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  3. Bombing Run Mission: Great! Changing the trigger point for "Laser Mass Production" would be very useful and would work well with: Weapon Mass Production: Perhaps the naked theft of my research has a silver lining after all, Commander. I've been following the progression of our stolen technology through unofficial channels and it looks like the combined brainpower of this planet has finally cracked a fraction of what my team has managed to create. Laser weapons are now mass produced on a global scale and are being hastily issued to as many soldiers as they can crank them out of what industry still exists. You can expect friendly forces to be better armed than they previously were. Our projections suggest the statistical likelihood of a non-Xenonaut soldier dying or being severely maimed in combat has dropped from 95% to 90%. It isn't all sunshine and rainbows, of course. Now that every nation has their own weapons program (successful or otherwise), they're completely dependent on crashed UFOs for Alenium and Alien Alloys, making our sponsors our biggest competitors for the resources we need to win this war. Furthermore, the xenoastronomy lab reports the alien armada appears to be have completed refitting their small/medium crafts (as we have seen ourselves) for atmospheric flight, are well underway with their medium ones, and have even started on their largest ones. Expect to see gradually larger and more dangerous craft in the sky, Commander! They're definitely coming for us. However, as a result of this development, we have decided to help the national governments out by providing them with technology so they can at least cushion the blow for us and buy a bit more time for the only actual force in play to do the job. This, of course, means we won't be able to make any profits on sales in the future either, but we have made it this far on sponsor money, so this is probably the better investment. Judging by what we have seen of the local efforts so far, we would expect local forces to largely be equipped with basic level equipment (i.e. Mk-1) of the latest technology (both Energy and Kinetic) somewhere between 1 and 3 months after we manage to research it. After all, they have to produce the equipment at an industrial scale and then distribute it (and we can't devote resources to develop the industrial production processes for them). The industrial scale also means they can't change the production lines constantly to produce improved equipment. Also, they'll have to stick with the original design, which is the least resource intense version, as it allows them to produce the highest volumes with the resources they do have. The problem with the Harridan and Wraith Lore++ description is that they cover the whole time span in one image. However, given that the (very nice) images are fixed, I think phase 2 is the right place for them, even though it reveals the future appearance of more advanced troop versions not encountered yet (hm, maybe a line about interrogations revealing their existence?). I tried to keep the weapon tech info somewhat obscured, which is probably good enough, even though it reveals a little too much on that point as well. I think the Officers can be taken care of as well, given the input.
  4. In the beginning they land frequently ( up to 200 ATP ). But in reality they can land throughout the game. The ships that can land ( lightscout, shuttle, scouts, corvettes, landingships ) are usually the ones which are shot down first due to them being easier to get down ( than carriers or battleships for instance ). Due to this the frequency of landing UFOs tends towards 0. The Laser Mass Production is something triggered by a Carrier Datacore, or a Battleship Datacore. Both are something around Phase 4. Way too late, i agree. I will change the trigger requirements to be set to any basic Phase 2 UFO: Researches.AlienMediumScoutDatacore(OR)Researches.AlienStrikeCorvetteDatacore(OR)Researches.AlienLandingDatacore. With this you are basically getting the notice as soon as you raid a Phase 2 UFO, then there is the random delay, then the UFO entry, random delay, and then this entry. I would like the Laser refitting to become a general weapon refitting. After 50% of the current Phase has passed local forces are getting refitted with MK1 versions of the current tech. This includes all weapon types, ballistic and energy, of the current technology. You can rename the entry from "Laser Mass Production" to something like "Weapon Mass Production" "Aliens almost finished refitting UFOs" should become "a continues refitting of bigger and better UFOs for athmospheric flight". Because the UFO that triggers the entry isnt in X-Division. Ive added the code to an additional file for X-Division: mission_researches.xml It gets triggered right after the first Bombing Run UFO is sent on its mission, which can happen as soon as 150 ATP. We can trigger them when you like, however you like it. Whether you want to fix the entries an/or change the timing is up to your decision. Just keep in mind we cant change the image, so the image with soldiers should get triggered in phase 2, while the one with elites in phase 4. The "Officier" class exists, but is actually not researchable for the game. They either drop the normal corpse, or they drop an officier corpse which doesnt hold any research value ( like the harridan one ). Officiers have the same sprites as the normal ones and dont behave any differently other than being used for different purposes by the game. Maybe you can describe them as slightly more disciplined or having slightly more authority without actually being objectively different. Thank you ^^.
  5. Lore++ investigation: This turned out to be trickier than expected, because it's cut the wrong way, and I'm far from done: - Research Mission states that the craft land frequently, but I don't think that's the case anymore? - Laser Mass Production is present in the OP Endgame save, but not in mine (phase 2/3 transition). The laser weapons mentioned have appeared for a fair while in my game, but the ship refitting is gradual. If the text appears at a late stage it's fitting to say refitting of the largest ships is almost complete (which is what it does currently). Ideally the laser weapon stuff should appear earlier, with the refitting stuff appearing late, but I assume this is not an option. - Bombing Run Mission seems to fail to appear. Present neither in OP Endgame or my save, as far as I can tell. I haven't tried to find out why. The class analysis entries cause some trouble, because they really reveal too much (or at least too early), at least for the wraiths and harridans. Levels encountered at later phases are described, as well as the non existent "officer", and the terror troops are missing. This is how I've tried to "repair" those: Wraith Class Analysis: Commander, please talk to your men. If a test subject manages to breach quarantine the correct response is to subdue and restrain it until our specialists can get to the scene. It is most emphatically not to grab whatever is to hand and reenact the more bloody scenes from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, even if the subject does manage to teleport into the mess hall during chow time. When your brutes had finished there wasn’t enough left of the Wraith for tissue analysis. Like Harridans, Wraiths have a truncated class structure. This is probably to do with their elite status in the alien hierarchy – no Wraith need sully its hands with manual labour! While Wraith battle armour is a uniform green, we have noticed a considerable amount of personalisation with no suit exactly the same. This is probably how Wraiths distinguish themselves socially and indicates that Wraiths have a surprising level of independence in the alien hierarchy. We have identified certain strata of rank within the Wraith military, identifiable by the amount of armour it is permitted to wear. It can be noted that Wraiths have only been seen together with Caesans, but that doesn't necessarily rule out their presence in other company. Soldier: The Wraith solider class wears a segmented, armoured bodysuit with additional plating at the shoulders and typically carries Neutron weaponry. Their ability to teleport into flanking positions and behind vehicles frequently allow them to unexpectedly strike from hiding. Warrior: The Warrior class has a larger variation in armament, and use Photon weapons. Apart from additional plates on the legs, the primary difference is in the thickness and quality of the subdermal armour implants which considerably improve their resilience. Elite: Examination of the Elites’ armour suggests considerable “after market” modifications, the most common being a treatment similar to the hardening process we have observed in Landing Craft. We have also noted implants of an unknown type that improve the flexibility, agility and overall resilience of the Elite. Elites wear the most complete suits of armour - a green bodysuit similar in design to Sebillian Elites, as well as a more enclosing set of armour plating. Elite troops carry Thunder weapons. In addition to these "normal" ranks, there is also a parallel rank of Terror troops, i.e. Terror Soldier, Terror Warrior, and Terror Elite. These troops differ from the normal versions in that they use the same weapons as the other terror troops they operate together with, they have a greying hue to their armour, and their eyes have been modified to be reddish in colour. Addendum: The "Officer" class doesn't seem to exist: it appears the head gear observed was actually the result of Wraiths injured in crashes bandaging their wounds, presumably taking care to protect their bruised nodes. Harridan Class Analysis: Like some of the more obnoxious bean-counters in administration, the Harridan class structure is short, blunt and myopically focused on its role. We have identified several classes of Harridans, their primary distinguishing feature being the quality, coverage and effectiveness of the armour they wear. Soldier: Often seen accompanying Androns (no doubt to provide technical as well as long-range support) and Sebillians, the blue-and-white Soldier class is the most common opponent you will face. I hope I shouldn’t have to warn you about their skill with rifles or their jump-packs. The soldiers appear to use sniper rifles or cannons using any of the Matergy, Plasma, and Neutron classes, as well as Flamer cannons. Warrior: The most obvious upgrade the purple Warrior receives is the addition of armoured gloves and boots as well as upgrades to their targeting systems. As can be expected, they still use sniper rifles and cannons, but those weapons use more advanced technologies, while still covering all the bases of regular weapons. The Elite is physically indistinguishable from other Harridans, however their black and grey suits are of the highest quality and incorporate powered elements that vastly improve their physical and mental capabilities. The Elite is superiour to other Harridans in every way. These troops still use sniper rifles and cannons, but ones using the most advanced technologies available. In addition to this "normal" hierarchy, there is a parallel one of Terror troops, i.e. Terror Soldiers, Terror Warrior, and Terror Elite troops. These terror troops are deployed in the same missions as other terror troops are, and have better armour than their regular corresponding units, with a grayish tint. The terror troops still use sniper rifles and cannons, but ones based on technologies that seem to be reserved for terror troops. Unusually, there is no evidence of higher-ranking leaders among the Harridans. Our best hypothesis is the nature of how Harridans behave precludes the mental capacity for grand strategy. They depend upon leaders from other races to provide them with direction… and targets. Addendum: It appears there is no Officer rank among Harridans. We have been unable to identify how that notion entered our system, but it's been surprisingly resilient to elimination...
  6. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2: Research Tree

    Judy you will research much more than you will expect yet. And some of the researchparts can have turn-offs (like in Hoi 4 for the doctrines). But Game is in Developement and the first playable stage (Beta) will come in November this year. Then it´s clearer which way the research is going.
  7. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2: Vehicles

    The same I noticed in UFO Extraterestials. Very nice and the Soldiers have to protect the Vehicle after it´s out of ammo.
  8. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2: ATLAS Base

    I like that one Base concept, because you only have limited soldiers, scientists and so on in that games. You are a underground Safty Company which are only known from some politicans / high army people. The same concept or a similar one you have in UFO Extrateresstials, the new XCom-Series and the UFO Aftermath-Series. You have to think more what to upgrade / buildup next and the main thing is: you save money. You have only some small bases for Interceptors (UFO ET, new XCom Series: EU / EW) or production / research Bases (UFO After-Series). Every base you have more personal (more Soldiers, Scientists, Workers etc.) like in the good old X-Com-Series / X1 reduce your Money for Research, Development etc. In X-Com you lost mostly, because you couldn´t finance 4 or 5 fully bases whatever you did. The same in X1 after you had build up to many bases.
  9. I'm looking for some new cool online games, specifically RPGs or strategies. An interesting community to play with or active guilds also helps. If you're looking for one too, I recommend Banner Saga, especially if you need a tactics game while we wait for Xenonauts.
  10. Judy

    Xenonauts-2: Research Tree

    So in the version of X2 a player can no longer research everything?
  11. Judy

    Ground Combat Items

    How is ammo going to be handled for inventory purposes? Is ammo going to require slots or is it just part of the weapon and you don't need to place it in inventory. I did not see anything in the inventory thread. My squads in most games carry a primary weapon and one soldier usually has a rocket launcher or autocannon in the backpack for special situations. In most X-Com games my favorite setup usually includes carrying High Explosive and Incendiary ammo in at least 2 soldiers to clear out enemy cover(Or just to blow up everything if the enemy tries to hide) and then switching back to primary guns. The incendiary was especially good when I need visibility for night missions. I also carried explosive ammo if the enemy had a good position and I did not want to risk getting killed to flush them out. So my squads always had versions of autocannons and rocket launchers in at least 1 to 3 soldiers.
  12. Yesterday
  13. UNOFFICIAL updated X-Division 1.00.10 Notes: X-Divison has gone the step to replace vanilla files. There has been an original file added for every replaced one in case you want to deinstall the mod. In case of doubt make a reinstall of the game or verify game integrity through steam. You only need to download and install the latest Patch avaialble, it contains all prior fixes as well. The .01 to .10 patch is NOT savegame compatible. If you want to make it savegame compatible you need to make a backup of your researches.xml, run the installer, and immediately copy your backup over the new file again. You will miss out on the fixed researches but you can continue the campaign. As a basic rule, never patch during Ground Combat Installation: The Base for this patch has to be version 1.00.00 or higher. This update is not available for versions lower than 1.00.00 . Download the X-Division 1.00.10 Update: https://mega.nz/#!odhgVaiK!7Ry7zcNOQpNmuhy3--IaSmYU8jAWfOeDcMcis2Foi7w Link ( MD5: b1e6f424099089f6fcaaed6539fe277e ) Deactivate your ANTIVIRUS/UAC program(s), it can intervene with the installation. As soon as the installation finishes you can activate it again. Start the executable provided in the file. Follow the instruction of the installer After you have used the installer there is no need to change ANYTHING anymore, everything has been taken care of, including scripts, modloader priority, and everything else you may think of. The only time you might want to change something is if you are activating/deactivating No Airgame or change the soldier models. Enjoy . Changelog: Dunno, i changed a lot. These are the things i can remember: Fixed some bugs around the Roborex Roborex explosion on death no longer causes overdamage Roborex explosion radius decreased from 6 to 4.5 Halfed kinetic armour for semi-shield roboreaper. Their weak point should now be weaker Halfed energy armour for melee roboreapers. Their weak point should now be weaker added mitigation to human stun gas added one loading tip improved the AI of Drones a bit most importantly added X-Divison Palu's Shining Xenopedia to the game 7 new categories for the soldier equipment screen I think i also added the latest Monument IV map by Svinedrengen to the map pool new mod: Nerf The AI: The aliens have less sightrange, deal 20% less damage and have 10% lower stats. new mod: X-Divison Don't Die On Me ! :If your soldier doesnt blow up, takes a minigun point blank or gets left behind he WILL survive the mission. new mod: X-Divison Easy Airgame: Did you ever wanted to try out the manual combat but were put off by the difficulty ? Look no further, this is what you need. UFOs have 50% less hp, while your aircraft are 20% faster and have a 20% further range. Additionally the refuel, rearm, repair and recovery rate are 30% faster. Only TOGGLE this during a Geoscape save. The Xenopedia page doesnt correctly display UFO hp values with this. Its 37.5% for the lowest difficulty and 50% for all other difficulties of the displayed hp values. new mod: X-Divison Slower Invasion: The Invasion escalates 25% slower. @PALU @Svinedrengen @Dagar https://www.reddit.com/r/Xenonauts/comments/9oss38/xdivision_tries_to_reach_out_to_casuals/
  14. Chris

    X2 Audio Design

    Thanks. We're in the process of starting work on the first batch of new sounds for X2 right now actually. Feel free to send me an email (address in signature) with a link to your portfolio; maybe it'll come to nothing but there's no harm in seeing if there's anywhere you might be able help us out
  15. good work, man. excellent entries. glad smb finally did it. congrats.
  16. I agree with that. I've been a bit unhappy with that.
  17. I need some help. It looks like the Xenopedia doesnt take the <ufoHealthEasy value="0.75" /> into account when displaying the hp for UFOs. Can somebody clean his scripts, start a New Game and quickly get a UFOs Xenopedia page. You can quickly do this with the Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe. Press "V" to win the mission. Edit: @PALU I also would like to see an empty line inbetween Disassemble and the lore part of UFO entries. From to Makes things more structured.
  18. Parametric

    X2 Audio Design

    Howdy! I'm not sure where X2 is at with the audio design, but game audio is what I do for a living and I wanted to offer my time in a volunteer capacity if it's needed. To be clear: I'm not asking for payment -- I just really liked X1 and put so many hours into it that I simply think it would be fun to be give back to GH and the Xenonauts community a bit. If you've got it all taken care of, that's cool. But if you need any help creating sounds, implementing them, fixing bugs, testing stuff, tightening up the logic a bit -- anything you need, just hit me up. I really would be honored to be part of this badass game. I'm really excited for this game and the future of GH. Thanks so much for Xenonauts and X2!
  19. Parametric

    About the soundtrack of Xenonauts 2

    I work in audio for AAA games. This wouldn't be hard at all if you're using good audio middleware like FMOD or Wwise and your composer / audio designer is familiar with those tools. It would have to be integrated into Unity (I think that's your engine), of course. That might require some coder time, but the actual design, logic and implementation of the soundtrack should really all be handled by the audio team. There might be an additional licensing cost with the middleware but they're surprisingly low cost for indie devs like GH. Personally speaking, I don't mind having non-dynamic music. Just saying it might not be as taxing on your resources as you think. :)
  20. I'll try to get that into the lore. A possibility might be Advanced Xenomorph DNA, and given that the queens interrogated have shown intelligence, they might have told the interrogators. The human command (at least X-Division's) are quite aware of facehuggers, after all, so humans definitely know about it, but possibly not the whole story unless they can get it out of a queen. Adv Xeno DNA comes fairly late, so it might be a suitable place for it. Edit: Hm, I just unlocked the Alien Leader Interrogation, and it doesn't quite hang together. The latter half seems to assume we have actually caught a Praetor, while this research can be unlocked by a Sebillian, so I think the mind control part should be moved to Praetor interrogation, especially given that it's only flavor, although a hint about the mind control power might be suitable.
  21. About the Xenomorph Lore: Xenomorphs are asexual and not actually meant to reproduce ( thank god ). However, the "Prime One Exemplary" actually tricked and developed a secret process to actually reproduce ... Fachuggers. It passed down this knowledge to other Empresses, and those later passed it on genetically to later would-be-Queens ( which in turn can become an Empress after time ). These "Eggs" are stored normally within Praetorian stomachs, and later spit out on the battlefield to fully hatch and evolve in the known facehuggers. Very rarely Warriors can harbour an egg too, Drones however are way too small for that. These Facehuggers are ill adapted to terrestrial conditions however and die due to oxygen poisoning very quickly. However if it finds one ore more hosts they rapidly evolve into premature royal praetorian and after that very quickly into premature queens. It looks to be a very unstable cascade of morphing and it is unsure how stable the evolutions are, but it represents a valid solution to keep the reproduction a secret and at the same time have a soon mature queen ready to lay more eggs ( preferable in a safe spot ). The other alien races are not aware of this, as the higher ups havent seen this yet, and the lower ones dont ask questions about it. Once a Facehugger runs wild in an alien ship the crew will fully get assimilated and the UFO crashes. The higher ranking Praetors will simply think that this was a human intervention and won´t pay any attention to it. Xenomorphs unlike other creatures are genetically engineered and are psionically immune to any kind of mind control or interference. On a certain level you can say they are the Praetors most dangerous natural enemies. Creating Xenomorphs might have been the Praetors biggest mistake, never mind the human war. I dont know how much of that you can integrate into the Lore, since if the aliens dont know about this, how should humans do ? Nevertheless this is the real lore behind it. It is basically a prequel of the Alien VS Predator genre, although that lies far beyond the X-Division timeline, maybe even beyond a X-Division 2 timeline. These are very very early stages of Xenomorphs. Exactly. Just copy over the full entry of the thing you want to change and the change it. Maybe make a backup if you do something wrong before that.
  22. This is what I've done to Xenomorph DNA Analysis: We have now analysed the Xenomorph DNA successfully and crosschecked several different variants against each other, and this has verified our suspicion that the variants aren't different species, but rather different expressions of a common set of DNA in a fashion analogous to how ants can form several different castes from eggs laid by the same queen. The facehuggers bursting out of eggs are most disturbing. While the scurrying critters aren't hard to kill and dies of lactic acid buildup fairly quickly (they seem to last a little longer as the war wears on, indicating the aliens are "improving" them) if they fail to find a victim, the ones that do find victims are a significant threat: Even if killed, an immature Praetorian hatches from it, and if left to its own volition, the Praetorian hatches anyway after some time. It also seems that this Praetorian differs from the "normal" ones (thankfully!) in that it continues to evolve and will metamorphose into a Queen unless killed. The most alarming finding is that these Queens differ from the "normal" ones in that they seem to continue to gradually metamorphose into ever more dangerous Queen versions unless killed. We are currently unable to determine how far this metamorphosis chain goes, but I definitely recommend you don't try to find out in the field, as I suspect we won't even get a battlefield report out of such an attempt. We have also confirmed that normal Xenomorph units are hatched from civilian captives (so we know at least one reason for the abduction reports!), and the "normal" Pratorians hatch from Wraiths (we don't know if the Wraiths are victims or "blessed" when selected to become Praetorian incubators, but the sociological studies will have to wait until after the war). Queens actually start as Praetorians and rapidly metamorphose into Queens. Interestingly, this research has uncovered a weakness in Reapers (not Xenomorphs!), allowing our troops to deal a little more damage against them. We believe this knowledge, assisted by Zombification and Alien Blood Technology, should allow us to start research on the Heavy Chemical Gas topic. and Reaper DNA: By analysing the DNA of various Reapers encountered we have confirmed that they are of the same species, using differing expressions of the same set of DNA to produce different versions (similar to how social insects produce different castes from the same genetic material). We have also confirmed soldier reports from the field: "Zombies" can be killed to prevent reapers from hatching, and, disturbingly, it seems the more advanced Reapers are not only more dangerous than the earlier ones, but also mature faster within their hosts, resulting in them bursting out faster after injection. Analysis of the Reaper DNA has provided us with one of the components to improve on the chemical gas technology, although we also need to know how alien toxins work to actually start. Note that this is from earlier today (or was it yesterday?), so the latest discussion isn't included. I believe I've seen xenomorphs bursting out of both killed and unkilled zombies in more or less every terror mission where xenomorphs are present. Local forces have a tendency to blast them... I've mostly stayed away from Lore++ as I didn't know how it behaves. I then assume you intend to load it before my file, and that causes the Lore++ version to be overridden if I've got an entry, and that the images will still be from the "real" version? I'll address the Asierus. Also, this is based on the .01 file. I intend to diff it against the one you changed. I'm still locked up in ground battle in my game, so I can't update yet.
  23. You can add something like "Its safe to assume we dont need the reactors for future projects and can go ahead and disassemble them if we need the resources." Honestly, it is not that common, and you could simply leave that information out. You dont have to explain everything, some things can be a surprise. Like the robosadist. But you can maybe go ahead and make a note of obvious human hosts for Xenomorphs, as well as Wraith hosts for Praetorian starting in Phase 2 ( if wasnt a facehugger infection ). You can also draw similarities between the rapid growth of facehugger hosts, and the rapid growth of a normal queen during battlefield conditions which leaves behind and old skin of the Praetorian. Btw the Empress is the "Prime One Exemplary" or the closest to it nevertheless. @PALUcan you also check on every Lore+ entry ? They are "mostly" correct but i would like you to go down on the nitty gritty and see if they are in line with X-Division lore 100%. If you find anything to correct simply copy over the entry to your file and change it. Also you can point out that the Asierus image is an old image where they were still considered to be fast and agile single missile bombers, but got changed in the last second.
  24. From what I understood, the met stretch goals are guaranteed to be in the game. The other stretch goals will either be "met if possible", provided there is time and money available, or will be "somewhat met", which means it will be included in the game but with only basic functionality.
  25. The butchered aircraft: The Sonda was described as a 4 cannon interceptor, rather than a 2 missile craft, while another was describes as the fastest interceptor in the sky, while it was fast only for a bomber... Power Sources: I was a bit unclear. I meant the actual items, where I've been wary of disassembling them in case they're needed to build something (think Goliath and control system downgrading disassembly). However, all other indications are that the power sources for vehicles and the like can be built as part of the vehicles themselves. There's a text about naked singularities having to be captured, though. I've thought about getting the immature creature burst out to be described for the Xenomorph, and ought to do so. It really is a bit early to have it in the first entry, it hasn't been experienced yet usually (that would be after the first terror mission with them), but that's probably the best place. I'll look at categories to see what it will look like. Another possible split would be ready to proceed, need a little bit, and we think this might be useful somewhere in this general direction. I tried to find 1½ line spacing, but that seems to use CSS and/or "real" HTML, and I don't know if those things would work. &#sup2; didn't, for instance, but the code number did. @Larry Burstyn It happens less and less frequently the longer the invasion goes on, but yes, it was quite common that they didn't crumble until it was their turn in the early game.
  26. Larry Burstyn

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    In my games an Alien or Xenonaut that stays still in a stun cloud will eventually be stunned--usually in the next turn.
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