easily see some room for base upgrades between security and efficiency - maybe something else as well. Maybe upgrades could be unique modifiers that need to be chosen from a certain list, but you only have room for few - again adding another layer of choice. - Multiple dropships: Yes, if multi-base then this. You could also do several spins on this as well, maybe add some massive troop carriers, and some lightning fast but smaller ones, for stuff that require rapid responses for less-threatening missions that still have adverse impacts you'd like to avoid. Also, not all missions need be combat missions. There can be mission that require investigation and some small narrative-based decision-making. Maybe you don't really know the threat unless you go there or scout around etc. Maybe even some kind of black ops missions that allow you to sabotage enemy, without engaging, with some risk of getting into combat. This would also support in having crafts with more roles. --- Yes, I realize what I suggest all requires more work, some a lot, but those opinions were thrown out in the name of making the game feel better with some new interesting twists in this department. Overall, I will vote for single-base setup because doing the multi-base proper this time around would take a ton of development time, and I'm afraid a half-done version would just reduce the overall quality of the game. Of course, if you guys have the muscles and the bucks, then do it! Just don't screw it up, and for frack's sake give it a new, fresh spin Cheers! PS. Also realized I haven't checked the demo in a while, so i should probably play a few rounds with it...
  2. I was considering having predator as requirement research before unlocking ultra heavies, but then I considered the fact that due to the the hard requirements, they're already organically restricted, and the strength-enhancing tech from predator is already hinted in the research description. So, I like to leave it more open; if you manage to get a heavy weapons guy with high strength, you'll suddenly find those weapons usable. A reward for managing to survive that far. Yeah... I thought it might be the case with that one I'm doing a rebalance pass at the moment, so I'll see what can be done about that It's not impossible, though I'd have to do some mockup work with the graphics. The problem is, what kind of sidearms exactly. To keep it simple, we could have two sidearms for the advanced tiers. Basically one would be a longer range heavy damage single shot weapon, while the other would basically be a SMG type weapon or similar. I.e. damage per shot versus damage per second contrast. That's a good idea anyway, I'll have to see if I have the time to do that, but right now I'm focusing on the rebalance pass.
  3. That's precisely the intention. They become the awesomest thing in the universe once you unlock Predator Armour pretty late in the game, but before that you're severely limited on how you can use them. Also, the basic battle rifle is intended to be just an alternative to the assault rifle, i.e. very early game weapon. I find them useful against androns and sebs before having more powerful equipment available. The Advanced Battle Rifle is more like a crossover between a sniper and an assault rifle. I'm still working on the damage balance there. Also, the grenade launchers don't work properly yet, I believe I mentioned it in their description, so just consider those as placeholders
  4. Yeah, that's a really good article on the G11. Here's the critical part: Anyway, the ACC and AP of the burst mode is based on the normal shot AP and ACC, to emphasize that the 3 round burst is designed to be the main mode of operation. Anyway, I realized as well that the new weapons are unlocked too quickly, so I've been testing new research balance. So far It's seemed really well. Basically how it goes is this: - Advanced Ballistics Research unlocked after Alien Invasion research, as it is in 0.4 - Advanced Sidearms and Assault Weapon research is unlocked after encountering Sebillians - Advanced Heavy Ballistics is unlocked after encounter Andron + researching sidearms and assault weapons - Ultra Heavy Ballistics is unlocked after encountering either a Heavy Drone or one of the tougher Androns. I won't release until I can test it thoroughly, but so far that's the plan. I might add more unlock conditions to Ultra Heavies, but the idea is they would be available somewhere around plasmas, making them an alternative to researching and using plasmas, while lasers should be unlocked before adv. heavy ballistics. All this of course depends on if you choose to focus on the advanced ballistics or not. I've not in fact tested the mod without researching them at all, but the idea is the game should still be playable - although much harder.
  5. I've never experienced that kind of bug either, and I've started a new game with this mod dozens of times while testing things out. I don't think its related to the mod... Do you have any other mods installed? In 0.4 Ultra Heavies unlock after you've researched all previous Advanced Ballistics and Alien Alloy Fabrication.
  6. Thanks! Rockets should be useful against androns and multiple Electroshocks should also do the trick - though you probably don't want to get too close to them... But yes, the Ultra Heavy Rifle and Heavy Machinegun are designed to counter androns. You could also use the minigun, laser rifle or other rapid fire weapons to eat up their armor then plasmas to deliver killing blows. MAG weapons, if they don't penetrate, are excellent at eating armour, so you might want to research them asap. Have you encountered Heavy Drones yet?
  7. Well, there's also the sound files, but they should be pretty simple to understand. However, a handy bit of info could be how to convert Rounds Per Minute to BurstDelay. Just use the following formula: 60 / RoundsPerMinute E.g. A MAC-10 SMG with RPM of 1200 would have a BurstDelay of (60/1200) 0.05.
  8. This is the single most important modding support feature that the game needs. Just take a look at game seris with undoubtedly largest modding community ever: Elder Scrolls III, IV and V. The games are not that great on their own, but with incredible modding capabilities, they've built communities that extend the games' lifetime for more than a decade. And in my opinion, the most important factor is the ability to combine those millions of mods with relative ease, through a simple load order system. Without that, the user is limited to what a single modder offers, instead of being able to pick, choose and combine. By measure of agency, the numbers don't lie. Anyway, Great work Ilunak! I'll check this out and how it works with my mod works.
  9. Yeah, I rechecked it as well and you're right. I'll fix that. I'm thinking of using Submachine Gun as its name, since the weapon is often being referred to as a Compact Submachinegun, instead of a Machine Pistol, which it resembles.
  10. I originally had the first weapon tech unlocked at the same time as laser weapons, but decided to change that so they unlock earlier. It would be very simple to make it so the further research is unlocked later. I'm currently thinking about something like this: Advanced Ballistics (the first new research) would remain unchanged and is unlocked after researching Alien Invasion. After that, Advanced Sidearms and Advanced Assault Weapons would be unlocked (At the same time) together with Laser Weapons. This means the game before lasers would be almost the same as vanilla, but at that point you'd simply have more choice. It feels a bit artificial, and there's no real grounds except a lore-related one, but could be better gamewise. What he said According to my research it should be actually a pretty accurate portrayal of the weapon. The low damage and armoured aliens should however make it pretty balanced, although it still kicks caesan ass Anyway, the lasers are even more accurate, although effective in completely different way... Well, technically I don't think it is, but for some reason I felt the description of the role fit in with the weapon's function pretty well. The alternatives were Machine Pistol or Submachine Guns. I guess I was thinking about the handedness of the weapon, as submachine guns are usually intended and most effective as two-handed weapons. And yes, it's compatible with 1.07.
  11. Appreciated dashtun, TacticalDragon Yeah, it's possible to combine the mods... although the way modding works now, it's basically just incredible amount of grunt work to combine everything Had we a load order system รก la TES...
  12. Download Version 0.4 *New Release!* Version 0.3 About the mod AWTPAB is an overhaul mod focused on rebalancing the different weapon technologies, so they feel like more than just a simple +1 upgrade to the previous tier. My goal is to have each tech provide some sort of purpose and allow various tactical considerations. The idea is that you would mix and match different weapons of different techs based on your playstyle. Aliens and their weapons are also rebalanced to better match the new weapon rebalance, with armour playing key role now. As a bonus I've also included an expanded array of ballistic weapons. My overall focus is on the feel of the weapons, not on how "balanced" they are. Keeping gameplay challenging if of course an ongoing goal. All this is work-in-progress, but feedback is always welcome! Summary of features: Installation & Compatibility Copy all files from Core Package folder to xenonauts root folder, replacing everything as prompted. You can also install any of the optional mods in from their corresponding folder. See the readme inside the zip for more info. The mod modifies many of the .xml files in the assets/ folder, so any mod that modifies those are likely to break the mod. Check the assets folder for more details. Known problems Grenade Launchers don't work as intended. This might change in the future, so I'm still keeping the weapons in the mod as placeholders, so I don't have to start a new game if this gets fixed at some point. Alien rebalance nearly completely untested. The only way to fully test this is literally play to the (near) end, so I'm still working on it Weapon rebalance nearly completely untested with new alien rebalance. Credits - Goldhawk for creating Xenonauts - Xenonauts community - Community Coders for Xenonauts: Community Edition http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/10797-Xenonauts-Community-Edition-0-24 - Freesound.org for a great library of Creative Commons licenced sounds - XNT - Into Darkness team for developing their mod. Their efforts helped me understand lot of the modding process and especially replace the unit animations Mod Forum Thread: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/10934-V1-07-XNT-Into-Darkness-V5-2-PlatinumDragon-%28New-Game-Universe-Mod%29 - Mikhail Ragulin for developing Magnum-nauts and Magnum Force, for ideas and inspiration Mod Forum Thread: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11189-v1-07-Magnum-nauts - LtParsons for TRUE LASER mod Mod Forum Thread: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/4798-Mod-True-laser-beam
  13. A general issue: Whenever you add new features to .xml or create new ones, how about a quick documentation on the new attributes. E.g. with the nightRangeBonus in armour_gc.xml, it's not clear at all if the bonus is a multiplier-type bonus or a fixed range bonus. Ideally, all .xmls should have adequate documentation regarding what the variables do. Some are self-explanatory, but many aren't.
  14. Yeah, I don't like the vanilla funding model either, as it's too restricting. That's among the reasons I'm modding the game anyway What I like to do is start with ~4 million then I mod the relation modifiers so they're 50% more than what they originally are. This way, you'll on average get 50% more funding, and that + starting funds actually give you room to play, without making it too much of a cakewalk. These are also very easy to mod in, just edit gameconfig.xml, you'll find the proper entries soon enough.
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