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Battle maps / Fighting Areas

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Will the Fighting areas after an Crash more like Ufo - EU oder more like Efo Extraterrestrials?

Means will the Areas consit of a sqare of 5x5 Tiles thet where randomly selected from a great pool of tiles or will the areas be completly designed with a pool of maps for each Ufo Type?

I'm playing UFO ET at the moment and I mentioned that an Battlecruiser will never crash in a Town, while on the other hand a Scout or Fighter will never Crash on a golf course ;)


Will some Aliens die during the crash?

Fighting Ufos in ET sometimes shows that some aliens die during the crash. In UFO EX you will always have the same number of aliens. Out of interest how often the Ufo was hit and damaged. Thats nasty for the atmosphere of the game.

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As I remember in TFTD ufo crash almost always meant that the UFO itself was badly damaged (ion accelerators often exploded, holes in the hull etc..

Will You add same mechanics to Xenonauts (since terrain is destructible I take that the answer is Yes) ?

Also do You plan to damage buildings/roads etc on UFO crash ? From the realistic point of view, damaged Ufo will not always land gently and will do quite a rackus in its landing path..

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Yeah, crash-skids would be difficult. Could always look at it as the UFO just dropping vertically rather than falling at an angle due to the reactor shutting down and not doing whatever alien thing that lets an incredibly heavy spaceship fly through atmosphere without conservation of momentum.

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but that's not useable see!

Actually though if there was a trail of fire that might be a good inclusion into the map, with it providing a temporary barrier to movement over part of the map, then dissipating later on, really changin up how you secure the map... It also could set other objects on fire, possibly speeding up players movement through areas etc.

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Sathra's awesome idea
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That would be one way around the whole "big ships being too large to fit on the map" thing. Set most of the area around the ship on fire except for a few sections. Those spots would be where you breach.

It'd eventually burn out, but you'd be under attack the whole time so getting to the ship and actually finishing the mission would be a good idea.

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