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  1. Known bug for ages, likely never will get fixed. If you put your melee weapon back in your inventory, the second hand slot suddenly has a new one. Just throw it on the ground and it will stop existing when the mission ends. Also the item deletion, you sadly have to put your gun in the inventory or on the ground and then take the melee weapon into hands. You cn the pick the weapon up from the ground into your inventory, it will not cost you more TUs than a quick swap.
  2. gamble: How are they a gamble? They are guaranteed to hit, you do not spend ammo, and they have ridiculous armour ignorance, so the one step more you have to take when compared to firing a weapon makes it worth so much more. Unless the enemy is an explodey type, then of course being close is pretty bad. TU costs: You say that now, but just try an Axe Mk2 in Phase 1 or 2...
  3. I'll try loading them in the next couple of days and report back to you.
  4. Should not be the case. A small minority of the entries still have something like this, but most should have real text. Check the version of X-Division (1.00.11 is the most recent) and check in the mod loader if there is an unchecked entry similar to "Palu's shiny lore".
  5. Dagar

    Xenonauts-2 April Update

    Congratz Chris! I hope everyone is well, and I can only recommend going easy on yourself in terms of workload and spending as much time as you can with your little wonder. They grow up so quickly! When you find the time, could you explain how the new grenade scatter mechanism works?
  6. If you are that kind of person, I'd recommend looking online for tutorial videos for the X-Div air game. Or watch a Let's Play :wink: I am at the start of Phase 2 now and the only thing that gave me problems in the first wave was actually capturing that damned small scout because it is so freaking fast (even faster than a Firebird? come on!)
  7. 1) You are not missing. 95% is actually the highest possible accuracy (at least displayed; within two tiles radius you cannot actually miss). You will have seen Caesans drop Mini Shields from time to time. They function just like your Riot shields in that they soak up the first X damage coming their way from a frontal arc. Moreover, every unit (including your soldiers, look at the stats of the armours) has armour protection from incoming attacks (energy, kinetic, chemical and fire I think are the categories). Kinetic and Energy are ablative armour. They may mitigate the first incoming shots completely, but the armour will degrade in the process, meaning following shots will hit harder. You can also observe that the damage numbers rise against a single enemy over time. 2) I don't think I understand the question. There is no mod that takes the manufacture portion to a lighter level, afaik. 3) The game is divided into tiers (called Phases), but that has little to do with aircraft and their weaponry. The aricraft are rather split into roles. For that you want to look at their equipment slots. You have cannon slots and light and heavy hardpoints. Your F17 is your general purpose fighter with a cannon slot and a light hardpoint for rockets. It is there to take on your medium enemy craft, but it can be used against almost anything to a certain amount of effect. Then there are the dogfighters, the pure anti-fighter craft, of which the Asierus is the first one. It has no hardpoints, but two cannon points. I invite you to try out Mausers on that one. They have less overall damage than the standard Autocannons, but they deliver it much faster, ending the fight quickly. Lastly, there are your Bombers, of which the Foxtrot is one. They have heavy hardpoints for rockets and torpedoes. Equip them with the latter for maximum effect against large craft, but get rid of the escorts first. 4) Dunno, not familiar with altering the mechanisms. But there should be.
  8. It tends to be the case that games that go from 2d sprites to 3d are looking worse afterwards. That said, who was playing Xenonauts for the visuals to begin with? That does not mean that your criticism is not valid, I have some grudges with the presentation as well, but let's face it, this is no FiraXCOM, and that is exactly why we are here.
  9. @Dermophile74Is the vanilla Xenonauts in French? Steam should let you download the english language for the game in the properties afaik.
  10. Dagar

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    A bit late to the party as I have fallen from checking the forum daily in the last months. Still, I'd like to welcome you in the rank of fathers, Chris, and hope everything goes well with birth. Yeah, you will get little sleep, but hey, you can now officially always get away with dad jokes, which is nice! (Not the only nice thing about having children by any means)
  11. Dagar

    Idea: Conceal Mechanic

    I think this would be a nice addition for a mod to bring. Does not sound too hard.
  12. Not really, because prior to that you have to calculate whether the grenade should be able to land there in the first place. You cannot use your approach, if the target position is through a wall. But then again, maybe you can throw over the wall? Is there a roof over the thrower or the target? What about windows in the way? Are they aligned well enough that this throw could succeed? And so on and so forth.
  13. Well, in that case they were intentionally throwing very short, risking their own lives. That should still be possible in Xenonauts 2. All I am saying is that it does not come across as believable if 10% of your far throws land short because of wonky mechanisms, and in that case I would not use damage grenades at all, most likely.
  14. I'd advocate calculating a real parabolic arc instead of using a system that is hard to predict. A ballistic trajectory mainly is dependent on the initial movement vector; that would be true for both thrown and launched grenades. You could handle the inaccuracy by altering the throw vector in its strength (length) and direction depending on distance and the thrower's accuracy. You could then project an "forecast" area onto the scene describing where the grenade may actually land, so it is always understandable what risk you are taking by attempting that throw. Finally, you apply the randomness to the vector and calculate the actual parabolic trajectory. The good thing with such a system is that it behaves as we would expect, along with the possibility of deflecting surfaces like ceilings, floors, walls (deduct some strength from the vector at the moment the surface is hit, mirror the direction according to the surface normal and calculate the next arc up to some threshold strength where the grenade is just considered stationary). If not this, then I'd propose a system based on your cover system. Determine the highest obstacle in the way between source and target to see if the throw is actually possible, and if so, how many stories it would arc over (you could limit the height, but the maps are already limited in height and not too high to be totally unplausible). With every necessary height level, the accuracy would drop (maybe halve), reflecting that throwing over a building is not very accurate because since you cannot see and have to expend much strength to even reach the height, it is hard to hit even near the target. Then, for each height level bridged, you would separate a portion of the throw and assign to it the height of objects it can pass over without a chance of interference. This would start at full height obstacles on the thrower's level, as humans are not really capable of hitting cover right in front of them (well, I also had a comrade in the military who managed to hit his own sandbag cover, but... you know... elite troops and all...). Towards the end of the arc, even half height objects on the target level could interfere and stop the grenade short for a bit. Basically, you then have the whole distance separated into smaller ranges where certain height cover has the chance to interfere. I want to have an exception to the area very close to the thrower not just because it is rather unlikely for a throw landing at your feet to really happen, but also because it is really unsatisfying and confusing for the player. Personally, I would not use grenades in any situation where I would risk the thrower's life, so I'd abstain even from throws my experience tells me would be safe.
  15. Yeah, this is known, but not really published somewhere afaik.