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  1. I've attached a PowerPoint file with the layouts I normally use. There are millions of possibilities, but these suit my style of gameplay pretty well. I use the same basic thought process for Xenonauts 1 and all of the XCom games. As time permits and depending on how fast I get my Research Base and Engineering Base up and running I will slowly convert the default base to something more functional. I run my main strike team from here. While that is going on I will slowly build what I call generic bases. Based on the placement of the first 3 bases I will build the generic bases in locations with the highest alien activity. From those bases, I will run additional strike teams if things get really busy. I'll load them up with fighter/interceptor aircraft with one drop ship. That being said place all of your bases for the most efficient radar coverage. Don't overlap. Bases Grid.pptx
  2. I build specialized bases for research and engineering. As I progress thru the game I transfer both functions out of the original base so I can maximize capacity.
  3. HTF do I transfer Scientists & Engineers?? I see how to TX Soldiers. There is a field on the Scientists & Engineers screens that says "number of scientists/engineers in transit", but I don't see any obvious way to do it. Do I have to fire them in one location and rehire in the other??
  4. Can you transfer Engineers between bases? I don't see an obvious way.
  5. Found the answer to my question. It appears the weapons are sold off automatically. I guess my next question is why and is it preventable?
  6. What happens to alien weapons recovered from missions. They show on the post mission list of recovered stuff, but they don't make it back to the base. At least nowhere I can find. My Xenonauts can take them from dead aliens and use them during the missions
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