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  1. I think a slight delay is definitely a good thing. Trying to get a little mini press movement going right near the time of X-COM doesn't seem like a good idea. With the holiday's so close your going to have to compete with tons of other games as well even if it is "just a beta". I think waiting would be very prudent.
  2. V 14.1 On one of the maps the stairs don't work. I also think no aliens spawned so I was stuck in the mission. Going near the ufo didn't end the mission either. I have no idea what happened, tons of bugs though. Perhaps the alien did spawn in the one place I couldn't get, the upper areas of one building. Also in this map those particular stairs look like they cant be walked up since they are position din the very corner of the room. Turns out it couldn't be. At any rate I had to quit the mission, I called it quits for the night. Just letting you know.
  3. Damn it, it wins. I have lactose intolerance. Unless it happens to be made with lactose free chocolate. Even then with other stomach conditions I might be able to take a small bite. You win today caketurtle!
  4. It's already been done, with many alien species. Muahahaha, pathetic humans with your xcom and super heroes. No match for the mighty Rentellian Bettlemen who can fight on any front at once with their pincer mandibles of death. Yea, it's a game. Yea, it's getting an expansion. Yea, why are you still reading this and not playing? Shame on you.
  5. It looks good, I've only touched the original xcom slightly. It's just too dated to play, I'm sorry I feel bad for being so shallow guys. So I 'm looking forward to this. Funnily enough I can play old Sega Genesis stuff fine, but xcom just looks like assss. Yes, I'm being vain. I did play with it a bit to get an idea of what it was like though, Xenonauts inspired me to play it regardless of looks. I didn't play long, but amazing gameplay. Now with this new one we'll have to see how it turns out. I already know I'm loving Xenonauts, I have a feeling it will have more depth than the remake. Though the remake certainly looks better and flashier. Though both games are miles above the original's sprites and stuff. Ewww...
  6. I told myself the same thing, why don't I ever listen! Hrrk.... must have... patience. Edit Awesome work on Xenonauts so far.
  7. I can't get past the first ground combat, it always crashes when I shoot the aliens. The work around didn't work for me.
  8. This was incredibly handy in teaching me some stuff.
  9. Oath of the Xenonaut's To be Unclean That is the Mark of the Xenos To be Impure That is the Mark of the Xenos To be abhorred That is the Mark of the Xenos To be Reviled That is the Mark of the Xenos To be Hunted That is the Mark of the Xenos To be Purged That is the fate of the Xenos To be Cleansed For that is the fate of all Xenos Or something along those lines.
  10. That guide said that was for the cannons? I'm still green. Why are you asking me. Hahahah.
  11. So that explains why I haven't found any wrecks. Over killing them. Also I kept putting my missiles to red... talk about a troll. Okay now to experience so much more of the game. Thanks guys. Helpful forum here, quick too. I may be back in the near future, I've never played a game like this in my life. Though it is fun. Edit How can I tell if a missile is in range?
  12. How the hell do I shoot the damn missiles? I can't seem to figure it out. Sometimes they fire on their own at the scouts, and sometimes they don't. It seems completely random. I hit the assigned keys to fire the missiles, and nothing! My expensive MiG-32 are being blown up left and right as they absolutely refuse to shoot anything. Don't even get me started on how fragile they are, sometimes one or two hits from a simple scout blows them sky high. Absolutely ridiculous. So how do I fire the missiles. What keys do I use ect. ect. This game desperately needs documentation on basic controls. Edit It isn't just those fighters either, the starting ones also wont shoot. If they get close they use their guns automatically, but they still wont fire their missile. Unless some sort of random gerbil in space sends them the orders and they do. It seems completely random. Edit2 I finally got the MiG 32 to fire, somehow. I guess the magic god of chaos decided to fire the missile. And... the fighter dodges. Shoots it down. Great. What the hell are these things used for? They seem incredibly crippled against anything. So much as sneeze in their direction and they will die. Meanwhile they seem to never shoot, and if they do most certainly never hit. Then they are sitting ducks. I just wasted a lot of time researching junk didn't I?