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  1. Best way would simply to "re-install" Xenonauts on your system by "verifying" the files (if you're playing the game via either "Steam"-client of "GOG Galaxy" at least); this process should re-add the missing or or replace / repair corrupted files. (( Alternatively, you can simply also use the "installer.exe"-file to re-install the game, if you have the file. )) Make sure to back-up your game-save-files first though just in case! --- --- ---
  2. Well, this is a vision of an end-product, and this is the most important thing about this whole process; it's only a failure if we wouldn't had any process at all to begin with (or worst, no documentations). Considering there was a lot things changes to begin with (especially the new game-engine from which you basically re-build the game "ground up" ), I personally am happy with the "Xenonauts - Re:Coded / Remake"-edition, since all the experiences can be now used for next project alongside with all the possible "think-tank" material. In a way, I have a feeling "Xenonauts 3" could possibly be the "Apocalypse of Xenonauts" (due the drastic changes / departure), while "Xenonauts 2" is possibly simply going to be "(Open)Xcom - Contact Playback" (mainly because no underwater-battlescape, which basically was a rather large expansion-map-pack to "(Open)Xcom", in my opinion) ((also jokingly saying "We kind of ended up doing the "Open Xenonauts" ourselves before you lot; semi-sorry")). --- --- ---
  3. Well, bit a spoiler(s): Depending which version of the game you have installed, some of the local-military-forces do get their weaponry upgraded at some point of the game: This could possibly be a feature in the sequel-game inwhich the players could influence the "majour-powers" by providing secrets and thus fiving the local-forces some upgrades also. But this is just an idea-musing; nothing confirmed. --- --- ---
  4. I think it's more of "realism" thing here, especially since Chris & co. are wanting to add some elements inspired from "Jagged Alliance"-games. I mean, what kind of sane man would join a "suicide-squad" to begin with, especially in case of "Xenonauts (2)" in which the team of more of smaller vigilante-group (at least intially, and most likely more incognito "on paper")? It's going to be interesting to see how much depth we are able to put into the mechanics; maybe it could only be "lore-fluff" also as in having some in-game-NPCs spreading rumours and so forth depending how you play the "shadow-war" ("I've heard of this group that abducts and sends these unlucky fellas right into the middle of military complexes strapped with belts of grenades" - murmurs heard or read in some of info-sources "Xenonauts" are reliant of, when the casualties are super-high). --- --- ---
  5. You might want to attach the "output.log" and "recording_X.rec"-files into your posts; this way tracking down the bugs is a lot easier to developers. (( Yes, having the in-game crash / error-reporting tools enabled helps also. But more info is still better. )) You should be able to find them via this path (if you're using Windows 10): Libraries\Documents Or alternatively you can use this path: C:\Users\<you>\Documents\My Games\Xenonauts 2\Logs (( I wasn't able to remember the exact "code" to automatically path to the current-user, so if someone remembers the "address", feel free to correct me. )) --- --- Anyways I too also got crashed after I got ambushed by second military-base-guard; the log-files can be found at bottom. On a additional note, when I crashed, "Glasswire" (network-monitoring-tool I use) also notified that "Microsoft Windows Resource Leak Diagnostic" ("rdrleakdiag.exe") also made outbound internet-connection. Is this meant to happen, or was this crash simply that considerable? --- On a positive-note: I really like the "wall-scaling"-feature; it's something I (for one) rarely get to see, and it opens up a lot of possibilities (both level / prop-design and tactics-wise). --- --- --- output.log recording_8.rec
  6. I remember this also, and it has quite hilarious; always though the (shotgun-)farmers muttering "Dem darn tooting overgrown locusts!" or something similar whenever they shot down (some) Harriers. --- --- ---
  7. Well, in reality "XCOM" 2 "cop-out" quite a bit: "Advent" actually (supposedly) consists of "modified-Sectoids" or otherwise "not-humans": (( Fair to note that I personally haven't played and more than likely won't play (or at least I won't buy ) "XCOM2", so I am just going with the information provided by the others. )) Basically what I am saying as "cop-out" is more of "Oh, don't worry; you actually haven't been shooting / killing any real humans in reality"; it's really not a surprise though since "New XCOM-games" have indeed been more of, well, "games" instead of "simulations"... --- --- Storytelling-wise "Xenonauts 2" is going to quite a challenge to give the "correct"-story to us "nerds": We already know the setting is very "black & white" in sense that the extraterrestrials indeed are here to outright wipe-out the Earthlings and "Xenonauts" are here to prevent this (although in more vigilante ways seemingly, and certainly not as resourceful-rich as say "Men in Black" are (thus justifying the small raids or other methods of obtaining the resources "incognito"). Now even though we're in a very "black & white"-situation in extraterrestrials vs "Xenonauts"-situation, to rest of the world it indeed is very "gray", so after pondering I can indeed see why you "average-joe"-guards could possibly guarding a more or less obvious (in disguise or not) alien; it is the "Cold War"-after all in which any "completely-outsider" friends providing technology or even just some basic intel is / was super valuable. If "stealth" is indeed going to be a mechanic that gets into a functional form, it could open up into a large amount of map-designs and mission-variations. Biggest challenge probably would be implementation "Closed-circuit television (CCTV)" and the mechanics in relation to this. But otherwise I am already imagining various possibilities on the "stealth-mission", like perhaps capturing a VIP-disguised alien for the interrogations with only couple of guards knocked-out. Depending on the evidences being left behind or better the lack of, this could affect the "DEFCON" or other related ratings of the country. Maybe perhaps "Xenonauts" could do some of those "covert operations" to hand-out the information gotten via the interrogations or something else relatable to reduce the "panic"-ratings of the government in question. (( Somewhere I wanted to put a reference of "Kado - The Right Answer" here, but now I kind "lost it". It's a good series, so check it out when you get a chance: )) --- --- ((( Also yeah, I am aware I am pretty much repeating things that has been already said a very long time; I still like writing these things again in "updated"-form. Also for the sake of future reference I also write down the phrase "simultaneous inventions". ))) --- --- ---
  8. This is kind of the thing I am most intrigued to know more about. Understandably "Xenonauts" in this game are more of "vigilantes" being a (more real) shadow-organization and such, so doing some small stealthy and non-lethal raids hopefully indeed is a choice. I mean, it's kind of hard to convince rest of the humanity you're fighting for Earth if you keep killing of the average-joe-guards and such who just only doing their daily-job, right? (( Or at the very least we aren't playing "The Guards Must Be Crazy"-trope as far as I've understood. )) Naturally of course, if there is the scoring-system similar to what we had in (Open)Xcom-games which would take into account the civilian-casualties, then obviously finding a way to have the least amount bloodshed would be the best. If i've understood correctly, this is taking further steps towards the "Jagged Alliance"-style of recruits. How is this going to affect the customization of names and so on? (Especially when taking into account the portrait-generator we were teased with about half-a-year ago: --- --- ---
  9. I rarely make "snide"-posts, but how on Earth you missed this thread on the "Development Updates"-sub-section of these forums? But I try to be a fair-guy: Since there seems to be no rush with this game, it is possible we might have the "1.0"-version earliest of 2020, maybe; it all depends on the all the additional features added. Right now the current plan basically is to have "First Xenonauts running in Unity-Engine". So I wouldn't expect for any pre-order-campaigns to start within a month at minimum ( I am simply saying this as a cautiously-patient-person, not as a pessimist ). --- --- ---
  10. --- For those who don't want to do the math themselves, we're now on week #7 out of the estimated max 8th. --- By no means this post is meant to induce "pressure" or anything similar; it's just merely just inform and otherwise "liven-up" this thread. --- This a very huge and very anticipated update (at least from the point of view of the developer / "Goldhawk Interactive"-team), so I for one hope there hasn't been huge "catastrophes" or anything else in relation happening; "radio-silences" just always tend to make me for one quite anxious (in a healthy-way I suppose). --- --- ---
  11. --- This is completely "self-theoretical" (( and apologies if is a bit messy also. )): --- Most likely it's the reaction / reflex-stat at the "purest-form". I.E. whereas weapons would reduce(?) the "base-reaction", having no weapons or anything else modifying "Reaction" makes the reaction / reflex-stat being used at fullest. Or it indeed also can be opposite, as in having "lighter" gun (pistols and shotgun(s) / carbines) makes the "token" actually "anticipating / blitzing" thus increasing the reaction-stat. Alternatively you could just give everyone a ("basic"-)rifle and it (seemingly) would just be same as running around unarmed. This also to assume the following formula is still the same: Reflexes x (% of TU left after last turn) ) x weapon modifier Which I found here: --- On a side-note: A good thing about reaction-shot-system is that you can also use "time-units / action-points" also alone to the reaction-shots considering how heavily "TUs" affect the reaction-shot-chances (well assuming you'd want to train some soldiers to become "un-armed" that is; they still need to perform reaction / overwatch-shots themselves in order train "reflex-stat"; "dodging / reflex-save / overwatch-denying" is not enough to train the stat (at least, not in the current version of the game)). Some referential-link(s): --- (( I am aware that a "simple-answer" became "super-long-winded", but I just wanted to make sure I was as thorough as possible with hopefully correct info / data. )) --- --- ---
  12. Well, it (kinda) is mentioned that you aren't able to "jump" with "heavy-load"; I cannot recall right a way where this was at least hinted at though. (( But this is something we could extra-mentioned in the "bullet-points" in the future-versions / editions of the game. )) Basically the rule-set with "flight" is exactly the same as with "vaulting"-mechanic. I.E. characters with too "cumbersome"-equipments are unable to vault or do other "acrobatic"-maneuvers. (( Then there is also "Predator"-armour that also has it's special-rule-set(s). But that's about enough telling without spoiling to much. )) --- --- ---
  13. --- To say the least, this is a nice idea worth possibly implemented to "OpenXenonauts"-project in future, since engine itself should not be as big of a limitation (primarily due the open-source'ish nature of Unity-engine). More transparent-data for "geeks" is always a welcome thing; an idea of "combat-log" is more or less already implemented to "log-files"-section of "Xenonauts 2-demo", so allowing a toggle-able HUD / UI-element shouldn't a impossibility either. --- --- ---
  14. Well, as it has been referenced on some other threads few times, it's a combination of several things: Most important being not having the access to the source-code itself (the "Playground SKD" by "Playfirst"); had the Goldhawk and the community-developers access to this, there could have been a lot of "hacks" being made (and there indeed several "hacks" already had been done for this engine). As it has been been documented by the developers many times, they ("Goldhawk Interactive", and especially the main-spokesperson "Chris") said that the engine-choise and the related contracts and such were the "first-timer"-mistake(s). Currently the most feaseable idea has been a complete re-write of the game, which more or less is currently a project being worked on already. It is a possibility that in future we could have a "OpenXenonauts"-project based on the "Xenonauts 2" in the future, as it has been mused about on this thread (we'd just need to next figure out how to convert all the assets (especially sprites) to work under the "Xenonauts 2"-framework) : --- --- ---
  15. --- Once again, nothing much new report. @thixotrop has already gone into the details that pretty much made completing mission semi-impossible. - Another something I yet have seen is related to "Mission Objective Capturing". I.E. cleaning the UFOs and then waiting 5-turns to capture them. I have previously reported this system being pretty much not working at all. But I know the reason: "Outer-wall"-tiles also count as "indoors" of UFOs, so if an AI-units stands near them, then the countdown doesn't start. It is very possible some of the more "showcasy"-corners spawned "Pocketed" units within / inside these things thus this prevented the capturing countdown. (( I know that on this example image I did say I searched the whole map. But it is possible one or more of mobs was actually "Inside" the wall(s) itself... )) - Switching weapons or even "measuring" how well grenade throws go makes the solider to stand-up. -- If solider is moved right after this, they can move around without the "standing"-fee of TUs being spent. -- If player wants them to kneel again, they have to click the "Crouch" trice which also costs the crouch-action twice - "Hidden Action" simply completely hides the AI-units complete until they shoot or they're hit by reaction-fire. And yes, I did say this was "semi-impossible" to complete: I ended up winning after using machine-gunner to tear down pretty much all the interior walls of the UFO (once we got rid of the door-guard that the same machine-gunner was not able to hit at all at point-blank ("hits" are shown as black-stripes under the "Reaper"): The image above should have the "Mission-Capture"-timer-box, but I was simply too slow; it started at "4" right after I had killed the "Sebillian", and the "Drone" has entered the UFO via the door. Notice also the floating "machine-gun"-bullets on the spots where the walls used to be. --- --- --- output.log recording_7.rec