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Suggestion about a next expansion ;)

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Don't know about everyone, but i cannot stop imagining what things can be added to make this game even greater, bigger, better.

Good that i'm not a gamedev or i'll be drowning in feature creep =)

I liked TFTD - it was dark, murky, dangerous. More then original UFO:EU, imho.

So count me +1 on underwater expansion possibility. Count me +2 if it can be somehow combined into one whole land and sea game.

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I do not think it is very complicated to add underwater scenarios, you do not need a Xenonauts 2

Except for all the environments, tiles (in three separate states), props (also in three states), armours, weapons, alien and soldier sprites that the artist isn't around to do any more because he no longer works freelance. And all the new researches, craft and other things on the Geoscape. Not to mention the fact that you'd need to have a completely separate physics engine for underwater because why half-ass things? Oh, and you'd need extra space for more bases, and you'd need separate troops who are conditioned for undersea fighting. And you'd need to re-balance everything, including the stuff that's still not balanced.

So sure, if you ignore the massive amount of work that would need to be done and the fact that a large portion of it will either be completely impossible to do because the artist is gone or necessitate a complete overhaul of the current game, which would cost tens of thousands of dollars and delay the game by possibly years, yeah. Sure. They could put all that stuff that doesn't really add to the gameplay that much.

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Personally I would be happier if Goldhawk moved on from this game and did something else.

If they did decide to do some DLC to add underwater missions to tide them over until a new project came along then I would pick them up, if the price was right of course.

As much as I am looking forward to playing Xenonauts fully I have already had enough of the rubbish engine and the limits it puts on the game.

I can only imagine how much more frustrating it must be for the actual dev team :P

If they wanted to stick to a similar theme I would have some suggestions though.

Maybe a nice shiny new version of Apoc using the source engine?

Or an unreal powered Jagged Alliance remake?

Hmm no I think Syndicate or Syndicate Wars in cryengine!

If they want a very different game how about a Rogue Spear type tactical shooter set in the Xenonauts universe?

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I'd be open to a space-based game like Famicom Wars, but with inter-mission game mechanics that are seen in many tower defense games. Collecting information, assigning research that takes 'X' time to complete where each mission is a specific amount of time. If I was a better programmer, I'd claim this for myself. In fact, I do claim it for myself. Who's on-board with me?

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