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Xenonauts 3 request...

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X2 expansion packs or DLC are a possibility (or perhaps the X-Com mechanics in an entirely different setting) but I don't think we'll be doing another Xenonauts sequel any time soon!

I've not played Evil Genius but as I'll probably keep making strategy games perhaps we will end up making something similar to it in the future.

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It can extend beyond base building too. As many issues as UFO:Aftershock has it also has a track system for resources which I really like. Capturing particular territories could be for the resources themselves or to make your track system more efficient or resilient to disruption. It was nice to have a sense of overall purpose and strategy to ground missions beyond capture X alien or to get "terror points" lower in a region or something.

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Yep the Ressource System was one of the interessting things in the UFO-After-Series.

A similar plan we can do in Xenonatus 2. The Alien-Fighters, Bombers and such can be salvaged automatically and get fragmented. The same for Alien Bases and UFO-Sites / Terror-Sites, which give you very much material. UFO: Alien Invasion has such a system where you can salvage the UFO´s and fragment them in Hangars to get Material.

Graphically it isn´t so good like Xenonauts 2, the new XCOM-Series and similar Games.

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