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  1. Yeah, the video was super helpful. It's 100% the smoke effect from the damaged generator, we'll get it fixed!
  2. Thanks for the bug report! Do you still have the save for this? Should be a relatively simple fix but it will save me a lot of time looking for the specific map and parcel
  3. Thanks for the save! Yeah, the bug basically happens when the wall has the shroud on its other side, we're still working on getting it fixed
  4. Yeah, unfortunately it looks like the blast door bug found its way back, we're aware of this and intend to fix it once other more urgent bugs have been fixed.
  5. Thanks for the bug report! Do you still have the save file? I can take a look into it and see what's going on. Do note though that if it's indeed a bug, fixes for it will come in milestone 4 (which will break your campaign saves)
  6. Thanks, that's really strange though. There should be a palm tree where the shoot preview is being blocked, the tree seems to have been destroyed on an earlier turn, but is still somehow remaining in the scene, we'll have to take a look
  7. Thanks, this might be related to another bug where the level hiding wouldn't work even if you changed the active level, will check with our programmers!
  8. Strange, I'll give it a look. Any chance you still have the save file for this one? Thanks!
  9. Yeah, there's currently a bug w/ alenium warheads causing a crash. We're working on pushing out a hotfix for this asap, sorry for the inconvenience!
  10. Just to make sure, do you mean this soldier? When loading the save and pressing end turn, the soldier on my end just keeps standing on that spot w/o making any moves EDIT: It's alright now, moved the zombie soldier to a different spot and yeah you're right, it's not using the reaper zombie animations
  11. Yeah, the Alenium Missile engineering project is causing a crash atm. We're working on releasing a hotfix asap to get it fixed!
  12. Cool, let us know if you encounter some issues (there are currently a few on 4.8 and we're working on getting a hotfix out to address the severe ones)
  13. Oh, right. I'll take a look into it. It's likely that the pegasus excluded the container from spawning as it might've overlapped with pegasus' meta regions
  14. Colossus seems to crouch normally on my end, have you tried it on 4.7? There were some animation issues with the Colossus armour that was fixed on the subsequent patches
  15. Will have to check with the rest of the team as I'm not sure whether civilians generate corpses on death
  16. Yeah, unfortunately we don't have the art assets right now for the andron elite corpse
  17. Thanks for the bug report! You might've uploaded the wrong save by chance? The zombie soldier didn't move when I pressed end turn on the save you provided?
  18. Yeah, this is due to the ladder being a separate gameobject from the container, so when the container is destroyed, the ladder remains. We intend to link the destruction state of the ladder to the container sometime, but unfortunately not enough dev time just yet as there's always more urgent bugs to fix!
  19. Thanks for the bug reports! This should work fine on the newer versions, I used the SMGs quite a bit on my own playthrough on 4.5 and there worked w/o any problems
  20. Thanks for the bug report! Yup, this is caused by the alenium warhead engineering project. We're working on getting it patched out asap!
  21. Yeah, there's currently a bug w/ that engineering project. We're working on releasing a hotfix to patch it out!
  22. Does this happen everytime/often when you enter a loading screen?
  23. Btw, we looked a bit into it and there's a chance this might be hardware related (The weird lighting one specifically). Have you updated your gpu drivers recently? If so, we'd appreciate if you can give us your dxdiag file so we can take a look into your hardware specs and check if this bug is related to that. To get the dxdiag file, just press Windows key + S, then type in 'dxdiag', click "Save All Information" then post the file on a reply hjere, thanks! The walls somehow allowing you to shoot might be related to the blast doors, we're still looking into it
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