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    How the hell do I shoot the damn missiles? I can't seem to figure it out. Sometimes they fire on their own at the scouts, and sometimes they don't. It seems completely random. I hit the assigned keys to fire the missiles, and nothing! My expensive MiG-32 are being blown up left and right as they absolutely refuse to shoot anything. Don't even get me started on how fragile they are, sometimes one or two hits from a simple scout blows them sky high. Absolutely ridiculous.

    So how do I fire the missiles. What keys do I use ect. ect. This game desperately needs documentation on basic controls.

    It isn't just those fighters either, the starting ones also wont shoot. If they get close they use their guns automatically, but they still wont fire their missile. Unless some sort of random gerbil in space sends them the orders and they do. It seems completely random.

    I finally got the MiG 32 to fire, somehow. I guess the magic god of chaos decided to fire the missile. And... the fighter dodges. Shoots it down. Great. What the hell are these things used for? They seem incredibly crippled against anything. So much as sneeze in their direction and they will die. Meanwhile they seem to never shoot, and if they do most certainly never hit. Then they are sitting ducks.

    I just wasted a lot of time researching junk didn't I?
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