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  2. Inside RAR package, there is assets.7z package that contains almost everything. Rest is on images folder. For updates, almost same applies.
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  4. eltharion

    Portrait Editor

    Thanks for your answer, it's been a long time since I purchased Xenonaut 2 frankly I don't remember if I purchased the relative option (I will check, maybe no... ). I imagined that since in the settings there is the possibility of importing the code generated by the portrait editor, there was the possibility of using it, and perhaps adding variety to the pool of available soldiers. Thank you
  5. Installer refuses to work, prefers to crash on start, wondering if I could just get the files
  6. I would suggest talking to GoG first, this is more a thing on their end. Unless, have you already sent an email to GoG? If you did, what did they say?
  7. May be you should get a vote going, and see who wants it gone, you would have my vote!!
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  9. Do you guys think simply replacing the hidden movement image with a transparent one would work? It's one of the main reasons I got Xenonauts CE, to remove the image completely
  10. Yes. I was given a gog key, which is why the game is in my gog library. But there isn't an option to download the latest build from gog. The only thing on the page is a "coming soon" badge.
  11. ooey

    Portrait Editor

    I think that was an optional extra that you had to bay for eltharion (I did). Unfortunately it's no longer available and hasn't been for some time. When the game is released the character you made will be a starting soldier in your squad (put in by some mechanism Goldhawk have). Like I said though, all the slots for that were taken up.
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  13. Hello everyone I wanted to edit some soldiers to import into the game, but I can no longer find where to download the editor. The only link (on kickstarter) does not lead to a file that can be downloaded. Can you help me ? Thanks.
  14. Okay, so, back at the end August of last year Goldhawk Interactive stopped using Xsolla as a service. You should have recieved an email from Xsolla with a key to access the Beta for either Steam or GoG at around that time, between August and Setptember. Did you have any communication from Xsolla at that time?
  15. Sorry for the late reply. It was a while ago, but I'm pretty sure I bought the beta from Xsolla.
  16. CapG123

    THIS IS SPARTA !!!! X-Division Version

    I started playing a few days ago, and the flamethrower is what I replaced my shotguns with. (Had some bad luck in my 1st mission with shielded Caesans). But (around the end of phase 1) the flamer is KILLING ANYTHING IT LOOKS AT! EDIT: Exept for Androns. (Darn Andron terror mission).
  17. We will see. It comes in the next Beta. After testing it we can say something about, not before. We all only know that special Missions are comming and Stun will be a Main-Part for the advanced up to the superior Research & Development. Everything else is an absolutely unnessecarry speculation.
  18. This is somewhat off-topic, but what about aliens surrendering if their position becomes hopeless? Yeah, I know, the aliens are essentially lower animals with implanted pain stinulators, so they couldn't usually surrender. But suppose some human discovers how to neutralize the pain stimulators. I'd make the alien reactions unpredictable to some extent (e.g.: run away; join the humans; kill self; hunt for alien commanding officer if there's one on the field. Aw, the balancing problems would probably be endless. Flashbangs can make an enemy bleed to death? Really?
  19. Oh wait: babies suffocate with masks. I guess I'll have to stick to rants about game mechanics.
  20. Okay, here we go--as specific as I can make it. What is demonstrated here, happens in every game. See also a couple more examples in the "bug" section. We're fighting in the good 'ol container yard. I include it here because it's almost unrecognizable after I get done with it (below). Follow the numbers. Basically, the alien turn starts, an HMG plops down on the screen, and when I push it partly out of the way it turns out to be covering two aliens advancing towards friendly troops IN THE OPEN, IN LOS. Maybe the HMG code is reacting to some other alien that should be hidden--maybe the LOS mechanic that works fine every other turn has suddenly stopped working and the HMG springs mindlessly into action to prevent vital secrets like what's happening in front of the squads' eyes from them. It doesn't matter. It's broken, and as soon as a player is aware that the HMG essentially acts like a dog walking in front of the TV and looking expectently at you, frequently, in no predictable way, it becomes, for me, a deal-breaker for the game. If I saw this happening in a demo, or someone playing the game, etc., that would be it for me--I'd move on. That's why I'm spending so much time and energy on this--I'm hoping that very soon anyone new who might play the game or see it played doesn't see a random blocking of battle action. (Also, it really kills any fun left--for me--during the 200th play-through of a battle). I know others will have other reactions and I respect everyone's preferences. It's just that I'm guessing that both developers and players believe that the HMG is only blocking hidden action--and that's demonstrably not correct. And that's the end of my advocacy on this issue--if my evidence isn't convincing, I'll go back to making pink and blue Covid-19 baby masks...
  21. I"m working on it..see the bug reports (I think) for the first couple of examples.
  22. Thanks for the response, and I would actually go much further: it is more than just an unneeded leftover at this point, it actually, intermittently but fairly often, covers up alien actions (such as their movement and attacks) that are clearly within line of sight (LOS) of friendly troops. My problem of proof was how to photograph moments when the "Hidden Screen" Graphic (HSG) was covering who was doing what out of sight under the HSG. I found a way to do it. 1. To get a Screen Capture of the wiley aliens running around out of sight under the HSG--when they were actually in the LOS of friendly troops, I had to find a way to expose the aliens under the HSG. 2. Moving the cursor to one side or another of the screen seems to be the only way to move around the map when combat is happening. Yes, the program yanks you back to some other point of action on the map, but you can then immediately move the map again by pushing the cursor against an appropriate screen edge. 3. To get the shots I needed, I would keep track of my general areas of friendly LOS. Then, during the alien turn, I would wait with one hand on the mouse and the other on the Print Screen button. 4. As soon as the dreaded HSG would appear over an area that I was sure was within friendly LOS, I would start moving the map around with the mouse as quickly as possible, trying to expose one of the aliens that was being obscured by the HSG--and if I exposed one, I would snap a screen shot. Here are two examples--but the second is a "re-enactment," only the first shows most clearly an actual alien in LOS which was only visible when I pushed the HSG out of the way to show what it was hiding. The dotted lines at right show where the HSG started out--and then by pushing the map to the right I exposed what was happening under the HSG. In this case (below), we see a cute little alien running in clear LOS of numerous troops (lower middle left in shadows)--he had been covered up by the HSG. So is the code first deciding that it "sees" an alien running that is not in LOS so it slaps an HSG on the screen? If so, has the regular LOS routine (that simply hides stuff out of friendly LOS) malfunctioned and identified a visible figure as invisible? Who knows--but it happens repeatedly. In this next one, the HMG did the same thing--appeared and covered over an alien running in full view of my troops. I missed the screen shot when the HMG appeared and I shoved it over, so this is a reconstruction. I have more screenshots with more detail; I'll get them up tomorrow. It's a tad late (my time) to be squinting at the screen. : /
  23. So... Can you post those screenshots where HM screen blatantly hides something you should've seen?
  24. Key thing is to make the stun weapons different. Stun gas is really cool because no lethal weapon works similarly (even the chemical grenade in X-division has a more limited role). If they add riot snipers I will riot. XCOMFiles has flashbangs that seriously enhance the stun game. They halve TUs, but they also halve melee dodge. You can also bleed out opponents or scare them into surrendering, both of which encourage a mix of lethal and nonlethal. It's probably not "stealth" missions, because that just doesn't work as a mission unless you go Invisible Inc and add tons of mechanics.
  25. Chris had mentioned several times about the infiltration missions that you need to play in favour of a less-lethal way, and I'm curious that if so, would the less-lethal arsenal from X1 would be expanded. In the original game we only have batons, flashbangs and incapacitating agent (stun grenade), it works pretty well if you want to capture some aliens, but I wonder would they be enough for doing infiltration mission (especially when the human soldiers start to equip gas masks), and would the devs considering adding new weapons (e.g. Tranquilizer darts, riot guns, CS gas and tasers). It would be difficult to balance such weaponry as well, such as if you have taser that can knock out human soldiers instantly or a tranquilizer sniper rilfe that have a relatively long range, they would be too powerful in game as these weapons can work for early stage aliens as well.
  26. You'd need to alter the code, and that's above my pay grade.
  27. How hard would it be to completely remove the hidden movement graphic through modding? I don't imagine its as simple as modifying the stats for a gun.
  28. Right, I see you mention Xsolla. Okay, this is important. If you got your key from the kickstarter, that would be one thing, but if you got it from Xsolla that's a completely different thing. So, which was it - did you back the kickstarter, or did you get the beta from Xsolla?
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