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    I was interested in drawing comics and edit some videos for hobby purposes, but during the secondary school period, I lost interest in them as time goes on. Additionally, I was filled with an idea of making a video game when I saw the Simcity series simply ended...

    So this is how my hobby changed and I still make and upload video on Youtube, but won't have any specific goal of doing this.

    Now? I'm learning the programming course(it's computer science, actually) in university, although I need to find tutorials/examples to code for exercises/assignments and still not resourceful enough, I think it's a good start to learn to create a program... or a game.
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    sometimes do 2d/3d stuff for game development

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  1. Can I know when will this game go public? Or do I missed matter about this previously?
  2. I looked at the game and searched it, the game is identical to the Mutant Year Zero and the development team is also same dev that made the previous game. I think they just used some of the same resources which are from the Mutant Year Zero, maybe even re-skin from it. The good thing is, this game is only costs 10 dollars. Sorry, a little bit off-topic.
  3. Maybe they are making the progress hardly that temporary not to care about the post?
  4. The UFO design(the above one) is refer to the oldest XCOM game series(X-COM UFO Defense,you could check that up on STEAM.),even with interior design. (Although I haven't played much of the oldest XCOM,because the UI is too complicated to be adapted to me in the present.)
  5. Yes! You guys are finally released a new patch for Xenonauts 2! Keep working!
  6. This is what I got,Charon. I've post the image of the mod list and with a short video,when I take an action of end turn,the game just crashed. (You can just skip to the end of the video to see) I've tried many ways to solve the problem,like start new game,update the X-Division patch,but the game just won't allow me to play well... 2017-01-15-0843-00.mp4
  7. Help! I got a problem! I've installed the X-Division mod and the patch 0.99.33,and start the game with X:CE,but the game just crashed while playing ground combat,can someone help?
  8. The admin must be came back already. When version 0.1.2 of Xenonauts 2 release?
  9. When release Version 0.1.2? (Don't blame me,I just ask because the game seems no update recently.)
  10. Ngong8

    Xenonauts 2

    Chris,you said the game(Xenonauts 2) will be released on year 2017,is BETA released on 2017 or full released?
  11. And I've played this game with X-Division mod,I can develop more weapons(although most of them are advanced balistic,currently.)than original Xenonauts(but I haven't finished the end game of original Xenonauts,so I'll say that.)! Keep updating! I like this mod!
  12. Oh! Using Xenonauts.exe in "assets\mods\xce"folder? I found it and didn't stuck screen while end turn. Thanks for solving!
  13. Where to download v0.99 X-Division? And the update will fix "Hidden Movement" stuck screen?
  14. While I'm playing ground combat mission with this X-Division mod,I end my turn,but the alien turn takes too long time even there's stuck on that,how can I do for this condition? The "Hidden Movement" and "ALIEN TURN" screen just stuck at here but the music still playing. Everyone can fix this? If you can,please tell me how to solve it,thx! (I downloaded v0.98,seems like v0.99 is released?)