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  1. Larry Burstyn

    Xenonauts-2: ATLAS Base

    Cannot remember but was the Atlas a liquid or solid fuel missile....if liquid you would need tanks to store the fuel safely. If solid the fuel would be getting dangerous by now and the missile would have been removed and destroyed before it exploded--making a worthless hole in the ground or endangering anyone nearby. Some old Atlas missile silos and surrounding areas have been sold to private individuals (after the missile, controllers, fuel and other stuff have been removed). I've seen designs and pictures of the old bases as they were right after being sold and how the new owners have modified the silos. Up until they were sold the US government had hired guards to protect the silos from others squatting on the silos.
  2. Larry Burstyn

    Xenonauts-2: ATLAS Base

    The only problem I see with the Atlas base is it's two dimensional. IF the cross-section is East-West what is on the North-South axis. I doubt the rooms are curved completely (50%) around the center. Plus there could be MORE rooms in the outermost ring. Making a 3-D map is hard but having two maps (one from above and one from the side is possible).
  3. File was 543K bytes not the usual 1+ gigabytes. My opening screen still says version 20...not 21....but the gate appears so it must be the new one. The guard shacks roof remains up even when ALL the walls have been destroyed. Had most of the problems (the first time crash and the bugs) that Ninothree reported. But I did not mess with the settings. Never seen the entire map because the game ends before I get that far. Hopefully the all out attack by the aliens will end soon so I can explore the whole map.
  4. Bug Report? Doors and windows do not open--you walk right thru them. Having gun fire spread out on a 30 degree arc seems kind of off. Missed arc is much too large. Especially considering that I was firing with a 85% chance of hitting. Hit chances while firing at enemy less than 8 hexes away and out in open (NO COVER) seem a bit low. Hitting an open type fence while firing next to it seems wrong...should be able to shoot thru openings without a chance to hit the fence.
  5. Larry Burstyn

    Xenonauts-2 Version 0.11.2 Hotfix Released!

    During my play thru I had a experience that I don't understand....apparently firing over a crouch soldier is not allowed in X2...was in X1. I killed one of my soldiers when my MG'er fired "over" the man in front of him--he was standing up and the soldier in front was kneeling.
  6. Humm...having trouble spelling things this morning. Tried the grenades and managed to kill my own soldiers as they seem unable to throw the grenades over the small rocks in front of them.
  7. Larry Burstyn

    Xenonauts-2 Version 0.9.1 Hotfix Released!

    Possible bug report. When I get the results of the combat the faces are missing. There is an outline on where the faces are suppose to be but no faces. It seems that I hits more often when the hit chances are low than when they are high??
  8. Okay, here's my report. Successfully knock out a Sebillion (spelling?) with a stun baton. Interesting every time I hit him I got stun damage and resist at the same time...perhaps one was stun and the other health damage? I noticed that no info was given after the mission succeeded except the number of soldier I lost and the number of enemy killed (nothing about capturing). Had a soldier bleed to death because I could not figure out how to use the medic kit another man was carrying. Tried right click, left click, clicked both ways on the kit but still no joy in applying the medic kit to the injured soldier. The soldier using the medic kit had 28 TU remaining so it should have worked. It took several turns for him to die but I just could not figure out how to use the medic kit. Just notice have to use alt+ctl down at same time.
  9. Played several games but noticed I got the same map EVERY time. Is this what I should be getting?
  10. Larry Burstyn

    Repeated crashes

    OK? Automated crash reports? Where do I find on to enable? The report box is checked under options but not sure if any report was sent to you. Just finished a game...the only thing different was that I checked auto resolve opportunity fire. I also ran across the enemy one shot kills and firing thru the spaceships walls. In fact the enemy fired thru the wall to one shot kill one of my men while another was standing INSIDE the ship right next to him.
  11. Larry Burstyn

    Repeated crashes

    I've been unable to complete one game as the game crashes after a few rounds (it seems related to the number of enemy killed but not sure). No log so no information on what caused the crash. Game crashes to desktop. This started with version 5.1. No save game either.
  12. Larry Burstyn

    [X:CE 0.34.2] Xenonauts X-pansion Pack

    I deactivated the Ultimate Ambient Sounds mod and have not had a crash since.
  13. Larry Burstyn

    [X:CE 0.34.2] Xenonauts X-pansion Pack

    I am having crash problems not sure as to why. It's happened when I playing ground battle or strategic portion of turn. Crash is just game stopping. Only way out is to sign off and reboot windows.
  14. Larry Burstyn

    THIS IS SPARTA !!!! X-Division Version

    My problem is that the rocket carry man can only carry the rocket launcher and maybe two rockets...that's it. Because he is not strong enough to carry anything else. Sometimes they can only carry the rocket launcher. That's with ALL new men. The originals might be able to carry more if they survive enough missions in XDivision which they usually DON'T.
  15. Larry Burstyn

    Who are the devs?

    The buttons on the list on messages that indicate a new entry (new message in the forum). Sometimes they are a star and sometimes a circle.