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  1. My issue with medkits is that I can't use them on the same soldier that is carrying them. If I have my leg shot up, I should be able to patch it. Having an arm blown off would ... complicate ... the issue, but not every wound is a crippling arm wound. And if my arm is far too wounded to patch up, then how come I have the ability to fire MGs, Rockets, and Sniper Rifles? These require the use of both limbs, and preferably a steady mount to shoot from. It is not possible to fire these one-handed, even with a supporting structure like a crate or low wall. If my arm is too badly injured to use a medkit, I should be relegated to using a pistol as well until healed.
  2. I too am glad to see you have reached the Steam milestone. I can't wait to convert over.
  3. You are teaching those kids properly. Raise up those future gamers of the world.
  4. I "captured" an alien that went down from smoke. However, I was not able to conduct any research on the captured alien. How did you get that project to start? Anyway, in game or not, Chris can build it out as far as he wants, and still use such a "gateway" mechanic to restrict access to further content. That was all I was saying.
  5. Until you can start to capture live aliens, you won't be able to get real far. I believe at this point you can unlock new Earth-based technologies, but very little alien tech. In the OG, much of that required a live alien Navigator or Engineer to pry the true secrets out. Not being able to build an alien containment system is a great way of blocking access to late-game content. There's only so much we can piece together from smoking corpses and shot-down metal.
  6. I tried tailing scouts to catch one at a landing spot, but they have so far either outlasted my interceptor fuel supply, or taken off before my groundpounders can get there. One time they actually took off right as the chinook got within range - that did not end well, very few survivors from the crash.
  7. What file do I need to look at to alter the time it takes to manufacture new items?
  8. I must sadly admit that I have lost many fine crews and boats to the pernicious tenacity of the Allied fleets. But not before littering the seabed with theirs as well! GWX forever!
  9. Chris, At this point, I know the next major release is the Beta v1 sometime around 9 October, barring any delays. Do you have any more hot fixes or content updates on the board for between then and now? I'm really enjoying the game so far, but I keep bumping up against Alpha limitations.
  10. Just a way to complete the mission so you don't have to get killed by any other aliens.
  11. Well, it's great while I can do it then. I had a feeling it was too good to be true...
  12. That is why I made the post. Feedback for the balance phase when it comes.
  13. I think you hit the nail on the head. At the start, I'm feeling good. My conventional weaponry are knocking down scouts, and I'm able to shoot them up with small arms. Life is good! Then the tide turns. Fighter swarms start knocking out my interceptors, and I lose them faster than I can get more. The first time I fight armored Sebillians and Caesans, and my assault rifles are bouncing off their armor, I know things are going south in a hurry. This reminds me of the U-Boat war in WWII. At first, the U-Boats were rolling out and sinking everything in sight (the Happy Times). Then the superior technology of the Allies came to the fore, and the U-Boats started getting sunk, and never recovered (the Sour Pickle times). Then they lost the war. Hopefully my operations will be more successful, but I'm not feeling it yet.
  14. What I really like about this hypervelocity is when I know there is an alien inside the wreck, and I set up my LMG gunners and just spray the wreck from the outside. The bullets don't seem to always penetrate the hull, but enough of them do that I end up killing the alien (and sometimes his unseen buddy). To me, this is absolutely great. I feel like after all the abuse we've taken from the alien scum, it's nice to be on the right side of a Bonnie and Clyde ending. More dakka dakka!