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  1. Hello! For Xenonauts 3, could we have the base concept and management similar to Evil Genius game? Thank you
  2. The list menu transparency levels could by any chance be adjusted in the options for the Research Engineering Soldiers and Supplies tabs so that the beautiful artwork behind could be seen?
  3. Oh man! Just reading the description of this mod makes me happy as a kid for Christmas! Thank you!
  4. You just demonstrated that you don't have a clue what being extremely vocal on the forums implies. And then you ask inept questions like "what you want to achieve with this thread" like the ultimate fanboy you say you're not. Have I started threads demanding that the devs should rework game mechanics to my liking at once? I've only stated what are the flaws in my opinion and what would have made the game more complex, thus better. What I want to achieve with this thread? Immortality.
  5. Your reaction is so childish and unfit, I don't even bother to give an articulate reply. All I have to say is that I am sorry that I point out the flaws (in my opinion) of your beloved game.
  6. Tweaking the UFO health pool and making them unpredictable when their appear I think would make them a real threat in lower numbers. To reintroduce the transport mechanic by a mod at this point would involve changing other aspects aspects. Good ideas will always suffer if another mechanic is already in place. Predictability is not a good idea.
  7. So the problem is not that UFOs that come in waves and are predictable, the idea is flawed?
  8. Corsair plane was for a time the best plane in my fleet and without it I would not have resisted the UFO invasion. As for Fury, yes its skippable. Without the destroyer and dreadnought class it has no purpose. I only used it for fun. Any mechanic that makes player to delve in tough decisions is ok in my book. That is one of them. transporting precious cargo should be serious business. The fact that now the game does not even allow you to move scientists/workers says a lot about its complexity.
  9. ZERO base assaults ZERO alien bases A couple of terror sites ( a red circle with an alien face in it) but my combat planes got to site it vanished.
  10. Bases have limited space? In my playthrough, the original base completed the game with 2 squares empty. 3/4 of the gamelength I only used 2 labs and 2 workshops. Look at the number buildings you can construct and how low it is compared to past games. No alien contaiment needed. Infinite storehouse cappacity - you only need one. No need to have space to build a better defense canon because they autoupgrade (in past games, you needed space to build a better version, not just to tear down the old one because you would have no defece during construction) It seems to compensate for the low facilities number you can construct, devs made the command center and labs/workshops/barraks bigger. Your arguments are invalid because everybody knows that for the game to be balanced and be fun, tweaking the economy has reverberations in other areas of the game. Straw man fallacy again. In other words, the "current model of the game" (as you say) is balanced/tweaked for a simplified economic system that endorses automatization and cuts layers of complexity instead of adding them (like the game did with areal combat) Areal combat has also its problems because attacking the ufos with the right planes and armament, they always take 0 damage, hence no need for resources and repairs, hence no need for money/resource sink. And a way of stopping manufacturing abuse and making a hoard of money, just tie the production of expensive products to finite materials (alenium, alien alloys etc) that you take from ufos, tweak the ufo numbers and their rate of invasion, them make them harder to shoot down and always with a degree of damage inflicted to your planes. Tanks in the current game cost ZERO to repair. You can make 10 missions in a row with the same tank. Every time pops up with full health in mission. A proper designed X-COM game could have so MANY money/resource sinks that even selling lasers in bulk would not be enough to have everything at 100%. And then the real economic gameplay starts - making real, tough decisions. Making priorities. Boosting production to keep up. Trimming the unnecessary costs. Always fine tuning. Thinking ahead. Making plans to have room for bulding rotation. Adapting to new situations. And then really enjoying a facility that lessens the strain on your brain a little.
  11. cargo planes that would need escort would have been exquisite. These assets were cut out before or after they received triple the money they asked on kickstarter? Because to me it seems that some were cut just because someone wanted the game out ASAP.
  12. Then Alien bases should be from the beginning of the game already established and their influence increased as the game progresses. Also, in the old x-com: terror from the deep, there were ufos that attacked your base coming in very fast and that could not be intercepted. That could be two ways of modding the game so it would be not possible to completing it without having your base assaulted or an alien base assault.
  13. Thats why you would have several workshops working in parralel producing more plane weapons than you would actually need in the case of loosing a plane with the weapons. And then a storehouse would really be important to store this equipment. And having a limited build space in the base, you would have to choose if you really need one extra storehouse and lose the build space in the detriment of some other important building. It's called forward thinking and planning. And losing a plane would be a big deal, not the miracle retrieving and you as a player would be forced to adapt and find new resources.
  14. At a quick look at the game assets I discovered that there were certain units/weapons and planes not introduced: Saracen -plane Destroyer class ufo AK47 Flamethrower rocket launcher? DHVR Colossus armor one of each research workshop and barracks historic progression backgrounds were skipped nanotech workshop particle turret quantum cryptology center quantum laboratory training center! (that would have been extraordianary) heavy and medium drones xenopedia -alien alloy hardening -alien comms array Are there any plans for modders to reintroduce them in the game and give them rhe intended purpose? The collosus armour has the sprite animation in the game assets? Some animation with the the arriving squad drop pods would be so cool to have! something like in this video at 4 : 43
  15. Of course that system had a fault that you can abuse it if you know well how the game mechanics works. I never said that abusing this in the original is OK and that should be replicated in Xenonauts. But the oversimplified management Xenonauts has just to avoid this (and maybe some other motives) instead introducing some kind of failsafes to avoid this is like throwing away the horse just because one bad horseshoe. You can't even transfer engineers and scientist from one base to another. That says a lot.