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  1. Ravn7

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    I think aliens may look "strange" but Xenonauts tried to be believable and, overall, make sense. Besides, times changed and these days you don't just put absurd things in games or movies that otherwise try to be coherent. Of course, Japanese games have their audience but I doubt it's the same audience X1 have. And, IMO, these games don't really try to be coherent in the first place. Thus, this alien concept could be modified. If it would get a proper suit, with the brain still visible but also with some equipment like small anti-grav generators, it actually could be reasonably realistic. And it could explode on death so a player wouldn't get those generators for research too early. Personally, I think everything should at least try to be believable in a game such as X2. Otherwise it would lose some of X1's appeal.
  2. There doesn't need to be any random card drawing. After all, getting random weapons in the middle of the battle would make no sense. Only weather conditions may be randomized to some extent. Thus, there would be no core mechanic of card games. Those card games would be just an inspiration. According to my idea there would be no more than three power levels increasing with every turn, a choosing of equipment and phases of the battle when a player would be able to use different "abilities". And a pool of those abilities would be chosen before launching aircraft. Do you notice something wrong with that idea in particular?
  3. I think Xenonauts is more serious than new XCOM and I liked it. And so did many others because X's audience is statistically older than average modern players. Classic X-COM fans and veterans being among them. Firaxis' XCOM audience, on the other hand, are those younger players and they are the target market for the new series. Thus, X2 shouldn't aim at the same market, whether it's about design, lore or graphics. X2 has it's own market niche and it would be better not to forget about those classic X-COM fans who are a part of that niche. Otherwise it would need to take way some of the new XCOM audience. And that is very unlikely. By the way, I liked aliens in Unreal games. At least some of the models. They looked alien but humanoid enough to handle tools (and weapons) comfortably.
  4. Ravn7

    Xenonauts 2 Development Overview

    Would some moderator be kind enough to move this discussion to another thread in more appropriate section of the forum?
  5. Ravn7

    Xenonauts 2 Development Overview

    If I haven't miss anything, it's a virus that is supposed to weaken Earth and prepare it for something (invasion? just terraform the planet?) and there doesn't have to be any greater intelligence present yet. But even if it will turn our there was from the beginning, it won't change the fact there are no enemy vessels and you don't have to deal with inteligent beings most of the time. It means the setting is something completely else. Of course it doesn't mean the game is not interesting. It's very interesting, actually. I will probably buy it when dollar prices drop and see it for myself.
  6. Ravn7

    Xenonauts 2 Development Overview

    I agree almost with everything. Although I think Gollop's PP is quite far from X-COM. For me it's not serious enough, it has no capturing UFOs or any equivalent of that feature and there is no greater intelligence behind enemies' actions and strategy. Which I consider some of the core features of X-COM games. It will feel very different. Those monsters and some equipment tends to be childish, actually. They are doing it to appeal to contemporary audience. Similar to fanbase of new XCOM and D:OS. I think they can succeed greatly. But I still haven't pre order and hesitate to do so.
  7. Ravn7

    Xenonauts 2 Development Overview

    Improving on bad ideas is not necessarily a bad idea itself. At least it doesn't have to be. You could be right only if there were no improvements to be made. But this is not the case. Although I can understand that point of view if someone has read only the description on KS page. Thus, I suggest you read a few other threads in the Features subforum. There are going to be some major improvements in X2.
  8. Good idea. It wouldn't feel like an artificially imposed limitation but actually something that makes sense.
  9. Well, you are entitled to your opinion, of course. But personally I think it was too simplistic and arcade-ish. And I don't know if you have read the thread but this is going to be much more complex.
  10. Ravn7

    Xenonauts 2 Development Overview

    I would only like to point out X2 becomes deeper in every single aspect. It doesn't exactly correspond with "clone" definition.
  11. In The Elder Scrolls Legends the board is divided into two columns. I havn't played it myself but if anyone is interested you can see how it works.
  12. Exoskeletons. Alien alloys could be just very heavy and that would make exoskeletons research necessary. Besides, I like the idea of removing backpack and replacing it with additional slots. It's just that the initial concept was too simple now. I think the best would be a merging of two systems. Just like with the Atlas base concept. The best of both worlds. Obviously X2 is better suited for new XCOM audience. At the same time it's gonna be much deeper. That means a part of its target audience are players who liked XCOM games and now they are ready and looking for a deeper, more complex experience. I would definitely stay on that course and make it deliberately chosen one. Otherwise another Goldhawk game will be lacking funds as well. And this where everyone loses something.
  13. Ravn7

    Xenonauts-2: Modding

    Sure. That is why a system needs to be finished for modders to start working on it. Although I can't say if that's realistic.
  14. This concept remind me of a card game. And that’s very good because card games are very popular these days. And very fun to play. Also, very accessible for many people who played them before. You could actually expand on the idea and make air combat like a simple card game. It’s true there are many possible types of equipment. I imagine planes gaining more “abilities” with time. Some could affect UFOs and others could affect planes, all units or even the battlefield (e.g. space warping or time affecting devices). The simplest being afterburners and dodging, using which could affect next turn. Like dodging could make the plane not being able to change its position. And there could be a phase when you could respond to opponent’s action. It would depend on what they do. A laser could be “instant” and plasma beam would allow the opponent to respond either by doing some action or by taking hit instead. If you haven’t played any, I’d recommend the most popular ones because they earn most money/sell great. That is Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone. I’d also have a look at BattleTech card game and Hex: Shards of Fate. Unlike ordinary missiles, many weapons and equipment you get later in the game will need energy to work. Thus, there is a place for energy build-up system. You could start with one energy point and get one more with every turn allowing you to use equipment with higher energy demand. Like ECMs or advanced warheads. Although I wouldn’t make more than, say, three power levels because players can’t wait for many turns until they would be able to use their best equipment. For the same reason I wouldn’t make energy points expandable. Otherwise it would also encourage players to wait doing nothing. Also, in card games, a player chooses cards before the game begins. Here, there could be a possibility to choose equipment based on the information about spotted UFO. It would add some depth and make the player feel he had more control over the situation. Of course air combat needs to be less complex than abovementioned games, because definitely it’s not the core of the gameplay in Xenonauts and developing it would use resources at the expense of other in-game mechanics. The letter goes also for pilots’ management system, in my opinion. I’m really looking forward to other, more important, game features. I’d also like to point out the game mechanics shouldn’t be too complex. Programmers are usually very intelligent people with a good memory. But for an average player it may be hard to consider a few complex systems simultaneously. A brain needs to have breaks so it won’t get tired too much. It can handle something complex but it needs something simple for a while before it can do a complex analysis again. Or use different parts of the brain (like calculating then drawing) for it not to get too tired. Otherwise the game would start to feel tedious soon. Personally I can’t remember and think about a few things at the same time. Actually, not many others can. And a computer game cannot become a pan & paper game.
  15. Apart from my desktop PC, I have a 15" laptop. With deliberately chosen 1366x768 resolution. I just didn't want to hurt my eyes with HD resolution on a small notebook screen. It doesn't matter whether it's 15" or 17" at this point. I haven't notice any game I've played in recent years (PoE, D:OS, Anno 2205, Banished, Civ:BE and others) having problems with that (except for X1, of course). BUT, if it really poses an unresolvable issue for X2, some text may fall out of its space and I could live with that. You could only add appropriate info to the graphics settings menu - when someone chooses too low resolution - that it's not supported. It would just require to make sure vital information (like ammo amount etc.) are not placed at the end of the screen. In the worst case, I will play only on my desktop.