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  1. Ah, good thing to know. I presumed shields only lowered the reaction modifier value to 1.0, i.e. that they only had an effect with higher reaction weapons. In turn, I presume that means that Xenonauts shield wielders still can shoot any kind of alien heavy guns with 1.0 modifier, since they all are one handed?
  2. Dagar

    Throwing things

    Might be possible; after all a throwing mechanic is already in place. The soldiers being able to catch the stuff is what really would need work though; you may not want to pick up the mags from the ground each time. You could tie the throwing range and accuracy to the weight of the object; in Xenonauts cycling multiple soldiers through one weapon is also a thing. Also, all is fun and games until you realize this gives the potential to the aliens to also toss grenades back...
  3. No, I did not miss it. I also saw the linked video a while back, so I know what is in there, at least roughly. I used the terms mechanisms (not mechanics) and graphics as synonyms to the terms gameplay and cinematics just for the flow of text. Substitute them in your mind if you want and care for their respective distinctions. The point stays the same. These are not diametral features of a game.
  4. It was a pun on your spelling mistake. "postponing" is correct. As for cinematic vs. mechanical gaming: I agree to the overall sentiment, but I would not use these terms to describe two opposites. In my opinion games can be both, or none of these, so these to me are two different aspects that just coincidentally happen to appear linked in the games we consume. Why am I saying that? Well, first of all, a game with poor presentation and poor gameplay likely will never be played by you, so the amount of games with both that exist is not reflected in our perception. We know games that are "ugly" but good, and we know games that are eye candy but nothing more, and we see causality where there is only correlation. Dark Souls is such an example. The first one had pretty good graphics for the time, and it was gameplay heavy, so it is a game with both being "high". The first Thief (or Dark Project in Germany) was a good example for its time, Deus Ex comes to mind, StarCraft was not ugly when it came out either. I agree though that the trend in AAA gaming goes toward eye candy games with shallow gameplay. That is partly because with good graphics you attract a bigger audience, but also because of economy. If you put many resources in the game's appearance, you don't have them for the gameplay any more, and a game has to pay for itself without fail; the industry is a high risk one, with one misstep having the potential for financial ruin. And the gameplay is so shallow both because the ressources lack to make it deeper (with making that decision costing more ressources in terms of testing and so on) and because it is risky to try something new. Also, with the trend towards games as a service, you actually want the player to play for a long time, so the difficulty has to be at a level low enough not to shy away most players. That has nothing to do with the presentation of the game though; it is also true for most of the hundreds of random JMMORPGs.
  5. Isn't postboning more or less necrophilia? Okay, I'm outta here...
  6. @Charon Interesting find. Is it possible to, so to say, disable the disabling of anti-missiles? Who would know that?
  7. I think the technical term for why dual wielding is good is 'double dakka'. But on a more serious note, it can have its benefits, e.g. more ammo before reloading and potentially having two different damage types without switching. Usually shield is better nonetheless.
  8. @EurekaSeven welcome to the forum. Yeah, while the real-time system may not comeback, what the build showed most likely was very preliminary. That's also why backers were not supposed to show these ALPHA builds. So hold your horses and wait for the release until you judge.
  9. Shotgun farmers tend to be pretty good, LMG soldiers sometimes too, if they manage to suppress. The rest of the NPCs mostly is there for flair, though there might be situations where they accidentally shoot or suppress your guys, which can be really bad. As for changes, the only one I really, really want to see is some way (other than stun or kill them) to get them out of the way. Ideally the system would not be exploitable in the form that you could shove them in front of your soldiers as meat shields. Or maybe that could be some (dark) fun, too.
  10. Only the main UFO ever is in the map, the escort is not present then. Yeah, it is known that there are consistency problems with going on multiple missions in a row. That should be a vanilla thing though, not X-Division specific, and near impossible to fix for the mod team. And also it occurs pretty rarely anyway, so it sounds like more work than it's worth.
  11. Well, that's easy: If you have to decide between realism (or real-life consistency) and fun and balanced gameplay, always choose the latter. So if you want to go the training route, I'd say go for training all the stats. I mean, you can also pretty easily envision what player will do if some stats are trainable and others are not. That is concentrate on recruits with the non-trainable stats and cheese the stat gain while combat system to also gain the maximum of these. That's not really an interesting decision waiting to be made there.
  12. @Khaad: If you are interested in how to down the first Terror carrier by Brute Force, I can selfishly refer you to my LP campaign (on easy, so 75% health for UFOs): Clown Car Crash (part 1) (if that's not the one (I can't check right now) check the video before that.) As of software: most people use Open Broadcaster Software, I think, which works okay.
  13. @Khaad I don't know about pistols specifically, but my intuition is it should happen to them as well. It definitely happens to grenades and big weaponry.
  14. 1. Is a known bug that works for any equipment, so be sure to pick up the valuable stuff again before the mission ends. 1.1 is interesting, but it sounds like a normal bug. As for the rest, it sounds ominous and should not happen. Maybe you did not follow the installation instructions closely?
  15. Well, they need something to apply SHOCK, of course (if they don't have yet - I did not see it at least) Another idea, if it works that way: a rapid fire 0 accuracy weapon that just totally fills the arc corridor with bullets (due to 0 acc?)