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  1. --- Well, to be fair'ish, "Xenonauts" is one of those (/these?) more "old-school"-games where you kinda have to do some research before even booting the game first time. E.G. reading through the instruction-booklet is highly recommented. Yes, it would be more nice to have all the finer details and available via in-game compendium or something similar. Time units-wise however considering the "mod'ability" of this game the compendiums would need to directly pull the data and other flavor-text via the "XML"-files and such (which for the most part has been the case already, alongside with some other games such as with "OpenXcom") --- --- ---
  2. --- "Door-campers" are generally speaking very difficult to fight against, especially without shield units. Generally speaking taking it slow-slow is the best choise. But obviously there can a lot of situational choises available ( E.G. destroying everything that is obstructing the line-of-sight ). Oh, and of course having super-amount of grenades helps too. As for the extra questions: 1) If I recall correctly, Androns can ignore smoke-screen similar to how Sebillians do. 2) If by "Drones" you mean your own personal "Heavy Weapons Platforms / tanks", human-player-tokens share the same rule with all player-tokens, I.E. in this game the smoke isn't line-of-sight-block but a heavy-heavy shooting accuracy-penalty when shooting through the smoke-screen. 3) "Alenum" and other fragmentation / explosion-grenades" can indeed damage Androns. But since Androns are quite heavily armored, the better choise to damage them is to use "Shock / EMP Grenades", since robotics get extra damage with electricity. --- --- ---
  3. Oh hey, it's the "referrer"-bug that brought me to this forums in the first place: Anyways, it is possible the latest-version of "Fix Pack"-mod might have fixed this, since I didn't get to encounter this bug after I updated the mod. On Steam I just simply had to "Subscribe" here: (( Hopefully my links are able to provide some extra info to this case. )) --- --- ---
  4. --- Yeah, this post (and my log-file ) is just more to confirm the things that has been already mentioned alongside noticing that the AI is back on shooting and hitting when there is no line-of-sight ( I.E. they shoot through walls and everything else effortlessly ). On a side to some older issues: I've been now playing with the "auto-resolver" on ( I.E. I let the game automatically to reaction-shot to "overwatch" ). Not only a large amount of times player-tokens refuse to reaction-fire when even chance (even giving a "shrug"), the Sebillians still seem to have further reaching line-of-sights, since they are more than happy to aim and shoot at soldiers that are further behind the lines (of humans). This somewhat makes me think the AI is "tapping" into the "commander"-point of view, which it shouldn't be doing. (( Well, obviously the game itself have to know that it shouldn't know about the location of my soldiers / player-tokens. But point is that AI is meant to simulate another player in this game; cheating while doing so is simply not okay. )) --- --- --- output.log recording_6.rec
  5. --- Alright, finally getting to post again since the website is back (or at least it was down enough that some "isitdown"-websites also said this was down). Anyways, I personally just here confirm the things already mentioned, while also providing the log-files. Couple of things though that have been "nicking" in my brain(s): 1. Was there anything special in the "0.11.1"-version-patch-notes or were everything imported to this current one? 2. This: Seemingly it is April-month always ( for the past several updates ). --- --- --- output.log recording_5.rec
  6. --- Since this wasn't pointed yet, here my input on this topic (again): In the current game ( Xenonauts 1 ) and most likely in the future game ( Xenonauts 2 ) you already have the option to modify or outright "disable" psionics. Well, maybe not the most obvious way like having a menu-item. But the game was aimed to be quite easily mod-able, you don't need to know "rocket-science" in order to "disable" the psionics. In "Xenonauts 1", all you need to do is to open file called "psionicpower.xml", look for the lines you want to modify and increase the "action-point / AP"-requirements to "impossible"-amount (E.G. to 999). (( I personally only "disabled" the "hallucination"-attack since the "berserk"-effect is a little overpowered in comparison to "mind control", at least in the "Community Edition" of this game. )) There are also some nice mods to customize the psionic-efffect further (E.G. changing the "weight"-values of which power is being more often used). (( I am aware that this was more of request done before hand for the "Xenonauts 2", but I wanted to point out this possibility just in case, as I said. )) --- --- ---
  7. Well it all depends on the organizing matters in reality: You could for example setup a non-profit studio if your legislations and other arrangements allow you to do so; this way you could also keep the wages low enough, or maybe even work as a "marginalization-prevention"-organization; not far fetched of in the current economy (especially with the planned / hoped "basic income"-implementations). (( I know this is very off-topics, but the chance to include some inputs was far too tempting to me. )) In the end, as I already mentioned "organizing", it primarily comes down to handling the expenses: Anything can be made expensive / unreasonably-bloated. "Almost Human Ltd." ( of "Legend of Grimrock"-fame ) and "Enormous Elk" ( of "Unreal World"-fame ) are two example Finnish-video-game-development-teams that almost work in "shoe-string"-budget, or at least (seemingly) started with little amount of savings. And even today they seem to as "non-profit" as they possible are able to. (A video showing "Almost Human"-team setting up their low-budget'ish stupio:) Then you have "Reto-Moto" with their "Heroes & Generals"-multiplayer-game with seemingly really huge (back-end-)infrastructure, at least when comparing numerous other similar games in the current market; we're talking of large databases or storage-bases for the replay-files, a rather large amount deticated-servers or datacenters hosting the battles, etc. And yet this game is one of the very few on the market to be a genuinely "free-to-play", as in the content is available to all players even if no one else is paying it for you (E.G. no "ransom"-items sold like for "slots"). True this game didn't start as "full-on-free". And some argue this in-game-store should be to be expected; fact still is it's very rare to see nowadays, especialy for a game of this caliber (especially in market where "multi-billion"-studios claim they'd go bankrupt if they would host the gameplay-sessions themselves, and thus lob the responsibility on the players...). (( To some extend, you could add "Mind-Ark" with their "Entropia Universe" do their "One World"-tech. But this game is more a "glorified-online-casino"; it can be still really fun though even if you don't give them any money, since you can for the most part freely explore the world regardless. )) Let's not forget all these Japanese indie-devs that have been around like ever "always": Very high quality games that most of times cost some pocket-money because these works are more of passion. --- There is a quite lot more I could possibly add. But I'll let this topic "recharge" for another more on-topical-situations. But a summary is that hopefully they'll just handle the expenses and other resources well enough to make a good game. --- --- ---
  8. Considering they have wrote trying for a "something of a hybrid", I hope it's going to be much more dynamical and flexible than the "Firaxis X-Com"-games were. From the --- --- ---
  9. --- Fig-topic-wise, I personally was over there due the "Consortium (2) - The Tower" not doing well enough on "Kickstarter" (plus I also got some loyalty-discounts over on Fig). It's nice to see more of these "speciality"-funding-websites to highlight items a bit more better ( though obviously Fig also seemingly curates-in some higher-profile-titles to begin with ). (( Kinda makes me wish "Xenonauts 2" could be funded via; but we'll see. )) --- --- ---
  10. --- (( Past few weeks have been more busier than usual due life-changes and such. So semi-apologies for not able to participate as intensively on these test as before. I still try to maintain at least one play-through per a version to upload the replay-file(s) though. )) --- --- Well, I did an "automatical reaction-fire"-run this time. And for the most things were the same as before (aside of course not encountering the crashes that had been fixed, and rest of the changes too, and of course my tokens doing the reaction-fire whenever possible). So my current feedback is same as with the ones on previous version(s) (like "assault / shotgunners having abnormal / inconsistent time-unit-requirements for shooting, aliens shooting out of their view-range / sight, etc. ). I didn't get to try out the UFO-AI-changes @Max_Caine offered beacuse I wasn't certain how I would "patch" them into the game; so maybe having in-depth'ish instructions could help. (( Obviously it is possible these changes could be implemented in the next June 6th update too. )) Here are some random screenshots though: Find the "Sebillian(s)". Since I was (barely) able to keep my machine-gunner alive on this run, I decided to simply destroy the entrance. For whatever reason the "Reaper" also decided to move to "their left" once I one of the "drones" killed. --- --- --- output.log recording_4.rec
  11. --- (( I noticed this new built also creates a "output.log"-file, so I have attached it just in case. )) At least the lose-condition is in place; I got my team completely wiped out primarily not only bug the AI-exploiting bug but also due the lack of grenades since they employed the super-camping-tactics at the entrance of the UFO. So really hoping the next build includes the grenades to give us players a better fighting chances. (( I know, I know, I shouldn't "test-to-win", except I kinda also have to in order to find rest of the possible bugs. )) --- - Seemingly the "If I can see you - I can hit you"-bug is back, and yet once again only the Alien-Intelligence is able to take advantage of this. Observe first a wall in which I personally can see but not shoot through: And now we have a situation in which the alien was able to see and shoot the wall while my (highlighed-)token was not able to see them: Here is another solider "spotting" the same alien that shot through the wall: In this screenshot we only not are able to see the "Bleach-Splatter"-but mentioned earlier in previous version-thread. But also see Sebillian having shot the solider behind the corner while the solider at the corner was not able to see or shoot them: Here are couple of images showing that yes, you can also spot the aliens in similar fashion. But you indeed are not able to hit them at all: --- - I have also now figured out the "Overwatch"-bug: It isn't that Sebillians / aliens wouldn't have increased view / spotting-range. But that the Overwatch is "delayed". This means that even if I have already moved my soldier tokens away from the spotting-range, they are stilled to reaction-shot my solider. Observed / analyzed in this image: I had spotted with this solider (on the right), and I moved them back to this corner. Either of the aliens (Drone or Sebillian) behind the cactus (highlighted with mouse-cursor) attemted and reaction-shot (without hitting) the solider when he had already gone to the corner. The projectile itself seems to the almost go half-way-through the stone-wall; there indeed are some nasty "holes" apparently. --- - Some more spotting oddities: I have the same tile highlight / "seen", yet the Sebillians stays hidden --- - And, well, combine all the exploits aliens use with overpwoered-camping tactics, you end up getting this quite a impossible flesh-wall to penetrate. Yes, I probably should have just first taken first the folks blocking the door way far behind enough (+3) squares thus use the "door-opening-exploit". But at this point I was simply not enthusiastic enough / was tired. - I looked funny though to stack a corpse-pile though - In the end they just broken the wall next to my last solider with whom I tried to "chip" to victory - Had my machine-gunner been a plasma-magnet yet once again alongside the aliens exploiting the bugs a little bit less, I could have win this battle --- - Removal of self-shooting has also removed the possibility to apply first-aid / bandages by themselves --- --- And that is my report for this version; I doubt I would be able to discover any other bug under these majour-issue-bugs, so back to waiting until the next update. I might do another run at some point to try to get the win-conditions triggered. But it indeed would be super-hard on this current version of the game (obviously some people are going to have easier-times; I am not one of those people). --- --- --- recording_3.rec output.log
  12. --- Well, hmm... Seemingly this version is missing the "winning-condition", or at least the UFO-capturing does not trigger at all (I already send the bug-report via in-game-reporting-tool). I also tried to reveal all the hidden / black-squares without finding any aliens, or any of them even trying to attack my troops. Thankfully the record-files are seemingly written even when the battles don't end and I quit the software via the menu. ((Yeah, apparently there just aren't "recording_X"-files past "10", so it started from "1" again as I mentioned last time.)) Here are some other oddities and annoyances: - The Time-unit-amount is somewhat too little to traverse through the map, or at least was this time since I got probably the biggest map in the game at the moment. --Odd balancing: (all stats) 60 to shotgun-men / "Assaults" and 55 to rest of the troop ---Shotgun snap-fire uses 17 while sniper-rifle uses 16, rest of the guns (SMG, Assault-rifle, Pistols) use 15, expect the pistols the assault / shotgun-men can wield. So these numbers might need some fixing, alongside maybe bump up the time units to compensate the large-maps (or at least maps larger than what we had before two/three-weeks ago. - Not able to screenshot the Tutorial due the fading UI / HUD elements, at least I was not able to do that with "Greenshot" while using ALT+W"-button combination. -- There generally seems to be some glitchiness in the windowed-mode: as seen in the following screenshot, you can see the "Activate Window"-text bottom-right -corner of the first screenshot. In this screenshot the the game-window is in the size of 1440x900 just like is has been said to be set in the "Xenonauts 2 confiqurations"-launcher-pop-up. However, as soon as I open the options-menu to "apply" the audio-volume setting that always resets to max whenever the game launches (even if the slider is still at the minimum, "bottom-left"), the game-window suddenly pops / enlarges the window to fill the whole screen at maximum-resolution, ala like borderless-fullscreen, but with borders to move around the window obviously. After this happen, the "Greenshot" is once again able to screenshots only the content inside the window-borders without screenshotting teh borders or anything else "atop" (notice the missing "Activate Windows"-text and the missing "title-border"). Obviously this could only be a problem happening with "Greenshot"-alone (I've occasionally considered to start using "FRAPS" again, but I am not certain how well it would work on "Windows 10", since last update was on very early 2013; I might just outright have to find an alternative that isn't tied to Steam-client perhaps (yes I also know the GOG-Galaxy is trying to get a screenshot-tool too). More "FRAPS-like" and maybe less-money-costing it is, the better). The sudden-automatic "screen-filling"-transition is rather bizarre too. - I mean, I understand why, and I know I keep showing this "wonkiness" all the time. However, this time it just too funny to me not to showcase: - The "move-path" especially when using the TU-reserving are a little too "shrouded" within the "line-of-sight-fog" - A bit of an odd spotting and shooting angle - Having had my machine-gunner / suppressor gunned down by an "out-of-sight" enemy, I believe the Alien Intelligence is still able to "reaction-fire" via sight of another of their team, or the "Sebillians" have increased sight range. This seems to be similar "alien-intelligence-spotter-bug" I have reported here: - Maybe the arms of Sebillians are a bit too stiff... - The aliens simply refused to interact with the door. (( Or maybe only the Reapers have enough "smarts" to open the doors? )) - The Reapers seemingly just were stuck on this square; when one was killed, another simply step on the square as a replacement while never moving anywhere ( I didn't test this time if they'd even bother to try punching any of my token if they'd stand next to them ). - Here is some more melee / stun-baton wonkiness: In reality the hit-accuracy is affected by the "angle": 40% for diagonal-strikes, and 60% for "next-to-squares". Regardless the number, the miss-chances seem to be "heavily-weighted" considering that this time over 60% of swings missed (just an assumption, but still the hits-missing is too much). -- I still ended up "batoning" the other reaper down though (18+34-stun-damage) - And here is the whole UFO, while I was trying to look for the suppose "stray-one" On the positive: - The initial version of "inventory" / "quick-slots" worked as intended; using tools (med-pack, stun-baton) simply worked. --- And this is all for now. Here is to hope for a hotfix to make capturing alien-ships (in five (5) turns) possible again. The "gun-fight" seems to be working good and maybe better than on 0.8.0, but the lack of winning kinda made me too distracted to allow form further opinions or otherwise notice some more "subtle"-improvements from the previous version (well aside for the bug-fixes obviously). Oh, actually: Try to make a solider to shoot himself / his feet for some extra hilarity, especially with burst-fire-mode activated! I know how funny looking it is, because I tried to shoot one of the stunned Reapers, just in case. --- --- --- recording_2.rec
  13. I suppose this is indeed more of finding someone / some people that are able to make prettier things than you / we are able to. It certainly will be a challenge, as you already have pointed out. But hopefully you'll be able to find one or more people to be more or less permanent to your team, especially if they are multi-talented. It's indeed a luck-issue of finding the right-people for this kind of work, or pretty much any work when it comes drawing and such. But hopefully we players (mainly via "word-of-mouth") also are able to lure some of people you are looking to apply this job. --- --- (( To elaborately-clarify a bit: I am one of those people who heavily endorses making studying at least the "basics". As I've said I have two vocational / trade-education, one being a farmer in which we were taught of (basic) welding (well I actually got to practice some during junior-hight / 7th-9th-grade with "MIG"("metal-inert-gas")-welding-machine. But in that farmer-school we got to use the "old-fashioned-sticks" (or in "pro-terms", "Shielded-metal-arc-welding (SMAW))). Point of mine is, is that I can do very basics when it comes to welding and I know how some of the more advanced equipments work (like the "plasma-arc-welder"). But would I take a high-responsibility-job? Absolutely not, because I know well enough that my skills aren't par with super-experienced-professionals and other naturally-talented workers.)) --- --- ---
  14. --- Well first, we'd need a proper remake of the first "Jagged Alliance"-game; the second game with the expansions and even the "Wildfire" to some extend are actually functional enough for today's standards (as far as I am aware; I've yet to play "JA2", but I've read enough info to understand that it far more playable than "JA1" is, in my opinion). And by remake, I don't necessarily mean "re-imagining" like done with "Resident Evil (1) Remake" which ("slightly") altered the original story, mansion-layout and so on. No, I mean a remake of preserving as much as possible while making the game more functional. Just to name few majour things: - Better control-schemes to support at minimum of 3-button-mice - Making visuals more distinct - Adding more "logical" or otherwise more "fair"-gameplay instead of relying on blind-"trial & error" (lock-picking-dice-rolling and "looting"-mechanics, I am especially looking at you; you two especially are far too "unscientific" to me...). ((And before you ask: Yes, I like "Alderamin on the Sky".)) Heck, the audio for example already is high quality enough it pretty much doesn't need any touch-ups (and probably the reason why the game is +500-megabytes big, at least the ""-version is). (( Yes I am aware of the "Jagged Alliance Flashback"-attempt. But...I suppose third time the charm?.. )) --- --- ---
  15. --- Nice to see this man still being active in this industry. And here's to see if he and his team are able to pull-off "Xcom"-like after +20-years. Competition is always a good thing! --- --- ---