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  1. Batons do normal as well as stun damage. Most likely you just killed her with the normal damage? Maybe wait a turn; Xenos recover HP on their turn, but nothing recovers stun threshold.
  2. All that sounds great! Can't wait to check it out finally mid December. Is there still a ban on showing the state of the game in a public video? Could you consider making that principle more general in terms of game logic for modders (of course I have no idea how it is currently implemented)? Would love to see the possibility of adding helmets, backpacks, boots etc. as armour components.
  3. Dagar

    How many bases can be built?

    *Laughs in X-Division* Hopefully that max number is moddable?
  4. Beautiful find @Alphaswolf, thanks!
  5. Almost certainly they are. Lancers and grav torps are both Phase 2 stuff while Foxtrots and Alenium torps are Phase 1. Just look at the Xenopedia. There is no argument against Lancers as they are a straight up upgrade over Foxtrots. Grav torpedoes might be worse for shooting the big boats if they have shorter range, longer lock on time or less overall damage. Depends. Dunno their stats off the top of my hat.
  6. Have more planes, presumably. Downing Terror boats seems to be a thing you mostly can only do with a huge amount of planes or, at best, late in the according phase.
  7. So, I personally never altered a save file. People mostly use Notepad++ and Excel for the .xml files. However, after crawling the forums with the search function for a bit, I found this about save files: So a hex editor should work fine for the save files. Can't check that right now since I am not on a PC with Xenonauts installed.
  8. @helstads_dog Can't really help you, but I'd look at my save game file with an according editor and see if I can alter the location/mission of the squadron/fighters back to in their base. Make a backup save first though! You should be looking at both Fighters as well as at the Squadron, which you should delete. Just look how other active and grounded planes look first.
  9. Dagar

    Weapon Asymetry

    I like that idea! Sounds like something I'd want to use, unless the damage output of Lasers is practically zero in the end. Another potentially cool thing to try, if you have such upgrade paths would be something like this: You are soundly in the Laser tier, with enough weapons for all of your soldiers, when you research Plasma Now you can start manufacturing these clearly better weapons, but they are expensive as hell, and you need special material for them that you only get few of, if any, in a mission. But you also unlock an upgrade to the Laser tech which costs you time and maybe some material to manufacture, but then automatically all your Laser weaponry becomes slightly better. Not as good as the Plasmas, but still a nice little upgrade. Then you can choose to save the research time and material to do that upgrade and go straight for as many Plasmas as you can, or you can take the sidegrade, smoothing out the effectiveness increase bump a bit for the cost of mostly time. What do you think?
  10. There seem to be instances where something in the tech tree does not register. In my (slightly older) version it was the Wolf, Direwolf and Predator armours, but that was fixed since. Maybe an according bug is in the high tier stuff and nobody noticed until now?
  11. Dagar

    Weapon Asymetry

    I usually agree with you on most stuff, but not here. There are tons of ways in which you can keep different paths relevant. One example outlined by you below: That would generalize to different game mechanisms for the weapon families. For the Laser family, you could add a researchable power control that gives you more damage per beam in exchange for more battery drainage or more heat (if you implement an overheat mechanism). Another path would be that the final weapon tiers are similar in overall power but balanced for different use cases. In Long War and X-Division, Laser weapons have an accuracy bonus, which makes them perfect for inaccurate rookies or long range snipers. Other families could have more damage, more armour mitigation, more projectiles per shot/burst, more damage to props, spawn fire or smoke or light on their path or target, aoe damage or dot, ... It is good that you want to attempt that. But also, you could link these improvements to your laser weapons to some research that comes out of plasma tech, which means you cannot "stay" on your divergent laser path if you want to improve your weaponry, but have to tech the other ones too, and then decide if you want to upgrade, build the new tech from scratch or some mix of both. Apart from that, do not underestimate that researching new tech and getting unexpected new toys and more cool research from it is very satisfying. I'd research pretty much everything just to see what comes of it and to get that small dose of dopamine when another tech is finished. With a mix of different damage types, resistances and tiers within the families, there is huge potential for viable side-grading of your weapons and equipment in general. Just make sure the player can explore as well as make informed, strategic and tactical decisions with what you come up with, and all will be fine.
  12. That smoke is apparently so dense that it is literally blocking. Maybe made of nano-machines that yank bullets out of their trajectory?
  13. As for missing tech from specialists, that is easy to determine. Specialists unlock some predetermined tech, like engineers and medics, and the Mk3 weapons of that Phase in a randomized fashion. That means some combination of specialists unlock some Mk3 stuff. If you have every Laser Mk3 weapon available, you did not miss out on anything regarding the Light Scout Op (since Caesans unlock Laser Mk3, while Sebs unlock Div Mk3).
  14. Glad you see it our way. Welcome to the Church of the Holy X-Division, young acolyte!
  15. Focus them down one by one and turn their energy based weapons against them, if you have none. Even the dogs themselves sometimes drop weapons. The kinetic weapon of your vehicle also does decent damage, so try to preserve it and get in close before shooting for better hit chance.