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Some Usability Suggestions

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Because this is my first post I want to start with saying that you guys do an amazing job. I am an X-Com fan of the first hour. I played X-Com Enemy Unknown and liked if for its dense atmosphere, but it was tweaked to have too few strategic depth. Thank you for doing a remake with all of the traditional features like multiple bases and so on.

Here are some usability suggestions, I stumbled on during my first games (unordered):

* Base - Soldier Equipment: show carrying capacity in KG and not only a red bar, when its too much. I want to know how many KGs of equiment I need to remove.

* Base - Soldier Equipment - Weapon Details: on 1920x1080 the font is too small .. make it bigger ... maybe double it.

* Base - Stores: show sell value per unit without need to select one unit to sell to see its price.

* Base - Navigation Button-Bar: seperate Geoscape button or make it distinguent from the other buttons. After all you navigate "up" to an overview of all bases.

* Base - Build Structure: make structure rotatable. There is no sense in preventing to build a structure just because of its orientation.

* Geoscape: show how much a new base will cost instead of just saying "insufficient funds". Maybe on the button itself.

* Tactical: Make the maps rotatable. 90°-steps would be completely sufficient.

* Geoscape: Make button for a screen with the last funding information available, so I dont have to wait till next month.

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The tactical maps probably won't be rotatable, just saying. I'm guessing that the reason you'd like this is to see behind walls and things that you can't see behind otherwise?

A transparency aura around your mouse, either constant or hotkey-activated, would alleviate this problem, I'd say.

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Thanks for the feedback. As others have said, it's not possible to rotate the battlefield because it's not 3D. We are also working on a new UI for the strategic layer which will hopefully address most of your points for the final game!

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