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Xenonauts-2 Version 0.14.1 Hotfix Released!

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This version of Xenonauts 2 is a free public test build, released free because it is still an early build and we don't yet think we can justify charging for it; full details on where to get the build can be found in this thread. 

This is a hotfix for our previous release; the new features in that release are listed here: https://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14510-xenonauts-2-version-0140-public-combat-test-released/



  • Fixed the "screen flipping" issue that caused people playing on lower graphics settings to have the game display inverted.
  • Fixed some random crashes linked to changing the graphics settings of the game.
  • Fix Reapers not having weapons, so being unable to attack.
  • Fix a number of alien animation issues, most noticeable on the Psyon drone.
  • Aliens no longer have visible outlines when hidden by the shroud during the alien turn.
  • Xenonauts no longer occasionally turn invisible when the aliens start performing actions.
  • Disable developed debug commands (e.g. pressing "T" no longer refills your unit's TUs etc)

Hopefully this will bring V0.14.0 to a fully playable state, but please let us know if you're experiencing any further issues!

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for some reason GOG client shows me 14.2 version, not sure why. But it's not a big problem anyway.

I had a strange bug - sometimes after person run and shoot, he can't crouch. After I turn it round, he is able to crouch.

And this happens only from time to time, I could not find a 100% set of steps to reproduce it for sure.

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One game so far, but will do more later.
Played with Fantastic Settings at 1200x800 fullscreen.

- The tree visibity issue still exists.
- Throwing grenades is still bugged as before.
- When the snow boulders next to the road are hit by bullet or beam it sounds like rock or Ufo wall.
- The new highlight method looks a bit weird with its moving scan-pattern. It is visually not on par with the rest, at least in my opinion.
- Sometimes reaction fire of the aliens happens so fast, that you can't identify where it came from or which Alien/Soldier did shoot.
- Grenade launcher sounds like a rifle.

New highlight mode in action:
Top: The front wall is targetted = OK.
Middle: Rock at the side = OK.
Bottom: The wall next to the rock is targetted from the inside = not OK. This seems to be the cause for the next issue, see below.

Here my shotgunner can't target the Sebillian, but it can hit my soldier through the wall again.
Maybe the gun of the Sebillian protrudes inside the wall or the wall has gaps or the alien cheats. Either way = FOOO.

The aliens gather here for quite some time and don't come out. Later they are fleeing (?).
My soldier in orange circle comes around and is killed. Now none of my soldiers is selected and all soldiers are shown as enemies.
As soon as I select one soldier no alien is visible and no head icon is on screen anymore.
This strange view is not appearing when you deselect with ESC, only when your selected soldier that sees the aliens dies.
all aliens.jpg

My log: recording_1.rec

In this mission only my sniper survived the battle, and he had to search for the aliens around the UFO to kill them as they were fleeing. Once he opend the door he was shot and bled out the following turn. Damn, thought I could do a Rambo mission.

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  • 4 weeks later...


Once again, nothing much new report.

@thixotrop has already gone into the details that pretty much made completing mission semi-impossible.

- Another something I yet have seen is related to "Mission Objective Capturing". I.E. cleaning the UFOs and then waiting 5-turns to capture them.

I have previously reported this system being pretty much not working at all. But I know the reason: "Outer-wall"-tiles also count as "indoors" of UFOs, so if an AI-units stands near them, then the countdown doesn't start.
It is very possible some of the more "showcasy"-corners spawned "Pocketed" units within / inside these things thus this prevented the capturing countdown.

2017-05-09 23_40_10-Xenonauts 2.png

(( I know that on this example image I did say I searched the whole map. But it is possible one or more of mobs was actually "Inside" the wall(s) itself... ))

- Switching weapons or even "measuring" how well grenade throws go makes the solider to stand-up.
-- If solider is moved right after this, they can move around without the "standing"-fee of TUs being spent.
-- If player wants them to kneel again, they have to click the "Crouch" trice which also costs the crouch-action twice


- "Hidden Action" simply completely hides the AI-units complete until they shoot or they're hit by reaction-fire.



And yes, I did say this was "semi-impossible" to complete: I ended up winning after using machine-gunner to tear down pretty much all the interior walls of the UFO (once we got rid of the door-guard that the same machine-gunner was not able to hit at all at point-blank ("hits" are shown as black-stripes under the "Reaper"):

2017-08-20 19_38_45-Xenonauts 2.png

2017-08-20 19_44_28-Xenonauts 2.png

2017-08-20 19_44_55-Xenonauts 2.png

2017-08-20 19_48_00-Xenonauts 2.png

The image above should have the "Mission-Capture"-timer-box, but I was simply too slow; it started at "4" right after I had killed the "Sebillian", and the "Drone" has entered the UFO via the door.
Notice also the floating "machine-gun"-bullets on the spots where the walls used to be.


2017-08-20 19_46_18-Xenonauts 2.png

2017-08-20 19_48_21-Xenonauts 2.png



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Yeah, we're still busy on the stuff we'll be showing off for the Kickstarter and a big revamp on the map editor. Thanks for reporting the bugs - I think we've fixed most of the key ones in the build, and we'll hopefully have a new build for you guys to play in the next four to six weeks.

I know it's been a bit slow, but the longer we make you wait the more changes there'll be in the game when you get to play it :) 

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Is this graphics from the final version of X2 or there will be an overhaul? 

For now I think the tiles are too visible. It looks outdated. Like the game was made mostly for classic XCOM fans, not necessarily for everyone. Although the equipment looks good, very modern, and these bright interiors are really cool. In my opinion, the tiles don't need to be so clearly visible, the highlight is enough, no one would get confused. 

But maybe you're going to change it, so there's no need to talk about the graphics yet?

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