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  1. I have the same reservations as @Svinedrengen about this. Maybe make the triangle yellow for shock and half yellow, half blue for both? Still, looks good, though the edges could need some alpha channel values, if they don't have it yet.
  2. So, you want the SMG to be an alternative to the pistol. As already said, I have only limited experience with the later stages of the game, but I felt I already used the SMG well as an alternative to the pistol as it is. Where it fell flat for me was when there was no early energy-based version of it when energy by and large is preferable to kinetic due to less resistance on the alien's side. But just comparing kinetic, by taking an SMG instead of a pistol you trade in damage and mag capacity for the chance to suppress. As always, you need to build your team around that, but it is definitely not as if the SMG is inferior to the pistol. I like to run assault rifle squads, and these rifles are my main source of damage, usually. For that to work I need some shielders to protect the defenseless rifles until they get close enough to reliably hit. I can (and do in the early game) suppress with LMGs and then get close, but I could also see myself swapping one of the two LMGs I currently bring for something else, if I have the close range suppression capability of two SMGs on my shielders instead. Sure, that's not perfect for every situation, especially on open maps like desert or arctic I would still prefer LMGs, but for towns and jungles I'd switch anytime. What I mean to convey here is that since pistols are a reflex bonus close range damage centered weapon, SMGs should not become the same thing. If a pistol is the close range counter part to an assault rifle, the SMG is the same thing for LMGs, and that is a good thing that should be preserved. I could also see myself utilizing the reflex bonus of a melee weapon in the main hand with an SMG in the off hand for suppression and damage. If it now additionally gives TU drain (SHOCK or what did you call it?), all the better for me.
  3. My experience with it is obviously limited, but I liked the Division SMG Mk1, and took it for my shielders over the ballistic or laser pistol of same level. To me it seemed like the only trade-off you have to take is that you cannot finegrain your shots that well, but for damage and suppression I deemed it pretty good. If there was a laser SMG, I'd definitely tech and take it as is.
  4. Dunno how well the SMG does it right now, but maybe alternatively you could look into it suppressing a bit more. A CQ high reflex one handed suppression weapon would be pretty cool to have. Of course it should not suppress as reliably as the LMGs or miniguns do.
  5. Just out of curiosity, did you want that for a possible mod of Xen2nauts? Or for something else?
  6. Yeah, I know tricks like these are possible, and of course you can calculate your ETA, but I don't know when exactly a mission to Novosibirsk is counting as day or night. The thing is that changes to these would be QoL features, which was the thing that was asked. Generally speaking, in a strategy and/or tactics game, all of your actions should bear the meaning of your decisions, in contrast to just being performed because there is no easier way to do that. I do not desire calculating when I have to send my drop ship to do a mission as early as possible in day light and then click through the game speeds repeatedly. That is no meaningful action I am performing, and the game could do that for me. Instead, I could focus my mental capacity on more interesting and meaningful stuff. But maybe that is just me, being fond of turn-based tactics games and not so much of RTS where your reaction time and doing small work-like actions in split seconds matter for the outcome.
  7. QoL: (preamble: I have no clue what can and cannot be modded in Xenonauts, I only know by now that everything is hard and that most issues I encounter are in the base game code and cannot be resolved. So I just assume everything I would want to see is not possible for X-Division) - more Information! Tactics and strategy games, especially if there is no time limit, should give you all the information you should have to play optimally. That does explicitly NOT include if your 43% shot will hit and how much damage it will do. Let me give an example: If I want to, I can calculate whether or not a soldier will be able to come out of cover, jump over a fence, shoot at an enemy twice and get back into some other cover. A novice player will have no clue whether that is possible, but he would play better if he had. So some kind of action planning tool would be great. Additionally, I miss the info about how many TUs it costs to reload my weapon while at the tactical layer. Access to the Xenopedia in GC could help a lot there, but we also know that the values and texts are not always correct. Also some radius telling me where the grenade I am about to throw might land if it is not a 100% throw, maybe even colour coded for likelihood. - production and logistics automation. I want to be able to order a Mk2 Laser Sniper Rifle in base A from base B, using their engineers, and possibly even resources lying around in base C, with a display how long and how many resources (of how many) and money this will take. The game should then transport the resources and the finished product for me and notify me of its arrival at the destination. - a timer on downed UFOs on how long they will last before they disappear and a warning at the last opportunity to send soldiers there. - a display whether or not you will have a night mission when your dropship arrives, and an option to wait until you have a day mission. - I play with overburdened soldiers every mission so I can bring spare supplies. Though this is pretty cheesy and likely not actually wanted, I want a one-click option to drop stuff from their backpack in some order (e.g. top left to bottom right) until the soldiers are no longer overburdened. - all kinds of warnings. E.g. a warning that you are sending out a dropship without the maximum amount of soldiers even though there are some more ready, a warning that you send out without a vehicle if you have one available, a warning that the soldier will not be able to re-load the weapon he is carrying, a warning that you equipped the wrong magazines for the weapon you are carrying (e.g. Division Mk1 sniper ammo on a Div Mk2 sniper rifle), a warning for sending out a soldier without armour even though you have more lying around, a warning that a soldier will not be able to reload a weapon he is about to take from the ground, a warning that your multiple screen long shot is likely to hit friendlies in the path, stuff like that. Ideally I would be able to toggle warnings on or off in the game options. - A replay system of the alien turn. My mind sometimes clicks to stand-by with elevator music once I pressed the "end turn" button and I sometimes miss stuff like in which direction the alien disappeared, where the shots out of the fog of war came from, what sound I heard off in the distance, ... In a turn-based game I should be able to see the enemy moves in a turn-based fashion also. - really really optional, but it could be cool to colour your soldiers so that team building could be made more easy. E.g. I might want to group up the rocket launcher carrier and the ammo mule. There are symbols for them, but nothing on the actual tactical map that helps me make decisions like that. - A button to make equipment on the ground better visible, maybe even telling me what exactly lies there, but at least highlight tiles that contain stuff. - Some info overlay for the world map, e.g. how many planes of which kind which base has, which base has available and ready drop ships, which base has unoccupied workers of some kind, ... - For flying planes or squadrons a radius of their operational range (fuel left until they have to head back). Could also be cool to be able to extend this range in a direction by letting them land in some other base with unoccupied hangars for re-fueling. - Not strictly QoL, but I want to be able to walk through civilians or at least to shove them around. It is kind of ridiculous that they can trap you in and you may have to stun or shoot them in order to get out again, or that they can camp on a tile where your supplies lie. - A standard way to organize my soldiers on the dropship. Before every mission, I have to check that the vehicle is in the front of the chinook and the shielders are guarding the doors. I'll expand on that if I can think of more stuff.
  8. I'd think of something like off-balancing the unit, but I fail to find an eloquent word for that. It would however also hint at the temporal nature. @Charonwhat happens to shocked units that are then suppressed? From what you wrote I expect them to have half TUs next turn while not being able to reaction this turn, right (so, exactly the same as if shock had not applied)? What about Xenonauts becoming shocked by enemy fire?
  9. I think the usefulness depends on how many shots it takes, on average, to kill an enemy with a shotgun and how many you need for the first point of damage. In phase one enemies go down very quickly to shotguns once their armour is degraded enough to penetrate, so the TU deduction would only matter in the small set of encounters when you already hurt the enemy with a shotgun without killing it. Later on this might be more useful against enemies with high HP and relatively low armour. How would you weigh TU deduction vs. damage done?
  10. I nearly spat out my water on that one. Or, as a famous voice of Deus Ex would say "I spilled my drink!"
  11. Are you now counting the versions in binary? Also, what does the mitigation to human stun gas mean, exactly?
  12. Dagar

    Xenonauts-2: Ground Combat

    Short and easy suggestion: Can we have some kind of function that shows us again what happened in the Alien turn? Either some replay function for that portion or some markers on where aliens were spotted, where shots came from, where the enemies were last seen and so on. The reason I am asking is that during a mission of X1 (X-Division) my brain keeps treating the alien turn like mini holiday for some reason and shuts off short term memory of some of the sensory data coming in, resulting in me not always knowing what the hell went on there or how exactly that soldier died. As this is a tactical game I am grudging not having all the information, even if it is my own fault. On a related note, a forum section for such small, rather easy to implement suggestions and/or QoL stuff could be quite beneficial.
  13. @CharonI also was under the impression that there would be a likelihood of you incorporating @PALU's texts into the mod. Would it be much work to do so? I mean, he's written his ass off over the last couple of weeks, and I at least find his texts pretty compelling.
  14. @PALU In the Ground Combat entry you have a typo: should be "flee". And the "a" between with and low should be deleted, methinks.
  15. Wow, can't wait to play that. I guess I'll have to LP it after all...