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It should technically work' date=' but I don't recommend it: the maps haven't been changed to work with the new and improved map guidelines, so they'll be too big.

If that doesn't put you off, go hog wild.[/quote']

Many thanks for the maps! Is there any map pack that you would recommend? I am mostly interested in something stable and proven to work on latest experimental version.

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It looks like Stable's closing in on us, so I want to drop a note off here: these maps will run on v21, but some are above the intended map sizes. I recommend playing with default and Skitzo's map packs (linked by Max two posts above me) before using the community map pack; if the idea of some bigger maps in there doesn't bother you, go ahead and download. For example, my light scout maps included in the community pack are 60x60 while v21 official light scout maps will be 50x50.

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I'm sort of having problems with this map pack, I think. There are several maps where there are these large portions of black impassable tiles that seem to take up all Z-levels but doesn't block vision (aside from making it very confusing). I have never modified nor added any map tiles, are there any other changes that could possibly affect them?

I'm skimming backwards through this thread and it seems that there may be some fixes I need to download? I'm using V21 Stable, if that doesn't have any good fixes then I'll have to revert the map pack.

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No, I've not seen anything like that in more recent user-created maps. The Community maps were made a long time ago and there's been several changes to the tilesets since then; since that's almost certainly what's causing the problems it shouldn't be an issue with anything that's been made or updated recently.

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