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Same here, never played X-com, but since I got knowledge about this game, I just pre-ordered in a second.

Though even if the game is only in the Alpha stage, some kind of "newbie" guide would be cool to have.

Want to help out as well with bugs and testing, but have no idea how everything works :)

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If you've got any questions about specific things, might as well ask them in this thread. Good reference for anyone wanting to write a guide.

I'll start off then!

I'm in the personnel screen and I can't see how I can apply the training to the soldiers.

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Training isn't implemented yet. Just ignore it.

Cool thanks. Next thing is medpacks and how to use them to heal soldiers. Can the soldiers heal themselves or do they need someone else to heal them and how is that done?

E: nevermind, found it. Soldiers can't heal themselves and need someone else to heal them.

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A guide would have been handy when I was starting out. It took me awhile to figure out what some of the buttons did, especially in the battlescape. I was also trying to find where I could buy the normal items before I realized they were infinite and that the fighters re-arm themselves without worrying about supplies. Won't need alot of storage space in the bases. Still trying to figure out if I can swap out the fighter weapons (replace the sidewinders with avalanches or vice versa).

I had no idea training wasn't implemented, that was driving me crazy trying to figure out. Thought it may have been a bug. What else isn't implemented yet?

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There are 3 types of aircraft weapon slots: cannon, light, heavy. F-17's only have lights and cannon, MiG has only heavy. As a result, only the MiG can have its weapons changed, and only between Sidewinders and Avalanches.

As to how to actually swap the weapons, click on the weapon name. It'll being up the list of available weapons for that slot.

Not sure what else hasn't been implement actually. Capturing I think? Apparently live aliens always get executed. Same with their corpses and burning.

In-battle saving doesn't work quite right, so you shouldn't do it (8.2).

Flame weapons haven't been fully sorted out yet either. The Alien battlescape and Geoscape AI is still being worked on too I think.

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