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  2. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    Dren608 I test the Game like you totaly normal with the In-Game-Mechaniks, that they work correctly. Others uses the Beta-Test Cheat-Codes which make many things Easyer. That means they test the other Things (are the 6 Bases work correctly incl. all buildup-Earas, building destruction, working all the Outposts correctly and such). Every Tester have an other Priority, so this in a Beta fully Normal. When the Beta goes to Early Access-State then the Cheats get limited (only Groundfights or so) or cut off completely.
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  4. As Ruthless Reuban said, Video uses NG difficulty where the UFO health is lower and is also using the submod called easy airgame which means even lower UFO health and faster airplanes for the player. Here is how I do it. Difficulty NG +2. Small showcase : Bigger showcase : Now go and shoot down those bad boys, there is a nice reward if you do.
  5. Fire more torpedoes. Video uses difficulty NG on which UFO health is lower. Using escorts with anti missile might help too.
  6. Dren608

    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    It would have sufficed to just say it is part of basic design and not add the "your problem" part. As far as the design decision, I understand wanting to force some sort of progression, it just bothers me that we are using the same old same old - other games have the obvious timer like the UOO-1. I was hoping that the original story line - about Xenonauts trying to hold the Cold war tensions down while stopping a subversive invasion from the aliens, hat escalates as we are successful. I was sorry to see that go. It IS what made me back the Game via Kickstart, A new more unique way of invoking the "timer" mechanic. X-2 has wonderful graphics and if we can get past the current round of issues, should do OK. Early Access release will tell us how well it will be received (with the UOO-1). I do think we need to balance it a bit as research and build rates are far out stripped by the Panic gains. In games I've tried so far I can survive the Panic gains for about 5-6 months using the in game economics. I see many Screen shots of January of first year with 20+ million, and 6 bases built. No one can do that with the actual Game economic mechanics. I am lucky if I get 2 bases up. In 17 that is a little easier as they don't take the 1,000,00 for the first base placement, so building a second base can happen earlier but no way you can have 6 with radars built in the first month. I am trying to looks at this from an Early release P.O.V. what will make people want to try it and then "Buy it". I am using that as my measuring stick. Right now I am afraid we would loose more than we gain I don't want that, I want this game to succeed. IF there were anything I could do to help make that so I would. Since I am not privy to the Code, and Methods, all I can do is offer possible suggestions. They mostly go ignored so maybe they aren't very good, but at least I am trying to look at this as someone trying it for the first time, and not from the Beta Tester (reporting all the "glitches"). The glitches are code issues and as a 40+ year programmer I know they can be dealt with. The overall feel of the game presenting to the public, that worries me some. As for the Steam comments - this will be released on Steam - that makes their comments relevant, if all we have are negative comments it bodes ill for early access release. It is something Goldhawk needs to think about and address in some form for Early Access release. Enough of me on my soapbox. I'll go back to Beta testing, within the current economic systems.
  7. Yesterday
  8. From the first days of testing I noticed that the game constantly increases the amount of memory occupied. If you play for a long time, the game will take up all available memory and then crash. output.log error.log
  9. When selecting soldiers for a mission, the game often sees no restrictions on transportation. When the number of soldiers decreases, it is not possible to select new ones, or you can select all existing soldiers without restrictions. The problem is solved by switching the tab, but still creates inconvenience.
  10. MrAlex

    [Air Combat] Missile Range

    I feel cheated after such a research
  11. MrAlex

    Laser Rifle Balance

    Thermal rifles still need to be adjusted in V17
  12. If I place items in the lower right part of the inventory then they are not available for use. auto_groundcombat_turn_4_start-25.json
  13. Hello! How do I get Terror Carrier down? 3 Foxtrots make it in this Lets Play with Alenium Torpedo. https://youtu.be/-cY8hNkhXFU?list=PLVM1qRtVEeEoWPq9wIt_eyN5iAHxcfBr0&t=2475 My 3 Foxtrot with Alenium Torpedos come to 56% damage to the Carrier. 8 Torpedos are fired. Difficulty NG+1 Is Version 1.00.11c heavier?
  14. MrAlex

    [V17 Ground combat] Pink Texture

    Pink Mars after alien shot.
  15. The Red Texts are a Feature for alle Beta-Versions and are very importent for the Development. The only Option not to have them is if I remember correctly to play the older and final Beta-Versions or later the final Early-Access Versions.
  16. MrAlex

    Research and Engineering

    It is also desirable to add the transfer of scientists and engineers between bases, and the time of arrival after hiring (similar to soldiers)
  17. I have noticed that increasing the number of engineers and scientists working on same project at a time reduces the efficiency of their work. Counting from the starting number of 6 Engineers, I got the following results: 1) Increasing the number of Engineers by 6 (6-> 12) reduces their efficiency by 6% (114 hours instead 107,5) 2) Increasing the number of Engineers by 12 (6-> 18) reduces their efficiency by 13% (81 hours instead 71,6) 3) Increasing the number of Engineers by 18 (6-> 24) reduces their efficiency by 20.9% (65 hours instead 53,7) 4) Increasing the number of Engineers by 22 (6-> 28 -maximum of available in the current version V17) reduces their efficiency by 28% (59 hours instead 46) Counting from the starting number of 6 Scientists, I got the following results: 1) Increasing the number of Scientists by 6 (6-> 12) reduces their efficiency by 6.1% (78 hours instead 73,5) 2) Increasing the number of Scientists by 12 (6-> 18) reduces their efficiency by 14.28% (56 hours instead 49) 3) Increasing the number of Scientists by 18 (6-> 24) reduces their efficiency by 22.44% (45 hours instead 36,7) 4) Increasing the number of Scientists 22 (6-> 28 -maximum of available in the current version V17) reduces their efficiency by 27% (40 hours instead 31,5) At the moment, in version 17, engineers can be divided into different projects if they are recruited on different bases (although it is not convenient). Scientists cannot be divided at all, as the research window is common to all bases. As a result, I find it necessary to allow the division of engineers and scientists between projects by the player, regardless of their base (as in the original x com), or to remove the reduction in their effectiveness.
  18. After alien shot and the partial destruction of the object, a pink texture appeared. user_pink_texture-7.json
  19. Still quite laggy, might need a new PC lol. I still get brief red text much of the time I perform actions in combat or equip screen. How do I activate the debug console, since I suppose that's what the red text is.
  20. meddog50

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    Point well taken, and I could not agree with you more. When PUBG first came out some of the situations in that game were just too real for me. If I wanted to play a FPS game Call of Duty was a great fall back. Not very realistic (not like killing aliens is) but mindless fun. Everyone has their own flavor of entertainment. I think the Devs hardest job is to insure that the players keep coming back for more. Anyone who is following these posts is already sold on this game. All they are waiting for is to see the way it all shakes out. I have read so many posts on what should and should not be, and that's great. This is why there is beta playtesting and this forum. Everyone who is a play tester should take the time to report bugs and voice their opinions. Somewhere in the middle of that will be the final product. I too can't wait for the finished product and the surprises that await. When this game goes live its going to be great game that will provide hours of entertainment for those who jump in.
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  22. IMayBackstab

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    Also we mustn't forget that in the process of creating systems to mimic situations based closer in reality, a game can become less fun. I trust that most of you who have access to the game right now will help through constructive criticism and good suggestions to help fill in some of the gaps that may appear along the development of Xenonauts 2. That being said so far I'm super excited for this release!
  23. The game crash during the movement of friendly units. auto_groundcombat_turn_3_end-6.json output.log
  24. Alienkiller

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    Very good explained meddog50. Better I couldnĀ“t do it too.
  25. Given the changes in patch 17, I propose to adjust the offices as follows (now -> will be): 1) Number of buildings +1 scientist + 1 engineer 11-> 10. 2) Number of buildings +1 engineer 1-> 4. 3) Number of buildings +1 scientist 3-> 4. 4) Number of buildings +2 scientist 4-> 6. 5) Number of buildings +2 engineer 5 -> 6 6) Number of buildings + 100k money = 2 -> 5 Summary of the proposed changes 1) The total number of scientists available - 28 -> 32 (=4 closely placed laboratories) 2) The total number of engineer available - 28 -> 32 (=4 closely placed workshops) 3) Total number of buildings 26 -> 35 (=6 closely placed comm rooms) To be proportionally placed on the planet given the area of the regions: North America (5->6): (100k), (2 sci), (2 eng), (1 sci), (1 sci & 1 eng) -> (100k), (2 sci), (2 eng), (1 sci), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng). Latin America (4->5): (2 sci), (2 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng) -> (2 sci), (2 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 sci), (1 eng). Europe (4->5): (2 sci), (2 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng) -> (100k), (2 sci), (2 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 eng). Africa & Middle East (4->6): (100k), (1 sci), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng) ->100k, (2 sci), (2 eng), (1 sci), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng). Soviet Russia (5->7): (2 sci), (2 eng), (1 eng), (1 sci), (1 sci & 1 eng) ->(100k), (2 sci), (2 eng), (1 eng), (1 sci), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng). Asia Pasific (4->6): (2 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng) ->(100k), (2 sci), (2 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 sci & 1 eng), (1 eng).
  26. Which region does this area correspond to? When i hover the cursor there, the area is not highlighted.
  27. When building a generator the description says that it gives 100 power, although in fact there are 50. It seems that the description from the forum is correct. (470-100)-(4*30)/5=50. Need to correct the description in the game.
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