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  1. ... is the Dropbox link coming up as broken for anyone else?
  2. Considering how much you need replacement gear (planes, troops, etc.), not to mention the end-of-month overheads, I'd be quite happy to see that starting warchest retained. YMMV.
  3. Stun-rod, ballistic pistol, laser pistol, and plasma pistol cover four of those seven weapons, and that's just off the top of my head. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Chris! ) EDIT: Gack! Ninja'd.
  4. XSGCOM: Goa'uld Defence and its sequel XSGCOM: Terra from the Deep, by Hotpoint. You might want to re-read the book, mate: Rainbow Six was based at Hereford in the UK. (It's on the border between England and Wales.)
  5. Goldhawk may be borrowing from SAS practice on that score. The SAS won't even let you try out for them unless you've got four years' active duty and Corporal's stripes to your name, and many of the men who go into Selection are Sergeants... but if they're accepted, their previous rank is ignored within the Regiment and they're back to being Troopers. After 2-4 years, they might get back up to Corporal again; another 2-4, and they might get their third stripe. If they get returned to their original unit, they get their old pre-SAS rank back (or retain the SAS one if it's higher) and are expected to pass on their advanced skills to the average squaddies there.So one can presume that Xenonauts recruits were all Corporals and Sergeants with sparkling records in their prior service, but once they get to your base, they're considered just grunt Privates by Xenonauts standards.
  6. There were a few sergeants around, too. The problem was that their flagship team consisted of:- a full bird Colonel - a Captain (later promoted to major, then lieutenant-colonel) as his second in command - a former General (remember, Teal'c was Apophis' First Prime) who served as a common grunt - and a translator/diplomat who wasn't even a member of the military. Even their secondary SG-teams were commanded by Colonels (Makepeace, anyone?) and Majors, and rarely a lowly Captain, and most of those teams' background members were non-coms with a decade or more of experience and seniority - which is pretty high, when you consider that the typical SG first-contact team was only four people! Now, there are extentuating circumstances, in that SG teams needed people with the experience and seniority to address all manner of situations (both military and diplomatic, like negotiating off-world alliances on a plenipotentiary basis!), but the fact remains that even in 'black' spec-ops unit like the SGC (or Xenonauts), a bird Colonel should be a rare sight in a field-operation, not leading a glorified fire-team against the Alien Menace on a weekly/daily basis. That's why you have sergeants and lieutenants.
  7. Assuming you're not packing alenium warheads, a 3-v-3 fight takes a fair bit of micromanaging. You need to bring multiple fighters of your own, of course.In the initial phase, select each fighter and set a waypoint that splits the flight in multiple directions - that'll let you tell which UFO is paired up on which fighter. (You can use each fighter's afterburner to stagger the timing of the merges between each fighter/UFO pair.) Once you've drawn the aliens a little apart, re-select each fighter's opponent to accept battle. Make liberal use of the pause function to get the timing of your missile-launches right. Each fighter launches a 'Winder to force its UFO into an evasive roll, fires the second to score a hit as he levels out, then goes in with guns to finish the job. Naturally, any fighter that kills its opponent quickly turns to engage another with its guns. You could also switch up targets - have Fighter #1 ignore UFO #1 from the start of the fight and go after UFO #2 or #3 instead, and so forth - but given the current state of the AI, each UFO is fixated on killing its given target, so trading targets that way would be complicated, risky, and quite possibly a recipe for disaster.
  8. The trick there is to load four Sidewinders, but hold back three of them in the pre-combat pause. Let the first missile launch and get a little down-range from the MiG (about one grid-square seems to work for me), then hit 'space' to pause combat and hit the other three missile icons, ripple-firing all three of them at once. If you time it right, the alien rolls away from the first missile, but he comes wings-level just in time to get the other three shots right in the face. Good fight: good night.
  9. You don't actually get 'nothing' for smoking a UFO over the sea. The game looks at where the UFO went down, decides which funding-bloc those waters belong to, and increments the appropriate bloc's loyalty/funding. Granted, profit-wise it doesn't compare to looting a crash-site on land, but with the number of alien fighters that are spawning in the current build, you can really pump up your numbers in high-traffic areas. At one point in one game, I'd taken so many fighters out of North American airspace that my support rating from them was projected to increase by ~22% in one month, despite all the strafing attacks those fighters had made across Alaska/Canada/the Continental 48 and their territorial waters before I nailed 'em.
  10. It isn't, AFAIK. Frustrating as all hell, especially when a Sebillian breaks cover ten tiles away from three troopers with full APs and fully-loaded AKs, but it'll be implemented soon enough.
  11. For the Goldhawk types, a query about female soldiers' names. I know that the implementation of female Xeno-troopers was only definitively added to the game's features very, very recently, but some detail-oriented person is bound to ask this sooner or later, so I might as well be the 'designated mug'. A number of languages, including Russian, add feminine suffixes to a woman's surname - for instance, a Russian soldier named Pavel Kuznetsov might have a sister with the full name Ilyana Kuznetsova. Will there be separate lists/.xmls for male and female surnames in these languages? Will feminising surnames be left up to a player's ability to edit soldiers' names in-game? Or is there another option/solution that I've overlooked in my haste-to-post?
  12. I'm onboard with most of this. As a suggestion: - the current medikit stays in-game, but maybe gets renamed to 'first-aid kit' or something similar. All soldiers can use it, even on themselves, but all it can do is stop bleeding. For verisimilitude purposes, I'd like to see this as a 1kg item, perhaps 2x1 or 1x2 on the equipment grid, so every man can 'fight hurt', but I'd certainly understand if gameplay balance overrides 'realism'. - the advanced medikit has to be researched, possibly based off alien tech? (Maybe "Alien Biology" can play into that. ) Soldiers can't use them on themselves, but over and above fixing bleeding they can heal HP damage, restore (or even over-boost?) energy, or maybe handle other issues (to be discussed/decided). This is a 5-6kg, 2x3 item, thus encouraging players to field dedicated team medics.
  13. I tried both methods, then targeting aliens or even random walls to test burst-fire. I'll give it another go in a few minutes the report back, just to check I hadn't done something simple (like not having enough APs available for burst-fire), but in the meantime: no, I don't recall it working once, no matter what I tried. EDIT: After a quick test, durr, me no can brain - me am have teh dumb. It looks like it was a simple matter of not having enough APs. After using the AKs so much, and becoming so used to having burst-fire for ~15 APs, the M16's high burst-fire cost was throwing me off. Of course, I applied the SovWeaps mod as soon as I tried the full demo mode, and I'm equipping every member of my team with Jackal armour, an AK and a spare mag, and two grenades 'just in case', so the 'burst-and-move' tactics I carried over from JA2 v1.13 meant I was learning/reinforcing habits that were/are probably unsuited to vanilla Xenonauts. Certainly they incline me to think RotGtIE has a pretty good case, at least at the current stage of development. Cool to hear. (I'd need to pre-order to have access to that same build, but that's a financial problem on my end, not a coding issue. )
  14. It's already reflected in-game - once you research a given alien species, your troops get a 10% damage-bonus in all subsequent ground-engagements with them. If you've got an alpha-build and have made any headway, check out the Xenopedia entries for '[species] autopsy', particularly the bullet-points under the title.
  15. Uh, hi. First-time poster here. (For reference, I DL'ed the 10.2 build from the Kickstarter page a couple of weeks ago and I've been playing the heck out of it ever since. I'm stoked to see all those features funded! Though my employment situation means I may have to hold off on pre-ordering the game itself for a while.... ) Anyway, I thought I'd better raise out some issues with this mod: - With Soviet Weapons installed, I can't use burst-fire on the M16 in the full-demo play.* (It's not a major issue for the moment, since my troops were all slinging AKs anyway. "Welcome to Earth, Marvin: let me introduce you to a little thing called 'rock and roll'." Nonetheless, I thought the modders needed the data.) - I started building laser-carbines and charge-packs at my primary base, but when I went to equip my troops with them, hitting the 'laser' tab in the weapons menu crashed the game. Are infantry lasers implemented yet, or was this an issue with the mod itself? * Just read through the 'bugs' forum - I think this may be part of the same known issue.