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  1. It would be nice to know the status of my own armor.
  2. Hi. I got a problem that is unique to me, I think, I cannot see the facehugger on the screen...my eyes are not so good (lost >20% vision in left eye and right eye cannot see real good anyway and lost vision in left eye makes right eye tired all the time). Is there anything I can do to make things easier to see.
  3. In my games an Alien or Xenonaut that stays still in a stun cloud will eventually be stunned--usually in the next turn.
  4. I use this "mod" and find it very useful. Thanks for making it.
  5. I noticed the disappearing game bug after I had an update to Windows 10 also. It disappears from the screen and if I click the little icon on the bottom of the screen (in the tray area) it will reappear on its own several seconds later. The disappearing act always happens shortly after opening the game. And after it reappears it does not disappear again. At least not until I close and open the game at some later time. I did not not mention it earlier as I realized it was a Windows 10 problem not a Xeno or X-Division problem.
  6. Quick question...although I'll probably find out for myself when I open the game. Will this change the things I've already researched? But for those who aren't actively playing it might help.
  7. So does someone have a solution to the cruiser problem (cannot see the 1st/2nd Level under the dome part of the Cruiser)? This repeats every time I battle my way to the cruiser...a real bummer since there is no way I can fight blindfolded like that.
  8. Thought this bug was fixed but I cannot see inside the dome area of a cruiser. Makes taking any cruiser almost impossible...Am I missing a file?
  9. I am still in phase 1. I let a Construction group land--did not even try to intercept it. It was a terror carrier and two scouts. I sent my best squad to land there after the base was built and the construction group left. My helicopter (still haven't been able to build the Shrike although I think I did all the research needed). My helicopter almost got there before the construction group left but there is no way to slow down a assault (you can cancel but not slow down--time the assault to daylight hours). I did not worry about darkness since the battle will be indoors. I found I was fighting Phase 2 enemies and weapons...a real stunner since I was still deep in phase 1. My team barely got out alive...but I did manage to take some weapons with me (for research)...ONLY problem is now I have an alien base that I cannot hope to attack. (The second attempt was made with lots of healing and ammo (overloaded troops which were dropped in the first room). The first attempt I was facing androns, the second sebillians, and the third ceasans (all probably misspelled)...why was every attempt made with different enemies? I gave up after the third attempt as my men barely survived the first room in all three attempts. Forget about capturing as all were immune to stun gas grenades.
  10. I changed the timing of the start of phases like you suggested but did not change the timing of local forces getting updated battle gear to make sure my changes worked.  I have now reached a time when the local forces have upgraded weapons but the new phase has not started for the Aliens.  The new gear showed up in a terror mission in a VERY small town in far south South America.  Thanks for the help. 

    Still have not found out why the game crashes when I produce a new product under manufacturing (although the product itself is not new just an alternate way to produce the product).   I can have everything in place but simply not produce the product and the game does not have a problem with it.  Any suggestions on where to look would be greatly appreciated.

    Well I have other games to play with real live human opponents.  See you later.

  11. Question: Why do rail guns have no migration effect. The main effect of rail guns is their penetration factor. I've seen videos of rail guns busting thru many inches of layered steel plates.
  12. I looked at the modding discussion area and nowhere did I find a hint at a solution to my produce item and crash problem. Now my eyes hurt and I'm no closer to finding an answer. Maybe I need something in the manufacture xml of the item than the stock item line...but I have no idea as to what is missing. In 2010 i had a incident with my left eye. My retina tore free and covered the part of the eye that sees details. I've had two retina surgeries but I never got back the ability of the left eye to read text...so my right eye does ALL the work...it gets tired and gives me pain (headaches and eye strain). With my left eye everything is badly distorted.
  13. Need some help. Like to change the X-Division balance a little but have run into some problems. 1. Like to delay the start of the phases but cannot find where that is controlled. My eyes are not so good so looking at lots of text hurts after a few minutes. 2. Added a new manufacture and it crashes when the item is finished being produced. The item being produced is already in the item.xml. I added to research.xml (unlock manufacture) and it allows me to "produce" the item (it shows up in the Engineers to do list)..added needed changes to string.xml to say what is needed to produce and what is produced. When the item is produced the game stalls and then crashes to desktop. This is entirely for myself since I get so frustrated when my forces are wiped out when the new phase begins and all my weapons are useless. And I have not produced enough of the new weapons to outfit my soldiers better than the LOCALS. I will not be uploading my changes anywhere or sharing it with anyone.
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