Xenonauts-2 July Update - Pausing the Public Builds!

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The work on Xenonauts-2 has continued to progress over the last couple of months since the last update, but we're now in a situation where all our work linking together the strategy layer with the ground combat is causing problems for our free public builds (which are single standalone ground combat missions).

As a result, we will not be releasing any further public builds until the strategy layer is ready for testing - we expect this to be six to eight weeks. The problem is essentially that the ground combat is becoming increasingly reliant on information passed from the strategy layer (soldier stats and portraits, their equipment, alien composition, map types, etc) and to make standalone missions work we need to either remove that stuff or waste time spoofing it. We've decided it would be easier just to discontinue the public builds until the merge is complete.

The resumption of the public builds will also be one of the last steps before our Kickstarter, and will also see the Xenonauts-2 Ideas sub-forum reappear (I've been reluctant to talk too much about my plans for the strategy layer until people can actually play the entire game). Hopefully it will mark the point where most of the gameplay elements are in place and we can start to worry about game balance and fixing up usability issues and all that, which is the time when the community can really start to get involved and shape the final game.

As well as the strategy layer, we're planning to add some new combat stuff in the interim too:

  • The Xenonaut helicopter dropship
  • Some different mission types other than just crash sites
  • Urban areas and the ability to climb up on roofs etc

If you want to hear about the resumption of the public builds as soon as it happens, please ensure you've signed up to our mailing list here!

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Glad to hear things are starting to get more fleshed out. I can certainly wait a while for the new beta. and it would certainly be a much better representation of the final product without spoofing or 'smoke and mirrors' going on.

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