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  1. Glad you see it our way. Welcome to the Church of the Holy X-Division, young acolyte!
  2. Focus them down one by one and turn their energy based weapons against them, if you have none. Even the dogs themselves sometimes drop weapons. The kinetic weapon of your vehicle also does decent damage, so try to preserve it and get in close before shooting for better hit chance.
  3. Many thanks and best of luck to you on your campaign!
  4. Do you use explosives much? You also need many of the kinetic weapons of the aliens to advance to Mk2 afaik. Maybe you blow most of the dropped stuff up... Plus, some of the heavier weapons can be hard to find, e.g. cannons.
  5. Yes you do. You are right, the stun equipment is very problematic at that point. If you have Caesan enemies, use their lightning guns against them and the Xenomorphs. Apart from that, research the shock weaponry tree and the advanced stun gas stuff.
  6. Dagar

    Xenonauts-2 July Update!

    Thank you for the update, @Chris. Can you take the time at some point to talk about the mod support? What is possible currently, what extent of mod-ability is planned?
  7. I had tried it in the same mission with another Hugger before, but ultimately I had to kill it. There stepping next to it was no problem. Most likely no TUs left.
  8. On other news, I knew stepping ON a Facehugger would zombify your trooper. Now I had it stepping NEXT TO one (I wanted to club it for capture). Is that a bug or is the Facehugger the only entity with reaction on a melee attack?
  9. Nope. Has been an issue forever. Likely will never be fixed.
  10. Known bug for ages, likely never will get fixed. If you put your melee weapon back in your inventory, the second hand slot suddenly has a new one. Just throw it on the ground and it will stop existing when the mission ends. Also the item deletion, you sadly have to put your gun in the inventory or on the ground and then take the melee weapon into hands. You cn the pick the weapon up from the ground into your inventory, it will not cost you more TUs than a quick swap.
  11. gamble: How are they a gamble? They are guaranteed to hit, you do not spend ammo, and they have ridiculous armour ignorance, so the one step more you have to take when compared to firing a weapon makes it worth so much more. Unless the enemy is an explodey type, then of course being close is pretty bad. TU costs: You say that now, but just try an Axe Mk2 in Phase 1 or 2...
  12. I'll try loading them in the next couple of days and report back to you.
  13. Should not be the case. A small minority of the entries still have something like this, but most should have real text. Check the version of X-Division (1.00.11 is the most recent) and check in the mod loader if there is an unchecked entry similar to "Palu's shiny lore".
  14. Dagar

    Xenonauts-2 April Update

    Congratz Chris! I hope everyone is well, and I can only recommend going easy on yourself in terms of workload and spending as much time as you can with your little wonder. They grow up so quickly! When you find the time, could you explain how the new grenade scatter mechanism works?
  15. If you are that kind of person, I'd recommend looking online for tutorial videos for the X-Div air game. Or watch a Let's Play :wink: I am at the start of Phase 2 now and the only thing that gave me problems in the first wave was actually capturing that damned small scout because it is so freaking fast (even faster than a Firebird? come on!)