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  2. Thanks for the tip. I was saving myself for marriage, but the next build seems like a more practical goal..
  3. A move one square and shoot action using the equivalent action points as a manual attempt, but performed seemlessly. Gives a little breathing space for moving somewhere that wasn't quite as your perspective initially.
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  5. Jagged Alliance 2 had 2 keys that were added in one of the later patches. One of them provided an overlay that colored the map from green to red showing cover given known enemy locations. The other I believe colored the map green to red based on a specific cursor position, showing you LOS to potential target locations. I could be a little wrong on the specifics, but that's the gist of it. Translating this to the Firaxcom system, you'd want the cover indicator to possibly have more gradations: maybe 4 levels of cover? And you'd want to indicate, based on movement to the current cursor position, what the LOS is to each enemy, perhaps with icons there as well.
  6. Chris

    Why do we need vehicles?

    You must have needed animated 3d models to generate the 2d sprites for your X1 mod, though?
  7. Last week
  8. What if the second Team (if we can do such a combination and have a second Team) have to secure the People with the Police and other Helpers, while the first Team (Strike Team) has to fight the Aliens. After the People get secured, the second Team and other Helpers help the Strike Team. That minimises the Terror Mission Time and all earas get coverd.
  9. been watch people play xcom war of the chosen mods and saw one that was very interesting they had mock xcom on the battle field, basicly another origination fighting aliens (and you), if you knocked out one of their troops and removed him from the battle field before they did he became a unit you could use/recuit, it was missing a bit as they fought with advent and did not seem to target them 3 way conflicts were the xeno's and you are also targeted by a 3rd force humm interesting the other one i found interesting was the lost mod were killed came back as zombies but with higher health than normal zombies, no matter which side the belonged to xcom or advent a crysilid varent were a crysilid is not created but a zombie
  10. drages

    Why do we need vehicles?

    Sadly i won't able to put new creatures like x1 as all system goes to 3D from 2D..
  11. What I'm hoping to suggest isn't a TFTD type of setup, but more of a general idea of a fluid back and forth of sorts. Maybe Banner Saga's bigger battles are a better example. Just a situation where you have your people there, but they aren't the only ones fighting. You can risk them to boost your rewards/mitigate losses, but can also play it safe, and let's say order the local armies in to clear out some of the fight in an auto resolve of sorts before going in. Or maybe the option to go back and get more supplies or people. Just adding more approaches beyond "land and start shooting."
  12. So i cant see the download links at all. the entire top part of the site just dosent want to load in for me. so everithing above the "this is a picture. it tells you to chek if you istaled the latest patch" just dosent exist.....i meen if i start randomly clicking on stuf i can manage to click on the "Xdevision download pngs" but thats about it
  13. Yeah. While I appreciate your efforts, I honestly wouldn't do any more testing right now - save yourself until the next release (just over a week from now). Too much has changed and the last build was too broken for it to be of much value, unfortunately!
  14. The combination of the following problems (which have all been reported) stop me in every game: - Can't obtain enough alien alloys to progress (especially in building more powerful weapons) - Can't shoot down anything larger than the first two alien craft - Can't get past the broken "Temperate Town" terror mission So I'm just repeating the same set of actions which reach the same impasse each time. Hopefully at least one of the above problems will be solved in the next build, or I'll have the same dilemma.
  15. Hmm, that's a very good question. A long time ago we had an X-Com style cover marker system, but we removed it (and it'd struggle with diagonals anyway). So I guess we've just forgotten about it. I'll create a task to add them in.
  16. Good question, although check out the discussions about different aspects of cover by searching on "cover" or "cover indicators." What I would like to see is: when you first click on the location you are thinking about moving to, you see the % of cover (which you can otherwise only see if you try to shoot at something). This would give one some way of estimating the effectiveness of possible cover, including whether the cover blocks 100% of your LOS--which can be an unpleasant surprise. This does bring up a problem, though. How does the game know which direction you're interested in knowing about? Perhaps after the first click, you could do an additional input (mouse click or key press) for directions? Or, the code could look at where the visible enemy units are, and use that direction--but what if there are enemies in two (or three, or four) different directions?
  17. After watching the load of save file for turn #1 of the Temperate Town terrorist combat, the game crashes to desktop (game disappears & I'm back on my desktop) after the load progress bar reaches 100%. See screen shot and files. Later saves of this battle seem to load without problem. output.log output.log_1.25dffe9294f6e18d9eb7757f4309a6b5 groundcombat-210.json
  18. @Coffee Potato: Nice Idea, if you have a player which wanna sit for 6 hours only for a Terror Mission. That was the same Problem X-Com 2 TftD had and which wasn´t finished by about 70 to 75 % of the Gamers. You know what I mean? Terror Missions with unlimited Numbers of Aliens, Troops of yourself etc. are a never Ending-Process. That would be worse and the players are going back to new XCom, Battletech or whatever similar. There the Battles are ballanced and not so long. You have 1 Transport of Soldiers or a mixed Crew or Battlemechs and have to finish the Job. Such a Terror Mission has to be accomplished in 45 Minutes or 60 Minutes maximum without brakes for thinking. Not 6 hours + without brakes for thinking. Why I say that? 1. If you had played X-Com TftD then you know the Maps were big, sometimes to big. Esp. in Terror Missions (like Liners) and enemy Bases (like Artefakt-Bases). That was the Main-Problem why only 25% of the Gamers finished that Title. I too have Problems to finish it, after I get it on Steam in the old X-Com Bundle. 2. The Tech-Tree was and is not fair. If you had researched wrong, you had to beginn from new on or if you had luck you have a Save-Game before Wrong research. Today that Problem is solved, because you can find the correct Research-Line for TftD in the Internet. 3. The Game could be end faster then you think after you lost some Money-Givers. Same can be here in Xenonauts 2, but you have a chance to react with many strategys. But the to hard Terror Missions and the Idea here to integrate such Terror-Mission or something similar with a long Playtime on the Map will not give the Game players, it will throw them away from the Game.
  19. Some thoughts have been bouncing around in my head about the above, just putting them there, in case maybe they can be worked in somehow. So Mount & Blade and Armored Core on the brain at the same time got me thinking, because when it comes to Terror missions, they, in reality, are maybe just a few minutes of fighting in real time, and one side dies. I hate to pull the realism card, but that was an entire battleship. But what if they were a more drawn out endevour? I don't mean like TFTD, I mean like MnB. Namely the fight happens for several days, with reinforcements on both sides. For example: For terror missions, it's going to be a big ground battle, so you get to bring 3 drop ships. For each ship, you spawn in with your team, and the locals come in with their team. The aliens can spawn a maximum number, and everyone does the usual fight. When your units are wounded, depleted, tired, etc, you have the option to order a regroup by pulling out of the fight. At that point the next team would go in, and the locals would be replaced (presumably at the cost of relation). You would then go in fresh, on the same map. Maybe if you beat the aliens, they can start sending in units from the edges Tactics Ogre style or something? I'm honestly not sure how it would apply in this scale, but the say MnB did it was, say, two armies of 200 meet each other. Each of them fight with 100 or so, they have it out, and one side wins that battle. Afterwards, they both regroup, and go at it again, replacing lost units. I mentioned Armored Core earlier because they regularly wanted to have battles the engine couldn't handle in the early games, so they just had units spawn from doorways that weren't in sight, but relatively far away, to give that feeling of trickling reinforcements. Tactics Ogre did this by just having 10 or so extras on some maps, which would walk in after a set number of turns. I just always wondered why we couldn't send in a second team to clean up when there was one guy left, or have terror missions with more spectacle. I mentioned it before, but my favorite moments of X-Division are those where you find pockets of random grunts fighting off these aliens, and actually holding them back. You could even send the second drop ship in Xenonauts, it just wouldn't do anything.
  20. I like these ideas. Orbital bombardment would be raising the stakes, which is a good thing. X1 is a game about an alien invasion but the stakes somehow never feel high. It's also true that a loss takes forever. I've tested what happens in X1 if I stop doing anything (just fast-forward without launching any aircraft), and it takes 3-4 months to lose even in that case. If Orbital Bombardment does 60 relations damage per month, that means a high-relations region can survive an entire month of bombardment without any positive relations events, which sounds good to me for a first implementation. Technology proliferation sounds great. I expect that the gameplay effect of upgraded local forces would not be very significant, but this kind of feature is great for flavour. It might be a good tie-in to another request of mine, different local forces units on different maps. A military base map should feature friendly soldiers that are decent fighters, while armed farmers should be less Rambo. Not sure about the gameplay particulars of signal uplinks, but I'm glad to see an idea that expands the gameplay to some Geoscape locations, a bit like earlier X2 design ideas. There's currently nothing on the Geoscape except your bases, which I consider to be a flaw. Infiltrator assassination missions sound amazing. Variety in mission objectives is great to have, and having a mission where you're encouraged to minimize fatalities would be a great change of pace. I can imagine it would be very satisfying to capture the infiltrator with no casualties among the guards. Careful balancing is needed here (and for terror missions!) to make sure that the fate of the locals actually matters.
  21. Nice Ideas, why not trying them. After the Game get some old light upgraded things back (like the old Basebuildup and the secondary bases are like the Main-Base) we need such new things. A cool Stuff would like that the Aliens could hit such a Secondary-Base with the Bombardement, which means that this base is took out for 1 Month or better 2 Month. That will give the Game much more Potential and make it exciting. The Main-Base should be where she was planed originally in Greenland and can´t found by the Aliens. Many such hidden Bases were in the 2nd WW, why not in Xenonauts 2. The Secondary Bases are the Decoys later on, esp. if they have to secure the Data-Links and such. I liked that in UFO ET, where the Aliens attacked the secondary Bases to destroy or overtake them to get the Raw Material they needed.
  22. Coffee Potato

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    Agreed. The main thing missing in my opinion seems to already be considered, and that's just more world interaction.
  23. I like the idea of being constantly attritioned by orbital bombardments. But be careful if you're thinking of making the mechanic any more involved or complex. Going further might restrict how much autonomy we have in the strategy layer. Speaking of autonomy, I always liked having to decide whether I should stick with a run and try to salvage it or to restart; led to some memorable moments. So potentially dragging out a game-over run was never a big deal personally. Sure, I admit to fast-forwarding through an entire month once just to use the monthly report to estimate if the run was salvagable. Followed by loading back to the start of that month and using the 'prophecy' to do better haha. That probably sounds horrifying to Chris and the other designers but that was an outlier. And finally, for some reason permanently losing uplinks just sounds frustrating. Of course losing countries and soldiers is the bread and butter of xcom and xenonauts but for some reason losing uplinks forever just doesn't sound fun. Everything else about uplinks sounds great though Edited some phrasing
  24. I don't think it's worth debating in detail the random chance of getting screwed over by orbital bombardment in theoretical terms; it'll be best just to test it (there's a good chance a test version of it will be in the next release). But from my perspective the fact that the bombardment hits the region with the highest relations means there's very low chance of that happening, as any region that falls below the others in terms of relations just doesn't get hit by orbital bombardment so the chance of being tag-teamed by both the bombardment and the random UFO spawns (which are also not fully random any more) should be very small. But we'll see how it plays out. Yes, signal uplinks could be handled via strategic operations - in fact that's how we're testing them at the moment. I'm not sure it's a good idea to give recruitment benefits based on the level of the soldiers involved because you don't get Colonels etc until towards the end of the game, but there's any number of ways the construction of signal uplinks could be handled if the basic setup proves weak. In the current design if you rush Signal Uplinks then you'll initially be monetarily rich but you'll be wasting the Relations gain, and you're then likely to permanently lose a lot of those Uplinks (i.e. you can't rebuild them) because you can't properly defend them. Again I suspect it'll just come down to testing and fine-tuning over Early Access - assuming we like the overall feel of the system.
  25. Comrade

    Maxim 56, please

    True that! Personally I love playing these games by destroying the cities and environments as little as possible. It feels nicer to work around buildings and precision kill all the alien without wiping out an entire town in the process.
  26. Seriously what happened to them? In X1 they were extremely useful for determining what will protect you and what won't. Why haven't they been added to X2 yet?
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