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  1. At the time of save there was ~169 manual saves plus however many ufo intercept and ground mission autosaves still existed. Can you explain the save mechanics? I was surprised it had created a loadable save file despite crashing. Wouldn't it wait for the names list to complete loading before writing the save? Seems like if you changed the name quickly and hit 'enter' the name list might not be completely loaded.
  2. The Pacific map wrap discontinuity isn't smooth when scrolling too. Also, UFOs can't be selected (at least around the seam) when the map is centered on the side the UFO is not.
  3. After initial crash during which the '139c' save was created, I loaded the attached autosave and repeated the 'What Happened' steps over and it didn't crash. This is around the 3rd time after playing for awhile and trying to save over a previous save the game crashes without prompting for a overwrite. Does the save process create the save first and then copy it over the previous when overwriting?
  4. Description: Reinforced armour tooltip indicates +10 armour. What Happened: Phantom only gains +5 armour. If there is an alloy plating in there somewhere (don't remember), I don't see a way to tell what plating is in use or what engineering projects have been completed.
  5. Description: Can't stand in the corner. What Happened: The tile in the corner behind the cover cannot be moved to. user_day_148_alien_base_map_tile-210.json
  6. This occurs if map is centered on right side of the great central pacific map "seam". Center map to the left side of the "seam" and it displays correctly.
  7. Description: Game crashed to desktop after changing file name and hitting 'Enter' on save dialog. What Happened: Dropships Alpha and Bravo returned from missions, then corpses and captures and alien weapons (oh my!) at both bases were sold. Hit 'Esc', clicked 'Save Game', then edited save filename to a filename that should have already existed and hit 'Enter' expecting overwrite confirmation which I don't think ever came. The "...139c..." save that was created is attached and loads. Loading prior save (also attached) and replaying didn't result in crash. output.log user_day_139c_manual_save-187.json auto_strategy_after_combat-134.json
  8. The 'Laser Cannon (Vehicles)' engineering project must be done first. Missing resources to complete an engineering project are colored red. As far as I've played, the next tier of air and vehicle weapons requires having completed the previous tier weapon. I tried skipping researching and spending the money on accelerated and laser weapons, but gauss required them to be done.
  9. The dropship flight crew are the real heroes. I know your position is one of logical story consistency, but I don't see this as a coding "bug". You just want additional logic bracketing the survival calculation to deny revival if all soldiers are dead, yes?.
  10. Description: Recovered two "gun drone wreckage" on a terror mission. What Happened: If the suppressy-floaty-healy bots are servitors, they are still recovered as "Gun Drone Wreckage" on a terror mission. Also listed as 'Gun Drone Wreckage' in base storeroom.
  11. Might be client dependent. Can in GOG. Otherwise, try switching to the default non-experimental/beta channel/build in Steam/GOG/whatever. Release notes indicate 1.28b was most recent stable. GOG Example:
  12. Description: CtD preparing to launch for terror site. What Happened: Initial crash: was running Geoscape at speed 2 after terror site popped and think I clicked on Armory. Second crash: loaded save, ran until terror site popped, and clicked Armory -CtD. Terror site was in middle of Africa both times. Third crash: terror site popped in North America and clicking Armory didn't crash, but letting Geoscape run did. Update: Always crashes letting Geoscape run for a bit after closing terror site dialog. output.log user_day_64_manual_save-53.json
  13. In a random answer scenario, how would answers be tied to the research items to be unlocked that wouldn't necessitate interrogating multiple, possibly additional, aliens repeatedly to unlock everything?
  14. Memory leak? Xenonauts2.exe process handle and thread counts remain stable during Geoscape at around 900 and 80 respectively. Starting ground combat increases semaphore handle count significantly which continually increases with each savegame load and then doesn't reduce once returning to the Geoscape. After several hours of playing there are 10s of thousands of semaphore handles and thread count is still around 80. Seems suspect. Cleaner VIP capture creates both VIP and Psyon storeroom items (not complaining, $$). Scientist and Engineer arrival dialogs have a button to move to 'Personnel Screen' which brings up 'Soldier Screen' which has no info about scientists/engineers or a way to interact with them. Feels like there was a personnel interface at some prior point that got axed. When renaming aircraft, the new name is not immediately reflected in the 'Base Hangars' listbox. Tooltip for '+5 Penetration' item for 'Alien Magnetic Weapons' Xenopedia entry stating value is a minimum is inconsistent with accelerated shotgun showing +3 penetration. Aircraft Xenopedia KM and KM/H capitalization inconsistent. X-3 Dragonfly Xenopedia entry wording 'and' implies 12 combatants plus two vehicles which was sadly not the case. Dragging items around/in/out backpack they sometimes hang on the edge of a cell disabling the mouse from picking up anything else. The hang will last several seconds and the item will end up back in its original position but not show there appearing on the edge of the cell instead. Selecting another soldier and then reselecting the original soldier will clear up the visuals. I miss X1's keyboard repeat for 'c' when held down. Made it easier to burn TU than toggling overwatch off and back on. Also helped for training TUs at end of each turn while in the UFO. I think training center gains need some type of feedback, perhaps on the armory stat tooltips or in the geoscape message log - "Sergeant Cannon Fodder is stronger due to his diligent workout routine.", etc. ~60 days into new campaign without a crash - much improved since v25.x. Nevermind.... I jinxed it.
  15. A donation now to cover multiple Macs for development use/testing and all the necessary software licenses might help speed things up for X3.
  16. Description: Crash to desktop manual saving from Geoscape. What Happened: Saved using a file name I expected to already exist. Instead of overwrite confirmation, desktop appeared. output.log
  17. I launched from the shortcut made when the game was installed (URL "steam://rungameid/1527370") and also from the green play button on the game page within Steam. It just doesn't update past m1.17.
  18. I was at m1.16 when computer started today. Steam installed m1.17 and after trying multiple Steam restarts over course of day will not download any newer releases. Is this because m1.18 and newer aren't experimental (PlayTest)?
  19. I have confirmed in m1.16, if engineers are stopped due to full storage, they do not generate hourly idle funds. Additionally, if engineers are stopped due to a full storeroom and an additional storage room finishes construction, the engineers remain stopped. Running attached save until storeroom at base Alpha finishes construction resulting in 217/275 storage, alpha engineering still shows stopped due to 'stores full'. Bravo and Charlie storerooms capacities are 144/150 and 147/150. The slack-jawed troglodytes in Engineering can't figure out the storeroom is no longer full and are now stuck stopped. user_day_106_manual_save-185.json
  20. Yes, I had expected to get 18K over the course of 3 days and I got less than 18K. I didn't think I had bought anything and it was only a few K shy which kinda matched with the few hours the storage rooms were full until one completed.
  21. Description: All engineer at base/transit/wage cost tooltip text says 'scientist(s)' instead of 'engineer(s)' What Happened: Text was probably copied from scientist tooltips and not changed.
  22. I keep an expenditure log and the available cash didn't jive with the expected +6K/day from idle engineers when I updated the log a few days after the message the engineers had stopped. I might have bought something too that I didn't remember. I didn't replay the days to see.
  23. Description: Newline escapes in gameplay tip appearing as literals. What Happened: Don't know... missing punctuation?
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